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Virtual Reality: Soul Calibur


Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Soul Calibur. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, MrsDeathlynx and I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!

Daisy woke up to a strange feeling, it wasn't a totally unfamiliar feeling, but it wasn't exactly something she was used to either. Up and down, back and forth, rocking and swaying. She had no clue what was going on, no clue where she was. But when she opened her eyes one thing was clear: she wasn't in her livingroom any more.

Barely managing to stand she would look down upon herself, a look of confusion appearing on her face. The white shirt she was wearing hung off her shoulders, some sort of an elastic band keeping it on but not too tightly. At the same time she could feel that her mid-section was restricted, barely able to see it the black material could be nothing but a half bodice.

The skirt she was wearing was free flowing, of course it did help that there were multiple tears in the fabric it was comprised of. Why was she wearing an outfit like this? It wasn't quite Renaissance Faire season, but to her that's what it seemed to be based on appearances alone. She had also never been so unsteady on her feet, which was made evident with the first step forward that she tried to make.

Down to her knees she fell, not only unsteady on her feet but she had also felt something pull on her ankles. Her knees had hit hard, enough to make her let out a grunt that was noticeable to those guarding the door to her room. Her ankles suddenly felt strange, without being able to turn around her hands would reach back, her eyes going wide once she realized what was going on: she had somehow been captured as she slept.

"I see you are now awake, that is a good thing indeed." She heard the gruff voice speaking before she saw him, her eyes going even more wide when she saw him.

Even upon first glance she knew that this man was not normal, there was something about him that would make her shudder. At first she wasn't able to put her finger on it, it wasn't his grey hair or his pasty skin but something else entirely. While her eyes focused on his chest she noticed something, not a single once in the span of 30 seconds did it rise and fall, which meant that the man before her was not alive but undead.

"You're..." The hoarse whisper would exit her throat, barely able to form the words as she was completely shocked at the sight before her as well as her situation.

"I am Cervantes," he spoke as he crouched down. "As you have probably guessed I may walk among the living but I am no longer one of them." A rough chuckle would escape his lips, the grin that formed directly after enough to send chills up the poor woman's spine.

As if the grin wasn't enough he would place one of his pasty hands beneath her chin, the coldness of his flesh causing her to visually shudder. Forcing her to look into his eyes by lifting her chin he would continue to grin, yet another thing that made her feel the incredibly creepy aura of this man. This man scared her and he could tell, something that only seemed to make him grin even more.

"You will tell me what is it that I wish to know and you will do it promptly or else you shall meet a fate that none survive." After speaking he would rather roughly grip her chin, then thrust his hand forward. This would throw her head to the side, but she would grit her teeth in order to keep from grunting as the action had brought her some pain.

"You have two options, either you tell me what I need to know or you be in pain. If it goes too far you will walk the plank, sinking straight down to Davy Jones Locker." His gruff voice would then chuckle, as if he was amused by the idea of all of this. He had no idea that she knew absolutely nothing, hell she didn't even know what he wanted her to tell him.

"I don't know what you're talking about, one minute I'm sitting at home and the next minute I'm here." She didn't normally do this but in this situation she pleaded with him, turning her head to look to him with her eyes begging him to realize that she was telling the truth.

"For some reason I don't believe ye, but I'll give ye one more chance before the real fun begins." Without even looking he would reach off to his side, grabbing the red hot poker and pointing it at her. "Where did he hide it?" It was clear by the tone of his voice that he was getting frustrated, she couldn't believe that he thought that she knew.

"Please, I swear I don't know. I don't even know what you are talking about, I have no clue who he is or what he hid. Please I swear on my own life, you have to believe me!" As she struggled to get up she would beg, her voice shaky as she made her attempt to plead with the man. But the only thing it made him do was get even more frustrated, at which point he would motion for one of his men to do his thing.

Rather roughly she could feel her hair being grabbed, then her head would be yanked back just as roughly. Once more she found herself clenching her teeth, a tear coming to her eye as she prepared herself for torture. She thought she would be able to look at the man, however the creepy look on his face was enough to scare her. She knew he was going to do it, her eyes closing as she prepared herself.

"Which port were ye in when ye dropped off the sword, wench!?" This time he was yelling at her, the poker creeping closer and closer to her shoulder.

"I don't..." The searing hot poker would then pierce the cloth of her upper right arm, she couldn't even finish her sentence.

The only thing she could do was let out a scream, an almost blood curdling scream. But this didn't make him stop, in fact this seem to fuel him on. Just as suddenly as it had pierced her flesh it would pull out, the smell of her own flesh burning enough to make her want to vomit. While she would gag she wouldn't do it, she was trying to be strong but coming extremely close to failing.

"The location of the sword or yer life, the choice be up to ye. I know ye been with him when he was at port, my eyes may be old but they don't be playin' tricks on me." With his foot he would lift her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes as he waited. This action alone would make her shudder, something that made him laugh.

She had opened her mouth to speak, but before any sound could come out he seemed to grow tired of this little game. Though it had only started it was clear that the undead man before her was out of patience, the hot poker again once more piercing her flesh. This time it would slide between her collar bone and the muscle above it, once more causing her to let out a scream.

Tears would stream down her face as this cruel man put her through pain, a pain unlike anything else she had ever felt before. This time she couldn't resist, the smell from her burning flesh was way too much for her to handle. Just as he was pulling out the poker her head would turn in the opposite direction, her body expelling the contents of her stomach right onto the floor of his brig.

"I don't think she be knowin' where Kilik or the sword are boss," the man would pause at the death glare that Cervantes was giving him. "But that's just me thoughts, she don't be lookin' like she be able to give ye any more information."

"I think ye be right, prepare the plank for she be walkin' it shortly." Cervantes would grin, though he was enjoying bringing her pain he had more important things to deal with right now and she wasn't one of them.

"Please, I don't know what you are talking about. I don't want to walk the plank..." Before she could finish what she was saying she would get a smack to the face, her pleading eyes not making a bit of difference with this cruel and heatless man.

While the man hurried off to do as the captain said, Cervantes would crouch in front of Daisy, he lifted her chin with the now cooled poker but it still left a slight burn under her chin. He looked her right in the eyes, almost as if staring into her soul. Not a word would be said, he knew this woman would not tell him what he wanted to know, mostly because he could tell by the look in her eyes that she didn't know.

"Get up wench, it be the plank for ye whether ye like it or not." The pale man spoke as he stood, not a single bit of compassion in his voice.

She was extremely shaky as she stood, she barely managed to get herself up on her feet. The pain was unbearable, but still somehow she managed to do just as she was told. Maybe it was because she knew that if she didn't things would be worse for her, perhaps it was for another reason. None of that mattered though, for soon enough she would be fish food.

As if she wasn't walking fast enough, there was the poker at her back, prodding her along and getting her to walk a little more quickly. Nothing was wrong with her legs, but both of her arms were in great pain and she was quickly losing energy. But that didn't stop her from walking from the brig to the deck, the stairs up incredibly difficult as she had not had the shackles removed from around her ankles.

"It's the plank for ye wench, straight down to Davey Jones Locker." The crew of his ship cheered, it was obvious that no one was going to help her. Little did she know there was a ship in the distance, one that kept watch on Cervantes ship closely.

She was poked one more time in the back as she arrived at the plank, the poker now completely cooled off but caused her pain still as it seemed to hit a nerve. It had also pierced her skin a few times, and left drops of blood on the back of her shirt and her bodice. The board that was beneath her feet was extremely unsteady, the shackles removed just as she made it to the plank, she felt the wood bounce up and down as she took her first few steps.

Obscenities were screamed at her, not just curse words but phrases speaking of what the men would like to do to her. This made Daisy shudder, perhaps walking the plank would be preferable to the treatment that she would surely receive if she remained on this ship. Making up her mind she would stop her hesitation, taking the necessary steps before her body would fall out of site.

The sounds of cheering pirates were not heard, as her body fell into the water and was completely enveloped. As best as she could she kicked her feet, not having much strength at this point to do so. Upon arriving back to the surface, her wounds stung from the saltwater, the ship had already turned and started leaving. That's when she knew she was doomed, that's when she knew that her fate was sealed by the cruel man Cervantes.

What she hadn't counted on was the other ship, the one that slowly crept toward her. Maxi had to be careful, with the woman at stake he couldn't risk a confrontation with Cervantes. It was a risk just to rescue her, but it was a calculated risk and he wouldn't be a very good pirate if he didn't take them. He could see her struggle through the spyglass, he knew he didn't have much time.

As they drew closer to the woman, he would remove his shirt, which left his pants on as he dove headfirst into the water. The crew on the ship was already prepared, ready to bring the two of them back onboard. As quickly as he could, he swam to her, not at all bothered by the waves that seemed to crash down around them. It wasn't long before he had her in his clutches, but before she could get a good look at him, her world went black.

Finally she would wake up, laying in the bed of the man that had rescued her. Her torso was incredibly sore, at first so much so that she couldn't even open her eyes. As she tried to sit up she would grunt in pain, letting out a louder grunt as she would fall back down to the bed. It was then that she heard the chuckle, not the mocking or cruel chuckle of Cervantes but one of genuine amusement.

"Don't go so fast, if you do you're going to bust the stitches that had to be put in your wounds. Lucky for you the hot poker cauterized your wounds so there will be little, if any, risk of infection." The voice was soft as he spoke, the bed sunk as he would sit down beside where she lay.

"I couldn't really save your clothes, at least not your shirt and your skirt. The bodice just looked too good on you not to keep." It was at this point that she opened her eyes, looking up to him as he chuckled. Like the man before, this one seemed familiar, at least visually. But she couldn't put her finger on it, she couldn't place it until she saw the nunchaku that draped from his belt.

"Oh my god..." The whispered words were barely heard, although it did make Maxi chuckle. "You're Maxi and you rescued me from Cervantes." She shuddered as she spoke the second name, as she realized just what he had been looking for.

"At least we know there is no fever, means we can get you cleaned up." He would smile as he stood, offering her a hand to help her up.

She knew he was a pirate, but still her fondness for him told her to trust him. From what she had read on the web and seen in the game she knew that he had a code, unlike the man who captured her before. She was in a dream, but still it all felt so real. The pain, the soreness, the feel of the soft sheets beneath her. Never had a dream been so vivid, but to her there was no other explanation.

"This must be a dream, it has to be." She would whisper to herself, the faint hint of chuckling heard as she felt her hand being taken.

Gently the hand that held hers had risen, which lifted her hand along in the process. The motions were kept slow, only to make sure that she did not end up straining something in the process. He had a grin on his face, only because he knew what he had planned to help her relax. Sure it served multiple purposes, not just for her but for him, but he had the feeling that the both of them would end up enjoying it immensely.

"You can do it, I have to get ready myself." He spoke when she finally stood, at which point she realized that she wasn't wearing any clothes and her body was his to view.

Her cheeks turned a soft shade of red, arms came up and crossed over her chest to cover it. It had always been a hangup for her, for some reason she would rather someone see her naked from the waist down, her chest was definitely a source of self-consciousness for her. Her head had then bowed, as if that would help to hide the blush.

He chuckled as he saw the blush, at which point her hand was ever so softly brought up to his lips. Gently they touched the back of her hand, not just a quick brush of the lips but a lingering kiss. To him he was making a promise, to him he was trying to seduce her and possibly even get her to relax. He took a few steps back, his arm extended until the point that their hands were separated.

This action revealed part of her chest, her untouched hand had barely been enough to cover her areolae and nipples. To this he had grinned, to this she had blushed a bit more deeply. Still, he did not turn around. Instead, his arms would fold across his well sculpted chest and a smirk crossed his lips.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are more cute when you blush?" He meant it. Sure part of him had just been looking for the smoothness of the comment but the rest of him definitely meant it.

Before she could react he had already turned around, which meant he didn't get the chance to see her cheeks had turned quite a bit more red. She looked down to her right hand, something was missing; her wedding band. This seemed a little odd to her, but at the same time it was a dream, it had to be because she never thought that anyone like the man stripping before her would have any interest in her whatsoever.

It hadn't taken much for his pants to fall to the floor, the belt he had been wearing was more like a sash and when it came off so did the pants. Daisy found herself staring at him from behind, she always did have a thing for a man's ass. She watched him lift one foot and then the other as he slowly slipped into the tub, her head turned so that she would not see anything that she did not think it her right to see.

"The water's warm, come on in." As he had spoken he would adjust himself, which would allow for the strange woman to slip in and come to rest between his legs.

She had no idea how it had gotten there, what seemed even more strange was the fact that apparently the water was not cold. When she looked at the tub she tilted her head, the tub was definitely large enough for the both of them. But what was it doing in the captain's quarters of a pirate ship? Daisy shook her head and sighed, her feet would then start to slowly carry her body closer and closer to the tub in front of her and the man in it.

He could tell that she was nervous, which meant that he had to turn on the charm. Usually it was just a matter of giving the woman a kiss and she was putty in his arms, but this one seemed a little too conservative for that. Not to mention she was injured still, he knew he would have to be much more careful with all of his actions.

His eyes never left her body as he watched her walk toward the tub. He tried to make it not so obvious that he felt the need to look at every bit of her. It had taken him years of practice to perfect such a technique, but at this point he was a master. To her it had simply seemed as if he was looking into her eyes the whole time, but for him his eyes had drank in every part of her female form.

She opened her mouth as if to say something upon her arrival at the tub, but no words would come out. Both hands came up and covered her face, to hide the embarrassment that clearly shown upon her cheeks. But then once more she felt her hand taken into his, which he would use to slowly guide her into the tub in front of him.

She couldn't help but to shiver as she felt it, both of his hands had carefully come to rest on her hips as if to guide her down to a sitting position. It took his effort and strength to keep her from losing her balance and just fall down, his well muscled arms were used to guide her until she sat between his legs in front of him. Once more she found herself covering her chest, it wasn't like he could see her breasts, she was facing away from him after all.

"Let me just get some soap and I'll wash your back." When he said this his lips were dangerously close to her ear, the feel of his hot breath against her neck very definitely a pleasant sensation.

She knew he was trying to seduce her, but damn if he wasn't doing a good job. She looked down at her right hand, though she knew it should be there it wasn't. Had something gone horribly wrong? But then she remembered, this was only a dream, one hell of a good dream but a dream none the less.

His left hand would remain on her hip, the right hand reached out and rubbed softly against the bar of soap. He didn't want to lather it much, but he had to keep the appearance of having actually done it. As she had felt his hand on her back Daisy would close her eyes, leaned forward just slightly so that even the small of her back would be a little exposed.

His hands then started to roam, the fingertips of his left gently caressing her side while the hand remained still and the right would slowly trace up and down her spine. She shivered as he did this, not because the water had started to grow cold but she could feel the start of her need behind begin to build. It was a familiar need, one she knew exactly what it meant, but one he could tell that she would be hesitant to fulfill.

Maxi's hand that had been roaming stopped, ending up resting on her shoulder. With a gentle pressure he would pull her back, which would cause her to lean against him. He could feel a little resistance, but once she got close enough he would lean forward. Before he had even said anything she could feel his hot breath against her neck and ear, her eyes remained closed even then.

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