tagNonConsent/ReluctanceViolated: Office Surprise

Violated: Office Surprise


You smile as you enter your office, noting the large Tim Hortons coffee that sits on your desk... reaching for it you note its still warm, realizing that you must have just missed your husband's surprise visit while you were finishing the mornings departmental meeting... as you sat and opened the coffee you grinned to yourself, at how much you enjoyed his little surprises... you paused slightly, realizing that you didn't "know" that it had been your husband, but after all it had to be him, no one else brought coffee, and Laurie, your coworker was working offsite today.

You sat looking out the windows, high on the wall above your desk against the ceiling, noting the sunshine and reflecting on how few days like this were left as fall settled in, realizing today was likely the last day you could wear the flowing blue skirt you had on today barelegged, without having to resort to pantyhose or tights to ward off the cold. Too bad, as the skirt was your favorite and went well with the silk button down blouse you wore... the beep of the computer brought you back to the "real world" as the program booted up, and you settled in for the tedious task of entering hundreds of stats into the spreadsheets... oh well, at least the coffee would keep you awake.

You drank the coffee slowly, alternating sips with the soundless keying in of data, sounds of the building ,muffled by the distance of your office from the hall, and the concentration as you worked. After about 20 minutes, you find yourself rubbing your eyes, and feeling increasingly tired, finding it harder and harder to focus on the numbers before you. Putting it down to not enough sleep last night, you drain the coffee cup and throw it towards the garbage can... surprisingly you miss, given its only a few feet away... strange, but you feel lightheaded, kind of disoriented. Time to get the glass's checked again you muse as you rub your temples. Maybe if I just put my head down you think, just for a moment or two, then back to work...

You look at your watch, sipping the coffee, noting that almost a half hour has passed since the lights went on in her office... you enter the building and go downstairs to the second floor, walking quietly down the hall, and entering the main reception area that fronts the two offices.. hers is off to the left and down a short hall... Listening quietly, , then peek around the corner, and down the hall you can see her arm stretched out on her desk, obviously the Roofies you slipped into the coffee before you dropped it off have taken affect.

You quietly review the post-it notes on the wall, selecting the one that indicates "office closed for meetings, back at 2pm"... and stick it on the outside of the hall door, before closing it and silently latching the lock. That should be enough time... Walking down the hall, you enter her office, and smile at the sight before you... she is sitting in her chair, her loose skirt having pushed up along her thighs as she slumped, exposing an expanse of bare thigh, her legs slightly spread, falling on either side of the chair cushion. Her head tilted forward, her long hair framing her face, her chin resting on her upper chest, bare skin showing above the 3rd button of blouse. You note that slumped as she was, her shoulders had fallen forward, causing the blouse to fold outwards on the right side, allowing a great view down her blouse, the freckled skin of her upper breast visible above the silky thin bra.

You set your coffee cup, almost empty, on the table as you move closer. You can now see more clearly, noting the outline of her hard nipple as it pushed against the thin material. Reaching out, you, gently lift her arm off of the desk, and slowly lowered it beside her chair. Slowly, you slide the chair back, moving gently as her heels slid along the floor. You move in front of the chair, standing between her open legs as you push the chair back against the wall... watching closely you notice that she has not even noticed the movement, her head still and silent on her chest. You gently place your hands on the skirts hem, sliding it upwards along her thighs, sliding it under her buttocks and behind her, exposing her thighs and panties to your view. You grasp her hips carefully, sliding her downward on the chair until her crotch is poised on the edge of the chairs seat cushion.

You pause, aware of the tightness of your jeans as your cock hardens at the sight in front of you... her panties barely conceal the treasure beneath them, her thick bush evident beneath the silky material, some of the hairs visible along the soft flesh of her thighs, having escaped the leg elastic of the panties as he legs fell open. The cleft you wanted to explore, clearly outlined as the material folded gently into its crease... Sliding her legs closer together again, you reach under the waistband, of the panties, hooking your fingers under the elastic and start sliding them downwards, each inch revealing more of the dark pubic hair, watching for movement as the panties slide over her hips and out from under her buttocks, down her thighs and off over her shoes. You again open her legs gently, exposing the gash, the pink skin of her vaginal lips now visible through the nest of curly hair.

You pause, then reach upward towards the blouse, undoing one, then the next, then another until the blouse lay open and gaping, falling to either side of her exposed torso. You smile as you note the front opening bra, reaching for the plastic clasp, snapping it open and slowly allowing the bra to fall outward off of her breasts, exposing them to you. You note the freckles continued under the bra, diminishing in number as you look closer to the nipples, larger than most you have seen, hard and dark, standing at least ¾ of an inch off of her creamy breasts. She stirred once as the thin material of the bra had pulled on the firm nipple, but drifted back into the depths of the drug-induced sleep. You look at your watch, only 15 minutes have elapsed, you have over 1 ½ hrs to play yet before the drugs where off and she wakes up...

Stepping back, you begin to undo your jeans, first the button, then lowering the zipper, your erection springing free as you slide the jeans down over your hips and off over your shoes. You kneel before her, your face inches from her slit, taking in the intoxicating, musky scent. Your tongue extends slowly, licking gently alongside of her vagina, your saliva wetting the hair and skin, then repeats on the other side. You slow briefly, as you feel her leg muscle contracts for a moment, but as you sense no other movement, you continue, first gently, then more insistently the scent of her musky juices that she is starting to exude exiting you even more. You hear a slight moan as your tongue slips deep inside the hot tunnel, your saliva now mixed with her juices, lubricating her for the next stage... you stop licking her, kneeling back, reaching out and allowing you hand to cup her wet crotch, the juices lubing your fingers as you rub upwards, then repeat with the other hand...

You then reach upwards, grasping her breasts firmly, but gently, soaking the soft skin with her own juices... releasing her breasts, you again reach downward, wetting two fingers by sliding them inside the snug, wet hole, feeling her body responding involuntarily as you slide them gently in and out, then remove them, then raise you fingers to her face, wiping the cunt juices off on her lips and cheeks... would she notice the smell of her own cunt as she awakened you wonder... stepping back, you again kneel before her, guiding your cock towards the opening between her thighs... you groan as the thick round knob slides against the wet lips, rubbing it up and down, wetting it, noting the subtle movements of her hips, subconsciously reacting still, as you start to slide inside of her.

Careful not to awaken her, you slide slowly at first, in and out, then faster, watching as her breasts start to rise and fall, her breaths quickening slightly, her head moves slightly as if trying to shake off the fog, but unable to do so, your cock driving in and out as you watch her breasts moving with the rhythm. You feel the orgasm starting to build and lean forward, taking a nipple in your mouth, sucking gently at first, then harder as the orgasm gets closer, building in strength, your cock impaling her on its shaft. You can see her struggling to react, her mind sensing and reacting to the stimulation, but her eyes unable to open, or her body to do anything but passively respond to your thrusts. You release the nipple but your front teeth seize a small fold of skin just outside of the dark aureole of her breast, pinching it between them as you drive your cock into her faster now, the final thrusts burying its length inside of he.

You bite down just as you feel the hot jet of your cum flooding inside of her, the pain as your teeth break the skin of her soft breast, causing a quick cry of pain from her lips... You release her breast from your teeth and slow your pace, watching her breathing and bodies movements slowing and relaxing as you feel your erection soften, and slide it from her... you use a Kleenex from her desk to wipe off the chair and the worst of the cum from her pubic hair, the creamy fluid oozing out of her red, swollen cunt. You look up at her breasts, still rising and falling gently, and notice the small, 1/8th inch red mark clearly marking the pinched skin, just over her right nipple.

She would be hard pressed to identify how it had happened as she would remember nothing of the past ½ hr when she awakened. Slowly you slid the panties back up over her thighs and covered her crotch, sliding them back under her buttocks and over her hips. Reversing the procedure allowed the skirt to resume its proper location, demurely covering her thighs as they had when he came in. He gently placed her bra back on, placing her breasts back into the cups before closing the clasp over their lovely skin. He tucked her blouse back into her skirt, remembering to do up the proper number of buttons. He was surprised to find that dressing her again, had had the same effect that undressing her had... he had another raging erection.. what to do now, he had just finished dressing her... standing, he moved beside her chair, positioning his cock closer to her beautiful face, allowing its tip to rub slowly back and forth over her full lips, her mouth open slightly as she breathed, still out from the drugs... he began stroking it gently, the sensation of her lips on the knob of his cock making sure this would be fast... he knew he could not risk filling her mouth with his jism, and risk her choking , but allowed the head to slip slightly inside of her mouth as he felt the orgasm start, and shot the first spurt into her mouth, before pulling out and filling another Kleenex with the juices.

He watched her swallowing as she sensed the fluid, watched her face react to the sour, salty taste, then resumed her steady breathing. He dressed, then slowly moved her chair back over to the desk, replacing her arm on the desk as she had been when he entered. Reaching over her, he took the coffee cup containing the last few sips of her coffee, and the Rohypinal that he had put in it, replacing it with his own, full of unaltered coffee. Silently he walked down the short hall, unlocked the door, and removed the postit note , replacing it on the board where it had been. Looking at his watch, she would be waking up in about half and hour, long before her coworker came back, and the closed door would still imply the office was empty, leaving her undisturbed. He doubted she would notice, or remember if it had been open or not, trusting she would be dealing with her own memory of a number of things. He slipped out and down the hall, out the front and back to car, smiling at the thoughts of how she would deal with her own questions as to what had happened when she awoke...

You could hear noises and voices, but they seemed distant and muddled. Slowly, the cobwebs cleared and you started to awaken, your eyes opening quickly, trying to ascertain where you are... she panicked, then relaxed as you recognized the familiar office and desk, realized that you were at work, the computer screen still brightly anticipating the next data entry... could you have fallen asleep? You remembered finishing the meeting, coming back to the office and finding the coffee... reaching for it you look, seeing its virtually empty contents, and remembered feeling tired as you worked earlier... Shifting on the chair, you tense, noting the sensation that had just flashed through your body, seemingly from between her legs. As you shifted again, you seemed to be extremely sensitive, and almost damp down there?

You stop, checking your clothes and noted that everything seemed fine, you were indeed dressed and seemingly unharmed. Blushing momentarily, could you have been dreaming, and actually had an erotic dream? Maybe you had been rubbing her through your skirt? That would account for the raw feeling you seemed to have and the wet dampness that was evident in your panties. Rising, you walked out to the outer office, noting that Laurie had not yet returned, but also noted the closed door? Opening it, you realized you had better use the washroom before getting back to work, the coffee apparently having worked its way through your system, your bladder now screaming for release. As you close the bathroom door, you are again aware of the intense sensations skin as you walk over to the toilet, raising the skirt and lowering your panties... looking down you could see the still swollen lips of your vagina and again blushed as you realized you must have been playing as you slept... what if someone had walked in? You began to pee and felt the relief but still struggled to grasp sleeping that deeply.

As you wipe, the sensation almost making you jump as the paper brushed your clitoris, you again wondered why it was so sensitive? Dropping the paper into the water, as you stood you noted what almost looked like cum on the toilet paper... couldn't be you realized, not from masturbating. As she washed her hands, you couldn't help but feel that something wasn't quite right... You also realized that for some reason, you had the worst case of 'sleep mouth" ever... grabbing the Dixie cup to try to rinse the awful taste out of your mouth, you couldn't help but wonder as coffee had never left that bad a taste before?

As you were about to head back to your office, you paused to check your makeup, tuck in your blouse a bit better, and it was then that you noticed as you glanced down the open neck of your blouse, that there seemed to be a mark on your bra, Undoing the top button of your blouse, and pulling it open allowed you to see that it was indeed, a mark, a red one... almost like blood... as your fingers pulled the white , silky bra cup off of your breast, your eyes focused on the mark that lay just above your right nipple, the skin slightly broken, allowing a drop or two of blood to have soiled through the thin white silk... a mark that looked like, your heart skipped a beat,... no, it couldn't be,... but it looked exactly like a bite mark?

Suddenly, your mind racing, the bloody breast, the soreness between your legs, the wet panties, the white, sticky mess on the toilet paper, the sleepiness... Oh my God, the coffee! What if it hadn't been from your husband after all... you felt the scream well up in your throat...

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