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Visit to the Doctor


Ugh, time for my check up. I would not mind them if they did not pull blood every 3 months. I guess I did ask for it since there are some bad medical histories in my family. Might as well catch it all early.

Since there are health problems in my family, I work hard to keep fit, and it is no easy thing. I was always a bigger kid. Just just large in frame, but always had a bit too much fat on me. It was this way all the way through school. It was not until I was about 22 that I finally was able to take the weight off. I slimmed down, and kept as fit as I could. I managed to run at least 5 miles a week, plus riding my bike, and chasing my dogs outside. I have to say that my 40 year old frame was in pretty good shape.

I got out of bed, and went to take my shower before my wife woke up. I ran the water a little cold, because I liked it, and my wife has decided she no longer likes sex. She actually decided that not long after we were married 9 years ago. She was crazy in bed when we met, and she was not shy about trying out fantasies. She said it was because we did so well in the bedroom (or bathroom, or kitchen, or park, or car) that she married me. Don't get me wrong, it is not all about sex, but when you go from 60 to zero in no time flat, it is a shock to the system.

I cleaned myself up very well, making sure not to miss anything. The doctors never seen to fail at checking something that they had not before. Nothing worse then having the doctor tell a nurse to dig out some deep rooted belly button lint. I can't help it mine is really deep. And why was he looking at my belly button to begin with.

It most likely has to do with the fact that I go to the local university for health care, and get interns who either miss a lot, or check everything. They check in with the resident before anything happens, so all is well, and usually I get a very competent intern.

Speaking of which, I had one for 2 years which was odd. They never seem to last that long. He was an outstanding doctor, but I had received a form letter stating that he was moving on, and that meant I would be getting a new one. Maybe I would get some cute young female again.

It had happened a couple of times. A female is assigned to me, and has to go through all the motions. Only once did I get her hands on my junk. She had to do a hernia test. The resident was there, and reminded her that she needed to accomplish it. So, she took my member in one hand, and held it out of the way while she cupped the balls. I wanted to get aroused, but I was more amused at her embarrassment.

Once clean and dry, I got dressed, kissed my wife goodbye, and headed out the door. I got to the clinic, checked in, and took my seat, waiting for them to call my name. After a short wait, I was taken in, and had my weight, blood pressure and temp taken. My weight was dead on where I wanted it to be, but the doctor would most likely berate me for it. Fucking BMI scale. I looked fit, and no one would guess I weighed as much as I did. What am I to do, my chest is 44", but my waist is 30", and I am over 6' tall. I am a big guy overall.

The nurse leads me down the hall. I always seem to be in one of the 3 rooms at the end of the hall. Sure enough, last room on the right. She tells me to strip to my skivvies, and hop on the table. This is new. Perhaps new procedure. All they ever did before was have me remove my shirt, and drop trou if they needed anything else, which was rare. They often checked my feet, but that was just socks and shoes.

I ask the nurse for a gown or something as I was not wearing underwear. She told me to just leave my jeans on, but remove everything else. I did as instructed, and waited for the doctor to arrive.

About 15 minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and the resident doctor walked in, followed by a new face. He introduced the new doctor, but I could not tell you the name. He was of Asian descent, and I did not understand what the doctor said. I just smiled, and shook the younger man's hand.

The resident went over a few things with me, helping the new guy set settled with me. The resident always remembered that I requested some special attention in regards to my family history, and he always made sure the new intern was aware so corners were not cut.

"It looks like we will just be doing the usual today." the resident doctor said while going over my details. "With the addition of one more test. It looks like you turned 40 since you were last here. We better check your prostate."

All I could manage was a nervous "Oh." Time for me to meet Mr. Greasy Finger. Wonderful.

He went over a few more things with the intern, and he then departed. My new doctor explained that once done, I would head to the lab for blood to be drawn for several tests. That was the norm for me. He also started talking to me about my weight. I went on that I was at 13% body fat which was very good, and that it was just a matter of my build. As I had done with others before, I directed him to some pictures I kept online of when I was around 180 lbs, and my ribs were very visible, and I looked sickly. I had him note all the captions of weight, and he did agree that my current weight appeared to be best. Yeah, at least until the next time I am here.

We talked over other things about my family history, and I voiced my concerns to him so he would understand. After that, he proceeded with the checkup. He did all the normal things, listed to my heart, breathing, checked for pain here and there, checked my neck, checked my eyes and throat. He did a pretty good job and getting everything that I was used to. He then told me to stand up, and drop my pants. "Oh, Lord. Here it comes." I thought to myself.

Instead, he pulls up a stool, and sits in front of me. He takes a hold of my cock, and lifts it up out of the way, and with his other hand, he starts checking for a hernia. Next, he starts rubbing my balls. "What the fuck?" I wonder. He started out firm, but then it became softer. Add to that, he kept moving my cock from side to side while he did it. He moved it opposite of the testicle he was rubbing, and it felt like he was stroking it. I have to admit that it was feeling nice. I also have to admit that I had only entertained the thought of gay sex long enough to decide it was not for me.

So, the check went on for a few minutes, basically the intern rubbing my balls and slightly jacking my cock. He then let go of my now semi erect penis, and slides back declaring that he felt nothing on my testicles to be scared about.

"Turn around, and lean over the exam table, please."

Ok, now here it really comes. Proof that I am getting old. I lean over, and he directs me to place my elbows on the pad, and spread my legs a little more. I do as instructed, and prepare myself for coming invasion.

I hear the snap of a rubber glove, and at that moment I wondered "Did he have gloves on when checking my balls?"

Before I could think about answering, I felt the cold lube being applied to my rear end. When the cold hit, I instantly flinched, and stood upright. He apologized, and then put the ball of his hand on my back, and put his other hand around my waist, pressing at the base of my cock, and leaned me back over. I was being molested, I think.

He went back to applying the lube around my asshole, then gently pressed a finger inside a little ways. Molested or not, I was not going to deny that it felt good. My wife had rubbed my balls before, and in the process I realized that the taint was a sensitive spot, but never had anyone journeyed that far down before. He slid it back out, and then back in again, working it a little deeper each time.

Then it happened. I thought it felt good before, he started rubbing on something that made my cock go instantly erect. He kept direct pressure on it, and I could only assume that he was now checking my prostate. As he kept rubbing, I unthinkingly clenched down as I suddenly felt like I could shoot my load any moment. It was then that the dam broke with hardly any warning. Once I clenched, and he kept rubbing, I lost control and started spasming. Rope after rope of cum shot from my cock onto the side of the table, and I was groaning in immense pleasure. It has been a long time since I had cum from anything other than my own hand.

"That's alright, it happens more than anyone might think." the doctor explained as he removed his finger from my anus. I was far to embarrassed to turn around and face him, but I heard him take off his gloves, and sit back on his stool. He tapped my on my back, and I finally turned around. Before I could react, he had slid forward a few inches, and took my cock into his mouth, cleaning all the remaining cum from it. I was sensitive, but could not manage to move myself away. Eventually I felt my cock stirring again. The doctor went to the door, and turned the lock, then directed my to turn around, and face the table again.

He was a short man, so he pulled the step from the bottom of the table, making me spread my legs wide enough to allow it to come out. He stood on it, then pushed directed me to lean over again. I was in a trance. I could not understand what was happening, but it felt really good. I was not really aware that I had spread my legs, and leaned back over the table until I felt something pressing against my asshole, and this was no finger this time. He pushed, and slipped off target a couple of times, and I was thankful because it was starting to hurt. Finally, he pressed the head of his cock against my ass again, and while holding it in place, applied more pressure. I was not sure I could deal with this, but finally the head popped inside, and I lifted up as the stinging pain tore through me. He pushed me forward again, and before the stinging went away, he started pushing deeper into my ass.

I noticed that there was no additional pain, and that soon began to fade. He never stopped to allow me to adjust, he just pushed until I felt him press against the back of my legs, then he pulled out until I could feel the head of his cock tugging to get out. Back in he went. Each time the head of his cock passed over my prostate, it sent a shiver through me, but it was not enough to be like earlier. Even so, it did feel nice, and I relaxed and enjoyed my first gay ass fucking.

After a few minutes, I felt him getting a little more erratic, and he finally pulled his strokes up a little, and he was pressing firmly against the prostate, and I found myself elevated to a new level of pleasure. This was even better than the finger. I heard his breath catching behind me, and figured he was getting close to cumming. He had be on the edge as well, and then suddenly again, I started to cum. After my first jet, I felt him press deep inside of my ass, and he began cumming inside of me. Feeling that, my orgasm just grew instead of fade.

Once it was over, and he was still pressed deep inside my ass, my entire body was tingling. I had just had the best sex of my life, and each orgasm happened without me touching my cock. As he pulled out, I could not believe how good it still felt. As the head of his cock exited with a tug, there was a slight stinging again, but it was well worth it.

I heard him zip up and step away from the table. He told me that I could get dressed, and head to the lab for my blood work. I found my jeans, and pulled them up realizing that I would need to visit the restroom first. As I left the room, leaving him in there alone, I marvelled at how empty I felt, and realized that I would have to do this again soon. It was too good to only do it once.

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