Virgin Dancer


I know it's been a long time since I've published but you've got to do them before you can write about them.


Ruth was just waking from the drug, to find herself hanging suspended from the ceiling of her bedroom. With her arms above her head, she looked down and saw her legs forced apart by the corner of her huge bed. She tried to remember what had happened.

She thought back and remembered in a blur, that she had finally decided to go to that aerobics class she'd been considering and had returned from work, changed into her leotard, put on a skirt and was set to go. She'd opened the door and then everything was a blank.

She looked down again and realized that her skirt was gone but at least her leotard was still in place. She could feel the hard rubber ball that had been forced into her mouth and strapped around the back of her neck. She hung loosely in her bonds as she felt me moving behind her. Before she could turn, I slipped a blindfold in place over her beautiful eyes and she could not see a thing.

Ruth was a dancer and in addition, one very uptight chick. She had one of the most spectacular bodies I'd ever had the pleasure to see. Her breasts were huge, especially for a dancer and I'd enjoyed months of watching her do stretches and just swaying and bouncing to the music. She had a beautiful body but I always got the sense that she was afraid of it or what it might be capable of doing. I'd dreamed for months of dominating this beautiful woman and my time was now at hand.

The terrified, young woman could feel the movement as I moved on the huge bed in front of her. My face was barely inches from her magnificent chest and my eyes riveted in on their rounded fullness. Her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of the leotard and she could feel my closeness. Leaning forward, I bit her breast through the sheer fabric. Ruth tried to pull away but I just clenched my teeth tighter on her tender nub and she couldn't shake loose. I could feel her nipple harden in my mouth as her screams were muffled by the gag. I began to suck on her taut nubbin and I could hear her body react to the onslaught.

Releasing my bite on her tender tit, I sat back and ran my fingers across her shoulders. Hooking my fingers under the straps of her leotard I stretched the scoop neck away from her body and then pulling down, stretched it over her huge tits and then around the base of her gorgeous mams. The elastic pulled tightly under her tits and her bare breasts were pressed upward and pushed together. One tit was deep red from my bite, the other creamy white capped by a small but very hard nipple. Ruth realized that her bra had already been removed and in a panic, she wondered what else was missing.

I reached out to her naked tits and began to squeeze and pinch her firm breasts. Pinching her nipples hard, I shook her tits, bringing a look of anguish to the young beauty's face. Tugging on her rock-hard nipples, I lifted her massive orbs away from her body. The weight of her tits was supported only by my grasp on her tender nubs. I pulled and tugged at her nipples as she squealed through the gag. Then I began to slap her firm tits with my palm until they turned a deep shade of pink.

Standing up on the bed, I positioned my crotch in front of the young beauty's face. Wrapping my fingers in her long, dark hair, I pulled her face up against the front of my jeans. I rubbed her face over the huge lump in my jeans as she fought to pull away. Releasing her head, she pulled back as I unzipped my fly and let my pants drop to my feet. Ruth could clearly hear the sound of the change and keys in my pockets as the pants hit the mattress. Stepping out of the pants, my cock brushed against her soft cheek. I began to slap and tease her face with my rigid tool as she tried desperately to avoid it. Pulling the gag from her mouth, I let it drop down around her slender neck and then guided her lips to my ramrod. The girl was terrified and did not resist as I forced my shaft between her soft lips. Holding her head firmly, I pulled her face forward until I felt my cockhead rub against her tonsils. She began to fight but I held her firmly.

I began to pump her beautiful face up and down the length of my rigid cock. With each thrust, I felt her naked titflesh bounce against my legs and my cockhead began to press into her throat. I was tempted to cum right then but decided to delay my pleasure for someplace even more tempting.

Easing from her mouth, I dropped to my knees and then slid forward between her spread thighs. I replaced her gag and then rubbed my hands over her naked breasts. The back of her leotard was cut low down to her slender waist with a strap that buttoned across her shoulder blades to cover her bra strap. I'd opened the strap when I'd hung her up and then as an afterthought, I'd cut a long slit down the back of the leotard between her firm asscheeks.

Reaching around her body, I pulled her close to me and felt her naked breasts crush against my chest. I ran my fingers over her back and then slid them down to her firm asscheeks. My palms took a tight grasp on her firm ass and I kneaded her warm flesh. Ruth realized that her panties had been removed and panic filled her body. As my fingers squeezed her ass, she realized that in spite of her leotard still being in place, it offered her no protection whatsoever since it had been cut open in all the vital places. She began to thrash about violently as she tried to get away from me. My fingers probed between her asscheeks and then down to the very core of her womanhood. As I pressed my hands deeper into her torn leotard, my fingers rubbed against her swollen love petals. She thrashed about violently as I took my pleasure in her magnificent body.

To escape my probing fingers, Ruth thrust her hips forward, only to have her barely covered pussy mash hard against my rigid tool. There was nowhere for her beautiful body to go. She was caught between my cock and my probing fingers. I dug deep into her seething womanflesh - places she had rarely, if ever been touched. My fingers slid between her engorged love petals and I could feel her juices beginning to flow. As she thrashed about, her body continued to ooze love juice. As my rod pressed tightly against her seething pussy, I could feel her wetness through the sheer fabric.

My fingers pressed deeper into her womanflesh and the tear in her leotard ripped further and further. With a little help, it eventually reached down between her firm thighs and exposed her soft pussy fur. As she continued to thrash about, her exposed cunt rubbed hard against my raging cock. It was not difficult to wedge my meat between her wet folds and trap the head in her warm body. Ruth froze.

As my cockhead entered her wet lovehole, Ruth broke out in a cold sweat. Rising slowly, I eased my shaft up into her tight love hole as the terrified girl stood frozen. She could not pull herself off of my shaft and as I slowly slid into her warm body, my cock hit her cherry.

I could not imagine how a woman as beautiful as this and with a body as beautiful as hers, had managed to stay a virgin for so long but all that was about to change. Her body shook as my cock pressed against her virginity. I lowered my body for a moment and she relaxed and then suddenly I rose up on my knees, ramming through her cherry and filling her tight pussy for the first time ever. The force of my thrust lifted the young beauty off of her feet completely as she found her full weight supported by my cock in her ravaged pussy. Ruth's screams were muffled by the gag as I tore through her maidenhead.

Using the bed as a spring, I began to thrust deep into her virgin body. As I fucked her, her beautiful breasts bounced all over the place. I slapped at her titflesh as my rod plunged in and out of her virgin body. I could feel my cum about to explode and grabbing her ass, I thrust powerfully into her tight pussy and impaled the tortured girl on my spurting cock as I filled her body with cum for the first time in her life.

Still buried balls deep in her sore pussy, I picked up my knife and cut away the remnants of her leotard. Her long, dark hair cascaded over her bronze shoulders and my hands moved back to her heaving tits. I pinched her taut nipples as I lowered my hips, sliding my spent cock out of her lush body. I sat back for a moment, drinking in her beauty as her huge tits continued to heave and a mixture of cum and blood oozed out of her violated love hole. Her body glistened with sweat and passion. She was so very beautiful.

To be continued...

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