Volley For Serve Ch. 02


He said his friend worked here and we could get a discount tonight. My son fingered my pussy as we sat in the car, and he had me so hot I would have done anything he asked. He wanted me to pick out some toys I might like for he would love to watch me use them. I almost came at the thought of it, plus I could use them when I'm alone while I masturbate with thoughts of his big dick and other large cocks.

We entered the surprisingly spacious shop, considering how small the simple block building looked to be from the outside. There also was a large crowd of pornographic aficionados inside as well. Mostly men, but a few couples also were browsing the erotic inventory. There were so many different vibrators, dildos, bondage accessories and an array of other perverted items that had me excited just looking at them. I picked out a few toys that interested me. One of them was a large authentic looking black cock. Bill's friend said the dildo came with a movie, and this was a replica cock of the featured porn star.

"Oh, a boner with a bonus," I said making him chuckle while giving me a wink.

My son suggested we go and watch some porno movies in the private viewing booths. "Bring a vibrator along with you," he whispered. His friend warned us only one person to a booth was allowed. The viewing area was a dark maze cornered in the rear of the shop. We were lucky to find two open booths side by side. I was apprehensive and excited at the same time, this being my first visit here. The variety of movies offered to view stunned me. Whatever a person desired was shown at the touch of a button. The small viewing screen was positioned three feet away from a solitary bench. I noticed there were holes cut out in the walls on both sides that went to the adjoining booths. The movie I selected, of course, had a large cocked black man in a three-way with two white girls. I was glad I wasn't wearing any panties, with ease I accessed my excited pussy to the vibrator while viewing the hot scene.

My son knocked on the wall and I reciprocated with a light tap back to him. To my delight his hard cock appeared poking thru the hole in the side of the booth for me to play with and suck on. I put my mouth over his erection, as I rubbed my clit with the toy. I started to come fast from all the stimulation both visually and physically. Billy knew I was coming from my sudden intense moaning on his cock during my orgasm.

An unexpected knock came from the other side of my booth. I was curious at what might happen and knocked back. A semi-hard cock of a stranger this time dangled in front of me. I couldn't help myself and stroked it, while I continued to suck off my son. I eagerly swallowed all of his cum, as I have gotten addicted to my Billy's sweet tasting cream. I turned to this stranger's now stiff prick, and I licked the head before stuffing in a mouthful of salty tasting cock. I sucked on it hard and fast until I was given its tasty load too. Again a knock came from my son's booth. I was quick to return the invitation, but was surprised the cock that poked thru was not his. This one was a long thin dick that starting spurting cum as soon as I touched it. My mouth covered the spewing head to keep from getting drenched.

I was overcome with lust. My insatiable pussy was in multiple orgasms, while I sat there and played with myself. I think I had given blow-jobs and swallowed the cum from ten different unseen men. The movie ended long ago, but I remained seated in the dim-lit booth and waited for another hard cock to suck on. I knocked on the booth walls with fruitless effort, until Bill came back to take me out of there. His employee friend handed me a bag with the black dildo, I had picked out, along with an assortment of other useful items. He only charged us for one or two of them, and he welcomed me to come back any night that he worked. I guessed one of the satisfied cocks was his.

When we got back into the car, Billy asked me if I was all right and if I had a good time while in there. He said he was glad I had gone out with him tonight. I kissed his cheek and told him with a smile, "I haven't had fun like this for a long time." Bill then surprised me by spreading my legs open, and he began licking and sucking on my shaved pussy. He was lapping the juices out of my overexcited cunt, and I added more to my son's probing tongue. I told him that I loved him, as we started back home because he had to get up early the next morning. I gave him another blow-job on the way, and my fertile son came in my mouth once again at our driveway.

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