tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVoyeuring Jennifer

Voyeuring Jennifer


The dream started with me standing outside the window of my gorgeous (now former) neighbor and friend Jennifer peeping in at her in her bedroom. It was dark outside but very light in her room with her window shades completely up and the bright overhead light and lamp on. I was standing right outside her bedroom, my face pressed against the window, watching her.

I could feel myself getting aroused as I perused Jennifer. She was taking off her work clothes: heels first, then skirt and slip, pantyhose, blouse and brassiere. Completely nude, Jennifer lay down on her big bed, spread her long tanned legs, and started playing with her pussy. Her thick, brunette hair was trimmed on the sides and top to form the perfect pubic triangle. I stared at her from only a few feet away as she excited her opening with her fingers—and intermittently massaged her small, shapely tits. Then I found myself walking up to her front door, into her house (or some house....), and right into her bedroom. Like it was no big deal.

I stood at the foot of Jennifer's bed while she masturbated and finger-fucked her aroused pussy. She smiled at me -- and did not look surprised at all that I was in her bedroom. On the other hand, I was incredulous that I was in her bedroom. Jennifer admitted that she purposely left the shades up, hoping that I was peeping at her— to turn me on and said that she was disappointed that I had not come over to visit her before now. But then the dream about my lovely neighbor faded then away.

My first good glimpse of beautiful Jennifer was the first week that she and her husband moved in next door. I happened to peer out the side window of our extra first floor bedroom in the back of our house and saw this incredible looking, long legged brunette babe in an itty-bitty neon green bikini sunning herself on her back patio. A goddess had moved in right next door—a brunette nonetheless! And even though I married a blonde, I've always been partial to beautiful long legged brunettes.

Each weekday morning when I had coffee in the little breakfast room in the front corner of my house and read the newspaper before going to work, Jennifer would walk out down her front sidewalk to fetch her newspaper after her shower—always dressed in a short little silky robe, sometimes with a towel on her head—and I doubted that there was ever anything else under her little cover-up. I kept hoping that it would fall open as she bent over one morning, but sometimes you get even more than you wish for.

Jennifer was 26 (what a great age for babes!) when I first met her—a very enjoyable gal with a pleasant, fun personality; 2 college degrees and a good job, an athletic hard body-- about 5'8", 125-130 lbs; 34b (many years later she enhanced that to a very perky "C+"), 24, 35; with a lovely, soft southern accent. Even though much younger, Jennifer and her husband became fast friends with us, and we went out as couples many times.

What Jennifer did not know was that I often had the secret pleasure of watching her dressing and undressing in the "privacy" of her own bedroom late at night when she had a shade or two, partially up in her bedroom. We lived in an older, affluent neighborhood, and her first floor bedroom was only about 4 paces from my house—directly adjacent to (and a couple feet lower than) some strategically placed mini-blinds on a side door into our pantry. With the blinds slanted down but not shut, I was the ultimate voyeur: completely invisible when standing directly behind the blind—with a crystal clear view of almost half of my comely neighbor's nearby bedroom.

I happened to realize my good fortune, initially by accident. One evening as I walked through the pantry, the pantry mini-blinds were pulled all the way up (very unusual). I glanced next door and briefly saw Jennifer walk in and out of her bedroom. With the shade in her bedroom pulled half way, I could see all of her pretty long legs while she was dressed only in bikini panties. Wow! Needless to say, that got my attention. And I did start lusting, at least in a voyeur-way, after my neighbor's wife.

Then one evening when apparently Jennifer thought there was no one at home next door, she had the window shade most directly across from the pantry completely up (which was unusual) and lights on. I watched from behind the blind. Oh my God, no panties on this time! Jennifer was standing, not 8 paces away from me. She arrived from her shower dressed only in a towel wrapped turban-style around her head and stood facing the window (and me). Then she spent the next twenty minutes primping naked in front of her vanity.

Jennifer did not seem to be in any hurry as she spread lotion over virtually every square inch of her gorgeous body. She stood sideways in the mirror and rubbed her bare shoulders and arms. Then with both palms, Jennifer carefully massaged her tummy and bare breasts over and over, smiling as she fondled them. Her tits were small but gorgeous, and I could tell that she liked them by how she touched both of them. When she put one foot up on the edge of vanity and rubbed lotion over her long leg, and then her firm, shapely ass, I could plainly see her dark pubic hair, as well as her breasts in the mirror.

I even ran out for a minute to grab some binoculars to get an even closer view. With the little binoculars, I could easily see the bumps on her pink nipples, the sheen of her well-lotioned skin, and slit running through her dark, curly triangle. I got an erection spying on my beautiful, nude neighbor. There is nothing quite as erotic as watching a beautiful woman revel in the feel of her own naked skin when she (thinks she) is alone.

I was hooked. Oh sure, I could have just never looked again. But the sight of Jennifer, naked, tempted me, and I could not resist. How could I not watch my beautiful neighbor? From that night on, I became a self-confessed "Peeping Tom." Whenever I had the chance, it became a game to see how much of Jennifer I could see for how long. While Jennifer lived next door, I did my very best to spy on her-- but at least from my own house—so I could rationalize being a neighborly voyeur. If she was going to leave her shades up and let me watch, then I was going to enjoy looking at her.

I had the privilege of watching Jennifer totally nude, partially dressed, and in a wide array of sexy lingerie and sleep wear outfits— dozens of times over a couple years. Did she have any idea that I might be watching her? I seriously doubt it. I had THE perfect spot in my pantry. Sometimes I wouldn't see her for weeks and then I'd get more than an eyeful of her a few nights in a row. If she was at home (her car would be parked out front), I knew with some probability the times of weekday and weekend evenings when she most likely would be stepping out of her clothes. I made sure that the blinds were pulled down and the lights were out in my kitchen and pantry when I spied on her. And I was lucky that some weekends my wife was out of town doing her horse show thing, and so I had free rein to watch if Jennifer was in her house. Other times, I just had to make sure that my wife was sleeping or not around...to check out the scene next door.

Jennifer often sat on her bedroom floor (where I had a perfect angle) and watched a little TV or did some stretching exercises—dressed only in her panties, only or little gym shorts. She always looked gorgeous—makeup or no makeup—and in whatever clothes, or lack thereof. An incredible treat!

Regrettably, I never saw gorgeous Jennifer having sex with her husband in their nearby bedroom, as the shades were typically drawn all the way in the two large windows adjacent to their bed. But late one evening—around midnight—I couldn't sleep and went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

For grins, I opened the pantry mini-blind a bit to check things out next door. Very uncharacteristically, Jennifer's last bedroom window at the corner of her house was open, and the shade up about two feet--perhaps to let in some of the refreshing night breeze. A small lamp on her corner nightstand was lit. Maybe she thought that no one was home at our house since I had gotten in very late.....I don't know. I had a clear line of sight to half of Jennifer's bed.

But no Jennifer. I waited a couple minutes in my dark pantry and was on the verge of hitting the hay myself when lo and behold, Jennifer sat down on the side of her bed facing the window—and me. No way this is happening, I thought!

She was completely nude, but I couldn't see her face with the shade partly pulled. I could only see her from just above her tits on down. Sitting on the side of her bed, Jennifer parted her lovely, naked legs and started rubbing her dark bush with the palm of her hand. Slowly, she ran her manicured red fingernails through her fur and her fingers up and down the full length of her slit massaging her hairy crotch. I got an erection instantaneously. Beautiful Jennifer started alternating her hands and rubbing her pubic mound with more pace as I watched her masturbate from behind my mini-blinds.

Probably, Jennifer's husband was traveling as he sometimes did--and she felt a bit lonely and horny that night—and her lovely pussy needed some extra special attention only she could provide herself. Luckily, I was alone in my house that night, also. Jennifer lay down on her back with one knee up—and I could now see her perky tits and pretty face, too—and she started sliding her middle finger, slowly in and out of her pussy and massaging her tits with the other. My dick was poking out of my boxers, and I hadn't touched it yet. I twisted the blinds slightly to give myself an even better view of Jennifer.

I was mesmerized, watching my neighbor and friend as she masturbated—holding her swollen lips apart with one hand and fondling her clitoris with the other. Her red fingernails matched the rosy color of her pussy opening. My cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling as I stood in disbelief, watching Jennifer play with herself.

Unconsciously, I started jerking my shaft as I watched Jennifer fondle and penetrate her pussy, not 7 or 8 paces away, in her nearby bedroom. She used her middle finger in a circular motion, methodically pressing on her clit and then began plunging two fingers through her dark bush into her vagina. I just could not quite fathom that I was getting to watch my neighbor play with herself. One of THE very best masturbation exhibitions I'd ever seen (but maybe more on those...in subsequent stories). I pumped my erection while Jennifer snaked two fingers in and out of her pussy.

My heart pounded as I stroked my rigid shaft faster and continued to peep at Jennifer from behind my pantry blinds. She arched her pelvis up and down like she was fucking--her bare buns rising off the bed as she masturbated faster. Then Jennifer flipped over to her tummy, her legs spread and perfect, beautiful butt in the air with her hand reaching back and plunging multiple fingers in and out of her slit. My spectacular neighbor was in a sexual frenzy in the privacy of her own bedroom, but I was getting to watch the amazing live, sex show—definitely some of the hottest masturbation fun that I've ever had the pleasure to witness in person.

I pumped my cock and was in a frenzy by this point, too--I tried to hold on, tightly throttling my erection to preclude cumming. I gripped my firm shaft like a vise, but it was too late. Thick streams of semen fired from my cock and collided with my own pantry door from a foot or so away. It was such a powerful orgasm that if the door had been open, I thought my burst of semen might have shot through Jennifer's bedroom window and splattered her naked body. Since then, I have fantasized about watching Jennifer play with herself and about spurting cum all over her beautiful face.

She was still going strong when I was done (isn't that the way it always is?). Jennifer flipped back onto her back, long legs wide open and both knees up. Jennifer used both hands to finger and massage her wet labia and juicy interior. Three fingers now slid in and out of her pussy, and Jennifer writhed in pleasure on her bed. I wondered if she was going to stick her whole hand inside her vagina.

Finally, Jennifer stopped and lay back on her bed exhausted, wiped her wet fingers over her nipples. Then she went back for more, inserting her fingers once again into her excited cunt until she her whole body tensed one last time—and then she rested. My heart was still pounding with excitement, and I felt a bit light-headed and that I could almost smell her sex through her bedroom window. Jennifer lay naked on her bed, her legs and pussy wide open and begging for attention. As a final act, she licked her pussy juices from her fingers...and seemed to enjoy the taste. Only when she got up and switched off the light several minutes later did I finally leave—still with my penis rock hard.

But all good things must end. Jennifer and her husband decided to move back to the town where they had both grown up. A beautiful early summer evening before Jennifer and her husband left, though, the shades were completely up in two of their big bedroom windows directly opposite my pantry door. That was very unusual, and so I stopped to check it out. Bingo! There was Jennifer. It was laundry night. She looked very hot as usual: dressed in a pair of tight little gym shorts and a mid tummy, cut-off T-shirt. While I watched behind my blinds only a few steps away, Jennifer pulled off her shorts, then panties, and then she ripped off her T-shirt and tossed it into a laundry basket.

For one last time I had the pleasure of watching Jennifer in the nude spend the next fifteen minutes nonchalantly puttering around in her bedroom: putting away clothes, organizing her dresser, making her bed. She left to take a shower and then returned naked and finally slipped on a sexy little black baby doll nightgown. The ultimate, beautiful girl next door. Peeping at her in the nude that last night was an exceptional going away present. Oh, to have had a digital camcorder back then......

After Jennifer and her husband moved out of town, I assumed that would be the last time I'd ever see her unclothed--but I was wrong. They met us one weekend in Florida after they had moved away. They slept out in the living room of a condo that we rented. That Saturday morning her husband had gotten earlier to run. Leaving my wife in bed, I got up to make coffee. Jennifer was awake but lounging on the sofa bed and then finally got up and went to the porch to pull the curtains open. Bright sunlight streamed into the room. She was wearing a gauzy, almost sheer, white, nightshirt that barely covered her ass and was only buttoned at her waist. I could distinctly see the familiar triangle of her dark bush under the shirt—no panties! Then as she leaned over to make her bed, her bare breasts that I had seen so many times before watching in my pantry, were clearly visible via her unbuttoned top. Déjà vu, again.

Actually we've seen Jennifer (and family) several times over the years....and I've been tempted to mention that years ago I'd had the privilege of watching her in her bedroom...many times. Maybe one day I will...

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