You click your mouse...the screen refreshes....

From: matt612320
To: Jenz8
Subject: If I could only be there when you read this...

I walk up behind your chair and run my fingers through your hair, working down your shoulders and then slipping inside the loose cotton layering of your pajamas to past your décolletage to your quickening breasts. Feeling your nipples, first with my fingers and then my palms as I press my hands to you lifting and warming as I cup your breasts supporting them firmly in my grasp. You feel my strength and passion as I massage them while dropping my lips to kiss the back of your neck.

You breathing quickens I my lips wander to the sides of your neck; one hand drawing upwards from your chest to flow down jaw-line and softly caress your warm lips...

My lips against your ear..."Jen, I want to make gentle love to you..." as I continue with your neck; lips and tongue brushing warm and moist...hands draping around the outlines of your breasts, gently teasing your swelling nipples...gingerly sliding your pajama-top up to feel the flesh of your breasts, warming and swelling at my touch...directly on your creamy resilient and pinkening flesh...

The fabric slides over your nipples, making them uncommonly erect as I lay them bare to the cool night air. Leaning forward over you...gliding my hands at an increasingly languid pace...downwards...over your tummy towards the waist of your pajama bottoms...your anticipation growing in exponential proportion to the pleasure you take from the sinews of my fingers...

My hands and fingers slide lower, infiltrating underneath your waistband towards the heat of your naked flesh that awaits my touch below...your secret region radiating heat like a candle between your thighs...

With my right hand I spread my index and middle finger and slide them over your lips, diligently avoiding your clitoris and the smooth axes of your slit.

I slide them up and down, squeezing your honey-dripped lips together, putting relaxed pressure on your clitoris with your own pussy. You moan my name as I work you, compressing your tumescent clit and moving my fingers back and forth...rolling the hard yet compliant bud back and forth.

I whisper in your ear, "Jennifer, I'm going to play with your slit now...are you ready?"

"Yes, please..." you whisper in breathy response...

Nodding your head, I release your lips freeing two fingers two work into you, spreading gently. I slide down to your opening. You gasp slightly as I push into your wetness, perhaps an inch, and then slide out...gliding my way inexorably up towards your beautiful pink clit...

Again...spreading my fingers apart...I approach your center of pleasure...this time between your lips...I come parallel to your clit and then squeeze my fingers together, pinching gently...You gasp loudly as you shiver in pleasure!

I work my fingers up and down, as if I was pleasuring my own cock...Your body quivers as your pussy begins its spasm's. Kneeling beside you...I work your clit filling you with two fingers from my other...fucking into you, giving your pussy substance to latch onto as it contracts... your whole body tightening and releasing as you cum and cum an cum! I continue to work you by putting my lips on your nipple and lick and suck your breasts.

As you capture your breath, you catch my reflection in the monitor as I grasp your mouse with my still sticky fingers and select the "Shut Down" option as your browser closes and your Windows shut down for the night...

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