"Okay, just lie back and tell me why you can't sleep." My new paranormal investigator, Derek said.

Laughing I said, "You sound like a shrink."

"Yeah...this job IS like that...but really lie down. It'll help. You look so weak." Derek said in a soothing voice.

"Alright, this is my story: Every night its the same nightmare. I'm in the mall with my ex boyfriend and we get on the slow glass elevators going up. The elevator stops and all of a sudden I'm overcome with an extreme wave of...of..."

"Of?" Derek asks.


Derek chuckled.

"Ha, Ha. The next thing I know my ex Jay is ripping my clothes off. Literally. They fall to shreds of the floor. I try to cover up, but then I notice the whole mall has stopped and are watching us. Some are pointing and gasping others are just gawking with their cell phone cameras. Jay flips me around suddenly and pulls my hair whispering in my ear. 'I'm gonna fuck you in front of everyone.' With his right hand gripping tight on my hair he grabbed his dick with his left and from behind me slammed his dick hard in my vagina... Smashing me against the elevator glass. The cool glass instantly made my nipples hard, I groaned loudly lost in lust. Jay never fucked me with such strength and force. And here's the part where I need your help."

"Huh?" Derek managed to squeak out.

I turned to look at him (I was staring at the ceiling as I told my story) he clearly had a huge bulge in his pants. "Yes, this is the part where it turns 'supernatural'. As Jay fucked me, a she-male spirit thing with a tail appeared floating in front of me on the opposite side of the glass. I screamed but Jay didn't notice and the more I struggled the harder he gripped me.

The spirit floated toward me laughed maniacally and came straight through the glass materializing pushing me off the glass. Jay pulled out of me and let me go. I stepped back away from them both and just froze. Jays eyes were pure black.

'Bring her to me.' The spirit thing demanded, and Jay did.

'You are my toy. And I will do with you as I please. And you better please me.' It demanded.

Her hand gently caressed my face, her touch sent me over the edge I could think of nothing but sex. The shock and awe of the crowd just made it better. She kissed me passionately, fondling my breasts. As I returned the favor, one of my hands reached for her cock and I started rubbing her with increasing speed. I wanted to feel her huge cock inside of me. I moaned breathless through our kisses. She released my breasts and reached down my legs and gently grazed my pussy lips just enough to send shivers down my spine. As I trembled she picked me up effortlessly and lowered me on her cock. It was hot and burning. My arms wrapped around her holding her tight as she lifted me up and down. She filled me completely, my vagina walls clenched her pulsing with each thrust. Our breasts rubbed with each bounce making our nipples hard. Just as I was about to orgasm I felt Jays body press against my back. His cock shot hard and fast into my ass, sending me over the edge. My orgasm was hard and long. I twitched between them, but they still didn't stop. She whispered in my ear...'Not yet'...then they continued. At some point we switched positions. Jay laid on the glass elevator floor and She picked me up as if I was a rag doll and placed me perfectly on top of him. His cock felt cool in my vagina, and quenched the flames, but not for long. Soon she was behind me stroking my breasts and breathing in my ear. I felt a new stronger orgasm building. She slowly inserted her cock inside my ass. I gasped with anticipation. Soon they both filled me completed and slowly started rocking. The spirits tail weaseled its way to my clit rubbing it just right. I lost my mind completely. All I knew was lust, and pleasure. My orgasms came in waves and then I passed out. And that's the end of the story. I wake up every night in my bed sore and wet. Well, what do you think Derek?"

"I think that I should spend the night at your house tonight to ... um... document everything and keep watch. How long has this been going on?" Derek asked.

"Every night for 3 months. The sex varies of course but hats the just of it. Will your crew be joining us?" I asked.

"Nope. Just me...now lets go check your bedroom. You can tell me more on the way...."

To be continued...

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