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Voluntary Abuse


First a little about me. I am 29, closing in fast on that dreadful 30th birthday. I am a little better than average looking, my once firm body has began it's southern sag - but not with any speed. I am about 5'10", 185 pounds, dark brown eyes and hair (althought there is some faint hint that salt and pepper is not so far in my future).

I live a relatively routine life - I go to work every day, have some hobbies, date cute girls, hang out with buddies, etc. I do well in work, own a home, have a nice car and can afford nice things. It tool a lot of work to get here.

What I have noticed in the past few years is the excitement being drained from my life. I used to be fun!!!

I used to stay out late and drink like a fish... only to stumble in to work the next day.

I used to enjoy the "thrill of the hunt" every time I targeted a new girl for seduction.

I used to be wreckless and carefree.

But as with any adult, things change and your focus shifts to more lofty goals.

I live far away from where I grew up, and as luck would have it my younger sister, Haley, was looking at coming all the way across the country to go to the university that is in my town. However, first she wanted to come visit the city and campus to make sure that it was the right decision.

So, being the nice, however absent, brother that I am, I agreed to take a couple of days off and have her visit for an extended weekend.

Now, as you can imagine, I have not spent much time with my kid sister. I am close to 30 and she was barely 18 years old. I have been out of the house since she was a scrawny young girl that practically looked like a boy with long hair. I have not even seen her in over 2 years as business kept me busy around the holidays and I could not travel.

I picked Haley up at the airport on a Friday evening... she had been waiting for over an hour because I got stuck late at work. All of her bags (2 for a long weekend!) were with her curbside as I pulled up.

As I pulled in next to her and got out my mouth wanted to drop hard and fast... she had turned into something I do not remember her being... HOT!

I realized that she was no longer an 8 year old little girl. She was still short at about 5'2". She was also thin, weighing in at no more than 100 pounds. However, she had an incredible body crammed into that little package.

She was wearing skin tight jeans that accentuated the evolution of her leg in to the perfect bubble of an ass. Her pink baby tee shirt gripped her rock hard stomach like plastic wrap - and also supported what were clearly large b-cup breasts (bra free). Her nipples were erect from the cold air, and without a bra they protruded visibly through the thin cotton tee.

I quickly scolded my inner horn dog and gave my sister a long hug. She was cold from sitting outside waiting for me. We loaded up and chatted the entire way back to my house... we covered every subject possible.. it was nice to talk to her and learn what had been going on in her life.

As we drove and talked I could not stop my eyes from jetting over the various curves of her nubile young body. I had to fight like a pit bull to quell the erection that was trying its best to give me away.

Once back to my house we unloaded and I took her into the guest room where she would be staying. She immediately came and gave me a big hug, her nipples pressing into my chest. I hugged her back and she gave me a slightly prolonged peck on the lips.

"I'm going to take a hot shower" she said.

"OK - I'm going to grab a beer and sit my ass on the couch"

She hurried off to the bathroom that was in my bedroom because it had the bigger shower with the nice waterfall like head on it.

I settled onto the couch and had a beer and flicked on the television. I stared straight at it, but all I saw in my mind was Haley's nipples poking through her shirt... her perfect ass fighting to tear out of the tight denim that was covering her ass... the feel of her lips against mine, not matter how innocent the intent.

I grew hard in my pants and decided that maybe I would have to take a shower of my own when she got out so I could relieve the tension what was building quickly in my aching balls.

I stood up after about 15 minutes and walked back into my bedroom. The bathroom door was shut and I could hear the water still going.

I was about to yell through the door to her in an effort to get her to cut it short when I heard a slight whimper through the door..

I leaned in closer and heard another whimper, then another.

Soon it was clear what she was doing inside. I listened to her for what seemed like a lifetime... soft whimpers and moans coaxing my erection into full gear. My eyes closed as I imagined her sitting on the tile bench with her legs spread and her head pushed back as the water flows over her body.

I fought the urge to reach into my pants, knowing that I had already crossed the line by leaning in and listening to her.

Luckily my internal masturbation debate was ended with four or five louder whimpers and and an "ooohhh fuck" that indicated to me that Haley was in the middle of a muscle clenching orgasm.

Shortly after that I heard the water turn off and I stomped my feet in place as thought I was walking into the room.


"Yeah John?" She sang back with a new pep in her voice.

"You have a nice shower sweetie?" I asked with a smile the size of Texas spreading accross my face.

"You have no idea" was all she replied.

"Make room, I need one as well"

She opened the door and came out with her hair in a towel and another wrapped around her body. He neck was red and blotchy and I asked her about it..

"It's the hot water... um.. it makes me turn a little blotchy" she managed to stumble as a look of embarassment washed over her face, followed by an awkward smile.

I looked at her for a second and said only "uh huh... sure" and then walked by her with a smile.

I jumped in the shower eagerly. The hot water washed accross my body and I immediately wrapped my soap slicked hand around my hard cock and began stroking myself gently to the thought of my naked sister... I just could not help myself. It took me only seconds as I had not released tension in almost a week.

I shot a gigantic load of cum directly onto the ceramic bench that I had imagined her sitting on. Had she still been sitting there, the stream would have drenched her breasts and stomach.

I clean up quickly and got out - drying and dressing in record speed.

I entered the living room to Haley sitting on the couch covered by a blanket, a fire going strong in the fireplace, candles lit, and Jack Johnson playing on my stereo. She had liberated a bottle of wine from my collection and there were two glasses on the table.

I smiled at her and sat on the couch next to her.

She sipped her wine and looked at me with a wicked smile.

"What?" I pleaded.

"You heard me, didn't you" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Heard what?"

"You know"

"No, seriously I dont"

"Me - in the shower. Two fingers shoved in my pussy cumming all over that little ceramic bench" she fired back at me.

I dropped my mouth wide as I could and then laughed out loud.

"So you were sitting on the bench.." I said.

We both laughed hard and long... she had no idea what I had enjoyed it as much as I did, or that I had jerked off thinking about her in the shower.

We relaxed and talked more - and in the process we went through two bottles of nice red wine.

I stood up and told her we should go to bed.

She agreed.

"Can I sleep with you?" she asked as we passed by the door to the guest room.

"Why?" I asked sounding puzzled.

"I just feel weird - this is a new house.. I'm far away from home.. It would just make me feel better" she replied.

"OK - but I sleep in boxers only no matter who is in there" I spat back with a smile.

As we walked into my room and turned out the lights she replied "Thats fine, I sleep in a thong and a tee - so we are even".

With that she bent over in the dark right in front of me and slid her pajama pants straight off her body. I could see her perfect ass perfectly in the moon lit room. She then pulled off her sweatshirt and jumped into bed.

"shit" I muttered to myself and I stripped down to my boxers and climbed in.

She quickly scooted over next to me and laid her head on my shoulder, also wrapping her leg over my waist and putting undue pressure on my already stirring cock.

I could feel the soft tissue of her breasts molding through the thin cotton tee shirt and pressing against my side. I wrapped my arm around her and had an awkward moment when I realized the only comfortable spot to lay my hand was directly on her barely-covered hip and ass cheek.

She could tell that I was concerned because my arm was still in the air and she ended the situation calmly.

"It's OK, let your hand down" she said quietly.

"But it'll be.. " I began.

"Shhh... it's fine" she finished.

I dropped my hand down on the warming flesh of her body. As it lowered she shifted more on her stomach so my hand came to rest directly on her ass cheek. It was so hard not to squeeze it gently in my hand. Her skin was so soft and I could feel the silky material of her thong as it dipped downward between her legs.

I was going crazy, and it began to show. I am not one to brag about my cock. But it is a nice one - growing to over nine inches of thick meat when its fully erect.

Predictably, I began to stir in my boxers. Growing as I fought against the urge to squeeze my sisters ass.

Realizing what was happening, I grew scared and was damn near moving when she spoke.

"Wow cowboy. Is that because of me or are you thinking about something else" she asked.

"I can't help it. You are hot now, with a killer body, I heard you masturbating in the shower and now your tits are pressed against my side, your hot leg is on my cock and my hand is stuck yto your ass like glue" I exclaimed.

I had purged my thoughts and it felt nice.

"It has to be the biggest one I have ever felt.. even though it's just my leg" with a smile.

Without thinking I moved her leg off of me and took her hand in mine, moving it south quickly. I stopped just short of my raging erection and asked her "would you rather touch it with your hand?"

She did not answer, or move, for about two minutes. She sat frozen.

Suddenly she pulled her hand loose and reached into my boxers, taking my erect meat in her hand. She did not stroke it... she examined it. As she did so I gave her ass a little squeeze and pulled her closer against my body.

He crotch was pressed against the side of my leg and I could tell that she was trying to gently rub her bulge against my leg as she gripped and examined my cock.

"Take a closer look" I said unexpectedly.

She released her grip and sat up quickly. She looked down at me and then smiled as she slid her tee over her head, exposing her firm breasts. They were a perfect round shape, with perfect tiny nipples that were hard enough to cut glass. She then slid her panties down off her body and laid back down.

She said "OK - closer look" and slid under the covers. I felt my boxers come off and then her climbing to lay between my legs. He hand was back on my cock and I could tell that he mouth was close because her hot breath was exciting my head and making it twitch.

Although predictable, the first touch of her moist, full lips as they wrapped around the swollen head of my penis nearly scared me out of bed.

She was incredible... sucking gently on the head of my penis.. almost like she was a baby suckling on a bottle. Her tounge swirled over the sensative helmet as she lowered her head and took my cock deeper inside. She went lower three times.. each time pulling me back out. within seconds I felt her chin rest against my balls and her mouth began to work magic on my cock.

She lifted her head back up and continued to make love to my cock with her lips, tongue and mouth. She knew exactly what to do to make me go crazy with lust.

I pulled the covers back over her head and watched her take me in and out of her mouth. She even released my cock from her mouth and leaned down to lick and suck on my balls, looking up into my eyes while she did this, clearly putting on a show.

"Are you going to cum in my mouth for me?" she asked as she winker and released her mouth to go back to work on my nine inches of thick cock. This time she was not so gentle. She began to deep throat my cock fast and hard, massaging my balls in her hand the entire time. The vaccuum lock on my cock was the most intense I have ever felt - the slurping and smacking noises coming from her were too much for me to handle.

As I groaned and began to shake she took me all the way into her throat and massaged my length with her mouth... causing what felt like the most intense eruption my cock has ever experienced. I exploded into her mouth for at least 20 seconds and, once I was done, she released my cock from her mouth and sat up. She smiled and leaned forward, opening her mouth to show me that it was damn near full of my cum, and then closed and swallowed.

I looked up and laughed nervously and I realized my sister had just sucked me off and swallowed a good cup of my semen.

"That was incredible" I said to her as I leaned forward and pulled her down to the bed. I rolled her on her back and flung myself on top of her between her legs. "My turn"

I dropped down quickly and spread her legs hard and fast with my hands. I drove my extended tongue straight between her baby soft pussy lips and into her depths, pulling it out only to suck frantically on her hardening clit and dripping lips. I wanted to make her explode so bad that I focused only on her clit... sucking and licking it with unmistakable dedication.

Her moans and groans excited my drained cock back to life, and the bucking of her hips made me so crazy that I could not control myself.

I chaged in that second into a different person, immediately driving one finger into her pussy and one into her virgin asshole as I continued to mount my attack on her helpless clit. I pushed in and out of her holes in unison as her cries grew louder and her hips practically rammed into my mouth.

Finally she grabbed my hair and screamed as her pussy and asshole gripped my fingers and juice began to flood out of her pussy. I slid my fingers out of her and held her legs spread as I continued to suck hard on her clit through her orgasm, which pushed her over the edge into her first multiple experience.

When I stopped the bed was drenched underneath her ass. She was laying limp as can be with her eyes closed.

"John, that was so..."

As she began to speak I slid up on top of her and pressed my fully erect cock deep inside her opening, stopping her statement short.

"Oh fuck" she moaned as I managed to wiggle the last inches inside of her vice like pussy.

"Haley - you are so tight" I mustered

"I've only had sex one time" she replied.

"OK - I'll be gentle" I said as I held her close and began to make love to her slow and deliberate.


I looked up puzzled at her.

"Make me your whore... fuck me hard.. treat me like your little fuck toy... use me in ways no other girl will let you... make me regret starting this whole thing"

I looked at her puzzled, my cock still inside her... pulsing at the idea of making my sweet little sister my whore for the evening.

"I felt you go crazy on my pussy.. shoving your fingers inside me... I know you want to fuck the shit out of me.. so do it" she told me.

"FUCK ME" she yelled.

That was all it took for me. I immediately grabbed her legs and spread them wide, pulling them up over her head. My cock was still stuffed in her pussy and I started to hammer fuck her tiny little hole. I proped up on my knees and let loose, each time I pushed in hard I could feel the head of my cock slam into something it should not. Her cries were a mix of pleasure and pain as I abused her pussy like she surely had not experienced.

As I fucked her her hands gripped the bed sheets and her breasts flopped back and forth with the ramming of my cock. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open, emitting sounds that I had never heard my little sister make.

Her orgasms were nearly the end of me. I kept her in this position for about 15 minutes, ramming her incesently. In that time, she came 4 times, her pussy pulsing and gripping onto my cock as her juices undoubtedly stained the matress.

I remembered her words and decided to use her hard. Because of my size, no girl had ever let my cock near her ass. "Hell no" was the typical response to any efforts in that direction.

I rolled Haley over hard and pulled her ass toward me. "I'm going to stick my giant cock in your little virgin ass you dirty cunt" I swore at her.

"Fuck my ass Johnny" she screamed.

I lubed up my cock with my stash and decided to skip the gentle preparation I had read about. Nevermind the fingers. I leveled my cockhead on her helpless little brown eye and pushed it in not so gently, causing her to buck and groan loudly.

I pulled her head back by her hair and said "take it you little whore" and completed my efforts by pushing all nine inches deep into her asshole.

I stopped there for a second - deciding to give her a rest and get used to my cock. I didn't want to hurt her too bad.

I felt her ass relax a bit and began fucking her tight little shit hole. The entire time whispering insults and obscenities that I can't even repeat. With my cock abusing her asshole and my hands gripping her hair tightly I was truely making her my little whore.

The excitement was too much for me to handle and I exploded into her asshole without even expecting it..

I emtied my chamber in her and smiled. "And don't think I am done with you"

I forced her to squat over me as I lay on my back. Her stretched asshole directly over my stomach, my cum dripping out like rain onto my tummy. When it stopped I ordered her to lick me clean of my cum and her ass. She did so eagerly, finally falling down on the bed next to me.

"You are going to have a long weekend" I told her.

She only smiled and looked at me with utter trust and devotion until her lack of energy forced her eyes closed as she drifted off to sleep.

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