tagNonConsent/ReluctanceViolated: After the Halloween Party

Violated: After the Halloween Party


It had been a great Halloween party, and he couldn't believe how drunk his wife had gotten... He had seen her drink some serious quantities of booze before, and marveled at how she never really seemed as drunk as she should be, and never drank enough that she passed out, or was unaware of what was happening... Well, it appeared tonight may actually be a first... Everyone had left, and while she had been quite drunk, and her words quite slurred, it didn't seem to really hit her until everyone had left, and she was sitting quietly for a few moments unwinding before cleaning up before bed... Now she was out like a light on the couch...

Her costume had been great, a vampiress, and her makeup was amazing, the dark grays/green makeup on her face and hands she had created, and the blood red creases made her truly look the part of a 300 year dead vampire... Her outfit wasn't bad either, the black blouse open at least halfway, which had provided a few enticing glances down her blouse throughout the evening to many of the male guests, and he was quite sure not all accidental. The long dark skirt, slit dangerously high up the sides, allowed a teasing glimpse of her great legs and fantastic ass, but no one but him was aware that there had been nothing under it all evening... He had found out accidentally himself as he had walked up behind her in the kitchen at one point of the party, slid his hands into the slits, and reached around in front of her, expecting silk, and getting handful of thick pubic hair and a finger sliding sensually through a damp slit.

The party had been a great success, everyone enjoying the night out, but now the house was quiet again... He rose, looking for the video camera as it was clear this was the opportunity he had waited for. They had played with the camera before, but this would be different....

He set the camera up on the table, focused on the couch, as he approached her sleeping form. He stood beside looking down, getting more and more aroused by the sight before him. /... Her hair lay tousled around her face, the makeup lending an ghoulish bent to her beauty, her blouse gaping open as she lay on her back, one arm over her head, exposing most of her right breast, her hard nipple clearly evident. Her one leg had fallen off of the couches edge, the slit allowing a clear view of her leg, and the hint of pubic hair that lie at the crease of her crotch and thigh... He unzipped his jeans, lowering them down over his hips, and leaned down undoing the button on the side of her skirt, allowing it to fall open and completely exposing her crotch. He carefully pulled it out from under her round ass, leaving her naked from the waist down.

He felt his hard cock brush against the thick curls of her hair as he leaned over her, undoing the buttons on her blouse and sliding it off of her breasts and down over her shoulders. He noted, that even as he tugged the material out from under her, she did not even stir or seem to realize what was happening. He grabbed the camera, the lens taking in the glaring contrast between her ghoulish face, and gorgeous body... He move closer, allowing his cock to move forward, its round knob glistening from the precum that had started to leak from the end, noting how it glistened on her lips as he pressed insistently against them... Focusing the camera zoom so that his cock, brushing against her lips filled the lens, then reaching down gently, his fingers on her jaw, opened her mouth slightly , allowing his cock to slip into her hot mouth.. Taking care not to gag her, he started stroking his cock in and out of her mouth, her unconscious form not actively participating but the sensation of her wet, hot mouth, her tongue against the bottom of his cock, causing him to grow increasingly excited.

He reached over to the table, grabbing the small mousetraps he had brought up with him, opening the wire snapwire gently, then bending forward placed it over her right breast, her nipple and aureole poking through the opening, then allowed it to close gently on her breast... He watched for reaction, and noted a strange look on her face for a moment, then nothing as she slipped back under... Her nipple was now pinched in the mousetrap, and as he affixed a second trap to her other breast, he noticed that the blood was already pooling in the ends of her breast, the color darkening somewhat... This caused him to get even more excited and he felt the first orgasm start to rise... Stroking his cock furiously, he rubbed the head against her lips, pulling it out aiming at her face just as the first shot of slick, white jism erupted from his cock, streams leaving trails across her cheeks, eyelids and lips...

The camera caught each spurt and as his cock stopped spewing its hot treasure all over her, he allowed the camera to start tracing down her body, pausing and zooming on her swollen nipples, then tracing downward across her bare stomach and taking in her hairy crotch, her slit barely visible in the dark nest between her thighs... He felt his erection starting to rise again as he moved down the couch to take in the sight of her crotch, her leg askew and exposing her totally to him, the camera recording each inch of his fingers travels up her thigh, and watched as it caressed her cunt, the light capturing the slick reflection of her lips as the stimulation caused her subconscious reaction to his playing...

He moved up, sliding her ass gently over to the edge o the couch, moving his cock against the wet slit, pushing forward until he felt it slide slowly into her... The camera focused as the throbbing knob parted her lips gently, watching as its round shape become enveloped in her thick, blood engorged lips, the shaft disappearing into the dark nest of hair... Her breathing started to increase, her eyes not opening but her body starting to respond as he started driving into her more insistently now, faster and faster... As he felt the orgasm start to build, he could hear her getting closer as well, her hips bucking in her unconscious sleep, then as he got close, he reached up and pulled the mousetraps off of her breasts, the sudden pinch causing her to scream out, his cock driving into her harder now, hands cruelly grasping and twisting her breasts, her nipples over sensitized as the blood rushed to circulate through them again, unable to handle the unbelievably strong sensations as he twisted her nipples, then slammed into her as he again poured his hot juices into her... As soon as their orgasms subsided, he couldn't believe how fast she again fell under the drunken spell and was again oblivious to the fact that she was laying naked and violated, her face covered in spunk, her breasts bruised and nipples swollen, and her vagina battered and lips full from the repeated stimulation.

She moved restlessly onto her side, then over onto her stomach before drifting under again. He waited a few moments and then realize that her ass was a far to exciting sight to ignore, her round buttocks exposed and vulnerable, his eyes taking in the odd pubic hair that poked out between her legs, and up towards her ass. He again, gently moved her leg off of the couch, moving it forward and placing her knee on the floor as far forward as could, and moved behind her with the camera, ensuring it could capture every moment on film... She lay there, out cold again, her face still streaked with the drying jism he had shot all over her face a few moments ago, much of her one breast visible under her, crushed against the couch's velvet cushion, her back arcing upwards, exaggerating the curve of her buttocks, the kneeling position with one leg forcing the crack of her ass open, exposing her asshole, and the thin trail of hair around it, leading down between her legs, the thickest portion wet and slick, covered with the white fluid of his ejaculate as it started to run out of her...

He moved behind her, stroking his cock, still hard and wanting more... He stared at its glistening length, moving forward until the knob began sliding up and down along the length of her gaping slit, ensuring it was wet and dripping with their mutual fluids, then moved it slowly upwards until it was pressed hard against her anus.. He moved forward slowly, and watched as her sphincter muscles tightened against the invasion, the camera now zooming in as it started to push past the resistance and into the tight hole... She stirred but did not wake as he allowed his weight to slide it deeper inside of her, until he was buried in her ass...

He stayed like this, resting against her warm, smooth ass, allowing her bodies subconscious reactions to the invasion to provide the stimulation, the tightening and loosening of her anal muscles against his throbbing penis, he moved only enough to ensure she continued to try to expel its presence, then felt the familiar urge again start to rage within him, then started to stroke in and out as the orgasm raged, then again buried himself as he released the final spurts of his juices deep in her ass, relaxing and feeling her muscles continue to milk him dry, before feeling is flaccid form being pushed out of her by those same contractions...

As he turned off the camera, and secured the washcloth to start to clean her up, he smiled at how much he enjoyed Halloween...

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