tagChain StoriesVirtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 7

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 7


Virtual Realities: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Episode : Swimming With the Fishes

Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!

Please note, I have extensive knowledge on the subject and have double checked with online research. All characters involved in sexual activities in these stories are above the age of 18 in both the game and the show. No "aging up" or other literary tricks were used to make characters legal age.

You'd think that a week of R&R would be more than enough to recharge from even so long on the road. Of course, it's a bit more complex than that when you're handcuffed to a bed. The only time I was completely freed of restraints was for the minute or so that Officer Jenny let me up in order to take off my shirt. Oh, and to go to the bathroom. Thankfully, she didn't try to cuff me to her for that. (I have issues about going to the bathroom when someone's in the room.)

Then again, where would I be able to escape? She had my clothes and bag carefully under guard in the main room.

So it's hard to sleep with both hands chained above my head. So I was only allowed a single hand with which to feed myself. I'm not exactly going to complain about the quality of life for that week. Jenny left the TV on when she wandered off for her occasional patrols. Though, I have to admit I didn't notice it much. My mind was mostly derailed by the knowledge that beneath the perfect appearance of her uniform there was nearly an unblemished layer of my seed. Not all of it was dry, either.

When she returned, she used me mercilessly as an object of sexual gratification. By the time my "vacation" was over I wasn't entirely certain I could walk, much less battle. Still, Pastoria was just around the bend and I only needed two more badges to challenge the league. On the plus side, it seemed that Jenny had as little to use her money on as I did and insisted on settling the tab with the expensive resort.

Crasher Wake hadn't been all that friendly, despite what everyone said about his personality. I suppose everyone has to have their bad days. Or maybe we're just personalities who're destined to clash. Of course, it could also have been the smirks Officer Jenny continued to offer whenever she passed by.

Fortunately, my pokemon were a bit ornery after a week's worth of inactivity. They hadn't even been given much chance to stretch their legs all that time. Hel, my new abomasnow, was particularly annoyed. Her mood improved drastically when she got to wipe the floor with his quagsire and floatzel. One blast of thunderbolt from Lita and gyrados brought the match to a crashing end.

So it was that I found myself on a little beach not far from Pastoria. My muscles needed to soak and unwind. My first thought, when I felt a tug on my bathing trunks, was that a passing pokemon had decided to try them for taste. Aside from a hand to make certain they stayed up, I didn't give it another thought. I barely even opened my eyes a crack to make sure it wasn't anything too dangerous.

My eyes widened a moment later with the discovery of perhaps one of the most dangerous creatures in any world; a very attractive, very young looking, woman in a single piece bathing suit! More shocking was the fact that her eyes hovered inches above mine and impossibly perky breasts strained against the suit inches away in the other direction. Propped up as she was, by her arms, with her legs dragging behind, she reminded me of the classic image of a mermaid. If not for the clothing, I might have even stumbled onto the thought that she was one of those mythical beasts!

"Hi." She said simply. The single, breathy, word caused her chest to heave even closer.

Okay, so I'm sometimes a bit slow. It's always been a bit of a mystery why anyone would be all that interested in me. Low self esteem sucks. Things have changed more than a bit since I found my way from my world to Sinnoh, and even more since two years of wandering has hardened my physique, but even now I'm still prone to thinking they want something other than my body.

Even with all of that baggage as a disadvantage, I instantly knew she was flirting. About the only way she could have been more blatant was to have straddled my leg and begun to hump me. At that moment, it wouldn't have surprised me.

"Hi?" I muddled a response.

"One little peek wouldn't hurt, would it?" Her smile widened and I found myself in even more of a daze. She was stunning, she was barely dressed, she was young and obviously healthy, and she was turning her considerable charm directly on me.

The thing was, it might! I didn't even know this girl's name much less her age. Hell, for all I knew Swimmer Jane Doe had a big burly boyfriend who would pummel me just because I'd been close enough to personally attest that each of her nipples were the size of the tip of my pinky. The fact that aforesaid nipples practically broke through the strained fabric in their exuberance didn't help matters either.

As energetic as she was, she was bright enough to realize that the way I clutched my single article of clothing even tighter was its own answer. She pushed off, away from the edge of the water, and stood a couple of feet away. Definitely not a mermaid! And if those nipples and that cleavage had been difficult to ignore, the strip of fabric that slunk between her legs and pretended to cover her was even worse. More maddening, however thin it was in front, I'd seen enough from that simple motion to know it covered most of her cute ass. The hint of impropriety without the damning revelation of the forbidden.

"Tell you what," she tried a different tactic, "we'll play a game. Whoever loses has to take off a piece of clothing."

Transparent much? Like it would be much of a game, since neither of us had more than a single article of clothing apiece. I couldn't keep the skepticism out of my voice. "Let me guess, you just turned eighteen and you've always wanted to try an adult rules battle."

To my surprise, a blank look of confusion stared across the short distance at me. With her head cocked to one side, she looked frustratingly like the blond she was. I hate stereotyping, but it fit all too well at that moment. I took a little pity on her.

"Look, my name's Lynx." I pulled my trainer card out of the pocket of my trunks and held it out for her to review. Her eyes widened in understanding and her own hand glided suggestively down her body. Out of all of the impossible things I've seen in my time in the world of pokemon, I really would like to know how she'd hidden her own trainer card beneath the crotch of her suit. I suppose the dimensions are possible, barely, but how it hadn't shifted and gotten lost somewhere in the ocean was completely beyond me.

Swimmer Julia was actually twenty-three! I'd have guessed sixteen, personally. The real surprise was that she'd had her official trainer's card for twelve years but had no notifications on it for any kind of victory over gyms or contests or anything. It was almost as pristine as the day it had been laminated.

For her part, she seemed incredibly impressed by my own credentials. Well, I had seven badges to my name these days. One more and I could make a go at the final four. I had every confidence I'd make just as short a work of them as I had Crasher Wake.

"I don't get it! You see a pretty girl in a bathing suit, who tries to rip off your clothes I might add, and your first reaction is you want to battle? What're you, gay?" With my ID still firmly in hand, Julia put her hands on her hips. She was the perfect model of indignant.

It was my turn to be confused. It wasn't the first time someone in Sinnoh had thought I might be gay. Still, usually it was more of 'hoped' I was gay and challenged me to adult rules. She was a trainer, she clearly wanted sex, she was old enough, why the rigmarole rather than an outright challenge?

"Uh, you suggested a game of strip...whatever...That sounds like adult rules battle to me."

Julia's indignant expression faltered once more. This time, I was paying enough attention to notice clearly that she seemed stumped by the concept of adult rules. I didn't know how it might be possible, given the sheer pervasion of the rules, but she didn't seem to have heard of them. Despite what her card said, I began to suspect the problem.

"Julia, how long have you been a pokemon trainer?" It was an apparent non-sequeter for her. She looked at me blankly for another moment so I felt inclined to expand on the question. "When did you get your first pokemon?"

"About three months ago." She answered, suspicious.

There it was. Unlike most of the world, Julia hadn't grown up fantasizing about her future with pokemon. She hadn't followed every minor aspect of the competitions with the same zeal as people like Gardenia or Cynthia. She hadn't hung out in the circles that experimented with sex even while they continued to bolster their skills as trainers.

"Okay." I sighed as I tried to figure out how to explain it to her. It really was rather remarkable no one had come along and challenged her already. With her looks, I'd have thought it a sure thing. The added fact that she couldn't have a high level pokemon, and would be relatively easy to defeat, made it even more of a shock.

"The thing is, there's sort of an unofficial set of rules for pokemon battles that can be applied between consenting adults." I hurried on, aware of her growing look of horror. "It's a form of gambling. The winner of an 'adult rules' battle is allowed to ask anything of the loser, within limitations.

"It's generally assumed that the request will be some form of vanilla sexual activity. If you have something different in mind, fetishes, information, an object you know the other person owns, it has to be declared before the battle begins. There's no obligation to accept any or all challenges presented to you, so if you're uncomfortable with a stipulation someone gives, you can simply refuse."

The more I explained, the less horrified she became. I understood that feeling. It would have been all too easy to jump to the conclusion that it had something to do with pokemon involved in the sexual activities. Hell, there was hentai that revolved around that kind of thing in my world. It had always seemed a bit too close to bestiality for my tastes so I'd always avoided anything that even resembled the concept.

Her expression turned thoughtful. I could tell she was one of those who would quickly latch onto the idea. And why not? As a woman, she had yet to reach the peak of her sexual prowess and appetite. One thing was more than clear about the world of pokemon; the women here weren't repressed, whether it meant the authority they could wield or their freedom to pursue promiscuity.

"Adult rules, eh?" She grinned. "I like that. Okay. Lynx, I challenge you to an adult rules battle! Right here, right now."

"No." Her grin vanished with a look of utter shock. Before she could revert to questioning my sexual orientation, I figured I should explain my reaction. "Look, you're hot-as-hell. Matter of fact, it's a good thing I'm half under-water 'cause it hides the raging hard-on I've got."

That wasn't entirely true. I was a bit aroused by her but not even fully hard. Still, the underlying sentiment remained valid. The coy smile I received proved I'd judged correctly, however, and provided just enough flattery that she no longer felt insulted. Of course, I might very well push her back to that response with the real reason I refused.

"I'm not saying I don't want to, or am not willing to, have sex with you. The thing is, there's not much point to a battle. I've been on the road for a couple of years now, training and battling. I've beaten seven gym leaders." Not to mention the Sinnoh League Champion.

"If you only got your first pokemon a few months ago, it's a safe bet that I'd beat you. That wouldn't do much for your confidence, much less the confidence of whatever pokemon you sent against me. I could try to find a way to handicap the match, but I don't think it would do much good for either of you in the long run."

It might have been a bit blunt, but Julia seemed to consider it. Finally, a bit glum, she nodded her understanding if not complete acceptance. "I guess I can see that. It's just, I saw you there and you got a rockin' bod' and I kinda wanted to finally go all the way so I thought it might be the right time especially since there's those adult rules to play with but I guess you have a point."

My brain screeched to a complete halt. Buried in the middle of that rambling was a nugget that took me completely by surprise. I'd been a geek and a freak for most of my life but I'd still managed to lose my virginity by the time I was twenty (okay, almost twenty-one). How someone who looked like she did, and was twenty-three, was still a virgin baffled the mind almost as thoroughly as the concept of an animal the size of a building being sucked into a device the size of a baseball. Then again, as the pokeball proved, this was a world of impossibilities.

Julia accurately guessed the thoughts that sputtered through my stalled brain. "Oh, I've done pretty much everything else; blowjobs, hand-jobs, gotten eaten out. I suppose I'm technically not even a virgin, between the facts that I broke my hymen with a dildo when I was fourteen and that I've had anal. I guess, if you're uncomfortable with the thought of being my first, I could let you do anal."

My hand whipped up in the universal sign for 'stop'. On a purely autonomic response my mouth spit out an answer. "No anal." Sad truth, I had yet to meet a woman who was sufficiently 'broken in' that she wasn't so tight that it hurt. Even more depressing, I think I'd automatically lose respect (and thereby attraction) for any woman who could handle my larger-than-average girth.

Hopeful puppy-dog eyes stared at me from beneath batting lashes. It was impossible to ignore and even harder to resist. I think she knew that she looked so young and tended to play that up rather than attempting the coy seductress. For me, it was a smart choice. I, like a good number of men, tended to be a bit on the oblivious side when it came to subtlety.

I sighed heavily. Some noble, romantic, part of my heart demanded that anyone's first time should be with someone they loved. Still, there was a more pragmatic side, the side that had come to accept one-night-stands, that suggested it wasn't a bad thing to lose your virginity to a stranger. After all, a relationship could easily fall apart if the first time was awkward. One or both could easily interpret that as sex itself being more hype than pleasure.

Then again, that could simply have been my desire for her making excuses. She was hot. She was willing. And, most of all, she was too damn close now!

"Tell, you what. I'm not sure if there is such a thing, but maybe we can create an adult rules training session?" I quickly came up with as a compromise. If Officer Jenny had been able to suggest sexual favors as repayment for my services to the police, she must know of loopholes in the law that allowed for it in other areas. If anyone tried to press the issue, I'd simply call her and find out what they were.

Julia's head cocked to one side and shifted forward slightly. It was a stunning and naively hopeful gesture that started my blood boiling. "What did you have in mind?"

The problem was, I didn't really have anything in mind. Still, her idea of making it into a game wasn't a bad one. Stripping was out of the question, given that we were in a relatively public spot. Not too many people wandered by but it would be fairly obvious if one or both of us were buck-naked while we trained pokemon.

"How about this. I'll set up a drill to work on your pokemon's accuracy. Every time you miss, I get to play with you a little. Every time you hit, you get to play with me. The first one that has an orgasm loses and has to do whatever the winner says, per standard adult rules."

She thought about it for a moment then shrugged with a playful smile. "Sounds good to me. One sec' though. I gotta get my pokemon."

I nodded and waded in to shore to collect my own companions. I hadn't really thought about my state of arousal, or the trunks I currently wore, until I noticed she'd stopped in her tracks. She stared, unabashedly, at the rather large tent I was sporting. Wonder and nerves suddenly flashed across her expression, as she had to have begun thinking about what she'd gotten herself into.

I didn't mind the pause. It allowed me to more clearly see her body. The suit managed to separate her moderate breasts, rather than squish them together into true cleavage, while still providing a low-cut display. Her bare hips were fully on display, with only a couple of thin straps to wrap around behind her and hold the whole design together. I didn't know if this was another example of the skewed physics of this world or not, but I highly approved!

"Having second thoughts?" I asked gently. If she'd done everything she claimed with other guys then she might have been a bit intimidated. Unless the vibrator she used was exceptional, she might very well not be ready for me no matter how much foreplay I managed.

Her head shook side to side rapidly in response. I could see the conflicting emotions in her eyes, however. She was having second thoughts but she was determined to go through with this. At the same time, there was a hint of eagerness that probably came entirely from animal instinct.

I walked slowly over to my gear and pulled off one pokeball. I summoned Lita, my child-like ralts, and stood patiently while Swimmer Julia managed to pull herself together and collect her only pokeball. While I had begun my journey with an overpowered single pokemon, the revelation pretty much confirmed to me that hers would probably be very low level indeed.

"Here's what we'll start with." I explained as I walked over next to Julia. "When you call out your pokemon, I'll have my ralts aim magic leaf into the air. You can then have your pokemon practice attacks and try to hit the leaves before they reach the water. Sound fair?"

Julia nodded and pointed her pokeball at the water in front of us. I wasn't surprised. I'd encountered her in the water, she wore a bathing suit, there had been no doubt in my mind she was a water-type trainer. She called forth her mantyke and I couldn't help but smile. The little manta ray was just as adorable in person as it was on screen.

Still, we were there for training. I turned my attention back to my psychic pokemon and reviewed the instructions once more. Thumb-shaped flipper still in her mouth, my ralts nodded her understanding.

The first leaf that Lita launched flew lazily in the general direction of the mantyke. I'd trained this way before, with my own pokemon, so she knew to start simply in order to gauge the speed and accuracy of her training partner. It would probably mean Julia would get in some good groping early on, but I had faith I wouldn't lose in the long run.

"Mantyke, use tackle!"

Oh dear. If the poor little guy still knew tackle it was a sure bet he was very low level. Granted, many pokemon didn't learn that many moves early on, but tackle was such a relatively weak attack that it was usually one of the first to be forgotten. The little manta dove under water for a moment, to build up speed, then burst upward and flew right through the multi-colored glowing leaf.

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