Visiting Work


You wanted me to see where you worked so we took a break from our time at the hotel and hopped in your car. It was only a short drive and we were there .. an unobtrusive building with a large glass window in the front. Not much different than the other shops in the area but special because I know it is where you spend your time away from me.

It is late and no one is there as you use your key to let us in. The shop is quiet and you take me on the tour of where things happen during your day. Our path leads us into the back, where all of the boxes of cabinets are stacked in the warehouse. You walk quickly and get in front of me a few steps. Your quickness causes your skirt to move in the breezes you create. I slow down and admire the view as your cute little ass wiggles in front of me as you walk. Your purse slips from your shoulder and drops to the floor. I start to step forward to get it for you but you turn your head over your shoulder and tell me that you have it. You lean over slowly and keep your knees locked as you bend to pick it up. I watch as the hem of your skirt slides up the back of your legs, revealing more and more of your shapely thighs. As you continue to reach for your purse, I realize that your skirt is at the top of your thighs and that I can see your freshly trimmed pussy poking out from between your thighs. You grab your purse, turn your head to look at me and smile. You know what you are doing, don't' you?

Before you can stand up, I walk forward and place my hands on your hips. My hands feel warm in the cool air of the unheated warehouse as they slide from you hips to caress each ass cheek. I squeeze your butt firmly and you respond with a small moan.

You would think we would be satisfied after making love for hours at the hotel but it is obvious that we still want each other. You rise and turn to face me, my hands now under your skirt but both of them now on your thighs. 'Touch me, David," you say softly. I move one hand around your back as I slide the other between your soft thighs and thru your pubic hair. I can't believe how wet you feel but am happy you still want me. You reach up and put a hand behind my neck as you lower my head to kiss you. While our tongues mingle with each other, you spread your feet slightly giving my hand access to your pussy lips. My fingers slide along your slit and become wet with your juices. You expect me to slide them inside you but are surprised when I reach further and you feel my middle finger tickle your asshole. You moan into my mouth your approval and I slide my finger slightly inside your anus, causing you to inhale quickly. I stop to decide if I have gone to far but you push back against my finger until it slides further inside you. I am cautious as I move my finger slowly in and out of your ass, your moans coming in short deep exhales.

I know what you want from me and I remove my finger from your ass and slide my fingers along your slit again, finding you open and ready to accept me. As you pull my head hard toward you with our lips still tightly locked, I slide two fingers deeply inside you as far as they will go. Both hands are around my neck now as you press against my hand with your pussy, trying to force me deeper. I move my fingers in and out of you slowly at first, then faster as your breathing keeps pace. I know what this means as you grab me tightly around the neck and scream in climax. It feels like the only things holding you up are your arms as your legs give way as you orgasm.

We regain our composure in moments and you step away and lower your skirt, staring into my eyes and smiling all the while. They seem to tell me that it was unexpected but certainly appreciated.

You take me hand and walk me back into the showroom, past the displays to a small desk in the storefront window. I know this is where you spend you workday and admire its neatness in the midst of all of the duties you have to perform. You sit in your chair, then slide forward .. forcing the hem of your dress up your thighs again. You have learned how to tease me these last few hours and you have learned how much I enjoy it when you do. With one finger, you wave me over and have me sit on your desk facing the window with your body in between. The streetlights are the only lights illuminating us as you roll toward me and reach for the button on my jeans. You open the snap, raise my hips and pull the zipper down. With one pull, I am exposed to you and the neighborhood. I am hard like I always am when I am with you. You slide ever closer and lower your head to lick the underside of my swollen cock. With one hand wrapped around the base, your mouth finds my balls and you lightly suck each one into your mouth. The twitching of my thighs tells you I am enjoying this. You lick your way to the tip of my cock, tasting what you have done to me leaking from my opening. I look down to see your beautiful, soulful eyes staring up at me as my cock enters your mouth one slow inch at a time.

You have taken me all inside of you and begin a slow up and down motion with your lips tightly locked and your wrapped fingers following them. I can feel you other hand on my balls, but it is moving further down and I suddenly feel your finger tickling my asshole. You remove me from your mouth briefly to say "Turn about is fair play young man," as you slide your finger into me. I shudder as I feel you enter while at the same time your mouth returns to its work. You have sucked me before already today and know that your mouth can make me cum any time you want it to but that is not your goal this time. You just want me harder than hard.

You can feel me hardening in your mouth and know it is time. You push away from me with your chair and spread your legs. "Eat me, Nicky. Taste me again." In just my t-shirt, I kneel in front of you as you slide forward in the chair, your lips at the edge of the seat. I want so badly to taste you again, I run the tip of my tongue up your slit and tease our clit with it. As you squirm, you slide forward even more, giving me the chance to reach under your hips and raise them upward. Your love opening is in front of me as I stiffen my tongue and reach it inside you, tickling the roof of your pussy. Your breathing is short and halted, telling me you like it. But I have something larger that I want to put there in time. I slide up your slit and lock my lips on your clit, sucking and pulling it until I feel the warmth of your juices on my chin. "Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Take me right here," you demand.

I stand up in front of you, pulling you up with me. I kiss you deeply and share the taste of your juices with you as my tongue explores with yours. I step away and literally pull your blouse open, the sound of buttons bouncing off the floor echoing in the empty showroom. I knew your bra was still in the hotel room so this would give me what I wanted .. an unobstructed view of your gorgeous full tits. Your nipples are begging for attention but your body tells me they can wait for now.

With one aggressive step I push you back against the store window. You can feel the cold glass against your hot ass as I hold your hand up above your head with mine and kiss you passionately. I take one hand and spin you around facing the street and push you up against the glass with my body. You can feel the hardness of my cock in the crack of your ass and the coldness of the glass against your tits. My body slides downward behind you and you feel the head of my cock at your opening. With a push of my knees, I slide inside you from behind .. the force of my passion almost lifting your slight frame off of the ground. The heat of our bodies has already left moisture on the glass as I fuck you deeply against the window. You push back with your hips to take every inch and I push harder to keep you against the window. You are exposed to the world, me holding your hands against the glass while I continue to fuck you roughly. I am so aroused by the scent of you and the passion in your breathing that I can't hold back anymore.

"I'm cumming Paula. I'm going to cum so hard, baby."

"Cum on my ass, David .. I want to feel your cum on my ass this time."

I pull out of you as the first shot of cum is released, landing on the small of your back. The next ones coat your gorgeous ass cheeks with layer after layer of me. I am spent from the experience and lean my body against you once again, pressing you once more into the window. You can feel my cock on you again and can feel my cum running from your ass and down your legs.

As we recover, we realize that neither of us had noticed the young couple on the sidewalk across the street. He is standing behind her and we can see he is massaging her breasts thru her dress. She has a hand inside her buttoned jeans, and it is obviously moving. As we rush to cover up we are both giggling like teenagers caught in the back seat of their parent's car. Once we make ourselves presentable, we glance out the window again to see the young couple standing beside each other and giving us the thumbs up sign. You turn and kiss me softly.

"Work will never be the same again," you say smiling.

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