tagNovels and NovellasVillage Tales: Alexia Pt. 02

Village Tales: Alexia Pt. 02


Village Tales Book 1 A Measure of Breeding
Alexia: Persuasions and Passions

Part 2

3. Escape to Olfberg

Before Ingenar had hidden them in the closet he had instructed them to go to Olfberg and find a hostler named Ulric. He was reputed to be pessimistic and stolid but honest and had been paid some weeks earlier to take the girls to the monastery at Saint Michel if anything happened in their village. The invaders had covenanted to respect the religion of neighbouring countries and not impose their oppressive conditions on religious institutions.

This was not so much acquiescence as hard learned knowledge, having recently been ousted with great loss from a country in which they had persecuted the church. It seemed that people in these hard northern countries became fanatical when their religion was threatened and they were loath to repeat their mistake again. The girls waited until the next day before they felt safe enough to travel.

After a torturous though uneventful hike from their village they were able to contact Ulric in Olfberg. A quiet man he eyed the girls with much the same eye as he might horses. They were appalled when he enquired which of them wanted to share his bed that night but he didn't press them when they refused his indelicate proposition.

He led them to a dank garret over the horses and provided them with two bedspreads and straw filled pillows. He went into the house and shortly returned with a tray holding a loaf of rye bread, a quarter round of cheese and a jug of milk. He placed them at the bottom of the ladder leading up to the loft along with a lantern.

"You can wash at the basin next to the horse stable. No one will disturb you. If you need to relieve yourselves there's a privy outside. If you get too cold there's a nice warm bed inside for those not too proud to share, otherwise there are some horse blankets by the feed barrels. I will return later with your aunt Alicia she will be happy to see you I think."

The girls thanked him dubiously and assured him they would be all right and he turned away sadly and went into his warm house. They sat silently for some minutes still numb from the events of the last two days.

Ulric left the girls to their "feast" and left the house. He walked quickly to the cottage of Vosta and Alicia and rapped at the door. The door was answered by Alicia who blushed spontaneously when she saw him.

"Your nieces have arrived unexpectedly from the north. I have had no opportunity to find out their news although I fear the worst, but I thought you might like to see them before I take them to the convent tomorrow." He said hurriedly.

"Who is it?" called Vosta from within.

"It is Ulric, he tells me my nieces are here. I fear they may have bad news from the north."

Vosta appeared at the door.

"They have told you nothing?"

"No, I felt it might be better if Alicia talked to them, being kin and all."

"Yes, I'm sure you are right. You had better go with Ulric my dear. I hope everything is alright, but like you both I feel that the news cannot be good."

Alicia threw a shawl over her shoulders and sped after Ulric to his house. When she entered the stable the girls were sitting quietly eating.

"Alana, Winifred, Evelyn ... What brings you here? What has happened?"

The reaction from the girls was immediate and heartrending. They all burst into tears and fell upon Alicia's neck. She let them vent their grief for some time and then urged them to tell their story. Although confused, their story was extracted. Ingemar probably dead, Alexia kidnapped by brutal raiders. It was all too much. Soon all four women were crying piteously.

Their grief finally abated and Alicia said.

"You must do what your parents wanted and go with Ulric. I will do my best to come and get you when I have arranged things here. It would be impossible for you to stay with Vosta and me, we have so little extra space. As you have a long trip ahead of you now I will leave. But, remember my heart goes with you and I will do what I can for you."

This was cause for more wailing until Alicia was able to leave. As she closed the door into Ulric's house, she was met by Ulric who swept her into his arms.

"Don't" she said "how can you think of this after hearing of such a tragedy."

"Yes you are right" said Ulric as his hand withdrew from her warm moist haven. They parted with a lingering kiss and she ran down the lane to her house her eyes brimming with tears.

The girls finished their food and sat together disconsolately.

"I am going to bathe" said Alana "I feel like all the dirt in the country has fallen on me." She climbed down the ladder and walked to the horse trough indicated by Ulric. Testing the water she found it cold but clean. After checking to make sure the door to Ulric's house was bolted on her side, she lifted her skirt over her head revealing her smooth white body. Like most country maidens she wore no underwear and indeed the firm swell of her upturned breasts, slim waist and trim legs testified that she had no requirement for such figure enhancing paraphernalia.

There was a small scraping noise. The girls, after their experiences, were justifiably skittish.

"Did you hear that, Alana?" said a faltering voice from above.

Alana shone the lantern nervously around the stable. Everything seemed normal.

"It must have been mice or rats" said Alana "there are sure to be some in the stable."

She returned to her ablutions, splashing water on her face and upper body and sucking in sharply as the ice cold water struck her. Her nipples stiffened instantly in response to the assault, sitting like small red berries on soft mounds of snow. Alana rubbed her self dry with a piece of burlap hanging over the rail. When she had finished her body was pink and tingling from the cold water and vigorous rubbing.

Ulric was cramped in his small hiding place. His brief encounter with Alicia had stirred his desires and he had realized that his bedroom closet was level with the garret they were occupying. Crouched in the back of his closet he found several small gaps in the boards that allowed him an imperfect view of the girls. Perhaps if they were too shy to entertain him in bed they might provide some unwitting entertainment. He watched Alana start down the steps. This vantage point was of little use to see her. "Didn't she say she was going to bathe" he thought. There must be other vantage points downstairs. In his haste to get out of the cupboard he kicked against the wall. "Oh my God" he thought "They'll hear me. They'll know it was me. Wait! Calm down Ulric, see, they think it's rats."

He grinned craftily as he rushed down the stairs and placed his eye to a spyhole he had in the kitchen to enable him to check on his horses without leaving his house. "Yes, there she is. Oh my God, look at her. How beautiful. What tits. Turn just a little my innocent, let's see your little mouse pie. Oh my God, she is washing her little slit. How pink it is. What a prize it would be sink my plunger into her. Too bad, she is finished. What are they saying now."

He rested his ear against the hole.

Alana called up to her sisters "Why don't you both come down and wash then we can go to sleep. We will have a long trip tomorrow. We want to get as far from the border as we can, as quickly as we can."

The girls climbed down the ladder and came across the stable to Alana. They both stripped off their clothing and set to washing themselves. The younger girl Winifred was the shortest of the girls. Although she was short of stature and young, her breasts were well developed, tipped with large dark coloured areolae surrounding upraised nipples. Her chest tapered to a slim waist and wide hips. As she turned toward the horse trough, Ulric caught a glimpse of her mount framed in the same auburn hair as her head. The sight of three naked women was more than his imagination could endure. His mouth became dry with excitement and his prick stretched against its captivity that he presently permitted.

"Oh Lord," he thought "would that I was younger, I would entertain them all in my bed. They've probably had many another man buried in their tight little snatches. Country girls start early. None of them would be virgins now. They only put up token resistance because they don't want to seem too whorish. I should have told them that unless one ... no all of them lay with me I would not take them to the convent. Ah well, too late now. That's the problem with being honest. Oh well maybe they'll be more accommodating tomorrow."

The third sister was only slightly shorter than the blonde. She had black hair and unearthly grey eyes. Her breasts bobbed brazenly as she walked forward. Her mount was covered with a thick dark covering which Ulric obtained one peek through to the soft pink interior as she washed her private parts. Ulric could hold back no more. Warm semen spurted from his cock and spattered against the kitchen wall. The women now washed their clothes in the trough and carried them up to the loft with them. The entertainment was over for now and a drained Ulric leaned heavily against the wall to recover.

The three girls hung their skirts up to dry and crawled in together under the bedspreads and dimmed the lamp. Ulric unable now to see anything went regretfully to bed.

Alana whispered "Are you both asleep?"

"No" whispered back Winifred and Evelyn.

"I feel troubled and afraid. Ulric seems honest but when he looks at us he reminds me of the men who attacked our village. I can't believe he thought we would bed him. What does he think we are?"

Winifred extended her arm across Alana to comfort her, brushing her breasts as it passed and Alana could feel her soft breasts pillowing into her back.

"Rub my breasts like we used to do at home. They feel heavy and ticklish. I have a tight feeling in my chest and thighs."

Winifred obliged lovingly, teasing and stroking Alana's tits and occasionally stroking her belly and circling her navel.

"Touch me between my legs. Aah ... yes that feels so good, run your finger up and down my sex. Oh mother, I understand. The devils, how could they?"

"What are you saying, Alana? What about mother? What do you understand?"

"I'll tell you when we get to the convent. Keep moving your finger like that. Ohh ... keep rubbing that spot ... yes it makes me feel tingly all over."

"Alana, you have a small bump inside your sex. Do you think that you have a disease. And you are so wet. I think you must be sick or something."

Alana did not reply but her body was now in spasms, her hips gyrated madly and her breathing came in short pants. Finally her legs stretched out stiffly and she made inarticulate noises as her hips heaved powerfully against Winifred's hand. Her hips fell back to the bed and Alana lay still breathing heavily.

"Are you all right Alana. Did I hurt you?"

Alana turned to her and hugged her breast to breast.

"No you didn't hurt me at all, what you did was the most wonderful thing, I feel warm all over."

"But the little bump inside your sex perhaps I should examine it. It doesn't seem normal."

Alana turned up the lantern and Winifred removed the bedspread from Alana and kneeled between her legs. Parting Alana's labia she was treated to the sight of the smooth lubricity of Alana's sex. She drew her finger slowly up the furrow searching for the small bump she had felt previously. Her stroking began again to stir Alana's passion and her little protuberance that is the seat of female pleasure swelled up such that Winifred had no difficulty locating it. Placing her finger against it she announced "Here it is, come and see Evelyn."

Evelyn crawled over and gazed at this new discovery.

"Can I feel it?" she said removing Winifred's finger and replacing it with her own.

"Your slit is so wet Alana, did you wet yourself?"

"No, not that I know of" replied Alana wriggling her bottom wantonly so that she could derive the greatest contact with Evelyn's finger.

"I do believe that you are getting wetter by the second. It's coming out of your little nook."

"Don't stop, keep touching the little knob. Aah ... aah I feel so hot. Ohh yes press it harder. Ohh yes ... yes. Ahhhhh ...."

At this last outcry her legs tensed and her little hole pulsed as her hips heaved from the floor and her nipples stiffened.

Evelyn lay on the bedspread and opened her legs.

"Check my slit, Winifred perhaps I have one of these pleasure buttons."

Winifred abandoned Alana and sat between Evelyn's legs. She carefully parted the delicate petals concealing her furrow and stroked her finger to the location where she had discovered Alana's protuberance. She was startled to discover that Evelyn too had a bump in the very same spot. She poked and prodded the lump in hopes of understanding its nature. The effect on Evelyn was as surprising as it was predictable. As with Alana a liquid seeped from Evelyn's small hole, coating the inside of her slit and she pushed herself against Winifred's hand with intense sighs and muted cries.

"I don't believe it" said Winifred "both of you have this deformation, but you both seem to like my touching it. How strange."

Alana at this stage apparently recovered from her seizure leaned over and began to stroke and mold Evelyn's firm bust. Evelyn's motions became increasingly frantic as her passions were raised to boiling point. It was shortly thereafter that she bucked and ground against Winifred's fingers, making short guttural grunts. When her movements decreased, Winifred found that her slit was soaking wet with the same slippery substance that Alana had so generously produced. Evelyn recovered quickly and she and Alana lay Winifred down and whilst Evelyn toyed with her young breasts, Alana parted her love box and began to stoke her desire. Alana found the trigger to her passion quickly and began to press and manipulate it, producing the self same effects as Winifred had been so surprised about when produced in her sisters.

"I think all women must be born with the same lump. It must be this reason why some of the girls in the village used to disappear with their boyfriends for hours at a time" said Alana.

"Perhaps, that is why father did not want us to have boyfriends until we were older" interjected Evelyn.

"When we get to the convent we must try this again, but we must keep it our secret. We must also be careful, men could use this to make us do things that are sinful. I know that I wasn't able to think clearly while you were playing with me, all I cared about was you continuing."

Alana flopped back onto the bedding as she said this.

"Anyway we had better get to sleep. We have a long journey ahead of us."

Ulric would have been disappointed to have realized the entertainment he had missed, but he had long since sunk into fevered erotic dreams.

4. Ingemar's Pursuit

Ingemar's head felt like a vice had been placed around it. His vision was impaired by the swelling that almost closed his right eye. He could tell from what he could see and the jolting movements that he was in the back of a smelly covered cart. His mind cast back to the fevered moments after he had burst out of his cottage.

He remembered seeing the raiders disappearing over the horizon and his running frantically through the village and discovering the horses of the men he had killed in his cottage standing together tied to a fence at the end of the main street. How could he have been so foolish, running up to them as he had. He regained consciousness slowly. The pain in his head remained excruciating. He could hear voices talking but it took all his strength to concentrate on what was being said.

"You hit him too hard Ulf, I say we just ditch him and sell the horses."

"Ah Gareth, you were always the timid one. This man is an ox, Look at him, he is worth twice the amount we can get for these horses. Think of the success we have had cleaning up behind the raiders."

"But how can you think of selling one of our own to those scum."

"Profit, Gareth, profit."

"Pah," the smaller man spit on the ground.

"Rather that we sell them back their horses than sell our own kinsmen into slavery."

"What have these kinsmen done for you. Kicked you out of your home because you aspired to love the elderman's daughter. And where is she now? Where is she?"

"You make me sick Ulf."

"And I make you rich."

Ingemar squinted his eyes and saw two men sitting some distance from him. One was a young fair haired man, short with massive arms. The other was taller and slimmer with black hair and clad in a green shirt that seemed to be well made but had seen better days. He had a scar on his lip which gave him the appearance of having a perpetual sneer. Ingemar groaned as he attempted to sit up.

"Ah, you are awake," said Ulf, the dark haired man, as he leaned back toward him, an illhumoured smile on his face "please forgive the ropes but we felt it to be a necessary precaution after we saw what you did to those raiders."

"What do you intend to do with me" spoke Ingemar through thick parched lips.

"Sell you to the highest bidder at the next auction."

"What is it about men that makes them want to emulate the worst in people they meet."

A spasm of pain flashed across Ulf's face to be quickly replaced by a look of feral anger.

"What would you know of evil. They did not kill your wife."

Pain crossed Ingemar's face at Ulf's cruel gibe.

"Yes perhaps," he said "but what they did to her was far worse."

"How say you, from our vantage she seemed to spit herself happily enough on the spears of her captors. I almost wished I was there with them."

If Ingemar had not been tied he could have dispatched Ulf with his bare hands. That they had watched Alexia's humiliation was bad enough but to debase her character was unpardonable. As it was, he was powerless to do anything and Ulf turned away from him and spoke to Gareth.

"Look Gareth there is a place we might stop for the night."

He pointed to a small copse of trees and steered the cart toward them. They drew up in a brush lined clearing at the edge of the more dense foliage and Ulf dragged Ingemar out of the cart and dropped him heavily to the ground.

"Gareth, set up the camp and light a fire, I need to relieve myself."

Ulf stumped off stiffly into the trees while Gareth set up a canvas leanto against the edge of the cart. When he had completed that, he piled up leaves and twigs and struck a flint to start the fire. He came over to Ingemar and squatting beside him said.

"You must not judge Ulf too harshly. He was the headman in our village but raiders killed his wife and took his eighteen year old daughter with them. We were out hunting and arrived back not an hour after the raiders had left. He went crazy after that and hasn't really recovered since."

"I can sympathize with his problems but I do not understand his mercenary attitude. Why didn't he try to find these raiders and recover his daughter."

"He has suffered a great deal. I think he has lost confidence in himself. What is your name?"

"Ingemar. You do not seem to be a bad person Gareth. Why do you stay with Ulf."

"Because, I remember him as he was. He will need a friend when he recovers and realizes what he has done and become."

"You are a good man, Gareth. I hope you are right about Ulf. I have seen men like him in the past. Sometimes they never recover from their grief. With his daughter gone you would be well served to stir him from his inaction. Perhaps he can do nothing but for her but I think it would be better to try and fail than do nothing."

"Ay." said Gareth solemnly as he moved back to the fire and began cutting dried beef into a pot of water. His labor was interrupted when Ulf returned noisily from the trees dragging a dirty and bedraggled young woman. He held her by the hair and urged her on with numerous threats and imprecations.

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