tagIncest/TabooVirgin Bride Ch. 01

Virgin Bride Ch. 01


-All fictional characters in the story who are involved in sexual situations and incidents are over the age of eighteen.-

I dropped the expensive calligraphy pen back into the small vile of red ink. Pissed off I ripped out several pages in another long line of attempts, wading them up for a missed shot at the waste bin. I shake my head and stand up from my desk gliding my leather chair back. I press the power button's on my computer and head into the kitchen for breakfast while it loads up.

Only slightly hearing the microwave chiming lost in my thoughts. I had been downloading and watching recent movies and classic's off the internet. Why oh why? had I gotten it into my head that writing my memoirs would be easy and cool. Of course, Having the grand idea from one of the films that when I was older I would sell them and retire played a large part into that. Its not the story that I was having trouble with. I do love a challenge so.

Figuring I would do this right I had gone to an office supply store and spent the last of my allowance on that damned pen and a thousand piece bundle of decorative stationary. Now three days later having emptied my waste bin twice and procrastinating doing it again all I had to show for it was red ink stained fingers and two nasty paper cuts.

I have come to realize my hand writing is shit and I can't live without a spell checker function in this digital age, Teachers don't really teach penmanship these days. I punched the button and removed the bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal from the micro, grabbed a glass of strawberry milk and a banana and returned to my room. Setting the bowl down on the desk, 'I sigh' pulling the keyboard towards me. Lets start again shall we. As a master story teller once told Scheherazade. You begin at the beginning, go on through the middle until it end's.

So to have context about my life we start with my Mother roughly in the fall of 1992. With a bright future ahead. She spontaneously over bloomed and was constantly asked out by every boy in school, to bad for them she was more the shy good girl academic type. At the end of the year she had just won Prom Queen based on being the most voluptuous and beautiful 4.0 GPA Honor student with lots of friends that the school had ever seen.

This was unfortunately the time she discovered. When your making other plans, Life does not play by any fair rules and will kick you in the privates till you crumple. Her home life fell apart. Her father having been diagnosed with cancer, He flipped out the last eight months of his life and went on a end of life partying spree wiping out the family bank account on gambling, hookers and booze and drugs to kill the pain between more hookers. Total 'Cancer Patients Gone Wild' before he died.

Her mother financially and emotionally broken filed for divorce then lost herself in the bottle which over time turned out to be her ending as well. Just when she started working on a plan again her mother was, due to her forth DUI and wrapping the car around the back end of a parked ambulance hauled off to prison, three weeks later she found herself evicted by the bank foreclosure on the family home.

Mother was on the streets job hunting for several hungry months. Homelessness & starvation overrode Pride, she turned to temporary Prostitution while applying for anything and everything she could find. She landed two jobs she could live with. A part time morning shift waitress at a bistro and night time stripper at a near by sleazy club. Mother was eighteen at the time. She dated a few guys, considering her job's and where she had met them they treated her badly, Yes there where hospital visits involved so she flat out stopped seeing guys for a time.


Fast Forward seven months, Mr. Trenton my bio-father was sitting at the base of the stage. He was a great looking 46 year old VP of a large investment firm out partying with the guys after work. During his mild heart attack staring up at the sparkling cherry red g-string sliding around in my mothers heart shaped gyrating butt crack, He spilled his drink while emptying the impressive amount of cash from his wallet at my mothers high heeled feet. Three months of dating later She quit both jobs and married him.

Life kicked her again, Mr. Trenton turned out to have serious bedroom S&M fetishes and he abused her regularly. Most of it she loved doing but somethings he did were just wrong on all levels of insane. Since he was bringing home seven figures a year she figured she could put up with the really bad things.

Six months later during a backyard Corporate party for the firm she was hosting with efficient perfection for her new demanding husband. Meeting his coworker's and having a rather decent time of it. She and several others went into the house to restock on snacks and drinks. There he was in the kitchen pecker deep in the teenage daughter of the company's owner and president and shoving a turkey baster in her butt, his career ended that day upon the company owner finding out about it.

The divorce papers were filed four days later as he was being hauled off to jail for corporate account fraud. Due to a pre-nup she received a check for 100k from the lawyers and later found herself in a tiny apartment once again applying for any available jobs. I was born six months later.


Enter Mr, White. Mother was near broke from the hospital bill's of my birth, utility's, food, car and gas and of course the never ending needs of her new bundle of joy,(me). Mother and I share the very same end of spring time birthday, only she was born in the early morning and I was born just before midnight. She began working as a customer service clerk in his store.

After a couple of months thing's stabilized for her and me. Then she started dating her boss the small franchise of hardware stores owner Mr, White. It was to be another impulsive marriage three months later. Mr. White was a hardworking, sweet quiet man in his early fifties, occasional rare vanilla sex, he was mostly unable to perform. But still the safe choice or so she thought.

This time life lasted peacefully for two years until she decided to surprise her husband at work, he was staying late at one of the stores getting holiday things in place just before Christmas. When she entered the back loading dock area, ironically named for what was taking place. There he was thoroughly going to town totally in drag dressed as Mrs Clause getting reamed by Marcus a twenty'ish year old stock clerk. She just stood there, reached into her purse and pulled out the digital camera. Click, Click, Click... went the device freezing them mid orgasm with deer in headlights looks.

When she finally spoke it was two simple and blood chilling words. "No pre-nup."

"Husband, when you get home where going to have a long talk." She stated matter of factually. That was fifteen years ago, they are still married. He keeps us well provided for and she keeps his secret's. She has remained faithful to her no sex gay husband ever since.

Mr. White has his trophy wife during company events to show off several times a year other wise he's at the stores working hard and expanding the franchise with eleven new locations, He keeps a loft above one of them when not working and at a "Private" resort playing golf on the weekends surrounded by all the male 20ish year old caddy's and tennis players he can handle. When he is around Mr. White spoil's me rotten and sees me as sort of the growing heir apparent to his little franchise throne.


Lets return to the present shall we, here I sit my life having changed in the most remarkable way possible. Its Saturday one day after Mothers 36th and my 18th birthday. Here begins the event that changed everything for us. We had decided to make a day of it, that it would be fun to go on a joint shopping spree at the large mall for each others gifts. We stopped in at many electronics and toy stores for the computer games I like playing.

Mothers shopping cart was full of things, A few novelty's slightly caught my attention or amused me but I didn't really find anything worth buying, Mostly over all it was just fun for her and she noticed. Several more of her purchases already in hand we found are self's in the clothing departments section when we got partially separated for about thirty minutes as she had gone to find some new decent fuzzy slippers.

When she located me, I was in the back aisle two stores over in the Victoria's Secret shop. In my hand was a seriously expensive naughty hanging six piece package. Cover photo simply labeled "Virgin Bride." The Professional model on it wasn't even a Hundredth as pretty as Mother period. Narrow curve-less, near flat chested skinny chic.

I however was transfixed, the world didn't exist in that moment. Lost in my thoughts of what mother would look like in it, for the first time in my life overtaken by a feeling of soul crushing need and pure lust, I moaned softly with pleasurable longing as my right hand stroked the Silk smooth all bright white flower patterned shear lace sample material. It included a shiny corset, garter belt, short silver and white petaled crown with shoulder length back hanging mesh veil, shear stocking's, and matching elbow length lace gloves. And the panties, OMG! the panties it was only a tiny piece of completely see through white mesh with flower pattern around the edges... matching inch wide fluffy trim around the waist and string up the back side.

I don't know how long Mother stood there behind me, until I felt her soft left hand placed on my shoulder, I jumped out of my skin from the start. She was looking over my shoulder at all three embarrassing thing's....The look on my face, The package in my right hand, and my left hand openly stroking the seven inch tent pole the front of my pants were making.

She didn't say a word, she took the package from my hand looking it over with an ear to ear grin on her face when she observed the fact my lust filled eyes were laser locked onto her large 34 DD cup breasts, up and down they moved scanning every part of her flawless figure. She several times looked into my over heated red face and down at my ever growing discomfort.

A beautiful smile crossed her face. She finally spoke and it came out as more of a purr, "Mmmmm I love this one two sweetie."

She looked into my eyes again, don't be embarrassed my love, your a growing handsome young man. Who's starting to understand his needs in life." Mother read over the package again then switched it for a similar one that would actually accommodate her natural massive breasts. She told me to wait out front of the store for her while she bought a few more things.

We stopped in at a few more stores, then deposited are days loot covered up in the back of the suburban to spend the rest of the evening at the movie theater, movie hopping one after the next.


Upon arriving home she had me order a couple of pizza's. We were chatting and laughing side by side on the island center counter stools in the kitchen, and playfully argued over the cinnamon bread sticks, She won and gobbled them up having payed for them in the first place.

When she saw the disappointed pouty look on my face. She took on a wicked eyebrow arched grin. Tilted the container on its side, put her finger in her mouth sucking on it making it wet. Then she slide it along the crease of the box picking up all the crumbs then rubbed them on the wet lips she had just been slow licking. She just smiled leaned over and kissed me long and deep. My mouth filled with the of taste of cinnamon crumbs, pizza and her flicking exploring tongue.

When she finally drew her mouth back, my hungering head and lips involuntarily tried to followed her's like I was being towed.

That was the moment it happened, The moment I didn't just love my mom. But The moment. 'I Fell In Love with Mother' The look of shock on both are faces was identical. I think she liked what she did more then she thought she would because She reached over with her left hand and grabbed the back of my head pulling me off the stool to her, now standing there between her legs as she was still sitting, crushed me to her in a bear hug.

She kissed me again and this time she didn't stop for air. After a long, long time she broke off gasping, with sudden realization and surprise at what I had just caused, She looking down.

I didn't think about it, I swear, I was just doing it, my steel hard cock was dry humping into her thigh and pussy area on auto pilot until she felt the front of her thin tan material dress slacks suddenly go all wet from me.. . She slide off her stool, unbuttoned her now saturated dress slacks letting them fall to the floor and stepped backwards her right arm flailed outward in an arc across the counter top sending plates and pizza flying to the floor. She bent forward over it smothering her heavy breast's into the marble. Taking hold of the edge of the counter in her hands, bracing herself with both hands in a death grip. Her head side ways facing down towards the wet spot covering the front of my pants.

She exhaled in a very long breathy series of quivering moans, and I watched her right hand slide under, grab and squeeze one of her massive flattened breast's, nails digging deep into the fabric of her white blouse shirt and no bra, just painfully into her skin beneath. Her left hand started viciously slapping her black lace panties and pussy area until her entire body spasm-ed and rippled with shiver's, her crotch and panty's suddenly flooded from her own squirting wetness down to her knees and dripping all over the floor.

Mother just stood there bent over like that for a long time. A few more ripples trembling through her, till she was breathing calmly again. I stood there motionless only four feet behind her and to the side. I was Star struck, in awe of the Goddess like Beautiful creature before me called Mom. . .

In the most sultry of purring voices she spoke. "Sweetie mommie loves you so very much..."

She hadn't taken her eyes of my tented soiled crotch the entire time. Her head turned to look up with half closed dreamy eye's and a smile. I think we should go get cleaned up and ready for bed. Would you like to watch some more movies with me before bed. Tomorrow is Sunday so there is no school so you can stay up late if you like.

When the moment of shock wore off slightly I backed out of the room doing as I was told.

During the third movie as I started to fall asleep I asked mother if she had bought the special package I liked. She oh so gently kissed my forehead, as she whispered to me "yes my love..."

I fell asleep in her arms, lying along side mothers body on the couch. She had unbuttoned her blouse and I was using her huge naked breast's as my pillow's.

I can't wait for my birthday present this year.

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