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Video Surprise


There are certain events in any couples lives that happen when you are least expecting it. Last week my wife and I had one of those evens occur.

My wife and I are your typical North American Christian couple. I work and she stays at home with our youngest child who is not in school yet. Our other three children are all in school full time. Because of our busy lives we almost have to schedule a week in advance when we will have intimate time for each other. To be honest, neither of us like this arrangement and the lovemaking had become rather mundane in the last couple of years.

Doug and Christine have been friends of ours for a few years now. I wouldn't say that we are best friends but we do get along and once in a while we will have them over to our house for dinner or vice versa. To say that Doug and Christine live a completely opposite life from us would be an understatement with the exception that they are both believers as well. They both work full time at high paying jobs and do not have any children. They enjoy some of the finer things in life and that can sometimes be frustrating for my wife and I as we struggle on one income.

We had Doug and Christine over a few weeks ago and they mentioned that they were going away on vacation for a couple of weeks to Europe. They then asked us if we would be able to watch their house while they were gone and pick up the mail and newspapers. Of course we agreed to help them out, but we couldn't help but feel a little jealous. It had been a long time since we last went away together on a vacation never mind going all the way to Europe. I could see the frustration in my wife's eyes as well as they continued to talk about the different areas that they would be visiting while in Europe.

The night before they left Christine called my wife and very generously offered that we could use anything in their house like it was our own while they were gone. She knew that we did not get away very much and thought we could use their hot tub and sauna as kind of a mini holiday. We certainly appreciated her offer and after my wife hung up the phone with her started to plan for a night that we could spend at their house without the kids.

Doug and Christine left on their holiday on a Saturday and for the next week I stopped by their house everyday to check on things. The following Saturday we dropped our kids off at her parents house and drove over to Doug and Christine's house for a night away. It felt a little strange to let yourself into a friends house without them being there knowing that you had full permission to use their facilities. My wife and I sat down for a nice dinner that we had picked up on the way over. While we ate dinner my wife mentioned that she had brought our bathing suits as she would like to try out the hot tub. I thought it was a great idea so after dinner we changed into our suits and went to the back deck where there hot tub was.

The hot tub was in a secluded area of the deck so that the neighbors could not see anything. My wife and I stepped into the bubbling waters and immediately started to relax. After a few minutes of talking my wife giggled a little and asked me if I thought she could be a little naughty. I smirked and asked her what she meant. She smiled again at me and peeled down the top of her one piece swimsuit so that her breasts were now fully exposed to my gaze. I told her that I liked the view and I moved a little closer to her. I find my wife's breasts absolutely beautiful. They are just slightly more than a handful and are tipped with large nipples that grow to almost an inch when she is aroused. I sat beside her and placed my hand on her leg as we enjoyed the silence around us.

I looked over at my wife who had her eyes closed and marveled at her beauty. As I watched her I moved my hand up her leg and lightly touched her mound over her bathing suit. My wife didn't say a word, but very slowly spread her legs apart encouraging me to move a little farther. I continued to lightly rub her mound over her bathing suit for a minute before slightly moving the crotch to her suit to the side where I could have a little more access to her engorged lips. When I touched her lips she let out a quiet moan and thrust her pelvis against my hand. I gently rubbed her for a few minutes while I enjoyed watching her squirm under my touch. She only opened her eyes when I pulled my hand away and moved in front of her. I put my arms underneath of her and helped her sit up on the side of the tub.

She asked me what I thought I was doing and this time it was my turn to smile. She lifted her hips slightly off the deck as I pulled her swimsuit completely off of her body and spread her legs once again. My wife very rarely lets me perform oral sex on her but that night she didn't seem to mind as I lowered my face to her already wet pussy lips. Within a matter of minutes she was gripping my head with her legs and pulling on her own nipples as she came.

After she was done she told me that she was getting cold and asked if we could finish inside. I agreed and I lightly slapped my wife's ass as she walked naked back into the house.

When we got back into the house my wife asked if he could wait still for a few minutes as she wanted to get her energy back up again for a fun night together. I told her that she owed me big time but maybe we could get something else to eat and watch a movie together before continuing. She thought this was a good idea and we both put on some robes and went to Doug and Christine's bedroom. Their bedroom had a large plasma tv and we knew that this was where they kept most of their movies .

They had all of their movies on a server in the room so my wife and I started to look through the titles to see what we wanted to watch. We found one movie we thought might be good and sat down on the bed to watch it. About 20 minutes into it my wife mentioned that she didn't feel like watching that movie because she felt like watching something a little more erotic. We turned off the movie and once again began looking to see what Doug and Christine might have. I told my wife that I doubted that they had any erotic movies to choose from. After a few minutes of looking I gave up and lay back on the bed.

My wife continued to look and found a folder on the computer that was separate from the other video folder. The titles on these movies were just simply labeled as "Hi". Curious as to what the videos were she clicked on one of them and giggled when it came on. I had my eyes partially closed when she said out loud that our friends were not quite as innocent as we thought and that I should take a look.

I opened my eyes to see our friend Christine lying back on the same bed that we were currently on wearing a small silk robe. She was listening to Doug who was talking to her from behind the camera. Doug was telling her how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to be married to her. She then smiled at him and asked him what he wanted. He told her that he wanted to see her bring herself off using her toys. She nodded in agreement and slowly spread her legs for the camera showing her husband and now us that she did not have any underwear on.

My wife looked over at me and asked if I was enjoying this. I asked her in return if she thought we should turn it off. She just shook her head no and said, "not yet". We looked back at the screen to see Christine lying back, naked now with her legs spread. She was slowly rubbing her pussy lips with her right hand while her left hand was gently tugging at one of her erect nipples. Her eyes were closed and her face showed a mixture of ecstasy and concentration. I sat transfixed for a few minutes watching this until I noticed movement beside me.

My wife was pulling off her robe and was now lying down in the exact same position that Christine was on the movie. I also quickly disrobed and lay down beside my wife as we watched our friend pleasure herself for her husband. Christine was becoming more aroused on the video and we watched as she dipped her fingers into her moist folds. I watched my wife mimic Christine's movements. I wasn't sure where to look. On the screen Christine was furiously moving her fingers in and out of her pussy and on the bed beside me my wife was doing the same thing.

Just as I thought they were both about to cum I heard Doug ask Christine about the toys. Christine groaned and took her fingers out of her pussy and reached over to the table that was next to the bed and opened the drawer. She pulled a large dildo out of the drawer and brought it to her wet entrance. I was shocked when my wife copied her and also reached over to their table and opened the drawer. Sure enough, the dildo was there and my wife took it out and placed it at her entrance as well.

I continued to watch as both Christine and my wife pushed the dildo in and out of themselves. I leaned over and sucked on my wife's nipples almost sending her into orgasm but she seemed to be holding off so that she could cum at the same time as Christine.

A minute later we noticed that Doug must have placed the camera on a tripod as he now sat beside Christine and was masturbating while watching her. Christine asked him to come on her. Hearing this, my wife asked me to do the same thing. I sat beside her and also began pulling on my erection as Doug was. I knew that I was not going to last long and told my wife that I was about to cum. At that time both Doug and Christine said the same thing and my wife and I both came together while watching our friends orgasm on screen. Doug came all over Christine's large breasts and I did the same to my wife.

After we were both completely finished I got up and shut off the video and lay back down with my wife who was still slowly moving the dildo in and out while she continued to have small orgasms. When she was done she let the dildo slip out and snuggled with me. We laughed a little together as we realized what we had done. We also realized that our friends were not so innocent after all. The question was if we could ever look at them the same way again.

We didn't have to wait very long because they called us the next day to say that they were coming home early from their holidays. My wife and I cleaned up any mess that we had made at their house and made sure that her toy was cleaned thoroughly.

We met them at their house the next day to give them their keys back. When we got there Christine looked a little sheepish but Doug asked us in for a drink. We told him that we couldn't stay as we had to get back to the kids. He just smiled and asked us if we enjoyed their movies. We both turned red and acknowledged that we had accidently found them but it was good to know that we had friends that knew how to keep the spark alive in their marriage. Christine thanked us for the compliment and then leaned over to my wife and whispered in her ear that she would more than happy to see one of our videos as well as that would only be fair. My wife turned even more red and surprised me when she said that she would see what she could do.

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