VS Ch. 06


Larissa leaned forward and kissed Jodie, and the delayed gratification of their pent up passion broke like a crumbling dam. Jodie absolutely loved this, when their bodies were so slippery it was impossible to keep her hands or lips in any one place. Larissa smelled of conditioner and soap. Her wet nipple slipped out of Jodie's searching mouth, and then Jodie was in between Larissa's squeaky clean breasts, smothered for a moment until she came up for air, finding her neck and chin, until they were kissing again. Larissa grabbed Jodie's ass, then let it slide out of her grasp, and followed a slick thigh to Jodie's pussy, getting wet with her own juices. Jodie moaned something, muffled as their lips were still locked.

Jodie reached for Larissa's breasts, each one a luscious overflowing handful, puffing nipples slipping from under her palms and between her fingers. Larissa broke off their kiss, caught her breath, and said, "I'm so glad you ditched the swimsuit." Her finger slipped out of Jodie's pussy, and Jodie shivered when she found her way back inside. "One of these days I'm going to do this right in the pool. I'll make you come in front of everyone."

There was little point in warning Jodie, other than to excite her even more. If Larissa carried out her threat, Jodie would be unwilling to resist. Larissa slipped another finger inside Jodie's tight pussy. "Then you can watch while I make love to the teacher." Jodie moaned at the images she introduced, of Lorraine's tight nude body brought to climax by Larissa's voluptuous charms. She wished- and then Larissa twisted her fingers in such a way that Jodie irresistibly fell, or slipped, into an an intense orgasm. And that was only the start.

They lay out towels where there was room on the floor, for those parts of lovemaking that were more effectively done lying down. Jodie lay on her stomach, arms at her sides, as Larissa massaged her with her own body. Jodie could only hear Larissa's breathy whispers, and feel her pillowy breasts, her damp-dry pubic hair, her fingertips and lips. She pleaded to be allowed to turn over, and was ignored. Feeling Larissa's knee between hers, she spread her legs and raised her bottom, inviting a touch which didn't arrive. Larissa touched her everywhere except the place she wanted. "Please," Jodie cried, almost a sob.

Larissa seemed to wait an eternity before relenting. She let Jodie sit up and they kissed for a while; Jodie fumbled at Larissa's buoyant breasts and her own hungry pussy. "Lay down," Larissa said, and helped Jodie onto her back before removing her hand from between her legs. Jodie enjoyed a glimpse of her friend above, the intense dark eyes and predatory grin, and then saw only her spilled dark hair, as Larissa alternated feather-light kisses on her tingling breasts. She bucked and came again, her moist pussy untouched, steaming the cool air. Larissa sat up and watched Jodie's breasts rise and fall as she breathed.

They switched positions, and Larissa lay back indulgently as Jodie explored her with fingers and lips, kissing lower and lower on her taut belly and pubic thatch. Larissa's pussy lips were warm, moist, swelling, open. There was the slight taste of soap with Larissa's musk. Larissa was very specific about what she wanted, and soon Jodie's nose, mouth and chin were slick with her juices. After she had tongued Larissa to a noisy climax, Jodie crawled forward and lay on her tummy, laying her cheek between Larissa's breasts. Larissa ran her fingers through Jodie's damp hair. "We need another shower," Larissa said; both were covered in perspiration. Jodie shifted her head just enough to be able to kiss Larissa's breast.

"Let's get cleaned up," Larissa said, and helped Jodie up. "No fooling around this time." They shared a shower nozzle, lips locked most of the time, their bodies entwined, separating only to let the water rinse between them. Finally they dried and dressed, and walked to Jodie's room.

Yes, Jodie would have to tell Roz somehow. They were spending a lot of time together, and their clothes had a way of being quickly shed. She'd have to explain to Roz exactly who this insanely hot girl was.

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