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Virgin No Longer


Janet stepped out of the shower and smiled. Her friends had been right: it had felt natural. She brushed back her hair from her eyes and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her face beamed back. Her heart fluttered. She was no longer a virgin: it had felt great!

The door bell rang. Janet stood up from the couch and paced over to the door. Her knees quaked, her stomach churned, she opened the door. There he stood, looking tall and strong. His face was rigid, his chin pointed, his shoulders broad, and his stomach taunt; he was a year older then she was, and he looked it. Adam was, at least in Janet's mind, the idol of every girl at the school.

"Please come in, w-would you like something to drink," Janet blurted out and stood out of the door. He crossed the threshold with one strong step and gazed around the room. He looked at the couch, the walls, the ceiling, and then eyed his host. Janet shuddered as he looked at her, his eyes wandering over her short green dress which she had gotten for her eighteenth birthday, and her well hidden breasts.

"You said your parents were away," he stated.

"Yes, yes they are," she replied quickly. Blushing slightly she turned away from him and walked into the family room, her heart beating faster. Her mind whirled: what was she doing; why did she invite him here; did he like her? She gestured and sat down her legs crossed. She added quickly, as he sat down next to her, "so how was your day?"

He sat back on the couch leaning into it, and spread his arms out. He wrapped one around her shoulders and pulled her a little closer. "About to be much better." he replied.

Janet shivered, her body tense as he pulled her towards him, his rough, firm hands. Her hands twirled together on her lap, her eyes locked on her feet, her head turned away from him.

She tried to get up but he held her close, and whispered in her ear: "Shh." He moved his hand and swept the thin dress from her shoulders, his hands caressing her skin. She trembled.

Janet didn't move. She looked at the ground. His hands. Such strong hands. She blushed and squirmed a little, as he undid her bra. His hands ran over her back, pulling her dress down to her waist. They reached in front of her and cupped her breasts. Janet's body tensed: afraid. His hands lightly touched her breasts.

Her mind warmed. Her body melted. Those strong hands lit a flame in her chest. She stood up. "Turn around," he commanded, as her dress fell to the floor.

She turned slowly. She pulled off her bra from her arms and let it fall to the floor with her dress. She looked at him, biting her lip, he leered back.

The seconds passed. Then more seconds. Then a minute. Her legs started quivering, and she moved her feat. Her gaze drifted down form his face to his groin. "Your turn," he said stating the obvious.

She stooped down, kneeling before him and worked at his belt. She bit her lip harder, and fumbled at it's clasp. He looked down at her, and put his hands against hers. Those steady hands. And helped her undo his belt, then helped her unzip his pants. He guided her hands into his boxers, and then they left her. Her head panicked. Her hands felt something warm and hard. Her heart thundered. Her legs quivered. Her back shivered. She was holding his penis.

She pressed his hands against him and stroked up and down. Slowly, she moved one of her hands away, and pulled down his shorts. The other grasped onto his pole like a traveler walking across a stream would hold onto his walking stick. She looked at it as his boxers fell down to his ankles. Her heart trembled. It was huge.

She started to stroke it with both hands, pumping it up and down. Her hands moved awkwardly, slipping and sliding. His hands grasped her head, and pulled it down. She pulled back, and slowly inched closer to his throbbing member. She could smell him. She could see his pubic hair, saw his veins throb, and his head grow. She felt him in her hands, then she felt him with her mouth.

She put out her tongue and gently ran it across his head. His hands pulled her mouth father, and steadily she was licking up and down the first inch of his shaft, going deeper and deeper. Her legs stopped quivering. Her groin felt moist. Her head was pushed up and down, and she sucked his shaft. His hips started pressing up and back against her. The penis flew in and out of her lips, pressed tight against them. His hands held her close as he fucked her mouth.

She started to gag as the thing hit the back of her mouth, and then all of a sudden he stopped. He lifted her mouth off his cock and brought his hands to her chest. Roughly her picked her up and laid her against the couch. With on hand he tore off her panties, and threw them into the pile with her dress. She pressed her legs close together, as he towered over her. With a savage ferocity he licked her breasts, his hips pumping into the open air. A warm pleasure flooded over Janet's body. Her legs loosened stretching out. His cock penetrated her.

She gasped. His hips pounded into her. Her body ached, and her vagina hurt, but her mind grew warm. He pushed into her again and again. His hands supporting his body over her as his cock thundered into her. She raised her hips to meet his thrusts. Her body rolling with his rhythm. Her hands shock and then clutched onto his back, pressing him closer to her. Her breasts heaved with her breathing, and his thrusts grew more rapid. He came.

A warmness filled her up. His hard cock warm in her tight body. Her hands clenched tightly against him, her mind numb. He poured his warm cum into her, before laying down beside her panting. She lay there. He lay there.

A minute passed. Then another minute. Then yet another. He got up and dressed. She lay there speechless. He went out the door, she felt up and down her body. He drove away, she gingerly touched her aching breasts, her swollen vagina. Her was quiet.

An hour passed. She got up, stepped over her discarded clothes, and went into the shower. The warm air rolled down her hair, her back her hips. It purified her body, and cleared her mind. She felt great. She left its warm embrace and looked into the mirror. Her face beamed back. Her heart fluttered. She was a virgin no longer. She felt great.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Introducing the virgin girl to the real world...

Did that really happen with a virgin girl you introduced to the real world?

Was she a Christian girl, by chance?

It was really hot and even "Christian" girls want to be fucked, as you know.

DId youmore...

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