tagLesbian SexVirgin Until Marriage Ch. 02

Virgin Until Marriage Ch. 02


The next few days after Viesha and I had our first lesson, I continued to pleasure myself every chance I got. Not only in the privacy of my room but in the garden, the library and even at the horse stables. I could not get enough of touching and rubbing by eager pussy.

The morning after was when I was in the garden and began thinking about Viesha's hot mouth on my wet pussy and before I knew it my hand had found it's way inside my panties. I lay back on the hard cement bench and vigorously rubbed a quick orgasm out.

That evening as I sat in the library after dinner I thought about pushing Viesha on top of my father's desk and fingering her tight pussy fast and hard until she squirted all over his papers. Next thing I knew I was the one cumming all over the lamb's leather overstuffed chair.

A couple days later I found myself in the horses stables for my weekly jumping lesson and as I watched the stable boys washing and grooming the horses I could not help but think how good it would feel to have their hands rubbing my body the way they were rubbing the horses down. My pussy got wet inside my tight riding slacks and I quickly slipped into the tack room and slid the end of a riding crop against my clit until I was panting and flush on the tack room floor. My riding lesson was overly stimulating after I had cum and the saddle horn bounced against my sensitive nub having me tingling with every jump.

On the fourth day I knew I needed more of my lovely Viesha's attention and told her after dinner that I would be wanting her in my bed that night. Viesha smiled at me and rubbed my arm. My privates jumped and began throbbing instantly.

Viesha came to my room and immediately took my face into her hands and kissed me. Her tongue sliding against mine and nibbling my bottom lip lovingly. I moaned and inhaled her breath deeply allowing the scent of her envelope me.

"Oh Viesha, I need you." I spoke into her mouth as I ran my hands though her thick black hair.

"Mmmm, me too!" She admitted as she unbuttoned my top and slid it off my shoulders.

My breasts jaunted out at her and my nipples, rock hard, begged for her mouth. She pulled back and looked me over; her eyes eating up my firm breasts with their large pink nipples. She licked her lips and my nipples tightened even more.

I pulled at her top needing to have her beautiful breasts free also. Her tan skin and dark nipples finally open to my hunger gaze; I ran my hands against them. She shivered and arched to my touch.

"Lick them." I willingly obey and softly lick each hardened nub. Her body trembled again and she pulled my mouth urging me to suckle her. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth as I cupped her firm breast in my right hand.

Her moaning was like music to my ears. I knew now that she had been wanting me as badly as I had her these past few days. I moved to her other breast and sucked that nipple then bit down on it gently.

"Oh sweet Jesus, yes that is wonderful!" She pulled my head tighter and I bit down harder and pulled back on it. "Tease!"

She pulled away and shoved me back onto the bed then jumped on top of me. We giggled and rubbed out tits against each other. Then sat up and threw the rest of our clothes off. I pushed her back on the bed and ran my hands gently up her thighs and followed them with soft kisses. I wasted no time parting her thighs and tasting her sweet nectar.

"I love the way you taste." I whisper in between long licks. "I love the way you smell." I inhale her musky smell. "I love the way you feel." I say as I push my middle finger inside her warm tight pussy.

She thrusts her hips against my finger and I continue to lick her and all around my finger as it slides in and out. I add my index finger and then my ring finger to her juicy box.

"Oh yes, yes, yes. Sandra you are the best pussy licker ever." This praise drives me to prove her right and I wiggle my fingers inside as I feverishly flick my tongue against her clit. Every time I feel her begin to climax I stop my pressure on the clit and lick her hot lips thoroughly then move back to her clit again. "Aaahh!" she screams in frustration.

I continue my torment on her clit and bring her to the edge of her climax over and over just to pull back before she can go over the edge. She writhes and squirms beneath my onslaught as I continue to lap away at her juices.

"Please....... Please...... God....... Please......" she begged me over and over. The more she begs the more my own juices flow until my pussy is dripping wet and swollen in desire.

I finally take her over the cliff as I move my hand quickly in and out of her warmth and suck her clit as if I were suckling a nipple. She hits the wall of her orgasm and screams out as her juices squirt all over my face and chest; her body lifting off the bed as if possessed by demons. I pull my fingers out and more juices flow onto the bed even though I scramble to lap them up.

We lay together for a few moments allowing her to catch her breath and for both of our hearts to stop racing. Bodies entwined arms over arms and legs over legs. I rest my head on her flat stomach and she holds my head in her arms.

Finally Viesha moves out from under me and guides me to lie back against the pillows. She kisses my mouth still wet from her juices and them my neck, my breasts, my stomach, the crease of my leg right where my mound begins. She grips my knees in her hands and forces them up spreading me open to her tongue. My body trembles in anticipation.

"You want my tongue?" she asks. I nod frantically. "Tell me."

"I want your tongue." I say timidly.

"Say exactly what you want or I will not do it." She pulls back and starts to lower my legs.

"I want you to lick my hot pussy! I want you to put your tongue in my wet pussy and lick me until I can't take it anymore!" Viesha laughs a deep throaty sexual laugh.

"You are a quick learner my dear friend." She swoops down and licks my hot pussy and as I moan she pushes my legs higher and touches her tongue to my back hole. I jump; shocked that she would lick me there.

"What are you doing?" I try to move away but she pins me and licks me there again. "Viesha stop, that is nasty."

"Just enjoy it. Everything we have been doing is considered nasty to someone. I promise you will love it, just relax." Once again she ran her tongue over my anus.

I shudder as a thrill runs up my back and I arch against her for more. She shamelessly licks at the tight hole and forces her tongue into it. "Oh!"

The sensation was addicting and I needed more. Her tongue swirled around the rim and I feel it opening up for her wanting her deeper. Viesha is now pulling my ass cheeks open with both hands and tongue fucking my anal gateway.

I moan loudly and surrender completely to the pleasure. I am holding my own legs spread wide for her and grinding into her face with my ass. "My God, yes! Lick my tight ass; fuck it with your tongue!"

"You are a nasty little slut aren't you?" My first reaction to her words were to be upset but something told me that they were just part of the game of fucking and they made me even hotter. "Tell me what a nasty whore you are!"

"I'm a nasty whore who wants her ass licked!" she giggles and buries her face in my ass again. I exhale with pleasure and enjoy every lick of her tongue. "Make me your naughty slut with your mouth. Lick my ass and pussy!"

Soon I feel Viesha shift herself and I feel her slide a finger into my ass then spit on my hole and slide another finger inside. I moan in pleasure.

"You said you wanted my fingers inside you and since we can't put anything in your pussy I figured you would enjoy this just as much." Viesha began explaining but I didn't need an explanation it felt so good I just wanted her to keep on doing what she was doing.

If having a finger inside your pussy felt this good then I started wondering if I could wait until I was married. I rolled my legs back farther and tried to get her fingers deeper inside my rectum. Viesha spit on my hole again and added a third finger.

"Oh Jesus, God and Mary!!!!" I cried out. "Fuck yes! Aaahhh it feels so fucking good!"

She continued to finger fuck my ass and I could feel my orgasm building. I rolled my ass into her hand and she bent forward to lick my clit again. Her tongue flicked at my clit and with four fingers inside my tight anus I came all over. Pulsing squirts of cum shooting into her mouth as I held her head to my cunt and thrust with each spurt.

Viesha slurped up the juices as they flowed from my throbbing pussy and licked my slit clean. "That's a good girl, clean up all that hot juice! You make me feel so good with that slutty mouth!" I cued at her as I petted her hair.

She slid up my body to rest beside me on the bed. "You really like your ass fingered." She smiled at me. "You know if you wanted I could get someone to fuck your ass for real."

I jerked my head to look at her. "I could never...." My skin flushed a deep red at the thought. My whole body flushed.

"No, listen, it would be great! I know a guy and he likes it as much as you like it." She circled my nipple with a finger. "We could set it up in the stables so no one would know and I would explain to him that he must not even touch your virgin pussy."

I was shocked by the idea but my breathing had become labored at the thought. "I don't know. What if he tells someone? What if he doesn't listen and puts it in my pussy?" My mouth was watering at the whole idea of a dick inside of my tight ass.

Viesha sat up and sat cross legged. I sat up too and she took my hands in hers. "Trust me, I am your best friend and I would never let anyone hurt you. I will be there the whole time and I already know that he won't dare to tell anyone. Just leave it all to me and soon you will know the pleasure you desire."

How could I not trust her? My friend, my sister, my lover. I smiled back at her. "Alright but you must stay with me and guide me through it."

"I promise! I will even show you how to suck a cock! You will love it." She lay back down and pulled guided my head to her groin, "Now show me how a nasty little slut says thank you."

I happily began lapping away at her moist cunt as I let my imagination run to my adventures to come...

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