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Video Sex With The Wife


Here I am thousands of miles away from home and only myself to relieve my sexual tensions. I had only taken care of myself a couple times since I arrived here. I have also not cleaned up my hair since so I had the 70's porn star look going on.

I'm sitting in my room by myself and then my computer starts ringing with the video chat. I answer and me and my beautiful wife talk about the day and what she is going to do for the day. She tells me she needs to vacuum and turns the computer so I can watch. This doesn't sound like a good time so I start getting dirty thoughts.

"You should vacuum naked," I typed to her since she couldn't hear me.

She reads my comment and says "You wish". Unfortunate but the answer I expected.

When she finishes vacuuming, I tell her how hot she looked and her ass looks amazing in the jeans she has on. Of course I'm laughed at and another "You wish".

I tell her to at least flash me her boobs with which I get a good shot of her bra. I keep pushing her to show me and she laughs and shoots me down. She has to go and run some errands so we agree to talk later.

I immediately head back to the erotic story website and read a couple stories and of course I'm really turned on.

The ringing starts again and I answer. There she is on the couch looking hot so I ask her to show me her boobs again which I get a good shot of her bra again. I will not give up. After some more egging on, she finally shows me her gorgeous 36Cs and even starts playing with her nipples. I'm harder than I've been in a long time. She can tell I'm horny by the way I respond and I show her as much.

"You need some grooming." She immediately replies.

"I know I do but I don't know how much to take off." I immediately say. I've been looking for what kind of hair do my private area would look good with. "How much should I take?"

She looks closely and I start moving my fingers trying to get her to tell me width and how much to take off.

She's shaved me before a couple times and has left a little and also taken me completely hairless so I don't know what she was looking for this time. As I'm moving my fingers around she stops me. "Leave that much along the top but I don't want to see any on you balls or the sides."

"Ok. I'm going to take a shower and clean this up for you. I'm going to have to take care of myself while I'm there." Is my reply with no hesitation.

"Good, I'm going to get the toy box while you shower."

As you can see, I had a lot of work to do so I took a little while and I have to keep myself hard while I groom. What a great feeling as I blew that load.

I got the jobs done and when I come back in she is napping. So I quietly go outside for a smoke. When I come back in, she is awake. Guess I made too much noise with the door. I grab a beer quick and come back to sit down in front of you.

"How'd you do?" She asks me.

"Check it out." I immediately stand up to show her and get a positive review. (More pictures)

I'm not erect at this point so I ask, "where's the toy box?"

"You took too long. I already used it."

Dammit, this is not good for me. "I want to see your boobs again."

I get the usual bra shot that I'm always happy but also disappointed with.

"I showed you mine!" is my response with obvious disappointment in my voice.

To my surprise she sits up and takes her shirt and bra off. I'm getting a little stirring now so I show her what that did to me. She tells me to take care of it and so I lower the screen so she can see me. I stop, raise the screen and ask her why I don't get a show too.

I get a look and am again surprised by her moving the computer to the side, raising her hot ass in the air and pulling her pants off.

"I don't know how to show you." She says.

"Easy. Put that computer between your legs and show me the hotness." I respond quickly.

I'm really surprised when the computer is set on the bed between her legs and she starts playing with her pussy. Holy crap I'm so horny right now.

Needless to say, I put my laptop screen back down to my newly trimmed groin and start to yank away.

She's putting a finger in her while she's still rubbing her clit. We aren't saying a word. Just staring at each other masturbate and it's so hot.

After about 15 minutes of this, I can't take it any longer. I start stroking faster and she notices and does the same.

I can't believe I have that much cum left in me after the shower. Wonder if I can do it again.

"That was nice baby. It's past your bedtime." She tells me as I'm wiping off my stomach and chest.

"I have time baby." I tell her as I see her pulling her jeans back up. "What are you doing that for?" I ask.

"You have to work tomorrow and it's late. This isn't our last time." Wish I didn't just blow my load because I'd love to have another erection right now so I can see her take those jeans back off.

We say our good nights and I thank her for taking care of me. I love her so much and can't wait until the next time we get to have sexy time chatting. Maybe next time I'll get to see her using the goodies in the toy box.

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