tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVirginity and Inhibition Lost Ch. 04

Virginity and Inhibition Lost Ch. 04


I met my girlfriend, Margie, when she was only 18 and next week she celebrates her 23rd birthday. My name is Todd, I'm 29 years old and for the last five years I've had a sex life that most men only dream of having. Margie looks like a runway model and acts like my personal whore. Most guys I know would love to be in my shoes, or more precisely, my bed.

Margie was a virgin when I met her and like most girls her age she was a little shy and insecure. She knew she was good looking and she liked the attention her looks paid her. I was looking for a woman with a great body, one that would live out my voyeuristic perversions by letting me expose her to men and see her beauty for the first time, again and again, through the eyes of strangers.

Margie fell in love with me and later offered me her virginity and over time lost all the inhibitions of a teenage woman. We started by showing off her exquisite body to strangers in public, in a way that appeared unintentional to give the illusion she was not aware of her exposure. At places like the mall, a movie theater or at a restaurant, once she found a man that couldn't take his eyes off her I would tell her what she would do next, to reward her voyeur, I am the one always in control.

Margie is a petit 5"3'tall blonde with blue eyes and a 34C chest. All my friends describe her as Jessica Simpson from the movie The Dukes of Hazards and I can see the resemblance. The only difference is that I doubt seriously Jessica Simpson will do for her husband the same things that Margie does for me. If she did, they would probably still be together.

I don't know why I get so turned on each time I expose her to some unsuspecting guy but it doesn't matter if he is eighteen or eighty, I love watching their reaction when they set eyes on her perfect body and then try not to react so she won't realize her predicament and end the show. I love planning every detail of when she will show and what exactly I want her to do. Sometimes it's spontaneous but I enjoy it more when it is a well-executed plan. Either way Margie always does as she is told and that's the way I like it.

Today we are at the mall shopping for her birthday to find the perfect gift, when we decide to stop for lunch at which point Margie tells me she knew exactly what she wants for her birthday but that she wasn't sure if I would grant her this birthday wish.

We are sitting in the food court eating Chinese food when she tells me, "I want to be raped." I quickly look around to see if anyone overheard her request.

"Are you crazy?" I said, telling her to lower her voice, "Why the hell would you want someone to rape you?" I hadn't fully processed her request at that point.

"Not someone, I want at least two guys, or more, you can decide" she said as a matter of fact. She clearly had been giving this some serious thought.

Over the past four and a half years I have not only persuaded Margie to embrace her exhibitionist nature but I also helped her to realize that she was put on this earth for one reason and one reason only and that is to pleasure men. I'm pretty sure she believes her body is truly for all men's pleasure, especially after I shared her on two occasions, once with two of my friends during a wild porker night and the second time was on a cruise ship with another passenger and our cabin boy.

So, at first blush her request to be raped is alarming but after awhile I realize it's not that outrageous given our history and the kind of relationship we share. Still I had my concerns.

She tells me, "I want to experience what its like to be taken and I know deep down inside you want to watch me being raped because I know the web sites and see the pictures you download off the internet."

I think about what she is saying, no longer caring if anyone can hear our conversation and I soon realize her birthday gift will be the greatest voyeur gift I could ever give to myself.

"Okay, but not only do I decide how many men, I also get to choose them."

Margie asks, "You will pick someone decent right?"

I watch her facial expression as I described the possible choices, "Well it could be a couple of black guys or maybe some gang members or maybe even two or three homeless old men." She was not amused and replied, "Whatever." I could tell she didn't take me seriously.

By the time we finished our lunch we both agree he had be a stranger, someone who did not know Margie someone that she has never met or would ever meet. And the only other requirement is that she can't be hit or hurt in anyway, everything else goes, in fact, I made it clear to her that once it starts there's no stopping regardless of her pleas.

She agrees but makes one more stipulation, she wants to be blindfolded because she does not want to see who is raping her, I guess just in case I did pick the old homeless guys. I agree and tell her that sometime between now and the next seven days it will happen, but she could not know when or where it is going to take place.

As we were getting ready to leave the food court Margie leans over to tell me that the man sitting across from us has listened to our entire conversation. I look over at him to see a white guy probably in his early forties, he looks away but then we make eye contact. He then looks over to Margie leaning forward against the table has pulled down her tank top providing him with a great view of her cleavage.

Margie waits in anticipation for my instructions on how I want her to reward her voyeur. It is difficult because she is wearing jeans instead of a skirt and has on a bra as well. I look around and luckily he is the only one sitting near us so I turn to him and say, "I'm sorry if you overheard our conversation, I hope we didn't offend you?" He didn't reply but turns his head to each side indicating it was not a problem.

"My girlfriend is very beautiful don't-cha think?" He speaks up, "Yes, she has a great rack." I agree, "Yes she does, would you like to join us at our table?"

Margie was uncertain what I was doing, we don't normally make conversation with her voyeurs but I feel like this guy is special so I decide to let him in my world, just for a while.

As he sits down next to me and directly across from Margie, everyone in the food court is sitting in front of us with her back to the crowd. However, to our right are the restrooms and there is a steady flow of mall shoppers walking by us about 100 feet away that can see her if they look our way.

"So my friend I want to know if you would like to play a game with me and my girlfriend." I ask.

"Is it the game I overheard you two speaking about?" he inquires.

"No, this is a different game, one I just now thought of and that we have never played before...interested?"

"Yes! I am" he answers enthusiastically.

This is going to be fun, I tell him that Margie loves to fulfill my fantasies of letting other men look at her body but that I was running out of ideas how to expose her and that if he wanted too, he could take control of her for the next 15 minutes.

Margie sits and waits to see how this guy will answer as he looks at me in disbelief and asks, "How do I know this isn't some kind of joke?" "Simple, your 15 minutes starts right now" as I look down to my wrist watch for the time.

He is unsure what to say and he looks over at her waiting for her to say something. He sees that no one is around and then tells her to touch her tits, and then like magic, Margie begins caressing her breast over her tank top. She squeezes her tits together from the bottom up and more cleavage rises over the top of her shirt.

He tells her to take off her shirt but then I say, "Rule number one, she can't take off any clothes in public view." He thinks for a minute and then tells her to lift her shirt over her chest, Margie sits back in her chair and lifts her tank top up slowing exposing first her belly ring, followed by her rib cage, and then up and over her tits to expose her white lace bra.

After a minute or so of pushing her tits together she lowers the shirt back down and he turns to hear me say, "Rule number two, she decides when to cover up to stay safe in public view."

"But I want to see more!" he franticly begs, but in that same instance it occurs to him what to do and he turns to her and said, "Go into the ladies room and take off your bra and put it into your pocket, then come back out and sit down."

Margie gets up and walks towards the restroom and I congratulate him on his quick thinking but when she returns I inform him that he only has 7 minutes remaining. It was clear she was not wearing a bra, her 34C size breasts sway ever so slightly back and forth underneath the thin white cotton tank top, a beautiful sight to see.

Margie looks gorgeous as she follows his instruction and once again lifts her top up this time exposes her bare tits for him to see. Again he tells her to touch her tits and Margie begins to play with herself as people of all ages, male and female, walk around behind her oblivious to what our new friend is watching right in front of him.

He asks how much time is left and I tell him three minutes which he then tells her to cover herself and turns to me and asks, "If I really get to be in your shoes for 15 minutes, shouldn't I also get to expose her to someone else?"

"Yes, but rule number three is having a controlled environment which this is and you don't have enough time to go find another one." I tell him. It amazes me how a mans mind works and with only a minute left he waves to get the attention of the janitor, an elderly black man emptying trash cans, to come over to our table.

He quickly tells the man that this beautify blonde has lost a bet and if he tells her to expose her tits she will have to do it, but he only has 30 seconds to decide.

I could tell this black man has lived a hard life and my guess is he didn't trust white men but that didn't seem to matter because looking down at Margie he said, "I'm sorry you lost a bet sweetie, but let's see them pretty tits of yours right now!" I watch as his eyes light up as she exposes her full creamy white breasts and bright pink nipples to him, as well as, few other guys that could see her as they exited the restroom. Margie was on display and I love it.

The next day, Margie gives me a kiss goodbye as our neighbor, Nick, bends over to get his morning paper keeping his eyes on her the entire time. Today he sees her naked body exposed underneath her see thru nighty, everyday she lets him see more and more of her.

I know Margie teases him continuously ever since he moved in three months ago. He is a divorcee and Margie makes it a point to wait a few extra seconds before closing the front door ensuring he gets a good look. I walk away smiling thinking about his clear view of her tits and pussy, and that he would probably kill for the chance to fuck her.

I left for work and to arrange for my girlfriends' rape, something I never thought I would be doing and come to find out isn't as easy as it sounds. As it turns out no one really believes you when you say it's a "safe rape." I was starting to think I may have to choose some gang-members after all.

I manage a small grocery store and there are a lot of choices to choose from with the sort of people I see in and out of here everyday. At one point my boss came in and I knew he would jump at the chance to fuck Margie. His name is Mr. Patel and he is Pakistani. He and I don't get along very well and even though I tell Margie to leave the store whenever he shows up, somehow he always manages to corner her so he can check out her body.

Margie has never said anything to me but I think he has touched her and then threatens my job if she ever told me. I decide as a last resort I could choose him even though he is not a stranger, it could help to advance my career.

Four days have passed with no luck and I was getting desperate with only three days left when two clean cut guys came into my store, they looked maybe eighteen or nineteen years old, both had short haircuts. Both are white, the guy with black hair had on blue jeans with a long sleeve pullover shirt and the one with blonde hair was wearing jogging pants and a sweatshirt.

I could hear them talking about leaving for boot camp and trying to decided how they were going to spend their last night in town. I knew they were a perfect choice and after we talked for about an hour and they saw a picture of Margie, I had convinced them to rape her.

It is 3:15pm and I knew Margie will be getting home from the gym in about thirty minutes so I tell them we have to move fast. We drive in their car so that Margie will not see my car at our apartment complex when she gets home. Inside, I tell them the plan and give them the blindfold to use. I make it clear they are not to hurt her in anyway, other than that, make sure she feels like she is being raped.

One of them stood by the front door waiting for it to open and the other one was in the bedroom holding the blindfold. I watch silently from the kitchen out of view, Margie walks in the door and immediately from behind she is tripped forward and falls face first down onto the carpet as he dives down on her back and pushes her head down to keep her from seeing him while the other guy runs out from the bedroom and tightly ties on the red blindfold. Margie isn't screaming and I get concern that the fall might have hurt her.

She is disorientated but thinks to call out my name to reassure herself that I'm in the room with her, "Todd are you there?" I decide not to answer feeling that if she believes I'm not here it will add realism to her rape fantasy.

The both pick her up and carry her into the bedroom and toss her on our bed, it is incredible to me how easily these two guys are handling her and how quickly they both work to remove her gym clothes. I expected them to savor the moment once they had her on the bed but they did not pause for even a moment as they start stripping her of her gym clothes.

Margie is wearing pink jogging pants with white strips down the legs and a red jacket over her purple tee shirt. I can see she is wearing a black bra and her black thong as they continue unwrapping the gift I have given them.

The guys seem disappointed that she is not putting up more resistance when Margie again calls out much louder this time and with a hint of trepidation in her voice,

"Todd, tell me your there!"

The blonde guy scolds her and said, "Listen bitch, your asshole boyfriend gave us the keys to his apartment and said you wanted this, now shut the fuck up or your next word could be yours last, got it?" Margie nodded her head agreeing and at the moment I can tell the situation change from fantasy to reality as she accepted she was truly alone with them and I was not here to protect her.

No longer did she remain still as they continue their assault as one pulls off her pants, ripping her thong off down her legs while the other one pulls her bra up over her tits and starts squeezing each one with a look of amazement on his face. They both can't believe their luck that they are about to use her body anyway they want. Margie struggles with them and they have to take turns holding her down until they have her completely naked.

I can see her pussy is wet and it's a good thing because these guys are clearly not interested in any foreplay as the dark haired guy pulls down in jeans and boxers releasing his cock and positions himself over Margie. He did not ease into her but instead rams his cock up inside her pussy causing her to scream out a chilling cry of pain as his partner in crime quickly covers her month with his hand to muffle the sound as his friend picks up the pace fucking my helpless girlfriend as we both watch him rape her.

My cock is rock hard inside my pants and I can't believe this is really happening when I sense the presence of another person enter the room and turn to see it is my next-door neighbor, Nick, in the doorway watching my girlfriend being fucked by these young studs. I quickly walk over to the door and basically lead him out of my bedroom.

I realize that in all the excitement the front door was not completely closed and Nick must have heard her screams and came over to investigate. My heart is racing and I can't think of what to say as we both step outside and I close the door behind us.

Nick asks, "Todd is Margie alright, do you want me to call the police?" I could tell he knew that the last thing I wanted was the police called. The wheels were turning in my head, I knew what it was he wanted but I was still trying to think of a way out.

In my hesitation Nick senses opportunity knocking and spouts off, "Something's not right, I'm going to call the police" and he turns and starts walking back to his apartment.

Just then it hits me, I have left Margie alone. "Wait!" I shout. I realize I have no choice and tell him, "Margie and I are playing out a fantasy if you can keep it a secret, I will let you fuck her right now, as long as you stay quite and never speak a word." Nick agrees immediately and we rush back into my apartment.

I open the bedroom door and see that Margie is bent over the side of the bed and the blonde guy has his hand cupped over her mouth, muffling her screams, as he fucks her from behind, it takes me a moment but I see the bottle of baby oil on the bed and then I realize he is fucking her in the ass.

Margie wanted me to see her raped and it was really happening. I think if I had not left the room I probably would have stopped him from fucking her ass but to try and stop him now was pointless, I stood watching him slapping up against her as his cock slid deeper up her ass. Her cries for help went unanswered just as we agreed.

He pulls out of her and shoots his cum inside his rubber and drops to the floor in what I can only image is his amazement for how tight her ass must have felt. As the two young studs finish with Margie, Nick starts taking off his clothes to take his turns with her.

This was almost over as Nick climbs on top of her and pushes his cock inside her mouth and Margie freely begins to suck him down her throat having no idea she is giving head to her next-door neighbor. Just then my cell phone begins to buzz on silent mode, the caller ID reads Mr. Patel and I have no choice I must take his call.

The two studs are leaving so I walk with them to the door and they both quietly thank me for the "great piece of ass." I thought to myself, at this moment that's really all Margie is to these guys, just a mouth, pussy, tits and ass, nothing more but a story to talk about at boot camp. Outside again, I answer my cell phone, "Hello, this is Todd."

Mr. Patel was pissed off that I wasn't at my store and starts to ride me for poor profits last month and told me that he was sick and tired of all my shit and said, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't fire you right now?"

Again, I had only once choice, I knew Mr. Patel has wanted Margie for the longest time because he often would ask me to describe her body in detail or ask how good she fucks in bed. I tell him about her fantasy and that he should come over to my apartment right now. This day was not turning out the way I had planned at all.

My store is right around the corner and in no time Mr. Patel is at my apartment, in my bedroom licking her legs and thighs like candy as he moves up her cherishing every inch of her body with his tongue.

Mr. Patel for such a small man is swinging the largest cock I'd ever seen and I could tell he appreciated when Margie protested his invasion as she cried out Nick and I listen to her pleading, no longer caring who might hear her, knowing her cries might only attract more to her bedside. I watch as he forced himself inside her, I walked outside and looked around the courtyard, I actually think I was hoping to find one more guy to rape her, but no one was around.

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