Vince's Devil's Slaves


Once she has gotten every little bit of Mickie's ass juice Candice puts the dildo down underneath the chair and into the goodie bag before turning and looking at Torrie and Victoria.

"Congratulations Candice." Victoria says once she and Torrie have stopped clapping, "Looks like you just got yourself a slave for life."

Candice turns her attention to Mickie who is now facing her on her hands and knee's looking at her with an ear to ear smile.

Candice smiles back at her having a feeling that her and Mickie are going to get along great from now on.

"Do you think your slave can cook?" Torrie asks causing Candice to turn and look at Torrie, "I don't know about you but watching all that made me hungry and horny."

Candice turns her attention to Victoria who smiles.

"Well Candice can your slave cook?" Victoria asks.

Candice looks at Victoria with a smirk and slowly turns her attention to Mickie who is still on her hands and knee's looking at her like an obedient little puppy looks at it's master waiting for it to give it an instruction.

"Well slave can you cook?" Candice asks deciding that from now on she should refer to Mickie as slave just to make sure she knows her place.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says with a nod of her head.

"Great." Torrie says, "Then let's head upstairs and get something to eat."

"Hold on a minute Torrie. I have one last thing Candice's slave can do before we go upstairs." Victoria says walking over to Candice and whispering in her ear.

As Candice hears Victoria's suggestion she can't help but smile as once Victoria has finished telling her her idea she turns and looks at Mickie.

"Your willing to do anything I tell you, right slave?" Candice asks already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it anyway.

"Yes Mistress Candy anything you tell me." Mickie says without a seconds hesitation.

"In that case I want you to go over to Trish and Ashley and turn their butt plugs and vibrators back up to full power." Candice tells her.

Mickie only thinks about this for a split second before she stands up and walks over to Ashley first and turns her butt plug and vibrator back to full power, causing Ashley to shiver at the sudden increase of speed. She then walks over to Trish not bothering to look her former role model in the eye as she simply reaches up and turns her vibrator up to full power first and then walks around and does the same thing to her butt plug before walking back over and standing a short distance in front of Candice.

"Good girl." Candice says causing Mickie to smile, "Now come up stairs with us."

With that Candice turns and heads towards the stairs along with Torrie and Victoria and with Mickie following close behind them. None of them look back to see Ashley and Trish who are all watching in shock, horror and disbelief as Mickie follows Candice and the others upstairs, leaving them alone in the basement.

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by Anonymous05/24/18

I have only one compaint bout this finely written story.

And that is that it is a case of they did this to this person and then they the same thing again only to different people.

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