Voodoo, Too


Watching his aqua eyes, I only nodded, feeling myself standing. What was it about these people that made it seem as if I had no control over my body? Still, food and company sounded like a good idea, and the villagers welcomed me, as always, with open arms. They sat me in front of their fires, and fed me meat and fruit and flat cakes made from long grains. Women and children danced to the sound of drums, prancing around the victorious warriors. It wasn't until nearly evening that one of the younger boys tugged at my arm, telling me the boat had come again.

The reefs around the shoreline allowed nothing more than slim, shallow-bottomed boats to come to me, and for once they were beached on the shore instead of having taken the river up closer to the camp. I didn't recognize the men that stood on the soft sands, one of them crouched to examine a small fiddler crab.

"Dr. Heir?"

"Yes?" How many other white men would be on this place? "Can I help you?"

The tallest of the trio, obviously in charge, offered me a smile and his hand. "I've heard that you had some trouble getting a video camera in here. We would very much like proper documentation evidence to take back to the civilized world."

For some reason, the word civilized seemed like a curse to me, but I nodded anyway. "They will not allow it., there's nothing I can do."

"Oh, but there is." He smiled, handing me a satellite phone. "There is a camera embedded in the front of it, but the phone should work out here, too. Call us when there is no memory left, and we'll collect it and give you a new one." His smile seemed to me more venomous than a viper's.

"I don't think—"

He raised his hand. "If you wish to continue your research here, Dr. Heir, I suggest you get us video images. Or we will be forced to replace you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." I understood. They couldn't really force me to leave, but they could stop my paychecks for my work here, stop sending me supplies, cut off my access to the outside world. And they would send in another researcher—someone brutish, intrusive, that wouldn't care for their customs or how they felt about any of this. He would get the images that they wanted, and the rest wouldn't matter.

Sobered, I returned to the fire, and when evening came I went into the temple, sitting one one of the reed mats to wait for Makya. I had to tell him about this. It wouldn't be right to sneak around the shaman, and anyway, I wasn't sure that I could pull it off.

He came to me just as the last light of the sun dipped below the horizon. I don't know where he had been, but in the darkness his arms slipped around me from behind, his breath warm against my ear.

"You seem troubled."

God, how his voice gave me a throbbing in my groin, but nonetheless I told him of the conversation I had with my superiors, still holding the phone in my hands. I don't know if he understood all of it, but he listened anyway. He was behind me still, those warm arms curled around my chest. When I was done, he stood, going around to the torches to light them all, giving the small room a comforting orange cast.

"Then," he said at last, taking the phone from me, "we shall give them something to watch."

I didn't know what he meant, even as he set the phone on a small ledge, the tiny camera lens facing where I sat on the mat. He came back to me, catching my face in his hands, his lips just brushing against mine.

"Makya, what are you—?"

"Shhh," he soothed, kissing me lightly. He straddled my waist, making short work of my pants. His back was to the camera, showing off where the snake wound around his spine. The short wrap around his waist was gone, and I could almost imagine the camera's view of his ass, the back of his thighs, and the silver waterfall of his hair. He kissed me again, harder this time, his fingers raking down my chest, pushing me onto my back. For once, I could touch him back, and for a moment I hesitated anyway. It was like touching a god, not just a speaker for them, warm, dark skin that seemed to draw me closer and closer. I ran my hands over the muscles in his back and chest, sliding my thumbs over his nipples and hearing a little intake of breath that had my erection straining upwards towards him. I squeezed his ass and heard myself groan, and my fingers found his entrance already oiled and waiting for me.

Makya's lips were on my neck, and his teeth sank into the skin at the curve of my neck with a little claiming growl, even as he eased his hips back to impale himself on my erection. The combination had me crying out to the stone temple, my head arching back. I couldn't help but wonder what the camera could see, just the dark toss of my hair beneath Makya's lithe body, both of us slowly rocking, his hands skipping over the curve of my ribcage, sending shivers up my skin. His lips soothed over the mark he had made with his teeth, tongue circling the spot as he drew himself up and down on my erection. Always in control, even as I was finally able to get a hand between us to curl around his slender cock. He gave a guttural cry of pleasure, thrusting against my fingers and grinding down on me. I lost myself.

With the warm glow of the fire flicking over his skin, at some point I had turned and had him beneath me, kissing him again. His slender legs were around my waist as I took him with long, slow thrusts. His arms curled around my neck, fingers curling into my hair. He was talking to the gods again between his cries of pleasure, the rustle of the reed mat beneath us and the sound of his pants seeming to fill the small room. The camera now would be able to see my cock disappearing into him with each long buck of my hips, see the shadows cast beneath us as I licked to just beneath his ear, nipping at the soft flesh.

I don't know how long we were tangled like that, but then his hand was pulling hard at my hair, and he arched his head back to expose the smooth pillar of his neck to the firelight, and then I felt him coming, warm and thick against my stomach and his own. His muscles clenched around my cock, and I buried the sound of my own orgasm against his collarbone. The camera saw the muscles of my ass flex as I buried deep inside of him and unloaded, both of us shivering, sweat beading on us in the humid jungle.

I was sore again, but in a far more enjoyable way, my muscles twitching some in afterglow as I lay beside him. Makya's head was pillowed on my arm, his hair spread about him like a strange silver halo. His breath came soft and steady against the side of my chest, one arm thrown over my stomach. He seemed to be asleep, peaceful, and when I looked up towards the phone, I saw that it had been knocked over by a thick python that was now sliding over the lens, offering us privacy from the prying eye. I couldn't help but smile, turning just enough to draw him closer, my lips moving in a prayer to the Gods that had saved me once again. I knew they would answer it.

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