tagIncest/TabooVolley For Serve Ch. 04

Volley For Serve Ch. 04



"Billy, come on, it's time to get up," I called to make sure he was awake, as I trudged along to the kitchen. I'm having a hard time, myself, readjusting to this early morning rising. That first cup of coffee never leaves my sipping lips. My husband hadn't been getting up before ten, but he's away at a chefs' seminar. I'm fixing breakfast for my son--as he has just started attending the university (bright and early). He can make his own cereal; but this is precious time I get to enjoy with my Billy. We are up and at 'em!

I know my youngest son is the fruit of incestuous love with my father. He is just like my dad in every manner. My husband must surely suspect Bill is not his son, but he has never made an accusation. Bill and his two brothers have always been treated equal; I respect my spouse for that. I hate him though, too--for his not letting me see my dad the last two decades (after he caught us in one of my father's sexual developments). I abide to my husband's terms, as part of our reconciliation, mainly for the kids' welfare. That reminds me--I get to call my dad tomorrow. It is one of only two special times a year, that I'm allowed to talk on the phone to him. He doesn't know we have moved into this plushy neighborhood; now that my husband is an Executive Chef.

"Good morning," Billy said and smiled as he entered the kitchen. He had just gotten out of the shower wearing a half-open bathrobe. My son is so tall and handsome with his wet hair slicked back, square chin and smooth cheeks aglow from a traditional, close shave. He bent to give me a kiss on my forehead.

"Good morning, sweetie, how are you feeling today?" I asked (with a little pat on his cute butt).

"Horny, as usual, Mom. I hope you can help me with this dilemma." My brash, immodest son had his bathrobe open--his hip humping forward--with his long cock wagging before me. He knows, damn well, why I get up this abnormally early. I have been servicing his big cock every morning, afternoon and evening; while my husband has been away.

"Sit down and eat your breakfast, please," I mothered my way out, although with reluctance, while my eyes were still focused on his thick, swaying cock with its purple, swollen head (a thing of beauty). His urge to feed his belly had prevailed over lust--as he sat across from me crunching on his flakes. "Will you be staying for volleyball practice after classes today?" I asked him--so I would know when to have supper ready.

"Yeah, we're practicing everyday now, except Friday, with the season starting next week. I was wondering, Mom...some of the guys on the team were planning to have a surprise party, tomorrow, for the coach. We were supposed to have it at his house, but the coach's stepson said he would know something was up, and it wouldn't be a surprise. So...I was hoping, since dad is in Florida, that you could let us have the party here. It would be early, right after practice; and we won't be drinking or partying very late. Please, Mom? I will owe you in a big way; if you can find it in your heart..." Bill bargained, as he leaned back in his chair, and offered his fat cock with a smirk on his face.

"Tomorrow! No way! This place is a mess. How about next week?...Maybe," I tried to rationalize.

"No, mom, it has to be tomorrow. It's his birthday or something," he countered, "I'll help you clean, when I get back this evening. I promise! I'm staying home tomorrow, too."

"You can't miss school." I ended that option. I have never met his coach; in fact, my husband and I thought volleyball was nothing more--than just something else--Bill enjoyed playing. He does play other sports. We are thankful for all the help this man has given Billy. I don't even know his name--simply "Coach" has been his only reference. He was the same coach Bill had in high school, and now his mentor at college. Cap is the coach's stepson, and he's a year older than Bill. My son always had animosities toward him.(He's the captain of the team, but Bill is a better player.) Coach probably saw my son's ability; and he brought Billy along into the scholarship program. I am looking forward to finally meeting this guardian angel. "All right, I'll try to get this place into shape. How many boys will be coming?" I asked and accepted the hostess's responsibilities.

"There will be about ten guys from the team, Coach and Cap's mom. She will be taking Coach out to dinner, then stopping here to supposedly pick up (something). He will have to come inside to help carry (whatever)--and that's when we will surprise him," my son laid out their plan.

"You better pick up some more snacks with that many boys coming. I'll make my mother's spinach balls with garlic and cheese. You liked 'em, didn't you? Do you think we should order a cake?" I suddenly had a million things on my mind to do.

"No, Mom, we're picking up the cake. You don't have to do anything spinach...Oops! I mean...anything special. We are paying for everything, too. Now...how about your reward, Mom?" my son teased, and he was hovering over me, while slowing stroking his cock. "You want a taste of honey, don't you?" He squeezed his hard cock, seeping pre-cum, that precariously dangled above my face.

I nodded my head and opened my mouth for his taking. This has become too easy and almost quilt-free, now--me sucking on my son's big cock. I need my cum fix, like I did with our father, and as much sweet-goo as my boy will give me. His morning load comes quick--with me squeezing his balls and jerking on his long shaft. My son's swollen cock soon erupted, and it filled my mouth with warm cum. He kissed me again on my forehead, before leaving to dress for school.

I spent the afternoon cleaning, the best I could, with this short notice. Bill did help by scrubbing the bathrooms that evening. He was doing them in the nude! It actually was a good idea--he conveniently jumped into the shower afterward. We again had our nightly incestuous fun: with him licking my pussy to orgasm--and me draining his cock dry. He hasn't coerced me into fucking...yet; but, he did make me fuck myself with my big dildo for his viewing pleasure. He was talking dirty to me saying, "You need more than one big cock, don't you, Mom? I think you'll like it, if tomorrow, the whole team fucks you." I came hard with his cock in my mouth; this hungry pussy jammed full; and, those very thoughts of taboo imaged in my brain.

The next day, I put a finish to cleaning and concentrated on preparing food. Mostly munchies for the boys, but I thought I should serve something more highfalutin for the adults (maybe sushi!...I'm kidding). I best order some pizza, just in case. I have to remember to call my dad later...post party. I always get depressed, for days, after we talk.


It's party time! I felt like a giddy teenager. My son and the university's volleyball team started gathering in the living room. I forgot height was an advantage in their sport--they all were tall and lean. I was a little upset; when the last group arriving had brought a young girl with them. I asked Bill who, and how old, is this girl. "That's Sissy," he said. Then, as a matter of fact, he went on to tell me: she is the coach's daughter; she's eighteen, and really only a few months younger than him. I told him that I thought she was cute, and she looked a lot like me, when I was her age. "I'm working on it," he whispered, and winked at me with a sly smile.

I was busy in the kitchen; when Bill came in and thanked me again for having the party at our house. He said he hoped the coach will be totally surprised, and too, impressed as the team is with our home. "Can I help, Mom?" he asked, hugging me from behind.

"I missed you all day," I told him and squeezed his cock thru his jeans.

His hand went inside my panties. "I love your juicy pussy," he said, while his finger made squishy-sounds of pleasure. He then asked me to do him a favor.

"What is it, sweetie?" I panted, while in blissful enjoyment of his steady finger-fucking. He knew I was hot, and now, very cooperative.

"I want to make the first team, Mom. I thought, maybe, if you could help me, we could convince the captain of the team to pick me. Perhaps, you could show him a little special attention...you know...be nice to Cap," my son explained, with an innuendo.

"I thought you didn't like him; but, if that's what you want me to do; I'll go along with the program," I obliged. "We'll see what I can do."

"Thanks, Mom, you're the best!" Bill was pleased; but to my frustration--he pulled his finger from my pussy leaving me hornier than 'Catherine the Great' overdosed on an aphrodisiac! He left with the snacks and rejoined his teammates.

I had to finish what my son started, and I needed to bring myself to orgasm. My blouse was open; I pulled on my hard nipple; my fingers were inside my panties and working on my erect clit. I would probably suck the captain's dick, if he should walk in here now. "...be nice to Cap," Bill told me. I want to be real nice (to all those boys). Stop thinking of cock, damn it! I need to come...right now! I was so totally lost in my masturbation--I didn't notice the young girl was watching me. I was caught wet-handed inside my pants.

"Oh!" I jumped. "You scared me!" I barked, startled and very humiliated. I tried to hide what I was doing, but it was too obvious.

She apologized, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, I just came to help," and then she said, "Aah...don't be embarrassed; I play with myself, whenever I can, too."

"I really wasn't..." I started to deny. "Well, I guess a lot of girls...do it." I didn't know what to say. Sissy was so sympathetic. I felt at ease now in this undignified situation.

"Please, don't let me stop you. If you'll permit me, I can help, after all," Sissy offered, and I don't think she meant chopping veggies. Taking a deep breath, and with eyes a glazed, I watched her hand reach out to caress my breast. She pulled and gently twisted my nipples. "Keep touching yourself, down there," she whispered.

I put my hand back inside my panties and resumed stroking my pussy. She licked around my nipples and sucked on them. "Your breasts are so nice and full," she complimented with little kisses. "Take off your pants. I want to watch--as you make it come," she requested, then pulled her own shorts down and removed her halter top. Sissy doesn't wear a bra or any panties, I see, as we both are naked, now.

She looks so young for her age; but, I recall being carded, everywhere, when I was eighteen. Sissy does remind me of my youth: auburn hair, full lips and cute pudgy nose. I could not resist the seduction of her pleading, dark-brown eyes; and oh, how my envious attention was drawn to her petite, pristine body. I was beyond just being horny, and now, I am without sanity, too. I wanted to please this precious girl; but, more important, I needed to get off, so bad! I hopped up on our island counter. She stood in front of me running her hands up my quivering thighs.

"Your pussy is glistening with your juices. May I touch it?" she asked, in such a polite manner.

I was disgracefully naked in my kitchen; ten boys were partying in the next room--but still, I could not stop this cute girl from seducing me. "Yes, I'd like that very much, but we must hurry," I cautioned Sissy, and I opened my legs wide, eager for her touch.

She began by rubbing my clit in a circling motion, with two of her fingers inside me. Sissy looked into my eyes; as she took those wet fingers to her lips and licked them. "Hmm...very tasty," she said smiling. She continued with her action on my clitoris; now four digits, inserted up to the last knuckles, were inside my hot pussy and slow-fucking me. I gasped when her probing fingers found my g-spot and teased it. Only another woman would know how to pleasure a pussy, like this.

Sissy explored the inside of my pussy, and she discovered all my hot-spots. Her hand was twisting in my juices, and making me hump with her pump on the kitchen counter. My cunt was swallowing the girl's hand. Before I could say anything--she pushed hard, and her whole fist disappeared inside me.

I was stunned; and the visual affect of the sensual display was a turn-on, beyond belief! "Ooh, your hand feels better than a cock to me. Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me good!" I was panting and starting to come from her deep fisting. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably; as I watched more of her arm inching further up my cunt. "Oh god, I stand this any longer. I'm going to come...make me come, please...do it, now!" I begged her.

"What are doing to my little sister!" someone hollered, and it scared the-hell-out-of both of us. It was Cap. He continued with his tongue-lashing, "I can't believe this, and from a mother of your stature. Does she look old enough to have naked in your kitchen, lady? I should have you arrested."

He has caught us, and now he's insinuating that Sissy isn't of age. She was turning away, dressing and not saying anything. I can't believe him; my son wouldn't lie. I have to go along with obvious ploy--per Bill's request to be nice to Cap. "I...I didn't know," I stuttered.

"You're in trouble," he went on with his bullshit, "But I could be persuaded, you know, to kinda' keep this between us." He was pulling down his zipper and taking out his cock. "Blow me, and maybe I'll keep this a secret. It's this or the cops, babe." Cap threatened, and he showed me a fat cock that will definitely make me comply. I was obliged to cooperate, not to mention, being horny as hell, and, I still needed to come!

He grabbed and pulled my hand to his cock. "Stroke it for me, please," he said more stern than polite. I did what he told me--my fingers wrapped around his thick girth, jerking on it nice and slow. His prick doubled in size, and so fat, it was forcing my hand open. I was in desperate need of a hard cock. "Put your mouth on it and suck it," he said.

I got down on my knees. His cock was thicker than my biggest dildo, more the size of a beer can. It hardly got past my stretched lips, and only the bulbous head fit inside my mouth. Cap seemed to expect as much (with this fat cock of his), he was moaning with his hands on top of my head. I was preoccupied with blowing him; now the whole team came in to watch. They all had their pants down, and some were jerking on their cocks.

"It looks like Bill's mom sure likes sucking on a dick," I could hear one of them say.

"Yeah, I'm really horny tonight, too," another boy added, with a mumbling of agreement from the others.

I also heard someone say, and much to my surprise, "I wonder if she knows it was us, when she did the glory-hole thing at the porno shop." Well, how about that--my son had set me up that night. The sneaky fucker is just like his dad.

Cap told the others he saw me with Sissy, and, that he lied to me about her being too young--which is how he got me to blow him. I pretended not to hear, while I enjoyed sucking on his cock. "How do you like my fat cock, baby?" he asked. "I bet you want this big son-of-a-bitch inside that hot pussy of yours, don't you?" I looked to my son for a protest on my behalf--but Sissy had his attention, and his cock in her hand, too. I did want Cap's thick cock in my dripping pussy, and every one of those other boy-pricks, as well. Then Cap suggested with a grin, "Why don't you sit on my lap--so you can fuck yourself on my cock, all you want. This way you can blow everybody, like you did before...he-he-he." My son and Sissy had now disappeared, probably to his bedroom.

Cap sat on a chair, and he had his cock poking straight up. I was already wet and stretched from the girl's hand (and it was a good thing, too); his fat cock really split my cunt open, as I eased down onto it. His teammates circled around us, but they were timidly standing there and just watching.

"Game on, guys...Volley for serve! Someone step up, and put a dick in her mouth," their captain encouraged them. They heeded his command--now I am sitting on a fat cock, and at the same time, I'm giving head, while jerking-off other hard cocks, too. I'm getting sick and tired of getting close to orgasm. I needed to get off, and how? These cocks feel like the best medicine.

I was bouncing hard and fast on Cap's big dick. The others were shouting: "Look at her, she loves it; She's a fucking nympho; Fuck her good, Cap!" Oh, yes indeed, fuck me good. I was (at last) on the verge of a well-needed, strong climax...

"Hey, Cap! What are you doing! I told you--Nobody Fucks My Mom!" It was Bill screaming, and he was running toward us with his fist in the air. His teammates backed away and pulled me with them. My son hit Cap square on the chin (even before he could stand) knocking him and the chair flying. I was surprised to see Cap get up. He came back and kicked Billy in the nuts. Cap had Bill in a headlock--my son was punching him in the gut--now they're grappling on the floor. Their teammates were cheering for their own hopeful victor, mostly for my Billy, and I was yelling to please stop this fighting.

One of the boys suddenly screamed, "Coach is here! Run!" The whole team was hurrying to get dressed and scrambling out the back door.

"Wait--what about the surprise--don't leave," I tried to tell them. Sissy and I stood remaining, along with Bill and Cap, who were still wrestling on the kitchen floor.

I went to answer the doorbell, which already four-chimed, but, I too needed time to recover and look proper for our guests. I looked thru the peephole first--to see a woman, around my age, with (oh my goodness) my father! How did he find me? I was going to tell the others--it isn't the coach after all--but they already had escaped the back-way. I opened the door wide to give my dad a big hug. He sure was surprised, when he saw me standing there. What totally freaked me out: Sissy and I were both running to him and shouting, "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" We stopped dead in our tracks--looked at one another puzzled--gawked with mouths stun-oval open--blurted out in a mutual query..."Daddy!?"

"Hi, pumpkins, ha, ha, you should see your faces now. Yes, it's Daddy to you both. Thanks for the birthday wish, too. Aah...come on now, and give your old dad a big hug...both of you," our father said with open arms. I was crying my eyes out; which had Sissy in tears, too. We three hugged and kissed; in the meantime, Billy and Cap were both bloody, standing there stupefied and wondering what-the-fuck?

My father introduced Patty, his love, she's also Cap and Sissy's mom. He told how they met at the super (shortly after he was kicked out of our house by my husband). She was my age, a single mom, with Cap being less than a year old. They got to talking, and before too long, were living together on the other side of town. My dad said she was so alike me; he fell in love with Patty; she soon was pregnant with little Sissy.

"Wait a minute...you mean...Coach is my grandfather?" Bill was excited and asked.

"Well...not exactly...Son?" my father was confirming with a glance toward me.

"Yes, it's true, Billy. Dad and I had a special relationship, and before Daddy left me, he gave the best present...you," I finally admitted, after all these years.

"You're kidding! He is my dad. Really? Well then, I guess it's...Hi Dad! Happy Birthday!" Bill said, as they shook hands and hugged.

"Holy crap," Cap complained, "I guess that makes us step-brothers."

"Oh, no!" Sissy burst out, "I just had sex with my half-brother, Bill!" She didn't snitch on me.

Dad laughed, "Ha, that wouldn't be anything new--you've been fucking with your brother, Cap, and for that matter, with me, too--Patty has been with you and Cap--we've all fucked together; and now, Sissy, we are one big, happy family."

I was, at first, stunned by all these revelations, but now, I'm getting turned on. I am still horny from all the earlier build-ups and let-downs. My pussy needs to come!

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