tagRomanceVisiting Lyndsey

Visiting Lyndsey


My body lurched forward as the plane's wheels touched the ground and started braking. I didn't mind the sudden speed change, or the loud roaring sound that came with all plane landings- it was all relatively minor when compared to the feeling I had every time a plane landed, which was "Ahh, I'm safe."

Ever since I was 5, I've flown. My parents divorced, and my mother moved from my hometown in California to Texas with my stepfather, so I was used to taking planes back west to see my dad, who has since moved to Reno, Nevada. I've probably flown literally a hundred times in my life, yet I never really "got used" to flying. Turbulence has always been the worst for me, and as soon as the plane starts trembling, I tense up like a tightly wound rubber band, gripping the armrests as if for dear life.

As I waited in the line of passengers who were taking way too long to get their luggage from the overhead compartments, I fought the urge to squeeze between them and make a break for the plane's door. You see, I wasn't visiting my dad this time- I was visiting a very close friend. Her name was Lyndsey, and I'd known her for two years. She was absolutely the most gorgeous person I'd ever met, but I met her while I was very deep in a relationship, so I'd always had to hold back around her. We had even roomed together once, in an apartment in Reno, but I still lived with my girlfriend at the time and was very cautious not to take passes at Lyndsey, regardless of the temptation. Eventually, Lyndsey found better opportunities in Las Vegas, and moved there.

Since then, I'd broken up with my girlfriend, and found another. Near the end of my latest relationship, Lyndsey had started talking with me online, about her schooling and her dreams of becoming a teacher. As things with my latest girlfriend had gotten rough, Lyndsey listened to my laments, and ultimately helped counsel me when I finally packed up my things and moved out. As time went on, I grew more independent, and more comfortable with myself, but the fact remained that I still had a crush on Lyndsey like with nobody else. We fooled around occasionally online, and one day I suggested the idea of us actually dating. Long story short, my trip was to Las Vegas, and it was for two things- A concert, which was a damn good excuse to go for the MAIN reason, which was Lyndsey.

I was visiting her for a "tryout" of sorts. We were going to spend a few days playing the parts of boyfriend and girlfriend, so we could each get a feel for how we would work in a relationship. Though we had always been good friends, Lyndsey didn't fall in love easily, and she was convinced that she needed something like this to better define her feelings for me. Since there was a concert in town that I wanted to see, and since I had enough money lying around, I happily agreed.

Finally, the passenger roadblock ahead of me decongested, and I began making progress through the door. I smiled at the attendants as they said the assorted "Come back and see us soon"s and "Enjoy your stay"s that I had heard more times than I could count. As soon as I finally made it out of the plane, I quickened my walking pace and made straight for the security station of the Las Vegas International Airport. I'd been here before, on stops on the way to Reno, so I made it there in no time at all. As I finally walked by the metal detectors, I saw her.

She was just as beautiful as I remembered- every picture I'd seen had done her total justice. She had put on more weight since I'd seen her in person last, probably about thirty pounds, but that never really bothered me anyways- I've always been in to bigger girls, and at 230 pounds, I still found her to be knockout attractive. All I cared about was her face. She was giving me the kind of candid, honest smile you would expect from somebody who's loved you for years and years to give. Her cheeks were slightly red- she was even blushing at me! And her beautiful brown eyes had locked with mine through her glasses, which had thin lenses and black frames that were thick enough to not look to masculine, but thin enough to not look nerdy. They were the kind of glasses you'd expect a sexy secretary at an office to wear.

I went from a quick walk to a full on charge, homing in on her as our arms opened. I slowed down enough as I got close to her so I wouldn't flat-out tackle her, and we finally shared our first hug in over a year. As we held each other in that airport hallway, my nose picked up a strong scent of vanilla coming off of her. She knew that vanilla was my favorite smell, and had obviously taken that into consideration as she got ready this morning.

The trip from there to my hotel was fairly uneventful. We talked so much online, that we each already knew everything that one would normally "catch up on" while at the baggage claim or in the car. She made small talk about her morning, and I bemoaned about how boring the flight was, even though it was only about 50 minutes from Reno to Vegas.

After what seemed like an eternity of driving to me, interrupted by a stop off at Wendy's for a quick dinner, we finally parked the car at the hotel and walked in. I proudly presented my printout confirmation to the clerk at the desk, who responded by handing Lyndsey and I each a plastic card key and saying "Enjoy your stay."

You see, Lyndsey and I had planned on a room meant for two adults, so we could each have a key. My stay in Vegas was only going to be a couple of days long, and we planned on squeezing as much fun into those couple of days as we could, which we knew would include lots and lots of sex. I had wanted her so bad for the whole time I knew her, and she knew it, too. However, I honorably kept my distance before, because I had a relationship of my own. But now that I had no attachments, and on top of that, we were shooting for each other, we both knew there would be no stopping us. The only stipulation we decided to put on was "no sex on the first day." We didn't feel that spending the entire trip fucking each other to exhaustion was the best way to go about the trip, so we decided to hold off until day two to do anything that would be too much fun. Fortunately for me, if you call it fortune, my flight had been delayed to the point that they eventually sent in another plane to take us, so instead of arriving in the afternoon, I actually arrived around 9pm.

It was 11:30 by the time I opened the door to my hotel room. A bit tired from my day, and glad to have a spot to relax, I dropped everything and made a beeline for the bed, on which I flopped down and stretched. The door closed as Lyndsey entered the room, so I moved to one side of the large king bed and let her flop down, too. We both sighed, relieved that we finally had some time to breathe. I rolled over and said to her, "So, what do you want to do now?"

"Kiss me," she requested. The sudden demand caught me off guard, but I didn't hesitate in fulfilling her request. As we lay on our sides, I scooted my body next to hers, wrapped my free arm around her, and gently pressed my lips against hers, softly at first, and then I pushed a little harder as I felt her push back. Together, we opened our mouths slightly, just enough to feel each other's breath across our tongues. Slowly, we closed our mouths and pulled away in perfect sync. I stared into her eyes and calmly asked, "How was that?"

Instead of responding, Lyndsey kissed me back, closing her lips at first, then opening them and softly breathing into me. My tongue slid forward, meeting briefly with the tip of hers before sliding farther back into her mouth. Our mouths locked together as our tongues twisted with each other, dancing in between our mouths as though it were to an unknown beat that only they could hear. Slowly, as if they didn't want to part, our tongues separated and we pulled away from our first French kiss. I took a second to breathe, and all I could say after that was, "Wow."

"I'm glad you liked it; I've been saving that for you for a long time, now."

"Oh really?" I joked, "Anything else you've been saving for me?" She glanced over at the cheap alarm clock on the nightstand, which read 11:48pm.

"You know very well that I've been saving a lot for you, but you don't get to have any of it for another twelve minutes!" she taunted.

"So exactly how are we going to spend the next twelve minutes, then?" I questioned. She responded by pulling me closer and kissing me deeply once more, to which I followed through by sliding my tongue between our lips to meet with hers. Again our tongues danced along each other, sliding back and forth between our mouths as if they were making love to each other.

We continued like this to pass the time until it was no longer our "first day" together. Between kissing and taking a few seconds to breathe, we kept an eye on the clock. When it was exactly midnight, we decided to stop kissing and move on.

I laid down on the bed and removed my shirt while Lyndsey stood on her knees and removed hers. I got up on my knees, and got closer to her. I gave her one more kiss as my hands slid around her back and undid the clasps on her bra. Then, I gently guided her to lay down on the bed facing up as I pulled her bra away and finally saw her chest. Her tits were definitely DD or larger, with a barbell pierced through each nipple. The barbells had blue and white striped balls to them. I remembered when she told me that she got colorful new barbells for her nipples a few months back, and I could see them now.

But I wasn't going to sit there and stare at her gorgeous tits for much longer. I positioned myself on top of Lyndsey and kissed her once more on the mouth, held the kiss for a few seconds, and then started kissing my way down and left, stopping at the bottom of her neck, kissing back up her neck, and then back down again until I got close to her right nipple. Instead of kissing my way towards it, I opened my mouth and let my tongue skate across her breast. I circled her nipple twice, then came in closer. Playfully, I flicked at her barbell with my tongue as my other hand crept up from her waist. In one move, I took her left nipple between my right thumb and index finger at the same time that my hungry mouth finally took in her eager right.

"Mmm, yes. Suck them good, Christian," she moaned.

I began a steady rhythm of sucking and squeezing both nipples. With my right hand, I gently squeezed and tugged her nipple, feeling the metal and the flesh in turn, and rubbing the tip of her nipple until it stood fully erect. Meanwhile, my tongue was taking in the mixed taste of steel and skin. After taking in her taste, I circled the tip of my tongue along the tip of her nipple, dancing around and around until it matched its partner. Then, I switched off, giving her left nipple the oral attention it desired while I kept the left stimulated with my thumb and finger. I continued like this for what seemed like forever- sucking hungrily on each nipple in turn.

Eventually, I slowly detached my mouth from its current task and began kissing my way down her stomach, moving my legs off of the edge of the bed and down to the floor as I did so. Lyndsey got the hint and brought her hands down to her pants, undoing them and quickly sliding them down, revealing to me a rainbow thong.

I gently tugged the thong off and took in the sight of Lyndsey's pussy, which was already moist and begging for me to give it the same attention I'd just shown her nipples. Her red pubic patch was neatly trimmed, too, which was a welcome sight, as I'd wondered if she would have shaved or if she would keep some hair on- a little hair is a big turn-on for me.

I slowly brought up a finger and slid it along her pussy lips. Lyndsey moaned in response. I slowly wiggled my finger inside, feeling the slick walls of her pussy as I dipped my finger in. I turned my finger upwards and gently made a "come here" motion with my finger as my mouth closed in on the real prize- Lyndsey's clit.

I pressed my tongue gently against the top of Lyndsey's vaginal opening as my finger continued its motion inside. I slowly brought my tongue up higher, in search of her clit, which I found quickly and easily. I lashed at it with my tongue, making gentle sweeps across it at first, and then getting rougher as Lyndsey's hips began to gyrate in rhythm with my motions. We made a beautiful synchronization- like beats to music, I was fingering her and licking her as her hips followed the melody set by my finger and tongue.

"Oh, God, yes, Christian! Don't stop!"

Thirsting for the taste of her wetness, I pulled my finger out of her opening and attached my entire mouth to Lyndsey's crotch. I held onto Lyndsey's legs as I began furiously sucking at Lyndsey's clit. Her juice tasted so good in my mouth, that I slid my tongue lower, and eventually inside of her to get a taste. Satisfied, I went up again and resumed licking and sucking her clit. I held on tighter as Lyndsey's hips went from gyrating to bucking. My mouth dug in deeper and my grip tightened as Lyndsey began fucking my face. I kept up my tongue's rhythm on her clitoris as she started in a low moan. Her hips sped up, faster and faster, and I moved my tongue faster to keep up with her rhythm as I felt her orgasm begin. She started with a low moan, and then it slowly got louder and louder as she finally bucked her hips up as high as they could go.

"Oh! I'm coming!!!!" She seemed to scream as my tongue and her clit met one last time, becoming one as she reached her climax right then and there.

She retreated to a low moan and brought her ass back down onto the bed as I pulled my face away and wiped her juice from my face with my hand.

"Okay, now it's your turn," Lyndsey said to me as she turned over on the bed and stuck out her inviting ass, "I want to give you an orgasm of your own, you know, so you'd better be ready to fuck me from behind like you mean it!"

"Of course I am. I've wanted this for so long!" I said as I quickly stripped my pants and underwear. Lyndsey scooted up higher on the bed to allow me room to get on with her. My cock was already throbbing from making Lyndsey orgasm, and it was certainly ready to fuck her until I collapsed, but I started first by teasing her with it. I slid the length of my shaft along her pussy lips, giving her a little taste of me. She ground her ass against my cock and moaned.

"Stop teasing me, please...just put it in!" she pleaded. Finally ready to oblige, I slowly pushed the tip of my cock inside her wet and waiting hole. Immediately, she sat back on it, forcing the full length of my cock as far into her as it could go. I felt my member twitch with pleasure, as I had wanted this just as much as she did. Slowly, she sat forward again, and allowed me to make the moves.

I started slow, just taking in the feeling of being inside of this woman was amazing. She was so wet from her orgasm, that my cock, which was a good size and girth, had no trouble sliding in and out of her vaginal walls. After I'd had enough of simply feeling Lyndsey, I decided it was time to start taking her. I quickened the pace of my pumping, moving from a slow motion to a steady fucking. I watched as Lyndsey moved her hand down to her crotch. She started masturbating as I fucked her faster.

Faster and faster my cock moved inside of her. I was now drilling her pussy as fast as I could, and she was fingering herself in rhythm to my pumping. I gripped her sides as I felt my balls tingle and my cock bulge. She moaned again as I flexed my cock inside of her, a sure sign that we were both ready.

"I..I'm gonna cum!" I grunted as I pushed into her again and again.

"M..Me too!" She moaned as she moved her fingers faster and ground deep into me.

In one spontaneous moment, I felt my dick burst inside of her, releasing streams of cum as her and I let out a harmonic moan together. I pumped into her again and again, and I felt her grind into me as her pussy seemed to squeeze around me, milking the cum from my cock as we moved together. We kept going for another minute or two, until we were both finally two tired to go anymore.

We crept under the covers and I put my arm around her. We cuddled together in the bed as sleep began to overtake us. I kissed her and said the words I'd wanted to tell her in person for as long as I can remember...

"I love you, Lyndsey."

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