tagIncest/TabooVirginia Ch. 04

Virginia Ch. 04


Jim woke first after their long nap on the sofa. He found himself erect again and pressed up against Virginia's soft ass, the little skirt up above it. Mmmm, a nice soft, round ass to rub against. He held her hips and started moving against her, rubbing his erection in the valley between her butt cheeks. He groaned at the feel. One of these days he was going to stroke his cock between her breasts and come on her face. Hell, he was going to do a lot of things to her.

Once he'd given in to what was happening, Jim decided he was going to make the most of this week alone with his stepdaughter. She was an incredible slut and he was going to do every nasty thing he'd ever thought of with her. Maybe he'd think of some more as he went along. Hell, maybe she had some ideas he'd never even thought of. The domestic help only came in to clean from two 'til four in the afternoon. He'd probably need a nap to keep up with this girl.

But he needed to pace himself. He wasn't eighteen anymore and there were a good many ways he intended to enjoy his "little girl" over the next few days. Oh God, just the dirty little idea of fucking his stepdaughter drove him wild. He thought back to the first night when he had opened his eyes to find her sucking the come out of his cock. A fresh surge of lust went through his body and he grinned. Time to return the favor.

He eased off the couch and gently rolled her over on to her back then shifted her legs open and lifted her little skirt up over her pussy. So damn hot! Her breasts were bare under that tank top too. Did he dare pull it up so he could look at her? He wanted to but he didn't dare, might wake her up before he was ready.

He slid off his own pants and shirt then knelt in between her legs and leaned down to get a good whiff of her pussy. Sweet as maple syrup. Jim grabbed a pillow and eased her hips up with one hand and slid it in under her so he could get a better angle. He leaned in and took his first lick of her sweet pussy, teasing his tongue over the outer lips of her labia and then down in.

Virginia woke, her ass sore from the workout it had received but the major sensations coming from her pussy. She looked down to see the top of her stepfather's head. He was oh-so-gently teasing her labia with the tip of his tongue. Virginia felt the tingling from her pussy partner with the tingle in her ass to make her feel deliciously aroused again.

"Oh Daddy!" she moaned. Her stepfather was proving to have a few surprises of her own. She had no doubt now that this was going to be a very fun week. Too bad she was going to have to let her mother know about their relationship, but that was the plan.

Jim looked up and smiled at her flushed face. He went back to teasing her labia and licking the juice oozing out of her away. His tongue slid into her well and wiggled back and forth. She tasted so sweet, though there was the faint taste of his own salty come still present. God! It was so nasty, the things they'd already done together. Here he was, with his tongue buried in his stepdaughter's cunt while she moaned. Life was good!

He teased her with the tip of his tongue around and around her sensitive bud and flicked over it just once before moving away from it again. He wanted to build this up good so that she came hard. She was so juicy, he licked up the sticky sap running from her. Glancing up at her a minute, he slid a finger into her pussy. . Her face was flushed and her lips parted.

"Lift up your shirt for me baby. Lift up your shirt for Daddy. Let me see those lovely tits of yours."

She did as he requested. Sweet heaven, she had to have the hottest body he'd ever seen. And she came after him! Was it just the convenience of having him in the house? Or the taboo of him being her mother's husband? Probably a little of both. He looked at her nipples. He didn't care why, just that she kept doing what they were doing.

"Pinch your nipples for me baby, roll them between your fingers and pinch them."

Virginia grinned down at Jim and cupped her breasts, squeezing and jiggling them for his benefit. She took the nipples between her thumb and forefinger and rolled them then pinched them hard, gasping at the little torture. Then she cupped them again and pulled the right one up, leaning her head down to flick her tongue across the right nipple.

Jim grinned at the hot picture she made. He was going to have to get out his cameras and take some naughty pictures of her. There was something about taking dirty pictures that turned him on, telling the girl what to do. Especially when she was shy and blushing. He'd come up with some pretty kinky stuff with his one girlfriend. She'd been a little scared of getting pregnant so he'd talked her into doing things she probably would never want her current husband to know she'd ever done.

Virginia went back to pinching and squeezing her nipples as Jim leaned down, wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked hard. She bucked under his mouth and moaned. He felt a little gush and contractions around his finger as she writhed ecstatically.

"Oh Daddy! That was sooo good."

Jim withdrew his finger from her cunt and crawled over his stepdaughter's body to straddle her chest. He used the pre-come oozing from his cock to lube it up and laid it between her breasts, leaning over her. "Now press your breasts around my cock baby, Daddy's going to fuck your big titties."

"Ooooo, yes, Daddy."

She pushed her breasts together around his cock and watched as it came up at her. Jim was grunting and moaning over her as he thrust. His balls slapped up against the underside of her breasts. She could just take the head of his cock into her mouth on the crest of his thrust if she put her chin on her chest.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's my little slut." Jim thrust and held still for her to suck before pulling back and thrusting again. There was nothing like a soft but firm woman, any part of her, around his cock. He looked down and could just see the back of her blond head as she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth again. What wouldn't this girl do? He hoped he couldn't find anything.

Jim felt his come ready to shoot so he held back a little out of her mouth range. He shot his load on her face and chest, groaning as he came. He sat up to see her covered in his come. Now there was a picture.

Virginia smiled up at him and licked her lips then started using her fingers to wipe the come up and bring it to her mouth. "Mmmm, thank you for the snack Daddy."

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