tagIncest/TabooVirginia Ch. 05

Virginia Ch. 05


Virginia stared into the open refrigerator, one hand on her hip and one on the door of the fridge. So much for her plans for the can of whipping cream. She picked it up, uncapped it and squirted some into her mouth.

Her mother had arrived home rather unexpectedly that afternoon. Luckily, Virginia and Jim had not been asleep when they heard the doors opening and closing. They'd scrambled to separate themselves and right their clothes. She'd grabbed a book and Jim had turned on the computer and was playing solitaire by the time Virginia's mother had walked in. They had welcomed her home and now she was ensconced in her private office, in her royal high court fashion and answering correspondence.

Jim, Virginia's stepfather, ambled into the kitchen and leaned against the sink with a smile on his face. He knew she wasn't wearing any panties underneath that skirt. She looked over and caught his smile. Returning it with a devilish little grin, Virginia walked over and squirted a line of cream on to her finger then held it up to his lips.

Jim sucked her finger into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. He took the can from her and set it on the counter then grasped her by the hips and turned them both around so she faced the counter and he stood behind her, cupping and squeezing her soft but oh-so-firm ass. His hands slid under her skirt.

"What are you doing?" she hissed. "Mother is just down the hall."

"Then you'd better be very quiet," he replied, opening his pants and letting his once again hard cock out.

Virginia thought for a minute then spread her legs and leaned forward. If her mother walked in on them, she'd simply be further along in her plan than she had figured on. It would be sad to lose out on all the lovely sex she was planning for the week, but with her mother home, that would have been difficult anyway. Revenge was the objective and having her mother walk in on her stepfather with his cock in her pussy would certainly accomplish that even better than some photos.

Jim lifted her little skirt onto her lower back and took a minute to admire the tanned curve of her full ass and the taut muscles of her legs down to the high heels that kept her calf muscles so perfectly elongated.

"Crap," he muttered. "I don't have a condom."

"Don't worry, I'm on the pill," she replied, eager now to be naughty again in the kitchen with her Daddy.

Jim moved up behind her, his right hand on her hip, holding her where he wanted her as he guided his cock in, like a heat seeking missile.

Virginia moaned softly as she felt the head of her stepfather's cock slide along the lips of her cunt. "Oh Daddy! Please, please... fuck me! Put that hard cock in my pussy."

Jim grinned as he slipped the head of his cock between the already slick lips of her pussy. He swallowed a groan as her tight warmth swallowed his throbbing length. Knowing his wife could walk in at any moment and catch them just added another thrilling element to the thrill of fucking his gorgeous stepdaughter.

He reached up and buried his fingers in her mane of blond hair and held her fast as he thrust up into her, his shaft buried in her heat. He closed his eyes as he thrust, bouncing lightly against her taut ass, listening to her little moans and whimpers. It was divine. A few days ago he never would have imagined having so much fun with his well-bred stepdaughter. Sex with her mother had been okay but rather perfunctory, then trickled to a rarity. Now he had a juicy little slut to himself.

Jim felt the come ready to shoot out of his cock. He reveled in the wet noises of their union as he thrust harder yet.

"Daddy... Daddy... Daddy," she chanted softly. Virginia thrust back against her stepfather as she felt her body spasm with an intense orgasm. His hot come was pouring into her pussy. It was soooo good.

She slumped over the counter as they finished. The feel of his cock sliding out of her pussy threatened to cause another orgasm but it wasn't quite enough. She stayed there a minute as Jim wiped his cock off with some paper towels. She felt him reach between her legs and gently wipe her pussy too. A smile played on her lips. He really was a gentleman in some ways. She'd had to work a little to bring him over to her dark little sex filled world. She was going to miss playing with him when her mother threw him out.

When he finished wiping her out and threw the paper towels away, Jim turned Virginia around and pulled her into his arms. He pressed his lips to hers, slipped his tongue into her mouth, and reached under her skirt to give her butt cheeks another little squeeze. "I forgot I was supposed to be asking you what you want for dinner. You're mother wants me to send for take out from that restaurant she likes so much."

Virginia smirked but extricated herself from her stepfather's arms as they heard footsteps coming down the hallway. She was looking in the fridge as her mother walked into the room.

"Have you ordered yet?" she demanded.

"Not yet, we just got into a little... discussion," Jim replied.

"Good, I decided I'd have the Duck a l'Orange, instead." She turned to leave then turned back around. "Also, I'll be leaving in the morning again, some little problem on the East coast. I'll be back Sunday."

She turned as if they had been dismissed and walked away.

Virginia looked over at her stepfather with a devilish little grin. Events could proceed as planned. She was going to give him a few days in heaven before he got tossed out into the cold.

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