tagNonConsent/ReluctanceViolated Family Ch. 02

Violated Family Ch. 02


Just moments after Veronica and her sons were led upstairs another member of the hooded gang spoke up. "Ok, you three are next." He pointed to Mike and his daughters-in-law, Joyce and Clare. "Upstairs," he yelled.

"Look, I told you I'll get the money..." Mike was cut short as the barrel of a gun pressed against his chin.

"Just do as you're told," said the man.

A nude Mike and his still fully clothed daughters-in-law were herded upstairs and into another bedroom.

"Get on the bed, Davidson."

Mike obeyed.

"Now, you two, undress each other."

A horrified Joyce yelled out. "Go to hell, you bastard."

One of the hooded men grabbed her mouth and squeezed. "Allow me to quote from a famous TV series. 'Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.' That's me sweetheart. I'd advise you not to cross me. You will regret it." Something in his voice convinced them he meant what he said and sent a shiver down both their spines.

In the meantime Mike had attempted to help only to be prevented from doing so when a gun was pointed at his middle.

Joyce began to cry as Clare held her. "Please Joyce, just pretend there's nobody watching," sobbed Clare as she helped her up. Joyce nodded.

Both young women faced each other and slowly began strip garment by garment. Clare was wearing a lemon blouse and blue jeans. Clare's blouse was white with a contrasting black knee length skirt and black boots that left the tiniest gap that displayed her knees.

Clare began to unbutton Joyce's blouse. Joyce followed her sister-in-law's example. Both women tried to suppress from their minds the thought that they were being observed. When they opened the last button they gently eased the garments from each others shoulders and dropped them to the floor, exposing their low cut bras. Clare wore black and Joyce wore red.

Mike, tried to turn away but his head was turned back in their direction and he was forced to watch. Up to now he hadn't seen his daughters-in-law as sex objects but sight before him of two beautiful women undressing was giving him a hard on and he strived to cover it up. It was a fantasy being fulfilled. It was almost as if his captors were reading his mind because he never reveal such a fantasy to anyone.

Meanwhile, Clare knelt as she unbuttoned Joyce's jeans. When they were opened she gently slid them down and her long smooth legs came into view. Her red thong was also exposed. Resigning herself to the fact that resistance was not only futile but perhaps deadly, Joyce, after slipping off her shoes, stepped out of her jeans.

When Clare stood up Joyce put her hands behind her back and slowly pulled the zipper of her skirt allowing the garment to drop to the floor, revealing her black half slip which she gently pulled down and her black thong encased in black tights was revealed. When Joyce unzipped the boots, Clare stepped out of them. Once again both young women stood before each other and almost in a symmetrical movement, placed their arms around each other and unhooked each other's bra, the removal of which, displayed wonderful medium breasts that almost touched. For several milliseconds, they froze, staring at each other. Clare was the first to move as she placed her hands on her sister-in-law's hips and pushed her thong down revealing her trimmed pussy. Joyce followed suit and removing Clare's tights and thong allowed her totally shaven pussy to be exposed. They huddled together in an effort to protect each other.

Clare was pushed onto the bed beside Mike. "Ok Davidson. Start fucking her. You know you want to. Your dick was huge and hard as you watched them strip."

Mike blushed and his tormentors laughed.

"You sick bastards. He's my father-in-law. He won't do it and I won't submit," screamed Clare.

"No?" said the hooded individual in a menacing tone as he raised his had to strike her.

"No please don't," cried Mike. "Clare please, there's nothing we can do. Look."

Clare looked to where her father-in-law was pointing and could see the men pointing guns at them all. She began to cry, knowing she had no choice.

"Please Clare. Just remember it's for Stephen as well as the rest of us," said Mike as he tried to comfort her.

"Get a move on," yelled their hooded protagonist impatiently.

Mike eased Clare unto her back and gently mounting her, began to kiss her. Joyce could do nothing but look on.

"Don't fret sweetheart. There's plenty of action for you to come," said one of the men and they all laughed in chorus.

Meanwhile Mike had made his way to Clare's breasts. His alternate licking and sucking as well as the tingling sensation as his tongue moved through the valley between them brought sighs of satisfaction from Clare. After a little tongue play on her pussy lips Mike gently inserted his huge hard cock through them deep into her vagina and began to pump. As his pace picked up her body began to react. For each of Mike's strokes, Clare body movement matched them. Soon she became so consumed in her lust that she didn't care that it was her father-in-law and not her husband that was fucking her hard, just as she liked. Their breathing became deeper and deeper and Clare lost all sense of reality as she yelled out in ecstatic joy. "Oh come on. Fuck me, fuck me."

As if reacting to Clare's encouragement, Mike's pounding became evermore intense. At last she could feel her juices gather. Mike too was close. They orgasmed together and expelled huge burst of air as they sighed with both relief and ecstatic joy.

Mike rested on his back, breathless and exhausted and Clare was grateful for the respite. However it was only temporary as Mike was dragged from the bed and Joyce was pushed unto the bed in his stead.

"Well baby. I promised you some action. Your sister-in-law's pussy needs to be cleaned. Start licking." The men laughed again.

Joyce and Clare looked at each other. Clare nodded encouragingly.

Joyce went down between Clare's legs and gently began to probe her sister-in-law's cum soaked pussy with her tongue. She made her way through Clare's pussy lips and the consequent lashing of her clit brought on a moan from her sister-in-law. Despite the fact she had just been fucked by her father-in-law Clare could feel love juices slowly gather again. However this was halted as Joyce was suddenly pulled away.

"Sorry baby, but I think we should make it mutual."

Joyce didn't have to have to be told twice as she moved around and she presented her pussy to her sister-in-law. Both women began to lick simultaneously as the sixty-nine developed shape. They mirrored each other's movement. This experience was nothing new to these women as they each had had lesbian lovers in college. What was new was they were forced to fuck each other. Both became overwhelmed with their lust for each other. They could feel their juices gather and both did their best to prolong this ecstatic pleasure. However they both crumbled as they orgasmed together. Both Clare and Joyce collapsed facing each other and sighed deeply, expressing their mutual pleasure. They were brought back to earth when one of the men spoke. "Wow ladies. That was fantastic. You've made us all horny."

Joyce was pulled off Clare and led out of the room by the others and Mike was led downstairs to join his sons in the living room. The remaining hooded man stripped rapidly and descended onto the bed. He mounted his naked prey and began to kiss her passionately. He moved forward and began to rub his huge cock between her breasts. It only lasted for as few moments because he moved back down and inserted it deep inside Clare's pussy and began to pound hard. Once again Clare's body reacted positively. The hard pounding excited her and she wanted more. Perspiration flowed from Clare as her body heat rose as this wonderful pounding continued. It was almost with her last breath she cried out "Oh yes, yes," as she orgasmed again. This time however she collapsed from sheer exhaustion and fell rapidly asleep.


After they had been forced to fuck their mother, Peter and Stephen were led into another bedroom that contained two beds. After a few moments they were joined by their sisters, Eileen and Ann.

"Ladies your brothers need to fuck you. Get your clothes off." The others gang members sniggered.

The siblings started to protest until they were silenced by the appearance of guns. By now they were all resigned to the fact that refusal was not an option.

Eileen, who wore a heavy white woollen jumper, blue jeans and brown knee high boots began to undress first. The thought of undressing in front of these men was bad enough but in front of her naked brothers was more embarrassing for Eileen and there was nothing she could do about it. Removal of her jumper revealed her low cut black lace bra that complemented her wonderful breasts. She slipped her boots off and, after some hesitation, eased her jeans down and stepped out of them putting her long smooth legs on display as well as her skimpy black thong. When she had removed both her bra and thong she instinctively covered herself with her hands but was ordered to put her hands down by her side.

Peter turned away when he saw the beautiful nakedness of his sister and he tried to cover his hard on. One of the gang made him look and they all laughed.

"You are a horny devil, aren't you said one of them. The gang laughed in chorus and Peter blushed in humiliation.

"Over here," one of the gang ordered Eileen and she was forced to bend over on a chair.

"It's your lucky day bro. Now start fucking her arse. She looks like she could do with it."

The gang laughed in unison.

Peter stared at the men and for a second thought of refusing but thought twice about it. He realised now there was no point.

"I'm sorry sis," he said as he gently but firmly inserted his hard rod and slowly began to plunder her arse.

Eileen gave a slight nod as if accepting the apology.

Following her sister's example, Anne undressed also. Her green dress and plain underwear were soon heaped on the floor and she too had her arse fucked by Stephen. Despite the fact that they were being fucked by their siblings the women started to groan with a certain pleasure. This was also true of Peter and Stephen. Then, in order not to let the men cum, they were pulled away from their sisters. A feeling disappointment came upon them all. The girls were turned around. Eileen was facing Stephen now and Anne was facing Peter.

"Ok girls. Start sucking their cocks."

Broken, the women simply obeyed and began to suck. Once again though they were forced apart to prevent the men from cumming.

"Don't worry boys. The best is yet to 'cum'" jeered one of their tormentors in mocking encouragement to Peter and Stephen. Once again the gang laughed. They ordered the women to lie on the separate beds.

"Ok boys. It's time to give your sisters one good fuck and remember there's a lot 'riding' on it." Again there was a roar of laughter.

Peter, bowing to the inevitable, gently mounted Anne while Stephen mounted Eileen. Both brothers began to slowly pump their sisters. It wasn't long before all four orgasmed together.

"Ok, you guys. Downstairs," said the apparent leader and Stephen and Peter were led out of the room.

Both Eileen and Anne moved to get up thinking they were finished but they were both pushed onto the two beds and two of the group stripped rapidly. Once again the girls simply submitted to their fate as both men began to plunge deep inside them both. Despite the fact that she had only been recently fucked Eileen could feel the excitement inside her build. Eventually both she and the man developed a mutual rhythm and when they did orgasm Eileen was shocked at how much she enjoyed it. Sheer exhaustion overwhelmed her as she fell into a deep slumber unaware that her sister had had a similar satisfying if unwanted experience. She too, fell rapidly asleep.

To be concluded.

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