Visiting Sis Ch. 02


Next, Shannin stepped towards me and bent forward. I was looking directly into her amazing cleavage and down the inside of her Speedo swimsuit. She put her lips up to mine and started to kiss me. As she did this, I felt her hands at the waist band of my swim trunks. She started to pull them down my legs and I protested just a little bit. She broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes. She said, "I can see if Stacy's coming out of the house, just trust me." I relaxed a little bit as she pulled my trunks about half way down my legs.

Next, she straddled my legs and started to stoop down as if to sit down in my lap. She adjuster herself just a little bit when I felt her hand on my now engorged stiff cock. Shannin looked into my eyes and adjusted herself a little more. It was then that I felt an intense heat start at the head of my cock and continue down the shaft as her body engulfed my hard shaft. Shannin must have pulled the leg to her Speedo aside and slid the head of my stiff prick into her pussy. She lowered herself into my lap and when she had me all the way in, she leaned forward and relaxed against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her ass cheeks through the thin nylon material of her suit.

I put my lips up to her ears and said, "Babe, you're amazing and I'm not going to last very long."

I heard Shannin breath a sexy reply, "I don't want you to last very long. This is all about getting you to cum inside of me as fast as possible. Stacy will be back any minute. You can make it up to me by eating my pussy and then fucking my brains out later tonight."

After saying this, she smiled at me and started to bounce up and down in my lap. She grabbed my hands in hers, pulled them to her chest and squeezed her breasts. I wanted to feel her soft skin so I slipped my hands out from under hers and pulled them back to slide them up inside of her swimsuit. Her bare tits felt amazing. Her nipples were rock hard against my palms. It didn't take very long for me to feel a nice orgasm start to build. I surely hoped that Stacy wouldn't come back too soon.

With my hands inside of Shannin's swimsuit, I started to lift and lower her body against mine as my orgasm built. Shannin new I was getting close. I looked into her eyes and she just smiled at me. She was so beautiful. Her golden blond hair shone in the bright sun light. I looked into her eyes and what I saw was complete submission under a sheer veil of absolute acceptance. It was then that I realized that I was really, truly in love. This exotic woman was completely focused on just pleasing me. I have never been with someone who was so selfless. My heart swelled. My observations and feelings of appreciation were short lived. By now my balls were boiling and I seriously needed release. I closed my eyes, arched my back a little bit, took in a deep breath and then pulled Shannin down onto my aching cock and balls. I held her still as her sexy body accepted every drop of my hot, sticky cum. Shannin's body molded to mine as I felt my muscles relax and constrict with each orgasmic spasm.

We lay there in the sunshine for a few minutes. Shannin was softly and gently kissing my neck as she lay on top of me. I had slipped my hands out of her swim suit and wrapped my arms around her. Gently, I rubbed her back and down to her soft, sexy cheeks. Slowly, I began to regain my composure, my breathing returning to normal. About that time, we heard, "You too are like rabbits. How many times are you going have sex this weekend? It's not like you both didn't get any last night!" Shannin and I, still coupled together, my softening cock slowly slipping from her body, looked at each other in shock. Stacy continued, "Yea, I know you were doing it last night and a little while ago I looked out the kitchen window before coming out here and saw you two going at it again. It's been so long since I've gotten laid I was happy to see someone making waves in the pool."

We all laughed as Stacy set three beers down on the table next to the pool. Shannin gave me a quick kiss on the lips and started to slide back off of my lap. She looked into my eyes as my cock slipped from her body. What I saw was a brief moment of disappointment but that was quickly replaced by a carnal hunger and desire that shocked me. It reminded me of the look a predatory animal would have the moment it had decided to pounce on its prey.

I hesitated to contemplate my ability or even my desire, to try to control this exotic beast that had awakened within the last 24 hours. My head was spinning with so many emotions and feelings for Shannin that I was virtually paralyzed and speechless. I couldn't contain my smile as I watched her gracefully slip below the smooth surface of the water and adjust her swimsuit. It was then that I remembered in horror that my own suit, although below the surface of the water, was still down below my knees.

I quickly reached under the water, grabbed my suit and pulled it up to my waist. From behind me I heard Stacy snicker, "Not that I'm complaining, but I was wondering when you were going to put that away." Embarrassed, I turned to look towards Stacy who was standing over me holding out a beer bottle. Her massive boobs were almost falling out of her small black bikini top. I tried to look away but was drawn to the beautiful image like a moth to light. I managed to look up into her face and she smiled at me. I grabbed the cold wet bottle from her hand and she didn't let go of it. I looked into her eyes and with a snide tone she questioned, "Maybe you didn't think I saw enough this morning?"

I sat there speechless. Was she actually coming on to me? Her sister was no more than five feet behind me. I was totally awestruck. Then, from behind me I heard Shannin burst out in laughter. Stacy let go of the beer and stepped into the pool, sitting down on the steps to my right. I took a long refreshing drink of the cool beer as Shannin walked over to us and sat down. She nestled up to my left side and put her arms around me, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. She grabbed the beer from my hands and took a long drink herself. I sat back against the edge of the pool and we all three remained quiet as we relaxed in the warm afternoon sun.

I wasn't even 24 hours into my four-day visit with Shannin and her sister Stacy and my imagination couldn't have comprehended the events that have passed, let alone what was to come.

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