tagGay MaleViking's Pledge Ch. 03

Viking's Pledge Ch. 03


sorry it took me so long i love to hear comments and feed back im pretty oprn to hear what you would like to happen in this story let me know. ARI


-This is ridiculous!- Conall thought to himself pacing in front of the fire place in his bedroom. -It has been three days, and I have not thought of anything but that boy.-

Conall sat down heavily into his lounge chair and reclined back closing his eyes and taking in deep breaths. And then the thousands of questions he had about the boy bombarded him again. Who would do that to him? What happened to him? Could he actually be a threat instead of the innocent he looks like? Why did his blood scream to taste the boy's blood?

Conall jumped up and started pacing again. He stopped at the window looking out at the ruins were that tree used to stand. The tree that he held on to that night he had his first meal as a vampire. His blood had screamed for that woman's blood almost as much then as his blood was now screaming for the boys. He sighed and then turned and started pacing again.

He turned around and looked at his chair which Lori was now sitting in flipping idly through a book. He had just vacated the chair only a moment ago. "When did you get here?"

Lori lifted her eyes from the book, closing it and looking at the clock on the mantle she responded. "No too terribly long just about 30 minutes or so,"


"Yep, I called you a few times but you did not respond, so I sat down and picked up a book, you didn't sense me coming?" she asked with a smug grin.

"Clearly I didn't, you smartass," he sighed as he sat down on the sofa, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and his head cradled in his hands.

"You are thinking a lot about something," she said softly.


"What are you thin-"

"Nothing, what did you come in here for?" Conall asked straightening up and brushing the thoughts away, returning his normal composure.

"He is restless again," she said with a sigh.

"Alright," Conall stood and followed her to one of the spare rooms that the boy was lying in.

When the boy was first brought to the house he would through constant fits in his sleep, for fear of causing harm to himself Conall went to the boy's side. Conall had first touched the boy's forehead and checked his fever, at the touch boy had calmed his fit a little. Conall noticed this and then began caressing the boy's face and hands, and talked softly to him. The boy had calmed to a deep sleep, although it kept reoccurring. Lori had tried to calm the boy also but he would only respond to Conall's touch.

"Has he woken yet?"

Lori shook her head slowly. "No," she pushed open the door and walked up to the bed looking down at the small frame trashing on the bed.

Conall sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed one of the boy's flying hands. Conall then started softly caressing the boy's palm, and murmured soft words that instantly calmed him.

"I do not see why he responds to you, you aren't as sweet and nice as I am," Conall snapped his gaze to Lori's, glaring at her. She laughed "you see what I mean?! You are too touchy,"

Conall grunted, and noticed the boy had calmed. He rose from the bed and started to leave but the boy cried out. Conall turned and glared at Lori.

"What did I do?!" she asked raising her hands up.

"Did you touch him?" he interrogated

"What?! You think I would put him into distress?! I am hurt, truly hurt, Conall," she pouted.

"No you aren't," Conall went back to the boy and calmed him once more. When the boy settled Conall stood again, the boys suffering started again. Conall sighed, looking to Lori, who was watching the scene peculiarly. "Fetch me a bag, if you will, please,"

Lori nodded and returned a few moments later handing a cold bag of blood to Conall.

"Watch him," he demanded walking into the adjoining bathroom.

"What?! He doesn't respo-"

Conall shut off her protest by slamming the door shut. He tossed the bag onto the counter and leaned against the wall. Taking deep breaths he looked down at the hard bulge in his pants. He growled and unzipped his pants. His huge erection burst free, biting his lips as he groaned

-This is ASBSURD!- He thought to himself. -Not only am I lusting after his blood but now after his body! He isn't even conscious yet!-

He grasped his cock near the base and squeezed it lightly. As he slowly moved his hand up and down his shaft Conall noticed his breath was getting shorter already. How he wanted that boy in front of him, those soft fingers pumping over his hot skin. His small tongue licking the head of Conall's cock. Their eyes would lock onto the others as the boys mouth would slip over the head of Conall's cock.

Conall would run his fingers through that soft dark hair, slightly thrusting his hips to feel more of that wet mouth on his cock. Then the boy's hands would run up Conall's inner thighs and squeeze his balls causing his head to loll back and a main escape from his throat.

He could just image the boy releasing his cock with a loud pop and the boy would look up to him and lick the head of his cock before saying "Cum in my mouth, Conall. Mark me as yours,"

Conall shuddered, his nerves on fire as he came, exploding in his hands. He was drowning in waves of pleasure, wanting them to take him further. A small smile tugged at his lips as his limp body slid down the wall.

Sitting against the wall taking deep breathes to calm himself, Conall grabbed for the bag of blood on the counter. He closed his eyes a moment and thought of the pleasure of feeling the boy's blood flow through his body, and shuddered once more. Disgusted with himself, Conall ripped open the bag and drained the bag into his mouth. He tossed the bag into the trash and walked into the room licking his blood stained lips.

Lori glanced from the boy to Conall, "all good now?"

Conall nodded and climbed onto the bed and leaned slightly against the headboard. Lori watched as he rearranges the boy so that he was lying partially on Conall's chest.

She smiled slightly. "Anything else that you will need?"

Conall looked up at her a moment then studied the boy. "A bowl of warm water, some soap and a washrag, he needs to be cleaned up a bit,"


He was floating. The intense pain had finally eased a little from his body. He sighed contently feeling a warm presence around him. Suddenly it was gone, and he whimpered at the loss. Shifting around on the bed he tried finding it again,

Then it touched his shoulder. "Shhhhh. Rest, little one,"

He stilled as the voice lulled him back into a tranquil state.


Lori woke up early as per usual. She kept a normal human schedule, staying up most of the day and sleeping most of the night. It was a little altered so that she and Conall could spend some time together. She went through her daily schedule, studying, laundry, cleaning and cooking a meal for herself for lunch. Often times Conall would take little bites from her plate. A vampire's main diet was blood, but they could still eat human food.

Conall had left for his daily ride when she started preparing her late lunch, ramen soup. As she waited for it to heat up she decided to check on the young boy. She that it was funny how he would respond to Conall although he was unconscious. She pushed open the door and looked at the bed and noticed the boys head was covered. She walked on over and slowly pulled down the covers. She then watched amazed as the boys eyes slowly open a crack, the closed again and open further. His bright green eyes fell on her, then widened quickly as he scrambled back away from her. He tensed up and his face flushed bright red when he noticed that he had no clothing on under the blanket.

"shh, it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, I have been looking after you for a while," Lori said slowly and softly.

The boy knew not to trust her. He only remembered pain and he knew that people had brought that pain upon him.

"Do you have a name? My name is Lori," she held out her hand but he just looked down at it. "How are you feeling?" she asked as she dropped her hand, she smiled to make him feel better. He again had no response, he looked around the room. "Would you like a shower? You will feel refreshed after a nice warm shower, I bet." she winked at him. "Always works for me,"

Lori grabbed a large fluffy robe and held it out to him. Slowly reaching out for it he looked at her with eyes filled of trepidation. Once he took the robe Lori went into the bathroom to turn on and adjust the water. She grabbed some towel and a wash rag and laid them on the counter. When Lori turned around the boy was wrapped in the robe sniffing the collar of the robe.

"Does it smell bad? I can get you another..." she said but noticed that he hand clutched the robe tight to him. "Alright then, if you need help just holler for me," the boy walked slowly into the bathroom and closed the door. She waited close by in case he needed some help.

Upon hearing the thundering of a horse's hooves she turned and looked out the window. Conall had just arrived at the stables. She then heard the shower shut off, deciding that the boy was done she went out to tell Conall the good news.


Conall had just jumped off his horse when he sensed Lori coming up. She looked chipper he noted to himself. "So what has gotten you into such high spirits?"

"He's awake!" she nearly screamed throwing her hands in the air.


"The boy he is awake finally," she sighed, "he has the most beautiful green eyes too,"

"What is his name?"

"He didn't say one word to me!" Lori huffed, stomping her foot in frustration.

"Did you think of the possibility that maybe he is unable to communicate vocally?" Conall asked, quickly putting away his horse.

Lori blushed, "No I had not thought of that possibility,"

Conall laughed heartily and started walking inside. Lori had forgotten to check the mail and did so. When Conall approached the hall way he stopped. In front of him was the boy, who was peeking into the library, only covered in a towel around his waist. Bruises marked the boy's skin with purple and black spots, some being bad enough that they were yellow on the edges. His silky black hair fell over shoulders that were far too skinny to be healthy. Such a complete opposite to Conall's blond hair, blue eyes and big strong body structure.

"Looking for something?" Conall asked softly.

The boy jumped then spun around focusing on Conall with those green eyes. -Wow, Lori was right, those ARE the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen- Conall thought. The boy's eyes lowered to the floor and he blushed.

-Well now we know he is not deaf.- Conall thought to himself. "Can you talk?"

The boy nodded slowly and blushed, keeping eye contact with the floor.

"What's your name?" Conall asked not wanting to scare him again.

The boy fidgeted a little "...K-K-Kyle," the little boy's voice rasped against unused vocal cords.

Conall smiled widely and the stuck out his hand, "I'm Conall, it's good to see that you are awake now, I was afraid that you might not wake of it," the boy looked oddly at Conall's hand, Conall dropped his hand and noticed goose bumps on Kyle's skin. "You must be cold, come, you can use some of my clothing, I don't think I will have anything your size but it should be ok for a while."

Kyle followed Conall to a bedroom and watched as he riffled through a few drawers to find some long pajama pants and a t-shirt. Conall handed them to him and then walked into the adjoining sitting room to wait for him.

When Kyle came out he was blushing from the way the clothes swallowed him. "There that's better, now let's get you back in bed, you are shaking, I don't want to exhaust you," Conall smiled and led the way towards the bedroom. They had just stepped out of Conall's quarters when he heard a thump. Conall spun around and saw Kyle on the floor.

As Conall walked up to him he noticed tears rolling down Kyle's face. "What's wrong Kyle?"

"I'm so weak...I can't even stand up for 2 minutes" he murmured.

"Well you shouldn't be standing up yet, yet you have had a shower and took a tour around the house I'm guessing," he chuckled softly. "I say you did a great job but now it is time to rest... ok?"

Kyle nodded slowly and then grabbed a hold of Conall's hand, he was surprised when Conall lifted him and cradled him close into his chest. Kyle squeaked but clutched onto Conall's shoulders. "Don't drop me," Kyle pleaded.

Conall smiled "never, you can trust me,"

Kyle looked up at Conall taking in his looks. He had wide lips and striking but guarded blue eyes, his blond hair was kept long and was pulled back with wisps hanging around his face. Along his cheeks and cleft chin was a fine stubble, which hid small dimples.

Conall walked into the Kyle's room and gently laid him on the mattress. "There you are, now just relax and take it east, your body needs time to recover," he said gently while covering Kyle with a thin blanket. "Now if you need anything Lori will help you, I shall go fetch her now,"


Lori entered the boy's, now known as Kyle, room and was shocked by the quivering mass of blankets on the bed. She walked over to the bed slowly "um, Kyle? Are you alright?"

Lori heard a sniffle and the blankets moved slightly revealing bright green eyes.

"Come on now, I'm nicer than that big brute. Is that why you are sniffling, was he being mean? I can kick his ass for you..." she reached out for him and he scooted back to the other side of the bed and fell off with a loud wail.

"Oh my-"

"WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!" roared as he busted through the doors. He immediately glared at her.

"He fell off the bed, Mr. Boss!" Lori grumbled. "You know this blaming me thing is getting old, and quick," she muttered under her breath.

Conall glanced from her back to Kyle, he walked on over to Kyle and helped him back up onto the bed, and under the covers. "Are you alright, Kyle?"

Kyle's eyes were wide with shock and stared at the larger man, before nodding his head vigorously.

"Alright, now Lori here will help you if you need anything, alright?"

Kyle nodded again.

"Good, now rest so you can get better, I wish to see you healthy, little one," Conall said showing the depth of it in his eyes.Conall slowly left the room. He had rushed when he felt the little ones distress and burst the door open as he hear him fall.

Conall went into the study while he waited patiently for the boy to heal.


Lori was shocked by Conall's behavior. She had never seen him that domineering at all. Kyle was watching her with wide eyes.

"Are you hungry?" she asked when she noticed that his bones were nearly visible.

He nodded slowly, and looked up at her. She noticed that he looked so fragile in that big bed with the cover pulled up to cover up most of his face.

"What would you like to eat? Berries? Fruit? Veggies? Bread?" she looked at his shoulders again. "It doesn't look like you have eaten in a long time, I think it would be best if we stick to the basics for now. We don't want anything to upset your stomach and then to hear that brute to come in here, do we?" she laughed.

"I would like some berries, and a little bread please," she heard a soft whisper form Kyle.

Lori smiled brightly and bounced up to help the little one.

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