It is a hot summer's night. You decided to stop over and see me. You decided that you were going to surprise me. When you pull up you can see the bedroom light on and the blinds are just a little bit open. You peak in the window and see me sitting on the bed with a little teddy on. You can see that I am very hot from the weather. As you watch me in the window, you can feel yourself already getting hard. I get up and go into the bathroom and bring back a bowl of cool water and a washcloth. I take the cloth and get it wet and rub it on my leg. You can see that it feels very good. Then I do my arms. Then I take off my teddy, and start at my stomach. You can feel your cock getting very hard. I work my way up to my breasts and start playing with them a little bit. My nipples are hard from the cool water. You can see the water running down my chest across my nipples to my stomach and right to my cunt. Then I put down the wash cloth and keep playing with my nipples. As I am doing this, my other hand moves down to my clit. I start rubbing it and moaning just a little. You can't stand it anymore and go to my door. You go to knock but for some reason you check if it is open or not. And the door is unlocked. You slowly walk in and go down the hall to my bedroom. You walk in but I don't hear you and my eyes are closed. You move over to the bed and kiss me. I am startled at first but seeing who you are, I start kissing you back. Your tongue feels so good in my mouth.

You are kissing me long and hard. I can feel chills going down my spine. You take the cloth and start washing my body down. Paying more attention in some areas than others. All I can do is just lay there and enjoy it. Then you put the cloth down and start licking my body. You start with the neck and move down to my chest and then to my nipples. You lick and suck on my nipples for awhile. I can feel me getting wetter. I love when you flick your tongue across my nipples.

Then you move down my stomach and start to lick my clit. You can taste my juices so well because I am so wet. I start to moan which makes you only lick more. You put one finger inside of me while you are licking my clit. I start to grind on your fingers, I want more. I can feel myself getting close to a climax and I stop you. I bring you back up to my lips and begin to kiss you, nibbling your bottom lip and taking my tongue and lightly lick your lips. You hold me close and I can feel that you are very hard. I make you take off your shirt. I work my way down to your neck nibbling on it and the ears also. You are starting to moan a little. I move down to your nipples and tease them a little. You seem to enjoy this. I work my way down to your stomach and put my hand on the bulge I can see in your pants. I unzip your pants and pull them off. I nibble on your stomach and thigh, just enough to tease you. Then I take off your underwear, I can see your hard cock and it is all for me. I start to lick it up and down and around the head. I can hear you moan a little. This only makes me lick more. You grab me and tell me you have to have me. I tell you to lie on your back. So you do as you are told. I straddle on top of you, I take your cock and I rub it against my lips and my clit. You can feel how wet and hot I am. You are begging me but I want you to have to have me. I keep rubbing it up against my clit, you can here me moaning now and this is driving you nuts.

Finally after you begging & pleading with me, I put your hard cock inside of me. I am so tight and wet, your cock spreads my lips wide apart. I can see by the look in your face you are not disappointed. I rock my hips back and forth and around in circles. Taking my muscles inside and tightening around you cock. Then I decided to turn my body around, so my back is facing you. This way you can watch your cock going in and out of my wet pussy. This seems to excite you very much. I make sure I go very slowly so you don't miss anything. You sit up a little and start playing with my clit. You can feel my muscle really grab onto your cock the more you play with my clit. I start to moan loudly, and soon I come to a crashing orgasm. You can feel the hot juices rush against the head of your cock. You don't stop playing with it and I cum again. As the second time I cum, you also start to cum. You trust deep and hard into to me which only makes my orgasm more intense. We are both exhausted but, I can feel you are still hard and can see that look in your eyes.

You take me off of you and you stand up. You tell me to also stand up. You lift me up and have me put my legs around your hips as you put your hard cock inside of me. You carry me to the kitchen and set me on the table. I put my legs up on your shoulders, so you can get as deep as you would like. As you are pumping in and out of me, you start to lick my legs. I reach down and press against my clit, bring me to another orgasm. You feel my muscles tighten on your cock, which make you pump harder and faster. You start to bite my legs a little.

I say more more more, which you gladly respond to my needs. You lean down over and start to lick my nipples, teasing them with the tip of your tongue. With one of your hands you reach down to play with my clit again. With in seconds I cum again. This time you decided to pull out and lick up my juice flowing from my swollen pussy. I can hear you moan a little from the sweet taste. You move back up to my clit to make me cum again. This one makes me scream loudly. I pull you up and say "it is your turn to cum again!"

I get on the floor in front of you on all fours. This is your favorite position. You get behind me and put your cock inside of me. You start to rock your hips, moving your cock in and out of me. You can look down and see your cock, parting my lips, moving in and out of me. I reach down and play with your balls. This makes you go harder and faster. I tell you I want you to cum! But I want you to do something for me before you do. I want you to stop just before you cum. I want you to do this 3 times and the 4th time you can cum. You agree. I can feel you getting close and you stop. You wait a few minutes then begin again. You do that the 3 times I asked you to them you ask me Can I cum now? I say YES I want you to cum deep inside of me. A few more pumps and you cum. You moan very loud, for making you stop those times has increased your orgasm intensely. I make you stay inside of me, so I can grip you cock with my muscles. Your cock is so sensitive, and you moan every time I do it. Finally you lie down besides me and cuddle up to me. I fall asleep in your arms. You pick me up and put me on my bed, tuck me in and leave the way you came in, very quietly.

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