tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWACFYM Ch. 05 Pt. 02

WACFYM Ch. 05 Pt. 02


Ginny gazed at her surroundings. There were a few people on the beach but she and George pretty much had the dunes to themselves. It was a sunny Fall day but the weather was cool, just the way she liked it. She put down her paperback and glanced over at her boyfriend.

He was dozing peacefully and snoring lightly so Ginny seized the opportunity to gaze at him. They'd been together for four years but she never tired of looking at him. She brushed her fingertips through his chestnut brown hair as she snuggled up next to his comforting warmth.

George's face was ruggedly handsome, with cute eyebrows and a square jaw that any woman would have found appealing but what Ginny really loved were his expressive brown eyes, a scattering of light freckles and the way his face would frequently break into this adorably goofy smile.

The only reservation she'd felt at the beginning was regards his height which was about average. Another day by the beach, back when they'd started dating, had put those doubts to rest. She could still remember watching as he'd pulled off his shirt and revealed his lean, fit body. It wasn't toned and rippling but an active lifestyle had kept him in very good shape. That night had been the first time they'd made love and she hadn't been disappointed by what had been hidden by his swimming shorts.

Today, Ginny felt the familiar tug of her heart as she looked at him, knowing she loved him a little more each day, not just because of his wholesome attractiveness and the fact he was good in bed. Serious when he had to be, he supported her wholeheartedly but could also really make her laugh. She was a world class worrier at times and George was always on her side, helping reassure her. It only took Ginny one glance into his loving eyes to make her feel better.

She sat up and glanced around as she brushed her blonde windswept hair from her face. Her right hand traced over his left leg, enjoying the sensation of his fine hair on her fingertips. George shifted lightly as her fingers reached his thigh but didn't wake. Ginny smiled and sent her hand further, taking advantage of the baggy shorts he wore. There was something soft and vulnerable about that spot that excited Ginny, knowing his thick cock and balls were just a few inches away and completely at her mercy.

As her right hand continued its ascent and cupped his tackle, her left slipped under his t-shirt, feeling the warmth of his body as she caressed his flat stomach. Ginny loved the downy chest hair that covered his pecs and formed a dark line from his navel to his waistband. His maleness, so alien but exciting always aroused her and she could feel her body tingle.

George stirred sleepily as she gently massaged his cock, loving the feeling of his manhood starting to swell to her touch.

"What are you doing?" He asked, opening one eye. There was a half smile on his lips to show he wasn't complaining. Ginny's spontaneity and adventurousness was one item on a long list of reasons why he loved her.

He watched her pretty face as she smiled coyly back at him. Strands of her long hair fell over her beautiful blue eyes and George exhaled as she unconsciously licked her lips. He glanced at her body, clad only in a bikini top and shorts and could see her nipples were erect, either from the cool temperature or arousal. Her breasts were smallish but pert. He reached out and cupped one, loving the way it filled his palm and the way she moaned softly as he brushed his thumb over it. Not a day went by that he didn't appreciate how lucky he was to have found a girl who was not only funny and smart but also incredibly sexy.

"Do you want me to suck it?" She breathed in to his ear. Though slightly more experienced than George, she'd been raised to be a good girl. Ginny felt comfortable saying it only because of the deep connection the couple shared. That bond opened them up and really allowed them to express their love and desire for one another that neither had felt with the few previous partners.

"What if someone sees?" He protested half-heartedly as he glanced around sheepishly, but the amused tone in his voice let her know he didn't want her to stop.

"I'll give 'em a good show." She answered so boldly that George couldn't help but let out a little laugh. Ginny extracted his now straining manhood and was just about to lower her head when her boyfriend stroked her face and turned it towards him.

They kissed, George wanting to convey the feelings with his mouth that words could not. He wanted her to know just how much he loved her. He never wanted the kiss to end, she tasted so sweet. When he was with her he was home and the world was a happy place.

"I..." He stuttered when their lips finally parted.

Ginny placed her finger over his lips. "Shoop, shoop, baby..."She whispered.


"Mmmmm...." George, propped up on his elbows, moaned as half of his eight inches vanished inside Ginny's welcoming mouth. His concerns about being caught also disappeared as his girlfriend got to work. The riskiness of it was a huge part of the turn on.

She played with his balls as she planted kisses up and down his shaft over and over again, interspersing that with her tongue flicking over its swollen head. George buried his feet in the same as he placed a hand on the back of her head as the pleasure from her mouth began in earnest.

"Awhhh..." He groaned, giving up on watching so he could close his eyes and arch his back. This was an exceptional circumstance but he wasn't complaining, their regular sex life, in the bedroom usually, was very healthy. That didn't mean he wasn't enjoying the outdoor sex act because it was out of the ordinary.

Ginny loved giving George head, amazed at how different the experience was with someone you truly cared for, wanting to give that to them. George was bucking his hips to the rhythm she was setting, their bodies in unison. In tune with him, she could feel him wanting to pick up the pace but resisting the urge thrust harder into her mouth. She smiled at his consideration and rewarded him a brief but passionate locking of their lips before she returned to his lap.

George ran his hands over her exposed tanned skin, never tired of the way his girlfriend felt, so soft and good. He couldn't keep his hands off of her at home or now. He groped her small, round ass through her shorts.

"Any chance you can take these off?" He groaned. Part of him enjoyed being the only one baring all but his desire for Ginny's naked body was his overriding fantasy.

"Uh huh..." Ginny replied by shaking her head, smiling at his suffering. He'd have to wait until they got home to rip her clothes off and have her completely. So in sync, she knew he'd be eager to return the favour as soon as they got through the door. She planned on teasing him the whole ride home, maybe even flash him her breasts as he tried to keep his eyes on the road.

"Awwww..." He moaned petulantly.

Disappointed, George flopped back onto the sand but the throbbing in his cock was growing so urgent, the pleasure mounting so incessantly his frown was fleeting. His nuts tightened but he didn't have to tell Ginny he was close to cumming. She could tell by the shortness of his breath and the way he was squeezing her behind.

"Ohhhh...ughhhh....jesus...." George grunted, even if he'd wanted to hold out, he couldn't for much longer.

Ginny glanced up, from between his legs, to watch his scrunched-up face as she closed her lips around his cock and wrapped her hand around the base to bring him over the edge. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, to swallow it, to do that for him.

"oHh shiiittt..." George growled as his load spurted from his cock. Jet after jet erupted as his balls emptied and Ginny took it all.


"Jesus...that was ...you're so... naughty." George breathed out as he pulled his shorts up over his softening cock. He took the opportunity to gaze at his girlfriend, love and appreciation written all over his face. She was so pretty in an earthy way, and a great person as well, his love for her had never been stronger.

Ginny looked a little embarrassed, her behaviour not exactly typical for her, though she had enjoyed it. Being with George just did things to her she couldn't put into words.

"Will you marry me?!" George blurted out, spontaneously, without thinking.

"What?" Ginny cried, a little taken aback but dizzy with surprised happiness.

"Oh no! I didn't mean to say that..." George croaked, mortified by his unplanned outburst.

"You don't want to marry me?" Ginny asked, amused by the befuddled, anguished look on his cute face.

"I do!" He stated with emphasis, horrified that Ginny might think otherwise. "...I want to spend the rest of my life with you!... but I had this whole scenario planned; dinner, wine, going down on one knee. I wanted it to be perfect..." George explained, his words tumbled from his lips as he tried to explain in haste.

"Honey," She whispered, silencing him by putting a figure over his mouth. " It doesn't matter how you ask me; the answer is yes. To be your wife will make me the happiest girl in the world..." She trailed off as she kissed him. It took a second for George to realise what she'd said and the troubled expression on his face to melt into bliss.


"So another one bites the dust." Tim scowled as he bent over the pool table and easily potted his shot.

George sipped his beer and let his friend's ambivalent attitude wash over him. Tim's position was well known to him. He couldn't understand the need to get married, preferring a 'hump 'em and dump 'em' strategy towards women.

"Hey man, I'm happy for you. Ginny is great." Al stressed, meaning it, as he threw one arm over his buddy's shoulders. Single himself, he wasn't bitter for his friend to have found the one he wanted to commit to.

"Getting married is just a way to try and ensure regular sex." Tim opined as the other men in the group, Craig and Simon, both married men, offered their congratulations.

"Oh come on," George countered, beginning to grow a little impatient now. "Ginny's more than just the woman I sleep with, she's also my best friend. She's smart, funny, beautiful..."

"For Christsakes, you popped the question after she gave you head on the beach..." Tim scoffed.

George shrugged affably, in a way to suggest he may concede the point a little.

"By the way, I thought I was your best friend." Simon protested good-naturedly, elbowing his buddy in the ribs before focusing on his shot. "I didn't know sex was part of the criteria; you should have told me.." He continued, playfully acting like he would have considered it.

George laughed, relaxed and comfortable around the guys. They met at the bar every Friday and there was nothing he couldn't share with them. He trusted them all.


Craig smiled as the group talked and drank. Simon was talking about something his wife, Willow, had said. The guy was really happily married, the pair of them the perfect couple. They had two small daughters that they doted on and despite that, the man hinted that their sex life hadn't slowed down any.

Simon didn't even glance in the direction of the hot pair of blondes sitting at the bar, unlike Craig who was wondered what they'd be like to fuck. None of buddies knew that he'd been seduced and corrupted by his father-in-law's mistress and that he'd lost track of all the sluts he'd fucked behind his wife's back.

"How's Felix?" George enquired, having a fondness for Craig's little boy and hoping he and Ginny would start a family fairly soon after getting married.

"He's fine." Craig stated evenly. He'd been so happy when Cally had given birth to his son but under the slut's tutelage he couldn't see his son as anything more than something that got in the way of getting pussy. A boring bitch like Cally hadn't deserved his child but he couldn't wait until Zara's due date. That whore deserved his child more than his wife. "Say, I've got something for you." He said, changing the topic by holding out a business card.

"What's that?"

"The name and number of a great wedding planner. Tell her I sent you and she'll offer you an unbelievable deal." Craig told him, smiling as his buddy thanked him. 'Don't thank me yet,' he thought to himself, 'wait until your cock is in her pussy and she's turned you from a faithful guy into a cheating bastard.'

Craig felt no guilt sending his unsuspecting friend to be seduced into betraying the love of his life. The Jezebels had corrupted him so completely he knew by the time they were done with George all he would think about would be the next pussy to fuck, Ginny completely forgotten.


"Miss Charles will see you now" The receptionist said, directing the couple through the swish frosted glass doors. As they entered the office the first thing George saw was the back of a woman bent over the desk. She was wearing a tight pencil skirt that really emphasised the fullness of her ass and the shapeliness of her stocking clad legs.

He blinked and averted his eyes, hoping Ginny hadn't noticed the way his gaze had been drawn to the sight. He gazed around, taking in the space. The place reeked of prosperous luxury. Miss Charles was clearly doing well for herself, they'd never have been able to afford her services if it weren't her connection with Craig.

"Hello, you must be George and Ginny. So pleased to meet you." Tina Charles said as she turned around, perfectly poised, the epitome of grace and elegance. She smiled even more as George's gaze involuntarily drifted down to her large breasts under her silk blouse. He looked away pretty sharpish, looking suitably sheepish.

Guys couldn't help it, even nice guys like George. Her body was the type of body made to be noticed, impossibly curvaceous and voluptuous. She chatted to them, making small talk and taking notes as she surreptitiously assessed the young pair before her.

She could tell they were really in love. From the way his hand subconsciously rested on her back to the little devoted glances and smiles. Tina could feel her pussy getting wet as she thought about coming between them, taking this guy in a committed relationship and make him betray that love and trust.

She'd lost track of all young men who had come into her office. She'd only targeted the ones who'd been decent and faithful and every one had slowly been corrupted as they'd fallen under her spell. Just as George would be. It didn't hurt that he was good-looking in a guy-next-door kinda way. He had a boyish face and evidence of a nice body was visible beneath his worn band t-shirt and scruffy jeans.

"What I like to do with my potential clients is to talk with you separately, to get a clearer picture of what both of you want from your special day. George, would you mind stepping out for a moment?"


Tina made notes as she checked out George's fiancée. Ginny was pretty in a down-to-earth way but her body was no match for Tina's. Nice guys like George didn't objectify women, falling for who they were rather than their outward appearance. That was why he'd fallen for a slim, athletic girl with small tits and no ass.

"I really just want something simple. All that matters is getting married to George and it will be the happiest day of my life."

"Don't worry, I already have lots of ideas." Tina smiled, thinking about how she'd get George hooked on her big tits and ass. Poor little Ginny, looking forward to her future as his wife.


George sat on the couch when it was his turn to talk with Tina.

She slowly, deliberately, bent down to set a cup of table on the table, affording him the opportunity to sneak about down between her more-than-ample cleavage. He didn't take it but from the way he shifted uncomfortably she could tell he had been tempted.

"So tell me George, are you ready to settle down with one woman for the rest of your life?" She enquired softly, sitting beside him and placing a hand on his arm.

"Ummm, I thought we were going to talk about the wedding." George said, the redhead's proximity making a little nervous. Her hand on his arm seemed overly familiar somehow.

"Oh I got all that from Ginny. I know it's a little unusual; I like to get to know my clients and get a feel for their relationships. I try to be a counsellor as well as a wedding planner."

"O-k...me and Ginny are great. I can't imagine life without her. I can't wait to get married and have kids." George explained, edging away from Tina and her hand on his arm. If he was honest the smell of her perfume was a little too enticing. He told himself she wasn't trying to act inappropriate, looking at her face she had a completely innocent expression, unaware of how awkward she was making him feel.

Craig had warned him that she was a little overfriendly; she was just that way with everybody and not to read anything into it. George decided to follow his buddy's advice. He had no reason to suspect this was all part of the plan to lead him astray.

"You're a young man. Most men your age are still out playing the field... I just want to make sure that you're comfortable being monogamous for the rest of your life."

"I am." George said earnestly, and meaning it. If Tina wanted to check his commitment, he had no problem with that; he'd never doubted or regretted his decision for one second. If he sure of anything it was that Ginny was the One.


"Oh I guess we are a little early." Willow apologised as she and Simon entered the kitchen and saw that their friends had a guest.

"Not all, I was just leaving." Tina said, graciously rising from her seat and collecting the invitation samples from the counter. From the corner of the eye she gazed at Simon. The man was tall and lean and handsome in a bookish way, with scruffy black hair and a stubbled jaw. Definitely a hot young dad.

"Guys, have you met Tina yet? She's our wedding planner...she's been really amazing. Tina, these are our friends Simon and Willow Kidson."

The group made their introductions and then Tina left, a little disappointed she hadn't been invited to stay. She'd have definitely liked to get to know Simon a little.

She sat in her car and thought about what Craig had told her about George's best friend. Apparently he was the one to introduce Ginny to George. The pair had dated long ago before realising they made better friends than a couple. Then Simon had met Willow who suggested setting Ginny and George up on a date, suspecting how well suited they were for each other.

According to the secret traitor in the group the Kidsons were happily married. A few years ago an intern at Simon's work had developed a crush on him, taking her flirting a little too far. Craig said the girl had been extremely hot but Simon wasn't interested or tempted to fool around behind his wife's back.

Simon had told Willow everything and requested a transfer to avoid the girl's advances. Completely secure in their relationship.

Tina smiled. She planned to seduce all of George's buddies and deprive him of all their support. Cut off and vulnerable he'd be susceptible to Tina's machinations. She couldn't wait to start with his best man, the faithful husband and doting father.

He might have been able to resist a foolish little girl, an amateur, but he wouldn't be able to resist her.


The girls were out shopping for Ginny's dress and the bridesmaids' outfits. Tina was showing them around an exclusive boutique, the manager of which was a sister in the Jezebel secret society. This whole wedding was going to be sponsored by the man-stealing sluts, but Ginny had no idea. Her hard earned money would actually be paying the people who were out to sexually corrupt her fiancé.

"Wow, that dress is amazing." Cally whistled. The gown was strapless, with a heart shaped neckline. The fitted bodice was embroidered with crystals and miniature pearls and the ruched satin fell elegantly to the floor.

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