tagNovels and NovellasVillage Tales: Alexia Pt. 03

Village Tales: Alexia Pt. 03


Village Tales Book 1 A Measure of Breeding
Alexia: Persuasions and Passions
Part 3

5. Journey to Saint Michel (beginning)

Dawn broke in the stable and the girls were wakened by the sun streaming through the cracks in the wall. The three girls, still weary from their night time exertions, rolled groggily from their blankets and dressed quickly in the cold morning air. Climbing down the ladder from the loft, the women splashed cold water from the trough onto their faces to wash away the traces of sleep. Ulric invited them into his kitchen and the women were surprised to discover that he had made hot pancakes and tea for them. The girls ate hungrily and Ulric uncharacteristically, smiled as they wolfed the food down.

"Well, we must be going, if we are to reach the monastery today" he grumbled, and hustled the women outside and into his heavy cart. It was barely minutes after the town gates were opened that they rumbled out of the town and onto the open road. Ulric offered the women a swig of wine from his wineskin, grinning amiably as they each drank a little.

His attitude to the women seemed totally different from the previous evening and Alana was tempted to surmise that he had been out of sorts. The rocking of the old cart had a soporific effect on the women and Alana kept jolting awake as her head slumped forward. Ulric pulled some old blankets from behind the seat and pointed out to her that if she rolled them up she could pack them against the side of the cart and use them as a pillow. Alana thanked him and was soon fast asleep.

Ulric looked back over his shoulders towards the women in the back of the cart and found them asleep too. His eyes were drawn to the slim legs of Alana as he turned back. He touched her leg briefly as he moved his hand from the back of the seat. When she didn't stir he became more bold, resting his hand on her knee. Her lack of response to this convinced him that potion he had given the girls had taken effect. As he stroked his hand against the smooth inner surface of her thigh he thought back to when he had acquired the substance he had added to the wine.

6. Ulric's Tale

Ulric had been travelling through the forest outside of Olfberg late one evening when he had inexplicably lost his way. Sighting a small cottage he had ridden to it and knocked on the door hoping to get directions. The door had been answered by a middle aged woman who had invited him in. The house was full of plants and herbs. Their redolence was almost too much to bear, however, he soon got used to it. After asking and receiving directions to town he asked the woman what it was she did there.

"Oh, I collect all manner of plants and herbs and spices to make my potions and lotions and unguents".

"And what do you do with these lotions and such."

"Sell them, what else?"

"Do they work?"

"Do they work?" she said coming right up to him "How old do you think I am?"

"Well I don't want seem ungracious but about forty?"

"More like seventy, young'un"

He stared at the woman. She certainly didn't look seventy. A person so old was almost unheard of in world.

"Here," she said holding a jar up filled with a yellowish powder "you look like a randy'un. Why don't you buy some of this. Guaranteed to get you any woman you want."

"You mean a love potion".

"Love? What's love got to do with anything. All you men care about is if it gets them to lift up their skirts and open their pretty legs for you." she said "This will not only do that, but they'll open up their little honey pots, let you put your stinger in, prime them with your pump and care naught for the consequences. What's more they won't even remember who it was or what you did after you're gone."

He felt his cock stiffen as she said this.

"Come on, mother if you had something like that you could make your fortune".

"Who says I haven't?"

"How much is it?"

"For you, ten coppers, twelve if you want some of this lotion. Put this behind your ears and it'll really get their juices stirred."

"Seems like an awful lot for something I don't know works".

"Take it or leave it."

"Alright I'll take a bottle and the lotion."

"You can mix it with almost anything. Two small spoons per person. Give it about fifteen to twenty minutes to take effect. It will last about three hours before the effects start to wear off. But be careful, the more you use it on a person the easier they will surrender and the more attached to you they will become."

Ulric snatched up the bottle and was soon on his way, the laughter of the old woman still rankling in his ears.

"You're a fool, Ulric, to believe such lies." He thought

The next day he decided to try out his potion. He would now know how the old woman had cheated him, selling him worthless dust. But it was worth a try. Ulric had been eyeing a girl, Rona, in the village for some time but she had made it clear to him that she did not favour him. Her father and brother watched her like a hawk, counting on a good marriage to consolidate their fortune.

Today was a good time to visit as her father and brother were on a hunting expedition and were not expected back for several days. Ulric baked some of his scones which were quite famous in the village and rubbed a little of the lotion behind his ears. Rona and her family lived beyond the edge of the village in a small cottage surrounded by tall mature fir trees.

Taking a circuitous route he arrived at Rona's door. When Rona answered the door it was obvious from her face that she had not expected to find him there and that she was not very happy to see him.

"I brought you some scones" he said "I thought that seeing as your father and brother are not around, some homecooking would not go amiss".

She eyed the steaming bundle he held and indeed the wafting aroma of the scones did make her feel a little hungry.

"I shouldn't do this. My Pa told me not to talk to any boys or men while he was away or he'd beat me till my bum was black and blue, but I suppose it would be alright if we sat here in the doorway and ate some of your scones. Wait and I will bring some wine to wash them down."

She came back with a small bottle of wine which she opened and poured into two cups. They sat quietly and ate the scones. Ulric was careful to only nibble one, whilst Rona ate the others with relish. They talked casually as they ate and Ulric prolonged the engagement by asking her about her father, brother, relatives, the garden, anything that he could think of that could prolong his stay.

After some fifteen minutes Rona became more quiet and rocked back and forth distractedly. He caught her looking at him strangely. She sat in a wanton fashion, her legs bent and opened invitingly. He thought he could see her well thatched slit, but it could have been the shadow thrown by her dress.

Several more minutes had passed and she now contemplated him more boldly, her eyes dropping to his crotch. Ulric could feel himself stiffen under this scrutiny and his prick strained noticeably against the thin fabric of his pants.

"Are you alright Rona?" asked Ulric somewhat alarmed.

"Oh yes" she said "I feel quite fine, though I'm getting to be a little warm and I think I should go inside now".

Ulric followed her in. She turned to him and said.

"You know I never realized until now, but you really are quite handsome though," she said gazing brazenly at his obvious erection, "it looks like you need to get a larger pair of pants, those seem a little tight."

She stood still, eyeing him meaningfully. Ulric decided that it was time to be bold and reached out and held her to him, his lips seeking out her soft yielding lips. Her body molded itself to his and she returned his kisses passionately.

He lifted her bodily and carried her through to one of the bedrooms and lay her on the bed. Ulric stretched out beside her as their bodies entwined in ecstatic bliss before kneeling over her as his nervous hands unfastened her bodice and revealed her tender breasts to his touch and caresses.

Her mouth hung open as he sucked and nibbled her stiffened nipples and she gasped with excitement as his hands drew up her dress and touched her secret slot. Ulric needed no urging and soon had the two of them completely unclad.

Her slit was dripping with passionate secretions and his finger slipped easily within its folds searching blindly for her seat of pleasure. He rubbed and pressed her clitoris until she exploded in waves of pleasure.

Ulric despite his plain facial features was gloriously well endowed. His thick cock like a maiden's wrist stood out some eight inches from a dark bush of curly hair.

Rona eyed it with unfeigned lust as he approached her. He kneeled over her and placed his rampant cock at the entrance to her vagina and entered her with one swift thrust. She screamed as she felt the merged sensations of both pain and pleasure when her body was penetrated for the first time. Her tight slot looked as though it would split as it stretched taut around his gargantuan prick.

However, within seconds her initial pain had receded, to be replaced by a throbbing urgency which propelled her to eagerly heave her hips against his thrusting maleness. Her sexual floodgate had been opened and she rode the crest of its flood. She quickly reached her second orgasm as Ulric himself unable to control himself shot an ocean of semen into her.

Ulric found Rona to be infinitely receptive to every suggestion and he had soon sampled every available orifice. Noting the lengthening shadows he realized he must be close to the effective limit of the powder. He found it difficult to tear himself away but consoled himself with the thought that he could revisit today's pleasures on the following day.

Ulric spent a restless night, his brain feverishly reliving his experiences with Rona and concocting new activities they could savour. He was up early and this time, cooked a loaf of bread, well spiced with the love powder. He noted that his supply was getting low; only enough to make another three or four sexual forays. He left his house shortly after breakfast and walked briskly along the path to Rona's cottage. As he walked he noticed someone ahead of him. It looked a little like Rona so he increased his pace. When he caught up he found it was Alicia.

He wasn't sure how old Alicia was, about twenty two years old? In fact she was thirty two, though still young looking and lithe and married to rich old Vosta. It had been a marriage made in the back pockets of her father, who had been well paid to arrange the match.

"Hello Alicia, beautiful morning, is it not".

"Ah Ulric, you are out early. Your bread smells wonderful. Where are you going so early?".

Ulric reddened as he made up some story about taking the morning air.

"Would you like to share some of my bread?"

"Uhm, that sounds good" she said and Ulric pulled off a big piece, which she wolfed down hungrily. They had soon made short work of the bread and walked together talking about village affairs and local gossip.

Alicia stumbled against Ulric's arm and said "My head feels strange; my legs suddenly seem so weak".

Ulric held her to prevent her further stumbling.

"It must be the sun. Perhaps you should sit and rest awhile. Come, I know a shady spot where you can rest".

She leaned heavily against him and her sweet perfume rose to his nose. He helped her through the trees to a quiet glade some distance from the path.

"Here, you can rest here, out of the sun".

She sat down on the ground.

"Perhaps, you should lie down for moment" said Ulric as he helped her.

"Perhaps you should loosen your clothes so that you get more air. Here, let me help you" he said as she fumbled unsuccessfully with her bodice.

Alicia lay placidly, her thighs squeezing together convulsively as Ulric unfastened the top button of her bodice. The warm and firm swell of breasts raised his mounting ardour another step. His hand moved to the second button and unfastened it. He could now see the deep cleft between her breasts as they strained against the fabric. When the third button was released the dark shapes of her stiff nipples were clearly visible.

Encountering no opposition to the continuation of this procedure, he proceeded to unfasten her bodice until he was able to draw it from her shoulders and expose her full breasts. His hands roamed uncontested over their soft smoothness. Her shoulders wriggled seductively as his fingers brushed the sensitive nipples, causing them to stiffen wantonly. He lowered his head to them and drew first one nipple and then the other into his mouth, teasing and nibbling them.

With one hand she pulled up her dress and rasped her fingers through the abundant bush which hid her tender slot.

"Ah Sovig" she gasped "my mouse is lonely. Feel how wet she is from running alone in the morning dew".

As she said this, she drew Ulric's hand down to her delicate pouch and pushed it against him, liberally coating his hand with her sprinkling emissions.

"So," thought Ulric "Sovig, my friend, has been wallowing in this water hole. I wonder how Vosta would feel about that. Perhaps there is something to be made from this knowledge."

He cast back in his memory to when he and Sovig were teenagers surreptitiously creeping over to the cottage of Norna a young widow whose husband had been thrown by a horse and died. They would hide in the bushes next to her house and watch her through her window.

Usually they could get to see her removing her clothes before bed. They would then compare the size of their stiff members. Ulric's was unusually large for a boy of his age whereas Sovig's was of the more normal size. However, Sovig was handsome and amply demonstrated that it was technique not dimensions that stirred a woman's passion. Unlike Ulric he had already introduced one of the young girls in the village to his weapon.

One evening they were watching through the window, waiting for Norna to go to bed when there was a knock on the door. Norna opened the door and was obviously surprised to find Eric there. He pushed into the room impetuously as soon as the door was opened and closed the door behind him. The boys could clearly hear Norna say.

"Eric, what are you doing here at this time of night, whatever is the matter?"

"I can wait no longer" Eric blurted out as he took her with one hand and began to unbutton her blouse.

"Eric! What are you doing? Are you drunk? Stop that! It is unseemly. You must go before the neighbours hear you."

They disappeared into the bedroom and did not reappear.

Ulric snapped back to reality luxuriating in the caress of pubic hair sodden from generous secretions and a slit that pulsated as he slid his weapon into her delightfully tight scabbard. Despite her wetness she was agreeably tight. It was plain that she was unused to admitting members of Ulric's dimension. She bounced and gyrated like a belly dancer under his firm thrusts and was soon gasping in delight as spasms of joy washed through her.

"You make me feel so sinful. You frightened me that night when you crept into our house and I found you in my bed stroking me as you are now. I was afraid to make a noise for fear you would wake Vosta, but my fear only added to the excitement. Vosta had not touched me in a month and your touches were like fire; Now I find myself powerless to resist your indecent proposals."

"Come Alicia, kneel for me".

Alicia looked at him curiously.

"What do you plan?" she said as she complied slowly with his request.

In answer, Ulric buried his head between the globes of her firm bottom and commenced licking her anus whilst his hands roamed over her breasts and slot. She huffed as his tongue penetrated her tight sphincter.

"We should not do this, it is against the teachings of our father".

Ulric ignored her weak protest and presented his rod to her tightness. Using secretions from her overflowing flowerpot he soon insinuated his cock half its length into her. Her hips began to move slowly, forcing his member to its full length into her.

"Sovig, you are ever the seducer. Press forward, it begins to feel pleasant. Ah yes ... oh yes your prick feels so big today. Yes slowly ... that's good. Oh yes, faster now. Ah ... Ah ... I am coming again. Oh ... Oh ...OHHH!"

Ulric squirted into her bottom and pulling out quickly, recommenced the reaming of her slick vagina. In minutes he was once again spurting his seed into her warm haven.

Ulric lay on her, his softening prick soaking in her warm notch.

"Alicia, how do you feel about Ulric?"

"I have never thought about him. He is so quiet, a little plain to be sure, but he seems nice."

"Would it surprise you to know that he is hung like a mare. When we were younger, we would compare our tools. I was amazed at the size of his rammer. If women knew this I bet they would all be beating a path to his door. I think he would provide you even more pleasure than myself. Though I wouldn't tell him that. You should creep around some evening and observe him. If you go around the back you can see into his bedroom."

"I couldn't do that it would be unmaidenly".

"Anyway, I must go now. Stay here until I have gone, we would not want anyone to find out about us."

"Yes, and Sovig you must keep our secret, if Vosta found out there is no telling what he would do".

Ulric replaced his clothes and left Alicia in the grove and continued to Rona's cottage. Before he went to the door he sprinkled more of the powder onto the bread to make up for what Alicia had eaten, and smeared some of the old woman's lotion on his face and neck. He knocked at the door, which was shortly opened by Rona. She seemed less displeased to see him than she had seemed the previous day although it was obvious she had no recollection of his having visited.

"Hello, Rona. I have baked some bread and I thought that you might like to share it with me".

As she drank in the smell of the lotion he grew more handsome to her until she could not imagine not inviting him in.

"Uhm it smells good. Why don't you come in and we can eat in the kitchen."

Ulric followed her in and they were soon eating the bread with fresh butter, washed down with tea. After eating Rona declared that she felt quite warm and unfastened the top button on her bodice. Ulric stood up and walked over to her and standing behind her, stroked her hair and said.

"Rona, you are so beautiful. Your hair, so soft; your cheeks so warm and smooth; your neck so delicate".

As he talked his hands stroked the mentioned body part. She leaned against him and made no move to arrest his progress.

"Your shoulders so graceful."

He unfastened her bodice and brushed his hands over her breasts; her nipples popping out like corks as his hands moved over them.

"Your breasts like fresh melons tipped with cherries."

He kneeled between her legs and caressed her feet.

"Your feet so perfect; your ankles so petite; your legs so comely; Your thighs so sensitive".

He pushed her skirt up over her hips unveiling her recently virgin slit, which puckered as he drew his fingers through its fine fur. He submerged his head between her accommodating thighs and began to lap up her salty elixir. Her thighs spread obligingly to permit his activities. The hot nub of her passion stiffened with anticipation and her spendings flowed freely from her, as the first climax surged through her. This settled matters for Ulric and he and Rona were shortly riding the turbulent wings of passion in her bedroom.

Alicia awoke some minutes after Ulric had left and was confused as to why she should be off the road. She remembered dimly, dreaming of Sovig and smiled as she recalled their coming appointment this afternoon. Vosta would be in a neighbouring village until later that evening.

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