tagNovels and NovellasVision of the Spirit Ch. 11

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 11


Hopelessness squeezed Hannah's stomach and tears filled her eyes. The wet laundry turned into a blur of colors, as she pulled each item from the washer and threw it into the dryer.

The basement screen door creaked open and slammed shut. Approaching footfalls were heavy. They stopped close behind her.

"Come back outside when you're done." Chief Willie's tone was flat and demanding.

Hannah asked, "Why?" although she knew the answer.

"We're not finished yet."

She stopped and focused on the white wall over the machine. "Well, maybe I am."

"Suit yourself, I've got an empty cell for you."

"I'd rather be in jail than break Tom's heart. He's going to find out about this." The thought brought more tears. "Shit like this never stays secret forever."

"It better... for everyone's sake." The footsteps receded and the screen door signaled his exit.

Stalling as long as possible, Hannah gathered her nerve and decided to go back outside to complete the couple's kink. Maybe this would be it. Maybe they would get it out of their system and be done with her, today. She stopped at the door and looked through the screen. Chief Willie sat naked on the side of the pool with his legs in the water. His broad shoulders tapered to a love-handled waist. Once upon a time, he must've been quite the hunky specimen. His back was to her, but she could see flashes of Annie in the water between his spread thighs, her head bobbed in and out of sight.

Hannah inhaled deeply, then exhaled slowly and walked toward them.

When the door slammed behind her, Annie's head popped up. "Hannah, take off your clothes and get in the pool with me."

The Chief never turned to look, as she stripped beneath the umbrella shade. That seemed strange. Men always wanted to watch.

Moving to the edge of the pool, she waited for further instructions.

Annie slowly pumped her husband's sizable cock while smiling up at her. "He's a monster, isn't he?"

The Chief looked straight at Annie, as if Hannah didn't exist. Maybe a threesome wasn't his fantasy after all. Maybe it was all about keeping his wife happy. Hannah had some experience with couples and their sex drives. Usually the man was the initiator, but not this time. Willie seemed to be the reluctant participant. She felt a twinge of pity for him and then let it go. Emotions had to be switched off when you're the meat in a married sandwich.

"Your scratches look better."

"Thanks, they feel better."

"What do you think, Willie?"

Slowly, the chief turned his head and inspected Hannah's body. His earlier reluctance faded, until she felt the full heat of his gaze. It stopped on her chest and her nipples tightened, lubrication flooded her vagina. Her body responded like a Pavlovian bitch, conditioned by repetitive training.

"Very... nice."

"Come on. Get in with me."

The water was warm and only waist deep in the shallow end. She waded next to Annie, who let go of the cock and spread her arms wide for an embrace. "Kiss me."

The pregnant woman pressed herself tight against Hannah. The slippery skin on skin contact titillated, as they lingered in the sensation. While they kissed, Annie took Hannah's hand and placed it on the Chief's erection. Their fingers entwined with the cock between their palms. Annie started a long stroke from tip to base, while the women's tongues teased each other.

Annie dragged Hannah's hand to the tip and rubbed her palm over the wet crown. She broke the kiss, looked her husband in the eye, and then licked Hannah's moist palm.

The Chief's face was so red Hannah thought he was about to explode.

"Mmm, Big Willie tastes good on you."

The Chief remained silent, but his eyes darted to Hannah. She glimpsed a look of hesitation, before he turned back and smiled at his wife. "I'm glad you think so."

Annie reached out and teased his glans, coating her fingers with more 'Willie juice', and then used it to paint her left nipple. Lifting her breast toward Hannah, she asked, "Care for a taste?"

Hannah glanced from wife to husband. Her whore instincts just weren't kicking in like they used to. She didn't want to be in these situations anymore. But she felt trapped, and that scared her. Hannah couldn't just walk away without risking everything she wanted with Tom. She hesitated, prayed for a sign, but Chief Willie just gawked at his wife's creamy tit.

"Come on, Hannah. Try it." Annie grabbed Hannah's braids and pulled her head down until her mouth rested against the spongy nub.

'This must be the sign I asked for.' She parted her lips and sucked in the wet morsel. Annie groaned when Hannah swirled the nipple with a practiced tongue. Willie juice was like every other man's juice, tasteless.

"Okay, that's enough." Chief Willie jumped into the pool and pushed Hannah away. He grabbed his wife by the shoulders and glared down at her. "I'm not sharing you."

Annie couldn't respond, because Willie wrapped her up in a passionate kiss and dragged her into deeper water.

At first, Hannah feared the Chief was angry and would drown her. Annie's body floated up horizontal. Chief Willie cradled her nude form and spun in a slow circle, while kissing her breasts and round tummy in turn. Annie's hand massaged his scalp with increasing fervor. There was no argument.

The erotic sight triggered Hannah's fond memory of Tom in the mountain pool. As she watched the passionate exchange, warmth rose in her cheeks, until Willie waved her away. She quickly dried, dressed, and drove off, before they changed their minds.


Tom felt proud of himself, as he loaded dirty sheets into the industrial washer. After repairing a cracked hose and some mouse-chewed wires the thing agitated like a champ.

Ten minutes later, Tom walked to his cabin and was surprised to see his pickup truck parked out front. Once inside, he heard the water running in the bath. 'Another shower?'

He knocked on the bathroom door, and yelled, "Need some help?"

"No! No, I'll be out in a minute."

The sharpness of her voice made him anxious. Maybe things didn't go so well with Chief Morris's wife.

Tom wandered over to the bedside and removed his dirty clothes. He lay down to wait in just his boxers. The room was warm and he was tired. The combination put him to sleep and he soon found himself in a dream world. It was a semi-conscious dream, like an out of body experience -- all his senses active and aware.

The sun was hot, as he paddled a wide, dugout canoe. The craft gently rocked with each push. A woman sat in the bow and he matched his stroke to hers. Her long braid hung down to her waist and feminine muscles rippled beneath her glistening bronze skin. She appeared to be topless.

The distant shoreline was thickly wooded. He scanned the landscape and saw no evidence of man anywhere -- no buildings, no boats, nothing except green forest, blue sky and shimmering water. Peacefulness encompassed him, a calm certainty that life was good. The only thing he questioned was the identity of the woman. Tom tried to speak, but had no voice. He dipped his hand and flicked cold water onto the woman's back. No reaction. He tried several times without success. Finally, he scooped a handful and splashed her.

She turned and smiled. It was Hannah.

Tom's pulse quickened. He felt his mind expand with a tenderness that hurt. He'd never felt this powerful emotion before -- elation he was afraid to lose.

The dream continued on in slow motion. Hannah put down her paddle and crawled back. Her breasts swayed, as she slinked on hands and knees. Tom stopped paddling when she knelt between his legs, closed her eyes and puckered up for a kiss. The softness of her mouth, the tickle of her tongue, felt real. The places their skin touched became hot and slippery with perspiration.

Hannah moved away, but Tom wouldn't open his eyes, for fear she'd be gone. The moment was perfect and he didn't want the pleasure to end.

A breeze whispered in his ear, "I love you", and then the dream faded to black.

Tom woke slowly, his mind filled with surreal contentment. It took a while to remember where he was. One sensation still remained from the dream, the touch of Hannah's skin. But it wasn't a dream, after all. Hannah lie next to him -- her arm over his chest and her leg pressed against his thigh. Her slow, even exhales tickled his ear. She was his nude dream girl, and he felt the real fear of loss.

Gently, he rolled away, and watched her with his head propped on his hand. Her braids were gone, and waves of ebony silk fanned across her back. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, despite the scratches. Feasting on her sweet curves -- the porcelain globes of her bottom, her tanned legs, and the breast pressed against the mattress -- he couldn't help but grow hard and uncomfortable. After straightening his cock inside his boxers, Tom noticed Hannah's eyes were open and staring at the tent he'd made.

She grinned, then bit her bottom lip and hid her face in the pillow.

Tom moved to her side and kissed her shoulder. "I was dreaming about you."

A muffled voice said, "Really?"


Through a curtain of hair, she peeked at him. "Was it a sex dream?"

"No, we were in a canoe on a lake. It was weird."

She sat up, crossed her legs and draped her hair to cover nearly everything. "What was weird about it?"

"It was like, it happened in the past." Tom fell back and stared at the ceiling. "We were alone, in the middle of nowhere. It was summer. You sat in the front and I was in the back. I wasn't sure if it was you, so I splashed you, to make you turn around." Tom glanced at Hannah. She stroked a fistful of hair, while staring intently at his face. "When I saw it was you, I felt a huge rush."

"You mean a rush like nausea."

He met her gaze. "No, it felt fantastic. I've never felt happier."

Hannah groaned, flopped back and closed her eyes.

Rising up on his elbow, Tom looked down on her. "It felt like it happened a long time ago, before civilization."

"That's what made you hard?"

"No." Tom brushed a strand of hair from her mouth. "Waking up and finding you next to me did that." Then, he bent down, cradled her face in his hands and softly kissed her. Hannah didn't return the affection, so he didn't push it. Her acquiescence felt like a test of honor and he wasn't going to force her into anything physical, even though his cock ached to be inside her.

He got up and pulled on a clean pair of jeans. "Are you hungry?"

Hannah slipped on her John Denver tee shirt, and then opened the small refrigerator. "On the way home I bought some sandwiches, potato salad and a bottle of wine. I thought we could have a picnic, after all."


Tom packed the food and a blanket into his backpack. Then they headed to the motel office and turned on the 'No Vacancy' sign.

"There's an old trail behind the barn. Let's see where it goes." Hannah followed Tom's lead. "I wish I knew how to saddle the horses, they probably could use some exercise."

The path was nearly overgrown, but soon they were in the woods and the path widened. Tom took her hand, and they walked side by side. "It's nice to hike with you and not worry about being shot."

Hannah laughed. "Let's hope we don't trespass."

They crested a small hill and came upon a one-acre pond with a boulder-strewn shoreline.

She squeezed his hand and pointed. "That's a pretty spot. Let's have our picnic over there."

They wandered around to the other side and laid the blanket down in the sunshine on top of a flat outcrop. Hannah prepared the food. Tom opened the wine and set it in the water to chill.

"So, how did it go with Annie?"

After a long pause, she said, "Okay."

"Just Okay?"

"It was kind of awkward. She wants things her way and Willie lets her."

"Willie?" Tom laughed.

"That's what she calls him." She held out a full plate. "Here. I don't want to talk about it."

They ate quietly and watched a family of ducks swim single file across the pond. A loon glided onto the surface and then dove, only to reappear a distance away. His lonesome call echoed across the mirrored surface.

Tom spent half the time watching Hannah. He liked to watch her chew, liked the way her jaw muscle clenched into a knot. He liked the sweeping curve of her back, as she bent to eat over the plate. He liked the way her hair floated in the occasional breeze. Her seriousness bothered him.

She pulled a sweet pickle from her sandwich and wiggled it. "You want?"

He nodded, and leaned forward with an open mouth.

Hannah placed it carefully on his tongue. "It's like feeding a baby bird," she said, and then licked her fingers.

"If I was a baby bird you'd have to feed me from your beak."

A grin brightened her face. It was the playful look he'd seen before. His heart beat a little faster.

"Oh, is that so." She dug between the sandwich buns and found another one. "Care for sloppy seconds?"

"No thanks."

She pouted.

"Just kidding."

This time, she pinched it between her lips and leaned forward.

Tom moved in. Their eyes remained open, as he covered her mouth with his and sucked on the offered treat. She wouldn't release it at first, forcing more contact. He had to work his tongue between her lips to retrieve it. When she started to move away, he held the back of her head. One swallow and the pickle disappeared, but the kiss remained. Tenderly, he explored her mouth and delighted in the tart flavor. "Thanks."

Hannah returned the kiss with a burst of passion. "Thank you back."

They continued their silent meal until they were full. Hannah regressed into sullenness.

Tom got up and brought the wine bottle back from shore. He removed his shirt, drank a slug and sat down with his back against a warm rock.

"Are you going to Bogart that?"

"Yup." He took another hit.

Hannah ignored him for a while. "It's hot," she said, and pulled off her tee shirt. "Can I have a drink?"

"Come and get it."

He refused to ogle her topless approach. When she stood over him and held out her hand, he patted the rock between his legs. "Sit."

After a moment of indecision, she sat between his knees with her back to him. He handed over the bottle and began to braid her hair. She took a couple of swallows and then just sat still, while he wove the feathery strands together.

"Great hair."

"Thanks. I like yours too."

A Heron landed across the pond. It waded in the shallows on stick legs, nabbing minnows and frogs with its sharp beak.

Tom tied off the braid with a rubber band from his pocket. "I should've known it was you in my dream. I remember seeing this freckle on your shoulder." He kissed it. "You didn't have any scratches in the dream. That's what threw me off."

"How do they look?"

"Healing up. A lot of them are almost gone." He flipped the heavy braid to her front and pulled her back against his chest.

Hannah didn't resist. She nestled in and offered the wine.

After a big swallow, Tom set it aside and laced his fingers together over her stomach. She smelled like sunshine and fresh air. "Hannah..."

She tipped her head back to see his face. "What."

"I've said some things. Things like, you belong to me..."

Hannah looked away, out over the pond. Her body stiffened.

"If you want to go... don't feel like you have to stay, if you don't want to."

"Shut up, Horse." Hannah placed her hands on top of his. "There's no place I'd rather be."

"Okay... good."

"Good," she repeated, and reached back to caressed his cheek.

Tom picked up her braid and tickled her nose with the curled end. "Fine."

"Fine and good," she said, and rubbed her shoulder blades against his damp chest.

"Fine and dandy." He traced down her chest and circled a nipple with the braid brush. When that one became erect he teased the other.

"Mmm..." she snuggled closer and massaged the front of his thighs.

"It's kind of hot in the sun. Why don't we move the blanket to the shade."

Hannah spun around on her knees, and whispered, "I like the sound of that." She closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss.

Tom trembled with the recognition this was his dream come true. Softly, he cupped her cheek and accepted the offer with lingering affection.

At the end, they smiled. Hannah picked up the wine and Tom grabbed the blanket. He took her hand and led her to a stand of young pines. Carefully, they made their way through the tangled branches and into the secluded center, where Tom spread the blanket over a bed of soft decay.

Hannah put the bottle down and watched Tom remove his boots and socks. He stood and hastily stripped off the jeans and boxers, then beckoned her with a curled finger.

Coyly stroking her braid, she shuffled to him with downcast eyes.

He laughed. "You're a good actress." But when he pushed up her chin, her eyes were filled with tears. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just happy."

He wrapped Hannah in his arms and rocked side to side. "Me too."

Renewed passion burned inside. He hugged her tight and kissed her hard. Unrelenting, his lips traveled across her cheek, down her neck, to her breast. He suckled and fondled each one, as her fingers raked his scalp. When she moaned with every caress, his lips continued their journey down until he knelt and kissed her stomach. His fingers busied themselves undoing her pants. She held his head for balance, as he tugged them down to her ankles. In seconds she was naked. He rose up and buried his nose in her bush. "You smell so good."

Hannah widened her stance, allowing him access. He cupped her bottom with his palms and tongued her forcefully. She gasped at the suddenness. Her breathing soon became ragged. When he teased her clitoris for the first time, her knees buckled. All her weight was supported with his hands and mouth.

Self-control lost the battle with desire and he pulled her down onto her back. He needed her. He wanted all of her. They kissed wildly and fought for air. He pressed between her splayed thighs and felt her shift beneath until they lined up. Hannah wrapped her legs over his back and he thrust home. She grunted and her breasts bounced against his chest. Her hands clawed his back. Desire drove him mad. He thrust again and again, taking her with force, the pleasure beyond all other. She pleaded for him to go faster. Tom felt her spasm around him. She screamed into his mouth, her fingers clutched his hair. He sucked her breath into his lungs and continued to pound. Their damp skin smacked loudly on impact.

Her body shuddered. Her arms and legs relaxed their frantic grip. Her hands turned gentle. Tom reveled in her fulfillment. His orgasm rose like a phoenix from her ashes. It coursed through his being and shot through every fiber. He arched into her. He felt her legs tighten, holding him in, sensing his need. Deep, he sent his seed, each pulse a wave of intense joy. When it was over, Tom sank into her warmth.

He whispered, "Unbelievable."

She caressed his cheek. "Yes, you are."

They kissed and cuddled while his erection receded inside her. This was a moment he'd never forget.

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