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VooDoo Child


High and feeling fine, she just finished sitting on the deck tokin’ on a “j” watching the rain. Waiting on him to arrive she burns an incense. Throwing on some Jimi and opening a window she feels the tunes.

Opening the door, the smell of incense hits him and he knows her mood. Smelling the freshly brewed tea he just bought from the corner coffeehouse to start the day, she gets up to help him in removing the cups from his hands. Enjoying the fresh scent of rain on him she kisses him seductively on the neck.

She sits back down on the couch placing the tea on the table, rolling another morning “j”. As she hands it to him she begins sucking on his ear. He closed his eyes listening and smelling the rain, taking in the tunes of Jimi, and enjoying her lips. Sucking on his ear lightly kissing his neck, she reaches down and begins stroking his cock through his pants. Turning his head, tasting her tongue and feeling her lips he allows himself to grow harder in her hands.

Getting very wet and yearning to feel him inside her she straddles him, still kissing him passionately. He runs his hands up her shirt unsnapping her bra and then moves his hands in front. Running his hands over her nipples she shudders and slightly smiles. Grinding her hips into him, feeling she is about to climax, she stops. He tries to force her to move but she refuses.

She undresses him, telling him to stay on the couch. She takes off her clothes in front of him and straddles him again, resting his cock between her ass cheeks. Kissing feverishly all over he teases her nipples, feeling her juices beginning to flow out. She can’t take it and places him inside her. They both gasp, she grabs the back of his head pushing her hips all the way down; feeling all of his cock inside of her.

About to come she gets up and gets on her knees, taking him in her mouth. Sucking as if he were a lollipop she can’t get enough of her taste on his cock. He lightly teases her nipples causing her to play with herself as she continues to suck. She teased the tip of his cock and then taking as much of him in her mouth as she can. Slowly fucking her face he enjoys the feel of her wet and warm mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock. He makes on last stroke in her mouth, pulling out he lays her on her back and taste of her wet pussy. He inhales her scent.

Taking his tongue and exploring every fold of her pussy she arches her back in pleasure. He begins to grind his face deeper as she fucks his mouth and pushes her hips completely into his face. He reaches up to tease her nipples. Spreading her legs, about to climax he notices the changing in her breathing. He flips her over making her straddle his face. Teasing her nipples again she fucks his face harder and faster. Climaxing, he drinks every last bit of her come getting high off her scent.

He flips her over kissing her passionately and slowly allowing her to taste her juices. Slowly he glides inside her warm cunt. Feeling how tight she is around his rock hard cock he goes slow enjoying how he feels inside her warmth. She grabs his ass shoving himself in as deep as he can get. Turning her on her side he puts one leg on his shoulder and begins fucking her a little bit faster. Playing with her clit she feels him grow harder. Without missing a stroke she flips on her back matching his rhythm and wrapping her legs around his neck.

He plunges deeper going faster as she squeezes her pussy around his hard cock. She feels his cock jerk inside her. He pulls out shooting all over her tits and teasing her nipples with the tip of his cock. He starts to lick her nipples clean of his come, getting her wet and ready for more.

She has him sit back on his heels as she lies on his stomach and begins to suck his cock clean. It starts to grow again in her mouth. She can feel every vein in on his cock and it is making her wet with every suck. He reaches behind her and begins playing with her asshole. She wants to cum on his cock so badly she damn near explodes sucking his cock.

Having him lay on the floor she mounts him like she is about to ride for her life. Leaning down to kiss him as he takes her breast in his hands, she moves her pussy to the very top of his cock making small pulsating moves. He groans with delight and then all the sudden she engulfs all of him in her and he gasp. She does this to him a few more times. He so badly wants to move her up and down quickly but he resist.

Finally she sits up on his cock and begins moving up and down quickly brings him to the brink of cumming. She feels his cock becoming larger and beginning to swell. Making him play with her nipples she is about to cum as well. Suddenly she explodes her juices all over his cock and she can feel him releasing his juices inside of her. Leaning forward and whispering his name she feels an orgasmic serge through her and collapses.

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