tagFirst TimeVirgin Hooked On An Older Man

Virgin Hooked On An Older Man


**This is a true story, which yes, is long and slow a bit in the beginning but, it does get better.**

I was brought up with strick parents. Sex was taboo, wasn't allowed to watch movies rated over PG-13, wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend, had to be inside the house by dark. Being the only child, this made it more rough on me. There wasn't anyone to talk to. I was daddy's girl and he didn't want anything bad happening to me.

At the age of 18, I met George, who was 24. I couldn't believe that I still had a curfew. I had to be home by midnight. This continued on til I was 19. We met at the drug store down the street from where I lived.

When we met, he was right behind me in line at the check-out counter. He got really close to the back of my neck and whispered in my ear "your beautiful!" This scared me, I jumped away from him. I looked at him and replied, "thank you, but I am not interested." He was gorgeous. My heart fluttered, the butterflies were flying in my abdomen. I gathered my purchases and started walking home.

A few minutes into my walk, he approached me again, this time he was on his bike. He offered to accompany me home. "No, thank you, I can manage on my own." This didn't stop him, he continued to walk with me. We passed one particular street and he mentioned that he lived on that block. This was only 4 blocks away from where I lived. "That is nice." I said. My name is George. I would glance at him from time to time, I knew he could tell that I was blushing. When we approached my block, he stopped and said, "Well, your home safe". I looked at him and asked "how do you know I am home?" He replied "I only live down the street and I have seen you many times, your either on your bike, walking and I have also been watching your swim meets at the pool. This freaked me out even more. Because, I never knew he had been following me. "Well, George have a nice evening." I walked up to my house. I turned and he was still at the corner sitting on his bike.

After that night, he would ride by my house every evening and around the same time. One night, about a half hour before his normal time, I decided to go across the street and talk with my girlfriend Jenny. She stood on the inside of her fence and I was leaning on the fence from the outside. She had 7 taco bell dogs and they were the meanest little guys I have ever seen. I told her about George and that he should be riding around in a few minutes.

Sure enough, there he was coming around the corner, but he was focused on my house and didn't see me standing across the street. Jenny took one look at him and said...."Oh my god!"..."He is gorgeous!" He passed by, not noticing me at all. He turned the corner at the other end of the street. A few minutes past and here he came again. This time Jenny let out a sexy whistle, he looked over, I was embarrassed. I put my head down on her fence and mumbled to her "why did you do that for?" She laughed and remarked...."we are finally going to get you a boyfriend!"

He turned around and approached us. "Hi ladies!" As he neared. My head not lifting from that fence. "Are you praying?" He asked. Jenny replied..."Maria pray?....Never!....Maria is shy."

"Shut up, Jenny!" As I lifted my head, looking at her.

So your name is Maria? He smirked.

Jenny at that point, took over the conversation and said..."This is Maria and she is (very) single, she's also very athletic...she plays volleyball, softball, skates, rides bikes, she competes in swim meets and is hoping to make the olympics, and a very good friend!"...."Now, who are you and what do you do and do you have a girlfriend?" I wanted to kill her.

"I am George, I am a professional cyclist, I am also a mechanic, and no not yet,... but, I am still working on the girlfriend part here!" As he looked my way.

His brown eyes melted my heart. He was 6' tall about 180lbs, long layered black hair, his body was firm, not an ounce of fat on him. He looked like a latin version of John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

"Do you have a car?" I asked.

"Yeah!...why?" He asked.

"Is it broken?" I asked.

"No!...why?" He asked.

"Just wondering, because it seems that your only means of transportation is that bike." I responded.

He laughed and replied, "yeah, I am a lousy mechanic!"

"So... Maria can I take you out for dinner or even a movie?" He asked.

"Maybe!" I replied.

Maybe? He responded.

"Well, yeah, even though I am 18 now, my parents are still strick, with me. They don't want nothing to interfere with graduation in 3 months. And since, I still live there... I have to follow their rules.

Jenny then butted in and said..."you don't want to mess with pops, it took him awhile to get use to me!"

"Your joking?" He asked.

"No, man!....The man don't play!" Jenny said.

"If you want to start dating her, you need to work on {pops} now....and if your lucky maybe you can start dating her before she moves off on her own!" Jenny said laughing.

George was silent for awhile. Then he chuckled and said...."I don't think he would give me a problem, I can talk anyone into anything!"

"Okay then, Mr. George....here's your chance to show us ladies your charming affect you have on people!" As Jenny nodded her head down the street as my father was coming home from work.

My father pulled up to the driveway and looked over in our direction. He got out of the car as George headed over into his direction. In the meantime, my heart fluttered. I couldn't move. I noticed that George extended his arm, and my father looked down at it and looked back up. My father didn't return the handshake. George stuck his hand in his pocket. My father just looked at him as he talked, then he looked over at me. He had a mad look on his face. Then my father shook his head no and walked away. But, when he got to the door of the house he turned and called me home.

George walked back over, with a disappointed look on his face. "You were right." He said as he mounted his bike. "I will see you tomorrow, Maria." He said to me. I told him that I was sorry. He smiled and told me not to sweat it a bit.

When I got home, I told my father that he was rude and didn't have to act that way. All he told me was..."No boyfriends until you finish school, no ands, ifs, or buts about it!" As soon as my mother got home, she heard all about it. To my shock she wasn't upset. As a matter of fact, she came up to me and told me that later she would talk to him, once he absorbed it.

Within a few days, they finally met George. George told them that he was 20, he fooled them with that age. Finally, I was able to go out with him to the movies and so forth. I would never let him go any further than kissing.

I finally graduated from high school, and I had turned 19 a couple of months after. For my birthday, George took me to the mall so I could pick out my birthday present. I picked out a bikini, shorts and tank top. (Since my life was swimming) Walking through the mall, he came across this outfit on a mannequin. "That would look really great on you!"

"Too sexy, my parents would never allow me to wear that." I replied.

"Just like they would never let you have a boyfriend before you graduated!" He replied. "Come on, go try it on!" As he pulled me into the store.

I grabbed the outfit and changed into it. I went outside of the dressing room to where he was at.

"You look half beautiful." He said when he looked at me.


"It doesn't go with those sneakers, come on, shoe store!"

"Well, can I change back into my clothes?"

"No, just go and get your clothes!"

I ran back in the dressing room, picked up my stuff and walked up to him at the cashier.

"I need to wash it before wearing, George."

"You'll be fine!" He replied.

We got to the shoe store, he picked out a pair of shoes for me to try on. I sat on the chair and kept my legs closed since the outfit he bought me. It was really short black mini-skirt with a half length white silk blouse with spaghetti straps and a white shear jacket. George stood in front of me as we waited for the older salesman to come with the shoes.

The man kneeled in front of me to pick up my foot. My legs spreaded a bit and I caught him looking up my skirt. I closed my legs really quick. I looked up at George, he had a smile on his face. George motioned that I open my legs. I shook my head no.

"You need a smaller size shoe, miss...let me go and get you a 6."

George came to me and whispered...."don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you, let's have some fun with him......now, go to the bathroom and remove your panties."

"But George, I um...um can't do that, I mean...."

"Shhhhh, trust me!

I was so in love with him that I did trust him. So when the man came back out with the other pair of shoes, I asked him...."excuse me, where is the ladies room?"

"Just back there." As he pointed.

I got up and headed to the ladies room. When I got in there, I looked at myself in the mirror and exhaled a couple of times. I took off my panties and stuffed them in my purse. I walked back to the chair and sat down. Justin again was in front of me behind the man.

"Okay, miss let me have your foot again."

I opened my legs giving the man a nice show of my young virgin pussy. I just looked up at George, as he was having difficulties putting on that shoe. It finally went on and he took my other foot to place that shoe on it.

"Okay, try walking."

I got up and not used to heels, I walked slowly and wobbly. Afraid I was going to break my ass with those shoes.

"No, not for you." George remarked. "How about those there?

"Okay sir, I will be right back!" The clerk said.

I sat back down and waited for the guy to return.
This continued for 5 different shoes. I ended up with the second pair I tried on. As the clerk finished with us, we heard him say...."Joe, I am going on break...can you cover?" As he headed towards the bathroom.

George laughed as he said, that man is going to whack his meat off.

"What?" I asked.

"You really don't know do you?" George said.

"Know what?"


"No, I don't know."

"Well, I just have to teach you!" George said.

I remained quiet as he put his arms around me.

We left the mall and it was dusk out. As we headed towards his car he asked if I was hungry. I told him I was. We stopped off to get a bite to eat. The whole time at the restaurant he couldn't keep his eyes off of me. We finished eating, and he offered a movie. I agreed and asked what movie. All he said was a new one that came out recently.

We got out to the beach and he parked the car. He held my hand as we walked down the street. We came upon a building. I was so busy talking I didn't even see the name of the movie. It was a weird looking place, but I didn't pay no mind to it. They asked for my I.D.

"I never been carded to see a movie!" I replied.

"Just give them your I.D.!"

I pulled out my card and showed it to them, they looked it over carefully. They handed it back to me as he took my hand and walked inside. "Why did they ask for my I.D.?"

Then I heard screams and moans coming from the theater doors. When George opened the door, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was speechless and frozed at the same time.

"Pick up your mouth from the floor and walk please!"

I walked with him inside and we sat down. I sat there looking around and to see the men in the theatre stroking their penis. Some of them were starring at me. I looked up on the screen and saw a woman being ripped apart by a large penis while another penis was up her butt and while she had another penis in her mouth. I watched and felt my stomach turn. I became so nauseas that I had to leave. I found a bathroom, I went into the stall closed the door and puked my brains out. Then, I noticed holes in the wall, one of them had a penis coming through it. I ran out.

George was just outside the bathroom. "Get me out of here, NOW! I demanded.

George apologized all the ways home as I changed out of my clothes while he drove. I didn't say one word to him. When we got back to the house, I got out. He followed me and begged for me to forgive him. I told him that I would call him when I was no longer upset.

A few days had past but, I couldn't get those images out of my head. I became more curious about what I had seen. I even started looking in the mirror after I had showered and caressed my body. I. at times, felt a sensation coming from my vagina.

A week had passed, I finally started accepting George's phone calls again. Now, I was curious so I asked him to take me back to that place. My parents went out for dinner that evening. So, I dressed up in that outfit that he bought me. Packed a change of clothes and waited for him to pick me up.

When he came, he asked if I was sure about going back. I confirmed that I was. We got to the cinema and sat down. After a few deep breaths, I started to watch everything. This time, my stomach didn't turn. I also watched as the guy 3 seats away was pulling on his penis. I turned my head and the guy behind us licked his lips at me.

In the movie, it was 2 females inserting a long plastic penis into each other. I couldn't believe that I was feeling my own vagina getting wet. I began to move some in my chair. That is when George started caressing my leg. He also took my hand and placed it on his penis. (Which I didn't even notice that he took it out of his pants) It felt smooth and was alittle sticky. His hand moved closer to my vagina until he was able to reach it.

"Your not wearing panties!....Good girl!" He said.

He took off his top shirt and told me to stand up for a second. When I got up, he spreaded it along my chair. Now sit and lift up your skirt and open your legs. I did what he asked. Again, he proceeded to touch my pussy as I continued to stroke his cock. Then he touch an area that felt really nice. I let out a soft moan. Now the movie had a woman with 6 men around her placing their penis everywhere on her body. Then Justin exposed my breast and started flicking the nipple with his tongue. He took his finger out of my vagina and sucked the wetness off of it. He inserted it again and took it out and placed his finger in my mouth. It tasted sweet. I began to stroke him harder. I looked around to see we had an audience. I did feel a bit uncomfortable with that, but, the way he was touching me...I didn't really care. He kept looking at the guys around us and kept shaking his head no.

Then I felt his penis stiffening up and shortly after he shot out this milky white substance as he moan...."Oh! yes, baby girl!"

Alot of his sperm was on my hands. He told me to taste it. So I did. It was a bit salty.

He opened my legs a bit more and began to rub that one area I liked the most harder, as he sucked on my nipple. I heard moans all around me and milky white substance squirting all over the place. Finally, I myself felt my whole body shake and moaned out loud. He slowed down gradually as I felt that feeling subside. We watched the movie for another hour or so before we left.

That was it, I was hooked. I wanted more. As we drove around, I was leaning up against my door with my vagina exposed to him. He told me to masterbate by using my own fingers. He would drive and watch me at the same time. At times, he would insert a finger and then lick it clean. He watched as I did the same. I had another orgasm. Then he asked if I would suck his cock like the girl from the movie. I said o.k. He took out his cock and I bent over and took it in my mouth. With him instructing me on how to do it. Within minutes he shot his milky substance deep down my throat.

I couldn't believe what I had been doing. He taught me words like, pussy, cunt, cock, cum, etc... Before him taking me home, he pulled over so I could change. He told me that he would pick me up in the morning. When he drove up to my house. We kissed for at least 15 minutes. I finally said "goodnight".

The next morning came so quick. He was already at my door. My father knocked on my door and said that George was here. I flew out of bed and showered put on my swim wear, grabbed my pack and went to the living room. George and my folks got along great now, they still didn't know his real age.

"So you guys are headed to the beach, I see"...my father stated.

"Yes, and I thought I might take her shopping aswell."

"Well have fun...you two." My father added.

George took me to the motel along the strip. Were it seemed he had already rented it out prior.

When I entered the room, the T.V. was on a porn station. He closed the door behind him and walked over to me. He picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me tightly and kissed me forever. He placed me on the bed gently. He began to remove my clothes mostly with his mouth, as he kissed my entire body. Once I was completey unclothed, he removed his clothes.
I watched him and the T.V., I was scared, but, I did feel comfortable with him. He began with my feet, kissing every inch of the way up my thighs, my stomach, my breasts, my neck, my chin. Then he went down again til he reached my pussy. He opened my legs up and pulled apart the lips of my pussy. His tongue licked the clit. I moaned enjoying every lick of his tongue.

He turned his body around, we were in a 69 position. I began to suck his cock while he lavished my pussy. He fucked my mouth inserting it deep down my throat. It stiffened again and began to pulsate. He dumped his cum deep in my throat. Shortly after he was semi soft. He measured at least 10" hard and wide. This is what scared me the most.

We laid back for a bit watching the porno on the tube. We continued to stroke each other. When he became hard again, he asked if I was ready. I said yes. He told me to get on all fours and face the T.V. I did, he came up behind me and moistened the head of his cock with the juices from my pussy. He stuck his cock in some, slowly he continued moving in and out. Then he stopped for a minute. He threw me a pillow and told me to hold on to it, because he was ready to bust my cherry. Ready? He asked. I shook my head yes. He pulled out some and then rammed it in. I felt it rip which sent me into a scream. He stopped for another minute. He asked if I was o.k., again I nodded yes. I had tears in my eyes, he began digging deeper and deeper. The pain started going away. It became more pleasurable, we were at it for 35 minutes, before he had cum again. He buried his seed deep into my womb.

The entire day he showed me every position there was. I was sore and I could tell he was tired. We fell asleep for a while.

He woke up first I heard my name faintly several times because of the deep sleep I was in. When I did wake up, he was sitting in the chair next to the bed. He was dressed and asked me to come closer. I crawled over to where he was. He looked me deep in my eyes and told me he loved me... that he had been waiting patiently since we met to get me into bed. (It sounded as if he was ready to say goodbye)

He told me he wanted more and I could start by giving a blow job. I went over to him and unzipped his pants. Once opened, a small box popped out. I picked it up.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Go ahead open it!" He replied.

When I opened it it was a 3.5 carat diamond engagement ring.

I looked at him and was speechless.

"With you being a catholic and been to a catholic school. Since, I was the one who deflowered you, it would be the proper thing to do is to marry you...and of course with your dad's permission."

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