tagIncest/TabooVolley For Serve Ch. 02

Volley For Serve Ch. 02



I waved goodbye to my husband, as his cab pulled away and headed to the airport. He will be in sunny Florida for the next few days. Before he left we had his rendition of him taking care of me sexually until he got back. I did my usual fake orgasm within the two minute allotted time and told him it was the best yet. I usually toy with myself for relief, but today is different. There is hope of real satisfaction possibly awaiting me this morning. I know it is wrong, but I want my father's cock inside me.

I went to my dad's room, and I took off my nightgown before crawling into his bed. Lying beside him we softly morning kissed, as I stroked the hairs on his chest. My hand moved in desirous pursuit toward the object to attain total gratification. I now felt a nice big cock in my hand. I almost had an orgasm feeling it grow, while he fondled with my pussy. We rolled on his bed in a heated embrace, until he was on top between my legs.

"Put it inside me, daddy...Please...I need to feel you in me," I panted.

He held his large cock and rubbed it over my wet pussy. A light tapping of it on my erect clit had me whimpering and begging him to fuck me. He then pushed only the thick head inside me. I was in agony and pleading to him, while my pussy was stretching open. My dad at last held my legs up, and he thrust his whole length inside me.

"Oh yes!" I gasped. "My pussy feels so good right now. I love your big cock, daddy. It feels so much better than my husband's little dick."

My dad had his long cock drilled into my hungry pussy, deep inside me, and he was pushing his big fucker in even harder as he looked into my eyes. "I can feel your tight pussy milking my cock, sweetie," he said as he began a slow fucking that brought me in an instant to the edge of strong climax. He was pumping into me with long intentional strokes. This is my father fucking me better than I've ever been fucked before.

"Oh daddy, this is so bad. You made me your little whore, damn it, didn't you?...You fucker!...You're making me come! Oh god, I'm coming good!" I screamed and started jerking in orgasm.

"That's right, little girl, come real nice for daddy," he said thrusting inside me hard and fast. I never came fantastic like this before. He succeeded in giving me my best orgasm.(being said with hopes of better ones to come) "Lick it off now," he told me after extracting his magic cock.

I was moaning as I tasted my cream on his big rigid prick. He made me blow him, before he told me to get on top and ride him like a horny cowgirl. My pussy never felt so stuffed to the max. I loved having a nice big cock inside me, and I knew I would always want one. I came this time while bouncing on him, and my cunt juice had second-coated his cock. Again he told me to lick it clean and suck on it. I wanted him to come inside my pussy and told him so. He pushed my head back down and filled my mouth with his hot cum. I begged him to fuck me again, but he said he had to go out for awhile and would be back by lunchtime. He also asked me if I would shave my pussy and put my hair in pigtails for when he returned. I told my dad I would do these naughty things, but I'd have to tell my husband I shaved my pussy for him. He should like that!

My father had gone out, and I was feeding the boys while my mind conjured up different ways to present myself for his return. I bathed and shaved the hair from my pussy so it was totally smooth. I put braids in my hair with pigtails, applied a lot of make-up on my face, blue eye shadow to give the appearance of promiscuity and an added essence of drug store perfume. I dressed in a starched white shirt and a short plaid skirt, then completing the masquerade wearing white cotton panties with hearts on them, along with folded ankle high white socks and black laced shoes. I was checking out the not so innocent yet anxious schoolgirl in my mirror. After all I am eighteen, and I could have been a senior now if I hadn't gotten pregnant and had to quit.

I had myself so horny awaiting my father's return. The boys had their lunch and were taking a nap. My father had finally arrived, as I heard him coming in thru the back door. I also could hear he was talking to someone in the kitchen. I stayed in the living room sitting in my schoolgirl attire as per my dad's request. He came in alone and his eyes lit up when he saw me.

"There's my little girl," he said smiling. "Oh honey, you look so good, just like I wanted."

"Thank you, daddy, I did my best," I said and gleamed with pride.

"I want you to pretend now..." he explained. "You know...act like a schoolgirl, but I want you to be a bad schoolgirl...understand?"

"Yes daddy...Oops, I mean, Cool!" I said as I twirled my pigtail and bit on my lower lip.

"That's it, honey...you got it...now come with me. I want you to keep pretending for my guests," he said as he took me by the hand to the kitchen.

"Who are they?" I apprehensively asked.

"Just some guys...who like bad little schoolgirls...that's all. Play along, honey, you will have lots of fun," he promised me.

My father led me by the hand into the kitchen, and he flaunted me to three men sitting at the table. Their spontaneous reactions to my appearance were of delight, judging by someone giving me a little cat-call whistle. One of them was a black man. Dad didn't tell me their names, but I nicknamed him Bartholomew.

"My daughter skipped school today. Worse than that, I just now caught her masturbating," my father told them and surprised me. "Weren't you?" he asked and was signally me by a soft double squeezing of my hand to cooperate. I nodded my head in shame while looking toward the floor.

"Oh my," Bartholomew said, "You're bad. Why would you do such a thing?"

"I can't help myself." I told him. "It feels so good when I do it."

"You mean...you stayed home so you could masturbate?" another man asked.

Dad interrupted, "She's a horny little slut and now she's missing school. I'm always catching her playing with herself. I don't know what to do with her," he said as he stood behind me. His hand lifted my skirt up exposing my panties to the men. "Pull down your panties and let them see what you've done to yourself," my dad ordered me. I obeyed, but hesitated before pulling them all the way down in a teasing manner. They all gasped at seeing my uncovered shaved pussy.

"Look at what you did!" Bart exclaimed. "Look how red and swollen you made it. You want to touch it now too, don't you? Your pussy is so hot that you're dripping juice."

"Yes sir...I want to...but my daddy won't let me," I told him.

He stood and looked to my dad for approval. They nodded to each other, and Bartholomew put his thumb on my clitoris and started to rub on it. "You poor girl, maybe if you have a nice orgasm it will help you," he suggested. "Do you want me to stick my finger inside you?"

"Yes, could you please, mister?" I egged him on, and I could see Black Bart was sporting a lump as big as a grapefruit in his pants. He began his fingering of my pussy, while my father held me from behind. The other men were stroking themselves underneath the kitchen table. I had to feel my black molester's cock, so with a light hand I touched it.

My father whispered in my ear. "You want that, don't you? It's what you think about when you play with yourself, isn't it?" He then said to the man, "Show her your big black dick!"

Bart was sweating as he removed his probing finger from my pussy. He pulled his pants off faster than superman undressing in a phone booth. He held up his black snake. It was long, thick and glistened with his oily sheen. I began stroking it, as he put his long fingers back inside my shaved cunt. His cock was hard and it felt so right in my hands. I wondered how his black dick would taste, and how good this big bastard would feel in my pussy. I started to orgasm at the thought of it...and from his fast fingering.

"Oh daddy, he's making me come!" I panted.

"Do it honey...let yourself go...get the devil out of you," my dad said coaxing me on. I jerked and came hard on Bartholomew's pumping hand. I was glad my father was holding me up. "That didn't cure you, did it? You want more! You're such a slut," my own parent played on with his charade. "You want his big black cock to fuck you now, don't you?"

"Yes!" I panted, "Tell him to put it inside me, please daddy," I begged and was not acting anymore.

Bartholomew slid his cock inside my juicy pussy, and he gave me an expert fucking for a long time. I kept coming on his cock. My legs were wrapped tight around his back as I was humping on his big dick, and I wasn't going to stop. My father smacked my ass cheeks with a sharp crack. "This will teach you a lesson for skipping school," he scolded me while he beat my ass. He was verbally assaulting me as well. "You love this, don't you? You can't stop coming, can you? You little slut, ride that big black dick and fuck the devil out of you, damn it!" he yelled and slapped my ass hard. I was screaming as I came again. The impaled black cock inside me along with the stinging slaps on my red, welted and burning ass had taken me over the edge again.

My dad told the man not to come inside me. Bartholomew said I had better stop now, he was going to come in another minute. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to come one more time, and I was crying and pleading with my father to let him continue. He had to pull me hard to break my leg lock that I had on my dark skinned lover. I fell from his skewered cock, and I fingered my pussy possessed with lust while I sucked him off. The others stood by us watching and jacking-off their dicks. The black cock in my mouth then erupted giving me its hot load. I loved the taste of his sweet cream, and I swallowed every bit of it. The other men came too, and they shot gobs of cum on me from both sides splattering onto my face, hair and all over my schoolgirl clothes. I collapsed on the floor covered with their semen. Daddy then told me to get cleaned up and go to my room. I heard the men leaving while I was in the bathroom. I washed up, let my hair down, and when I returned my father was gone again.


It has been many years since my past lustful experiences with my father and his arranged sexual encounters. I recall those days too well, and the many memories are the cause of my daily masturbation. Now seeing my son stroking his beautiful cock in the bathroom has rekindled my infatuation for the big ones. Nice long, thick and throbbing cocks that is. I am slipping back to the submissive slut that I was and always will be. That need to feel the fullness inside me, and the total satisfaction I long for at any cost has driven me to these recent incestuous desires. I can't stop the temptation, nor can I stop the yearning to feel the joy of what is between my son's legs.

I played with myself the whole morning long while reminiscing those times with my dear dad, not to mention debating these new developments with my eighteen-year-old son. I had to take a break and fix us some lunch. I stopped at my son's bedroom to ask him if he was hungry. Bill's door was open and he was sitting at his desk with his back toward me. He appeared to be studying, although I did notice his arm was moving in front of him. I knew he masturbated often, but this is the second time today I caught him doing it.

My pussy ached to go in there to him, but I had to force myself away from his doorway and tip-toe to the kitchen. I called to him from there and asked if he wanted to eat lunch before going to class. I was hoping to see his erection again, and I figured he might still be hot for a little teasing on my part. I was not wearing a bra and also opened the top two buttons on my blouse. When Billy entered the kitchen, I was standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open. I could see his cock was still semi-hard in his sweat pants. "What do you want to eat?" I asked while looking in the fridge.

He came to look inside and was standing close behind me. I could feel the warmth of his cock as it brushed against me. My heart started racing as I pushed back to him, and his electrifying touch surged straight to my eager pussy. His hands were on my shoulders massaging them as he gazed over into the refrigerator. He was supposed to be deciding his choice for lunch, but I knew he was looking down my shirt at my breasts. "What do I want?" Bill contemplated with a light pushing into me from behind.

"How about this leftover chicken. I could make you a sandwich." I suggested pointing it out. I was purring now while rubbing my ass on his hardening cock, and his strong hands continued to work on my shoulders. It was obvious we were teasing each other, as we pretended to look for something to eat. I then watched while paralyzed to move, as his fingers opened the rest of the buttons on my blouse. I was speechless with mixed emotions. I should have stopped him and walked out of there, but I couldn't. I felt like I was under some kind of an anesthesia where I was helpless and without control. He cupped my breasts squeezing them, and he rolled my sensitive nipples between his thumb and fingers. "Please honey...we can't do this," I said in a breath void of vocal sound, a weak attempt to protest, as I put my hands over his and held them. I closed my eyes fearing what this would do to our relationship.

"We are both adults, mom. We can do what we want. Let's just play a little," he whispered with a seductive nibble at my ear. He hugged me tight from behind and pressed his hard cock to my ass. His hand moved down over my quivering belly and into my pants. "Your panties are soaked. Don't tell me you don't want this, mom. I jack-off everyday thinking about you. I know you saw me doing it, and I wanted you to see me stroking my big cock," he admitted to me.

"I loved watching you," I told him as I was squirming between his hand and hard cock.

"You fucked yourself while watching me masturbate this morning, didn't you? I bet you want to come real bad now too, don't you mom?" he tormented me. Bill then yanked my shirt down hard from my shoulders and bound my arms at the elbows, as he pulled both of my hands behind me. "Touch my hard cock. Feel what you have done to me," he intimidated with an audacious order.

I squeezed his cock feeling the warmth and hardness thru his pants. Bill tore my blouse from my body, and he turned me around in one sudden motion. Eye to eye now there was that moment of truth, a brief second of apprehension, as if he was asking for permission to continue with this seduction of his mother. He saw in my eyes the desire and willingness to become his lover, and it was in that brief second I had relinquished my parental authority for sex with my son. Bill then pressed his lips hard to mine and coerced my tongue to a lover's duel. Our hands were all over each other, as we locked in a passionate kiss. He was caressing my breasts and tweaking my stiff nipples. He then lowered his sweat pants and exposed his raging hard cock.

"Do you like my big cock, mom?" he asked revealing it with his pants down. His thick eight inches of veined meat bounced before me.

"Yes, it's so beautiful, baby," I told him while pulling my own pants off and kneeling on the floor before the object of my incessant size fetish. He began teasing me by stroking his monster cock, which was eye level to me now and tempting me more. My hand began playing with my pussy as I watched him with his bad intent. I rubbed on my clit, while my son teasingly slapped his club to his hand as he continued to taunt me.

"That's it, mom, play with your pussy for me. You saw my show this morning, now I want to watch you make yourself come. Do you want me to jerk my hard dick in front of your face while you do it?" he offered. I nodded my head as he stroked his weapon at close range. My mouth was watering while looking at the swollen purple crown inches from my face. I wanted to come real bad as he had stated. "We are going to have so much fun from now on, mom. I'll take care of your needs," my Billy promised me.

I heard those very words from my father so long ago. Now my son exhibits the same ascendant behavior. Bill's demeanor along with my fingers had ignited my pussy on fire. "I'm going to come," I panted and jerked as I came. He slapped my face with his heavy cock mocking me.

"You hot slut...You masturbated in front of your own son," he chastised me. "That was really dirty, mom, now I guess you want to blow your boy's dick too, don't you?" he went on. "You're going to beg to suck your son's big cock and make him happy, aren't you?" he was prompting me while rubbing his oozing cock on my face. He squeezed his hard cock making it secrete a gleaming string of pre-cum that was stretching to my lips.

"Yes...Please, let me suck on it. I do want to...so much." I begged and surrendered to his demand. All of my reservations concerning incest were lost at this moment. I saw my son as my lover, and I wanted to please him in any way that he needed me.

My tongue lavished the sweet yet salty taste of his cock honey. Billy's nice big dick slipped between my lips and filled my mouth, as my hands stroked the thick shaft and caressed his distended large balls. My dark fantasies have become reality now and there isn't any way to return to normality as a mother and son.

"Oh honey, I love your cock so much," I moaned.

"I'm glad you like blowing me, mom. I fantasize this all of the time," he said while pumping his awesome cock deep into my mouth. I tried to swallow him, but it was too thick to pass down into my throat. "Oh mom, you're making me come," he panted. I looked up and saw the ecstasy in his eyes. The pleasure I was giving him. I wanted my fantasy, a cum bath with my son ejaculating on me more than anything else.

"Shoot it all over me! Please! Jack it off on to my face! Oh god, forgive me...Make me your whore!" I pleaded to my boy. He stroked his swollen cock with both of his hands, as I rapidly rubbed on my clit. My tongue darted at the tip of his clear leaking cock to stimulate him more.

"Here it comes, mom!" he panted and ejected a spurt of his cum that landed in my hair and extended down to my chin. Several more volleys of streaming cum that only a young man can discharge erupted from his massive cock. A plentiful jetting fountain splattered onto my head and plastered my face. I came again with a powerful orgasm which almost made me lose consciousness. I knelt before my youthful child baptized with his glorious seed.

I blew him again that afternoon and swallowed all of his sweet cum with a grateful smile. I would have done it all day, but Bill had to go to class and volleyball practice at school. I was on my knees at the door and begging him to let me suck him one more time before he left me. The door closed in my face leaving me to a pathetic fingering of myself once again.

I took a bath and also shaved my pussy while Bill was at school. I knew my husband would divorce me just for having it shaved. I don't care any more. I'm tired of suppressing my sexual needs. The kids are old enough now, and besides my Billy would stay with me...I'm sure.

I put on a short skirt without wearing panties. I waited for my son's return and hoped he wouldn't be too tired to have some more fun with me. Becoming impatient I played with my bare snatch, and I had worked myself up good before hearing his car arrive. He hugged and kissed me at the door. I said I missed him and his nice big cock, as I squeezed it in his pants. He told me I looked hot in my short skirt, and he was glad I was ready to go out tonight with him.

"Let's go for a ride, mom," he said as he pulled me out the door with my shoes in hand.

After we were on the road, I lifted my skirt to show him my shaved pussy. Bill was pleased I had done it for him. He rubbed my smooth and wet cunt lips, while I kneaded his hardening cock thru his pants as he drove on to an unknown destination. I didn't care where we were headed, just as long as we were together. I did wonder what Billy was up to when we pulled into an adult porn shop parking lot.

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