Virgin Tease


A little while later, Jenny was on a treatment table, completely naked, on her hands and knees, with her forehead down. Ashley had kicked off her shoes and removed her panties and was seated strategically with her bare legs apart in preparation for observing Jenny's forthcoming enema.

Nurse Rina prepared Jenny's three quart soapsuds enema and attached an inflatable retention nozzle. She lubricated the nozzle, and then applied lubricant to Jenny's nether portal.

Jenny pressed her lips together as she felt Nurse Rina's hands spread her bottom and press the tip of the nozzle against her.

"Relax, Jenny, I'm going to insert the nozzle!" Nurse Rina gently pushed until the nozzle overcame the resistance.

"Uhhhh! Ohh! Ahhh!" Jenny moaned. When the nozzle was all inside, Rina gave it a few pumps to inflate it.

"UHH! OH!" she squirmed. Ashley's hand went to her brunette pussy and slowly stroked. Her pussy was already aroused and wet from the scene before her.

Jenny looked back at the bulging three quart container.

"Okay, Jenny, I'm going to begin your enema now," Rina said, and opened the valve. Jenny immediately felt the warm sudsy solution squirt into her. "It's not going in fast, but I won't stop it until it's all inside you! I want you to keep your head down."

An involuntary whimper escaped Jenny's mouth. She felt the enema solution relentlessly intrude further inside her. "Uhhhh!" she exclaimed as she rapidly wiggled her bottom in response to the pressure.

Ashley's hips tingled with arousal. She tried to pace her stimulation so that her first of many orgasms would not occur too soon. When watching Jenny, she was rarely sucessful.

"Uhhhh! Ohhh! Uhhhhmff!" Jenny's exclamations became more strident as the constant pressure inside her increased. She looked back at the three quart bag - it was just half empty. She whimpered. Still, the solution kept intruding.

"Ohhhh! Please stop! Just for a minute!"

Ashley smiled. Nurse Rina looked on with interest. She did not interrupt the flow.

"OH! The pressure! Oh, Ashley, please have her stop!"

"It's all going in without stopping, honey! Relax and take your enema," Ashley said in a quavering voice. A moment later she shamelessly crested and gasped several times in orgasm.

As the enema continued to flow, Jenny's struggle became more animated, and her open-mouthed outcries more intense. Another few moments, and the last of the enema spurted into her.

"Fifteen minutes, honey," Rina said.

"Oh, Please!" Jenny panted as she squirmed.

"Keep your bottom up there, and your forehead on the table!" Rina ordered. Jenny kicked her feet on the table, and Ashley surrendered to another orgasm.

Jenny continued to plead and squirm. About halfway through her long retention, Rina told her to lie on her back.

Ashley fingered Jenny's pussy and noticed that she was quite creamy. She then stroked her girlfriend's pussy lips and clitoris. Jenny's moans of distress turned to those of pleasure, and she eventually bucked her hips in orgasm.

"That should make it a little easier to take," Ashley quipped, and Jenny moaned.

At long last, her enema retention time was over, and she was permitted to get rid of it. Later, at home, Jenny was on Ashley's bed, face down, legs spread, with a bolster pillow raising her hips. She easily received Ashley's strap-on probe in her tail end, and surrendered to it. Ashley's rhythm of pumping was gentle and sensuous.

"Have you ever considered letting your boyfriend take you in the tail?" Ashley asked.

"Uhhh! Oh! N-n-o... I mean yes, sometimes. Uhnnh! I'm afraid he would try to slip it in my pussy! Oh! Ashley, that feels good!"

"You could wear your chastity device, and he could still ejaculate inside you," Ashley said in a quavering voice. Her arousal from using the strap-on came from her dominance and Jenny's surrender. "I could help teach him how to do it gently."

"You'd stay and watch?! Uhnnh!"

"I'd supervise, so to speak. He's coming over later. Why don't you try it?" She pumped harder.

"Oh! Ahh! Yeee! Yes! I want to do that!"

"Good! I'll show him how to use butter as a lubricant. It's so slippery, he'll go right in! Oh, Jenny! I'm going to pull out now. I want you to eat my pussy!"

Jenny was aroused and unsatisfied - just as Ashley had planned. She locked Jenny's chastity device in place and kept the key. Later that night, under Ashley's direction, Jenny's boyfriend learned how to gently use his cock where Ashley's strap-on probe had been. After his first ejaculation, which arrived quickly, she left them alone. Three times during the night Ashley jilled herself to the sound of Jenny's moans and her boyfriend's eventual exclamations of passion when he could not help ejaculating.

Part 3

Nurse Ashley led Rob to a treatment room and watched him remove his clothes. Rina fixed the three quart soapsuds enema and administered it. Rob had to endure a 5 minute retention after all the solution was inside. After getting cleaned up, Jenny came and led him to her treatment room and bound him in place.

She delighted in his reaction when she unlocked his cock cage. "You need the ball stretcher right away!" she gasped, and cinched it on him. Then, with slippery hands, she began his third day of excruciating teasing.

"I got a big enema yesterday after our session, Rob. I had to hold it inside me for fifteen minutes! Imagine - the same amount of water as you got this morning, for fifteen minutes! I gave the nurses quite a show, and Nurse Ashley gave herself several orgasms while she watched me. I know you'd like to watch me get one!"

All Rob could think about was getting relief that he hadn't experienced for several days. And Jenny was focused on increasing his need, increasing his desire beyond what he had ever known.

"After we got home she used her strap-on - in my tail end. I submitted to her, Rob, and she fucked me nice and deep."

"Aaaaugh! I can't take any more! Let me cum! Please!"

Jenny giggled, and brought him close to ejaculation several times. "My boyfriend spent the night with me, Rob. I had my chastity device on, of course, but I did something I hadn't done before. I had him rub butter on his cock - so it would get nice and slippery. Then I let him fuck me the same way that Nurse Ashley does. In my tail! He did me four times last night, and I carried a lot of sperm inside me. He sure likes to cum!"

She kept one hand loosely stroking his cock while she slipped her other hand under her dress. "I hope you don't mind, Rob - this is getting me so hot that I need an orgasm - oh... oh-ahhh... mmmmnah! Oh! OH-MY-GOSH! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

She gasped and wiggled as she surrendered to her intense orgasm, and Rob's cock spurted pre-cum on her hand which she used as added lubricant.

"My boyfriend really wants my pussy. He wishes I'd let him cum - over and over - inside my hot pussy. But I won't let him! It's so much fun being a virgin (giggle!)"

To Jenny's delight, Rob squirmed and begged to be allowed to ejaculate.

"I think he needs some training, Rob. Maybe I'll tease him like I'm doing to you - only not as long - and then let him cum!"

Rob struggled intensely.

"Shhh, Rob, don't wear yourself out. Think of all the girls who are going to help drain your balls later today! Tee-hee! That will be so much fun with your sensitive cock!"

Rob was delirious with frustrated desire. His pleading was in desperate whispers - sincerely begging for relief. Jenny, of course, ignored his supplication while her pussy got more and more aroused.

After the first hour, Jenny removed the ball stretcher for a few minutes and used the time to give herself more orgasms.

"One more hour, Rob, and then we'll milk your balls," Jenny giggled while she put the ball stretcher back on him.

"Your balls are blue, Rob - that comes from too much denial and sexual frustration," she giggled as she kept bringing him up to the edge of ejaculation and back down.

Over and over, Jenny's skilled hands provided the exquisite torment that Rob had come to experience. The last hour had Jenny edge him at least 80 times.

The door opened and Nurse Ashley entered, followed by three attractive young women in nurse uniforms. "Rob," Ashley began, "it's time for the clinicians to drain your balls. You don't mind if I take off my panties while I observe them, do you?" After stepping out of her panties she rubbed them on her pussy and had him inhale her scent. "Since Jenny has been working on you, she'll be the first to milk you."

Jenny put fresh oil on her hands as Ashley stood by with a measuring container. She slowly and steadily stroked, just as she did while teasing and edging. Just when Rob crossed the point of no return, she stopped stroking and held his cock steady while it jerked and got ready to spill.

"Aaaaaaugh!" A seconds-long steady pulse of semen squirted into the container. Since Jenny did not keep stroking his cock when he began to spurt, his ejaculation was not satisfying in the least.

To Rob's surprise, he was just as aroused as before Jenny had milked his cock. All the clinicians giggled.

Trish, a cute brunette with a naturally sexy smile, stepped forward and lubricated her hands. "You know I'm a virgin too, don't you? When I do this to my boyfriend, I have to tie him down. It drives him insane, and I love to hear the things he'll promise for a chance to ejaculate. But I take my time, and draw it out to a few hours."

Rob could only imagine the intense and sweet agony that Trish would visit upon her boyfriend. The intense wanting for a chance to spurt in a pussy he had never been allowed to enter - and wouldn't be allowed to. What kind of relief did she ever allow?

Trish lightly stroked his cock for a few moments. Her touch had an almost electric quality to it, and Rob quickly approached ejaculation. Just as he crossed the line from her sweet handling, she held his cock still and his semen again made one long spurt into the measuring container from the intense and frustrated contraction of his inner muscle. He, of course, desperately wanted her to keep stroking his cock through a satisfying ejaculation - something she would not do.

All the clinicians giggled at his reaction. Trish lightly handled his balls as another clinician, a slender long haired blonde girl named Tracie, oiled her hands. Then, to Rob's surprise, she took her uniform dress off, leaving only her panties and sneakers on. Rob hungrily gazed at her bare chest and firm breasts.

She smiled sweetly at him, and without saying a word, pumped his aroused member with her hands as if she were just learning how to give hand jobs. As Rob got closer to the point of no return, she said, "Uh-oh... UH-OHH!" Her hands were skilled beyond what Rob had ever expected, and as the first pulse of sperm traversed his cock, she teasingly said, "Uh-uh-uhhh!" and released his cock. Two long pulses of sperm oozed from his cock while he exclaimed in aroused anguish. The pretty clinicians giggled again.

"Your turn, Dasha."

The petite olive-skinned brunette had at the same time a sweet expression combined with a hint of dominance. Her bangs settled just above her eyebrows and she exuded a look that said, "I bet you'd like to fuck me."

Rob squirmed as soon as he felt Dasha's lubricated hands wrap lightly around his member. He wanted to look into her deep dark eyes while spurting pulse after pulse of pent up semen.

"Rob - I do this to my boyfriend too," she said in a near whisper. "I have to tie him down. He says he doesn't like the teasing, but his cock says differently - just like yours!"

Rob squirmed.

"I love handling cocks, knowing that they won't spurt inside my pussy! I'll tease my boyfriend for hours until he will promise anything if I'll let him cum!"

"Uhhngh! Uhh! Ahhh!" Rob knew that Dasha could get any guy to that point.

"There's something I make him promise. And he does promise - every time. I tell him I'll untie him and have him cum all over me - anywhere except inside my pussy - if he will lick up his mess."

"Oh! Ahh! Uhhnh!"

"Is that something you'd promise to do, Rob? Would you lick up your sperm if you ejaculated on me?"

"Yes! Oh yes! Uhhh!"

Jenny giggled.

"Cum for me, Rob. I want to see how much sperm you'd lick up if you spurted on me!" She stroked harder and with a look of determination on her face. He willingly assisted her efforts, and in short order he felt more pent-up semen course through his aroused cock. Just as the others had done, after he was fully committed to his ejaculation, Dasha stopped all stimulation. Rob exclaimed in frustration as his member released a long oozing streak of sperm into the measuring vial.

The girls giggled. "That's four times," Trish exclaimed. "You must have really had him worked up, Jenny!"

"One more ejaculation, Rob," Ashley said. "Jenny, you can finish him off."

Jenny smiled and worked on Rob's cock as she had done in the teasing sessions. The girls giggled at his desperate arousal. Twenty minutes later, Jenny's teasing and handiwork had gotten Rob to the point where he was convinced that she would pump his cock to a satisfying ejaculation.

Jenny smiled and teased, "Pretend that this is for my pussy, Rob! What would you do if I spread my legs and submitted to you?" She pointed his member toward the collection vial.

Rob's orgasm was his most intense yet, and the contractions of his ejaculation were almost painful. After the first spurt, Jenny, like the other clinicians, stopped stimulation and simply held his member to shoot into the collection vial. There were a few spurts as Rob deliriously exclaimed, followed by a moment of oozing.

"That was good, girls," Ashley said as she handed the container of semen to Jenny. "Please note the volume of his ejaculate in his record. I'll conduct his interview and release him."

Several hours later, as Jenny and Ashley were passionately engaged in pleasuring each other, Rob was naked on his bed. With the images of the virgin cock-tease girls smiling and giggling, he stroked his member until his balls were ready to give another serving.

"Oh, yes!" he whispered, as if addressing the girls. "Yes, Dasha - please let me cum! Yes, I'll lick it up. Jenny! Oh, yes... Your pussy feels so good! Uhh... Uhhhngh!"

He felt his aroused cock cross the line of inevitability. He closed his eyes and imagined Jenny's face before his, lips sensuously puckered. He imagined his throbbing member releasing his sperm inside her pussy.

"Oh Jenny!" he shouted. "Aaugh! Jenny! Oh! Ahh! That feels SO good! Yes, Jenny, I'll lick your pussy! Oh! Ahh!"

Hot spurts landed on his sheets in the first satisfying ejaculation he had experienced in a week's time.

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