Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 02


As she grins proudly at the sight of her conquest Victoria suddenly notices the loud moans and cries coming from across the room.

They are so loud she can only assume she had zoned out while fucking Ashley but now she is out of the zone Victoria turns to see her friends in a chain of fucking, Candice drilling Mickie's ass hole from behind with her strap on while Mickie's head is in between Torrie's legs licking her pussy and Torrie is using a dildo to ass fuck a squirming Trish.

Victoria rolls her eyes and smiles. She should have known her friends would have been too horny to wait. On some level she had, and she wasn't really mad at them, after all Mickie and Trish were too really hot pieces of ass, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to call them out on it.

"And just what do you two think you're doing?" Victoria shouts.

Both Candice and Torrie stop in their tracks, their dildos deep in their slave's and soon to be slave's ass holes.

"Oh God Vicky I'm sorry." Candice says, pulling out of Mickie's butt hole, leaving it nice and gaping.

"I'm sorry too." Torrie says, pulling her dildo from Trish's ass, also leaving it nice and gaping.

The two other devils then see Ashley sucking her own ass juice off Victoria's dildo and both quickly begin to clap, causing Victoria to roll her eyes again.

"Well... I guess it's your turn Torrie." Victoria says looking at the blonde bombshell with a smile.

Torrie looks back at Victoria.

"Let's go upstairs for a little while first. I think we could all do with a rest. Besides..." Torrie says smacking Trish's well fucked ass, "Trish isn't going anywhere."

This causes both Victoria and Candice to laugh as Torrie reinserts Trish's original butt plug up her now sufficiently closed enough back hole.

Once the butt plug is firmly in place Torrie, Candice and Mickie untangle themselves and move away from Trish, Mickie crawling away after being ordered to do so of course.

Victoria then removes the dildo from around her waist and dumps her strap on in the goodie bag before turning her attention to her new slave.

"Slave." Victoria says causing Ashley to turn her head and look at her, "Turn the vibrator and butt plug in Trish's pussy and ass back up to full power."

Ashley slowly get's up onto all fours instinctively due to her remembering Mickie making the mistake earlier of standing up and walking about and although Candice had been lenient despite not having that much strength Ashley is sure Victoria would not be so lenient. Once Ashley reaches Trish she turns and looks back at her new mistress.

"You can stand." Victoria says smiling at the now completely broken and submissive former WWE Diva Search winner as she get's to her feet and does as she is told turning the vibrator on to full power first and then going round to Trish's ass hole and turning the butt plug back on to full power as well.

Out of the corner of her eye Victoria see's Torrie walk up and stand in front of Trish who looks down at her.

"See you soon Trish." Torrie says looking up at Trish with an ear to ear smile.

Trish looks down at Torrie wanting to look angry and yet taking into consideration what she has seen thus far tonight her two friends both of whom she thought to be very strong willed individuals get broken she can't help but feel a little nervous and wonder how much longer she will be able to resist giving up.

Torrie slowly turns around and heads towards the stairs, Candice and Victoria following her with their slaves Mickie and Ashley crawling along beside them on all fours.

Once they reach the stairs Mickie and Ashley get up onto their feet and all 5 sets of feet make their way up stairs leaving Trish alone in the basement with nothing but her thoughts for company.

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