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Harriet Fletcher took one last look in the mirror to check her make-up. Her recent collagen treatment had helped mask some of the wrinkles but whatever she did, she just couldn't mask the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes. Yes, even though she had taken excellent care of her skin than any of her friends and looked much younger than her age, those tiny wrinkles at her eyes annoyed her.

It's not that she was vain, and she didn't normally worry so much about her make-up, but she was expecting a visitor that morning. Now it wasn't anything too important, she had only mentioned it casually to her husband that she was expecting someone to come by and interview her. A friend of a friend of a friend knew this college student who was doing some census related research and Harriet had agreed to talk with him.

She ran her brush through her hair, then turned to walk out through her bedroom. Her husband was sitting in the living room reading the paper. Fortunately he had not disturbed any of her meticulous straightening and cleaning from the day before and actually was wearing something more than his usual underwear and tee shirt.

After a quick glance out the front window she walked into the kitchen and confirmed the coffee was ready. Checking the table in the kitchen, she made sure there was a variety of sweeteners and creamer available for coffee. She took a moment to arrange the two chairs at the small table, making sure they were both the same distance from the table.

When she heard a car door close outside she walked back out into the living room and said to her husband, "George, that college student I told you about is here. I thought I'd just invite him into the kitchen for coffee while he interviews me."

"Okay dear, I'll be right here," he replied, folding one section of the paper and placing it neatly on the floor before grabbing another.

Harriet stood by the door waiting for the bell to ring, "I heard the car door, he'll be at the door in a moment."

Her husband just nodded.

After a few more moments she walked over to the window and glanced out noticing a taxi heading down the street. Wondering what happened to her visitor she stepped over to the door and opened it just as the bell rang.

"Oh my, you startled me," Harriet said stepping back.

"I'm sorry, I'm Martin from the college, and I have an appointment with Mrs. Fletcher. I'm at the right house aren't I?"

"Oh yes, yes, I'm Mrs. Fletcher, Harriet, please call me Harriet," she replied, surprised that Martin was older than she expected. She had expected a young student but this man had to be in his mid-thirties at least. "I heard the car door but then it took some time before you got to the door..."

"Yes, I had to pay the cab driver," he said seemingly staring just over her head.

Holding the door, she stepped back and said, "Please come inside."

The man then moved his hand forward, tapping the door frame and then the floor with his white cane before cautiously stepping inside.

"Oh, you're blind," Harriet said, reaching out as if to catch the man.

"Yes, I hope it isn't a problem for you."

"Oh no, it's okay. I thought we would just sit down in the kitchen, it's over this way," she said, nodding toward the door. "Can I help you?"

"If I can rest my hand on your arm you can guide me," he replied.

Holding her arm out, she slowly walked him to the kitchen, where she opened the door and then pulled out the chair for him. She waited while he pulled off his backpack and then guided his hand to the chair. As he sat down she asked, "Would you like some coffee, I have a fresh pot."

"Oh no thank you."

"Are you sure? Or I could get you a soft drink or something, what would you like?"

"Perhaps a glass of water please," he replied, pulling a small computer out of his backpack. "If it's okay with you I will use this computer while I interview you."

Harriet nodded and then said, "Oh yes, yes that is fine." She grabbed a glass, went to the refrigerator and pushed the glass up to the dispenser. "Would you like ice in the water?"

"Yes, please."

She watched as a few cubes fell into the glass and then moved the glass to the water dispenser, filling it about halfway up. Stepping back to the table, she placed the glass down and then moved over to her chair. Running her hand down her skirt, she daintily sat down and crossed her legs, waiting silently for Martin to begin.

As he was setting up the computer she took a moment to look at him closely, noting his heavy dark eyebrows, the long eyelashes and his dark eyes that at times seemed to stare out into distant space and at other times seemed to gaze directly at her. It wasn't until later, as he got into his interview and Harriet got up to get him some more water that she realized what it was about how he looked at her.

When she spoke he'd look right at her, almost as if he were gazing into her eyes, but if she moved some without speaking, he'd look in her general direction, but he'd be staring toward some random spot out in space. Once she figured it all out, she tried to say something wherever she moved, enjoying to feeling of someone watching her so intently, even if he really saw nothing.

The interview didn't take very long and all too quickly Martin was shutting his computer down. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his cell phone saying, "Excuse me while I call for a cab."

"Certainly," Harriet replied, standing up, grabbing his glass from the table and carrying it over to the sink. She remained standing as he finished his call and then carefully placed his computer into his backpack.

As he started to stand up, she moved over to the table, took his hand and helped him up. She waited while he pulled on his backpack and reached down to grab his white cane. He fumbled a bit trying to find it when she suddenly asked, "Do you use your hands, your fingers to see a person's face?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"I always saw that on TV and things and I just wondered."

He smiled.

"Would you like to see my face?" she asked.

"Yes, that would be nice," Martin replied.

She reached out and took his hand, guiding it up to her face. Closing her eyes, she felt his fingertips move over her face, amazed at how gently he touched her. As his fingers moved down past her eyes, she opened them and watched his face, how his expression changed as he moved down her nose. He smiled as he reached her lips and she wondered if he had found her attractive. Perhaps that was why he smiled.

Harriet noticed she was breathing a bit harder as his hands moved over her cheeks and when he seemed about move to his hand away, she reached up and grabbed it. Surprising even herself, she held his hand and slowly guided it downward where she slipped it beneath her blouse, guiding it to her breast. She could feel his hand begin to tremble as it rested on top of her bra.

Releasing his hand for a moment, she slipped her breast out over her bra and then moved his hand over onto her flesh, noticing him gasp as he touched her skin. His fingertips squeezed lightly and then moved to her nipple, which quickly hardened to his touch. Trying to control her breathing, she slipped her other breast out over her bra and guided his hand to it where he once again moved his fingertips over her nipple.

Suddenly a car horn sounded outside.

Pulling his hand from her blouse Martin said, "That must be my cab."

"Yes of course," Harriet said, working her breasts back into her bra and straightening up her blouse. "Here let me help you," she said, grabbing his cane and handing it to him. As he turned to head though the kitchen door, she noticed him reach down and adjust his erection before starting through the door.

She hurried, guiding him to the door where she opened it for him.

Stepping through the door he said, "Ah, thank you for taking the time to talk to me Mrs. Fletcher."

"You're very welcome," she replied watching him walk though the door and head out to the cab. She remained at the door until he climbed into the cab and it drove away. Harriet then closed and locked the door.

Glancing into the living room she noticed her husband had apparently dozed off while reading the paper. She walked over behind the chair and then reached down, sliding her hands into his shirt. Resting her head against his, she began toying with his nipples.

Watching as he woke up, opened his eyes and then closed them again, she whispered into his ear, "I want you." Glancing down she watched as his cock responded to her toying with his nipples. When she saw he was nearly fully erect, she moved around to the side of the chair, unfastened his pants and pulled it out, gently working her hand up and down its shaft.

She watched as a glistening pool of pre-cum formed in the purplish head. Leaning over, she touched the tip of her tongue to the pool, tasting the bitter flavor before sliding her mouth over it. Sucking hard, she continued stroking his shaft while reaching her other hand to his balls, gently squeezing them.

Not wanting to take this too far, she continued sucking on his cock for just a few moments and then stood up, unbuttoning her blouse. Her husband stood up, letting his pants fall to the floor as he grabbed her breasts, squeezing them through the bra. Harriet pushed her bra down, letting him run his fingers over her skin to her nipples. As he first pinched then and then moved his mouth to them, she reached behind her and unfastened the bra.

He stepped out of his pants and began to head toward the bedroom when Harriet bent down and pulled off her panty hose and panties while asking, "George, where are you going?"

Pulling off his shirt, her husband replied, "To the bedroom."

Dropping her skirt to the floor, Harriet fell back onto the couch, spreading her legs wide saying, "I want you right here, right now."

He quickly walked over to the couch, kneeled down between her legs and leaned forward. Harriet grabbed his cock with one hand, pulled her pussy lips open with the other and guided him in. His cock slid easily into her and he moaned, "Oh god you're wet."

"I told you I wanted you," she replied, feeling his cock fill her as it moved deep into her pussy. "Now fuck me, please fuck me."

She watched her husband as he eased his cock out of her and then plunged it hard, slapping against her. Knowing how he loved her to talk dirty to him she continued begging, "Please fuck me, give me your cock."

Feeling him respond to her talking, she felt a wave of pleasure overtake her and she cried out, "Oh yes George, I'm coming, I'm coming." Her orgasm came so quickly it surprised her and it had just started subsiding when she felt it building once again.

She looked down and could see her husbands cock as it slid out of her, glistening in the light before slamming back into her. Feeling his balls slapping on her ass, she raised up her hips and ground her clit up onto him as he filled her once again. Once again the pleasure splashed over her and as she came she cried out, "Again, I'm coming again."

"Oh yeah baby, oh yeah," he husband groaned and then thrust his cock deep inside her as he came. Looking up at his face Harriet could see the expression of pleasure come over him as his head seemed to bounce with each spurt of his cock.

Harriet continued watching him until he stared down into her eyes and then kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth as hard as he had pushed his cock into her. She kissed him back, feeling his tongue in her mouth, using her tongue to toy with it. She then felt his weight as he fell down upon her, both still breathing hard, her pussy still tight around his cock.

After a few minutes she felt the odd void as his cock slipped from her and fell onto her thigh. Her husband then lifted his head and said, "Wow, that was incredible."

"Did you think I was too old for that?"

"Oh no babe, it's just that, wow, I don't know if we were ever that good when we were young."

"Oh I love you George."

"I love you too Harriet."

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