tagIncest/TabooVirginia Ch. 01

Virginia Ch. 01


Virginia walked through the terminal, pulling her luggage behind, looking for someone who matched the picture her mother had sent her via email of her new stepfather. She'd never even gotten to meet him before her mother married him.

"Hi! Virginia, over here," she heard a male voice calling. She looked in the direction of the voice. There he was. Not bad looking, sort of the mountain man type with shaggy blond hair, a beard, light blue eyes and a solid build. His picture didn't do him justice, she decided as she plastered a big smile over her face. Her plan was looking better and better.

"Hi, you must be Jim." Virginia smiled warmly up at him. He held out his hand so she took it and then stepped in to give him a friendly hug. She resisted the urge to press herself up against him. She looked straight up into his light blue eyes. "It's so nice to finally meet you. Mother mentioned you in her e-mail."

Just barely though. The e-mail had been very perfunctory, telling Virginia that she was expected to come home now that college was over instead of gadding about Europe. Further, she would be expected to start working in the family company. It was, after all, her inheritance. Her mother had never gotten over the fact that Virginia's father had left it in trust to Virginia with her mother as the trustee until Virginia was twenty-five. Oh, and by the way, I've re-married, her mother had added. He'll be picking you up at the airport. His name is Jim. I'll attach a picture.

"You're mother showed me a picture of you but I almost didn't recognize you. It must have been an old picture. You had very short hair in it." Jim said, taking her bag.

"Probably from my senior year of high school."

"She must keep your other photos tucked safely away," Jim replied.

Virginia smoothed her blond hair back. It reached halfway down her back. The picture had definitely been taken during her senior year in high school. Virginia had stopped sending pictures home from college when she realized her mother was just tossing them in the garbage.

Her mother had sent Virginia off to boarding school as soon as humanly possible and had arranged for Virginia to stay at school through holidays, traveling Europe in the time between her graduation and beginning college. Virginia had grown up with no warmth in the relationship with her mother. It could hardly even be called a relationship. Virginia had begged time and again to come home but her pleas had fallen on deaf ears. Then she stopped begging to come home. After graduating from college Virginia had wanted to spend the summer in Europe partying with her friends but it was no use. Her mother insisted she get started learning the business from the bottom rung up.

Well, two could play this game. She linked her arm through her handsome new stepfather's arm as they walked out to the car. Virginia was pleased to see his eyes slide over her unbound breasts under the slinky pink mini dress and linger on her legs as he helped her into the passenger's seat. He looked a little red in the face as he walked around the Escalade and hopped into the driver's seat. She reached over and squeezed his arm.

"Jim, I can't wait to get to know you better. Tell me all about yourself."


Virginia had only been home a day and she could see that her mother was already neglecting her new stepfather. He had been the construction foreman on the family company's new building when they met. Now he was a kept man. Once they'd married it was business as usual and sex only when Virginia's mother wanted it. There would be plenty of time for Virginia to get to know her stepfather.

Just before lunch on the second day, Virginia went looking for Jim and found him on the computer in the home office. She knocked as she walked in and he quickly turned the monitor off. Hmmm, wonder what he was looking at? I bet I can guess.

"I was wondering if you wanted to keep me company for lunch today. I've missed my favorite little restaurant on the water but I hate to sit in a restaurant alone." She smiled sweetly.

"Sure, I'll just finish up in here and meet you at the front door in ten minutes?" He looked a little nervous. Virginia thought about pushing their relationship forward right then by walking around and turning on the monitor but decided against it. Let him get a little more comfortable with her before she made her move.


"Oh! I just love this place," Virginia cooed as she and Jim walked into the waterside restaurant. She turned to the seating hostess. "Could we have a table out on the veranda?"

"I'm not sure we have anything available..." the hostess started but stopped when Jim laid a folded fifty-dollar bill on the book in front of her. She smiled up at them.

"Right this way."

At the table, Jim held her chair as she sat.

"Thank you, you're such a gentleman," she sighed.

"So what's good here?" Jim asked as they opened their menus.

"Everything!" Virginia laughed and gripped his forearm. "But you probably need something with lots of protein to keep up muscle like that."

Jim colored a little but laughingly held up his arm and made a muscle.

All through lunch Virginia hung on his every word, staring dreamily into his eyes. She wanted to make him feel like the most fascinating and powerful man. She laughed delightedly at every joke he told and took any opportunity to touch him in any way, her hands making contact with his arm, shoulder, knee and thigh. Virginia managed to restrain herself from sliding her hand over and feeling him up, but just barely.


The next day was Friday and Virginia went looking for her stepfather in the afternoon. She'd heard her mother and Jim fighting the night before. It had sounded like he wanted sex and her mother didn't. The pump was primed.

The help had already gone home for the weekend when Virginia found her stepfather asleep in the den with the TV droning on. She switched it off and put some soft music on. She was finally going to let him know exactly what she was willing to do. Before long, he would be doing precisely as she asked, with pleasure.

Virginia knelt before his chair and gently undid his belt before unzipping his shorts and slowly worked them down. He'd had a few beers already and he was a little out of it, barely mumbling as she worked to ease his shorts and briefs down. She took in the sight of his cock. She was glad her mother had picked such a virile man. Even limp, his cock looked lovely. Now he was going to be hers, all hers.

She leaned in and kissed the tip of his cock gently then sucked the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She looked up as he stirred a little and sighed pleasurably in his sleep. She licked up the top of his cock then gently lifted it to lick down the underside and suck his balls into her mouth, bathing them with her saliva. She pulled back and blew on his wetness and was rewarded with a swift swelling of his cock. She sucked him back into her mouth, alternating taking him as deep as she could with sucking hard on the head as she wrapped her right hand around the base of his cock.

She cupped her left hand under his balls and squeezed gently. It didn't take long to work his erection until he was rocking his hips in his sleep and she sucked it down as he came hard in her mouth. She watched his face as he came, the smile curving his lips then his eyes flew open and she saw shock on his face as she sucked the last drop of come out of him. Slowly, she let his cock slip from her mouth. She stood up and smiled down at him then leaned down and pressed her lips to his.

"Thank you, Daddy. That was delicious." Virginia simply turned and walked out of the room.


Virginia made herself scarce that night, leaving a note and slipping out to have some fun at a club with her friends. She had plenty of time to work on her stepfather. She did wonder what he was thinking. She imagined he couldn't help re-playing it over and over in his mind, whether he wanted to or not. Let him stew for a little bit.

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