Video Hoe

bySweet Daisy©

I’m really a musician, but right now I’m working as a sound technician. It’s usually a lot of boring shit, conferences and business meetings. But some days I really luck out, and today was the day. My assignment was a shoot for one of those rap videos.

I wasn’t particularly excited about the gig, but all the other guys were congratulating me for getting it. I didn’t understand why until we were half way through the day. I stood at the mixing board while these rap guys strutted around saying who knows what at 50mph. I don’t have a problem with it; it’s just not my thing.

At 2pm that afternoon it was time to do the party scenes. That’s when I understood why everybody wanted this assignment. I looked up and 20 beautiful black women walked out. The best part was that they were barely dressed. I’d forgotten how much skin they showed in those videos and I had ring side seats. The girls paraded around gyrating and rubbing up against the rappers to the heavy bass beats.

I’d never appreciated how different black women were until then. These women were excessively round in all the right places. I remembered a friend of mine had called it ‘black girl butt’. He was right, black girl butt was something special. And these girls were shaking them with abandon.

Some girls were in those really short shorts where a little bit of the ass hangs out. Others were wearing low rides with the thongs that showed. Their tops were either skin tight or low cut, and all of them had hard nipples. I licked my lips as I watched how their large heavy breasts bounced. The icing on the cake was that they were all wearing those high heels that screamed ‘fuck me’.

I started getting aroused and somewhat jealous watching these rap guys walk around with all these girls hanging off of them. Out of all the girls there was one in particular that caught my eye. She was a dark one with a long mane of shiny black hair. She wore a jumpsuit that was cut into shorts so high that her ass was coming out the back.

The best part was when she turned to face the camera. It had a zipper that closed up the front, but she’d left it almost completely open. You could see her taught stomach and a pair of tits so big that I didn’t think the jump suit would have closed over them even if she used 10 shoe horns. Those enormous globes were covered by a thin black lacy bra and when she danced they bounced something awful. The more I watched them the more I was getting that itch in my pants.

While I stood there openly lusting after these women, the most amazing thing happened. I’d swear that little dark angel I liked was checking me out. Could that be possible? Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised because I am considered to be an extremely good looking guy. I’m tall, well built and have handsome features, but did these rap chicks like white guys? As she turned around stuck her ass out and started shaking it hard I smiled to myself and hoped.

They look a little break and all the girls headed over to the refreshment table which was near my mixing boards. My favorite girl was there too. She looked sexy just standing there drinking water. As I watched her she looked right at me and smiled. I knew it was just a smile, but there was no way I was gonna miss the possibility it might be something more. I suddenly felt the need for a bottle of water so I walked over.

She was even cuter up close and she had these wide lips that begged for a kiss. Whatever tingle I had in my pants was on its way to a full semi by the time I got to her. As I took a swig of water from the bottle I tried to think of something to say. What kind of introduction would get me in with a rap chick? I decided to try something that I thought would appeal to her.

“You are the hottest model here.”

She turned to face me and said “Thanks Pa. You’re looking good too.”

Score! And her body language made it clear she was definitely interested.

“Do you want to go out when the shoots over?”

“I’m down with that.”

The production manager called to start things back up and our conversation was over, but that was Ok because I got a date. After the last of the equipment was packed I made a bee line for her. She had changed into her street clothes and to my delight they were almost as skimpy as what she wore for the video.

She wore shorts that still showed a little ass cheek and bare-midriff top with most of the buttons undone. Best of all she was still wearing those heels. We strolled around the studio and ended up in one of the lounges. Everyone else had gone home so we had the place to ourselves.

As we talked about nothing at all I kept touching her as much as I dared. First I casually placed my hand on her knee and eventually started roaming higher and higher. She didn’t protest and seemed to enjoy my touch so I moved my hand to her slim waist. Slowly I inched my hand to rest on her abs. Those tits of hers were just a couple of inches out of my grasp and still my little rap beauty didn’t protest.

I was about to make my big move when she complained that the lounge was too warm. Considering she was barely dressed I wondered what she was going to do. She casually leaned forward and took off her shirt leaving nothing but that skimpy black lacy bra that barely contained her huge tits. The lacy fabric was so strained against the weight of her tits it was a wonder that it didn’t snap.

Now that I had a green light as to how far I could go I leaned over to taste those luscious lips. My hands that I had so carefully restrained were now squeezing her tits. When she finally got that bra off I moved my hands underneath her tits. I held up one in each hand and they were as heavy as they looked. I moved my mouth to take one of the dark brown nipples in my mouth. When I had my fill I started working her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers while she squeezed my cock through my jeans. She had the kind of tits with the really long thin nipples that you mostly see in erotic toons.

I tugged at her shorts and in short order she stood up and dropped them along with her black lacy thong. To my delight she left her high heel shoes on. I moved my hand in between her open legs to play with her clit. She was so horny she almost immediately started gyrating on my hand. Most girls needed a little warm up before they responded like that, but not this girl.

She pulled back on her gyrating for a moment while she undid my pants. My 9 inch erection shot out of its confinement. She stroked me up and down. I really wanted her to suck my dick, but I remembered hearing that black girls didn’t like oral stuff. My little vixen gave me a really deep kiss and got on her knees in front of me. As she started to suck me like a pro I thought how glad I was that that myth wasn’t true.

She licked all around the head, then up and down on my shaft with her tongue. I leaned my head back and she started moving her head up and down on me. She was really good; she was taking at least 7 inches while she ran her fingertips over my balls. Just as quickly as she started she stopped. She stood up and straddled my hips, guiding my cock into her. This babe wasn’t shy at all and if she wanted my cock I wasn’t going to stop her.

Her pussy was warm and deep and felt so good around my cock. She gave me another deep kiss and then we started fucking. I enjoyed this position because I took a tit and lifted it up to my mouth. As I started sucking her nipple she began to ride me harder. I moved my hands to her hips so I could adjust her to how I wanted. Every thrust was deep and hard, this girl needed it bad.

I was going to cum soon, but not before I got what I wanted. I pushed against her shoulders and she got off my cock. I told her to get down on her knees and when she did she spread her legs nice and wide for me. Before I entered her I took a moment to admire that ass that I saw shaking so hard. It was so big and so round.

Without thinking I gave her a slap on the ass. Right after I did it I regretted it, because I had no idea if it would upset her. After all I hadn’t cum yet and didn’t want to do anything that would ruin my chances of shooting my load inside her. To my delight she wiggled that ass for me, so I smacked her again a few times.

“That’s it. Do me right white boy.”

“Don’t worry; I got your meat right here” I answered.

I was so hot now that I just jammed my cock right into her and she moaned with delight. I took a hand and slapped one on each of her big black ass cheeks and gripped tight as I started to hammer her. She met every stroke of my cock hard and soon I was ramming her harder than anyone I’d fucked before.

“Yes, give it to me. Give it to me” she screamed.

I was working so hard I didn’t even have the breath to answer her. But my cock did my talking for me as I continued to ride her ass. We came together shortly after that. Both of our bodies were covered in sweat. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, she just put her head down and tried to catch her breath. This was one of the best fucks I’d ever had.

As we walked out the front door I asked for her number hoping that she’d see me again. Without hesitation she wrote it down for me on a slip of paper we found on the floor. After I got behind the wheel of my car to go home I looked at the paper. Shit, I didn’t even get her name, but at least I got a number and I planned to call my little video hoe very soon.

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by Anonymous08/13/18

And the guy is a hoe for fucking some random woman....lusting literally.

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by Anonymous08/12/18

Well...that was pretty hateful.

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