WACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 03


"For weeks all I could think about was fucking you again, being inside your tight, young cunt. I tried to fight it....but I prefer fucking sluts to fucking my wife." He was practically humping her now, bucking his hips against her. He opened the door with one hand and closed it behind them. There was a calculating, lustful look in his eyes that Elana had never seen before.

Mastering a cool demeanour, Elana broke away from his arms and paced about the room. Eventually she sat down on the bed. There was a playful pause, each waiting to see what the other would do.

"Are you going to fuck me here in your wife's bed?" Elana inquired as she slowly unbuttoned her dress. She was delighted to see Sam nod as his eyes gazed at her lithe young body. "Are you going to suck on my tits as you fuck me with your unfaithful cock?"

"Yes..." Sam breathed as he watched her let her dress drop to the floor. He remembered all the nasty things he'd dreamed about doing to her as he'd whacked off to these pictures of her. There was something so voyeuristic and erotic about watching her undress. He liked the graceful way she unfastened her bra, exposing her big, incredible breasts and the way she slowly slid her panties down her long, shapely legs.

Elana lay back on the bed, stretching out, loving how she'd stolen Billie's husband and her place in his bed. Thinking back to when she first met him, a cute young dad, happily married. The fact he'd managed to resist her for so long just made it even hotter now, to have warped him into loving indecent depraved sex.

Sam did not respond for what seemed like minutes and Elana wondered if he was having second thoughts. Eventually, gazing at her naked body, the whole time, he started to take off his clothes. Gradually he pulled off his t-shirt and he kicked off his jeans, standing there in the buff. There was no sign of modesty, comfortable with his nine inches erect and jutting out. In fact he idly played with it, stroking it absentmindedly. It aroused her to see all of his innocence gone, replace with confidence and lust.

"You're mine now, aren't you?" She asked.

"Yes. I'm yours now." Sam exhaled as he reached down into his pocket to get the packet of condoms before crawling onto the bed.

"You don't want to use those, do you?" She said, indicating the Trojans. "I want you to knock me up here, in your wife's bed." She breathed seductively. It was the final step in corrupting him completely, still a daddy but an indecent one.

Sam paused. That hadn't occurred to him but the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to do it. Rachel had been conceived with love but any guy would be lying if he said there wasn't something erotic about impregnating a woman. Impregnating one as sexy as Elana was fucking hot. To do it in his marital bed, where he made love to wife and Rachel had been conceived was hotter than anything. He might be hers now but with his baby inside her, she'd be his too.

"You want me to cum inside you?" Sam asked before he lay on top of her and started to maul and grope her tits.

"I want you to show me that Billie means nothing to you now...." She moaned as the thirty five year old man eased his unsheathed cock into her young pussy. She loved the masculine weight of his body above her, his warmth between her legs. "That all your cum is for me now..."

"Awwww...fuck...." Sam grunted as he started to thrust his hips into her nice, tight pussy.

A look of discomfort must have flickered across her face because Sam stopped and looked at her tenderly.

"It's okay," She reassured him. "I like it rough. Be a man and fuck me like you never fuck your wife."

Sam smiled wolfishly and resumed ploughing into her, molesting her tits as her hands roamed over his bare back.

"Ahhh...shit...that feels good..."He grunted.

"Tell me you love me now..." Elana sighed as he penetrated her over and over, his thick cock filling her, their bodies rocking as he sucked on her tits. He was thrusting hard and deep, pinning her to the mattress as he rutted away like an animal. "Tell me you love me more than your wife..."

He blinked as her words sunk in. This would complete his betrayal but he was almost too far gone to care. He wasn't just physically breaking his wedding vows but the emotional ones as well. He knew he should hate her for the man she had made him become but he couldn't.

"Yes..." Sam growled, lifting himself up on his arms so he could make eye contact as he plunged deeper into her. "I love you...more than I ever loved her..."

Elana giggled as she wrapped her legs tight around his waist, urging him to go faster. She'd be raw after this but it felt so fucking good. She arched her back as Sam resumed suckling on her sensitive nipples and carried on pounding away at her cunt.

"You're a fucking nasty whore..." He yelled as she writhed, bucking her hips against him. "The stupid bitch should never have told me to help you out. She encouraged me to spend time around you. Did she think I wouldn't notice you had a hotter body than her? She didn't think I'd look and realise I wanted you more than I ever wanted her?"

He bit her shoulder, not too hard but it was enough to make her cry out loudly from the surprise.


"Daddy? Are you okay, up there?" Rachel's voice carried up the stairs.

The adulterous lovers stopped instantly but Elana noticed that he didn't pull out of her.

"It's okay, pumpkin. Stay down stairs!" Sam yelled out. He didn't spring up to pull on his pants. He was so depraved now his deviant sexual appetites had overcome not just his love for his wife but his parental responsibilities too. Elana loved it.

He was frozen, waiting to be sure that his daughter listened to him. He needed to be sure they wouldn't be interrupted, that his daughter didn't catch them. Elana pulled him down and kissed him. It stole his breath away as he slowly resumed fucking her. All thoughts of his child disappeared.

She was excited by the way he moved his hips, the way his chest was glistening with perspiration, his hair tousled and his brow furrowed as he concentrated on banging her.

"I want to watch you take my cock." Sam informed her and they shifted, Sam rolling onto his back to let Elana straddle him. Now he could see his slippery meat disappear inside her as she rode his waist and he gripped her ass as he buried his face between her heaving tits. He loved the way her body felt in his hands and the soft whimpering moans that she made each time she sank down on his unprotected cock.

He put his hands behind his head and shut his eyes, lost in the ecstasy. She began to twist and grind as she raked her nails over his hairy muscular chest down to the thick dark curls above his cock. She loved his strong arms and the manly shadow of his pits. This rugged young dad was hers now. Every time he lay down with his wife he'd think about her now.

"Nghnnn...yeah..." He yelled as she rode him, hard enough to make the bed bang against the wall dully. She was making little squeaks of pleasure as she enthusiastically bounced up and down on him.

This is what he'd fantasised about, not the furtive little quickie in the kindergarten classroom but taking his time and having the best fuck of his life. He'd completely forgotten about his wife, she meant nothing to him anymore. The ring on his finger was just a symbol of how hot it was to betray her behind her back.

He'd been crazy to think he could resist this slut. There wasn't a guy alive who wouldn't want to fuck this young blonde, happily married or not. He was determined to make up for the time he'd wasted trying to deny it. Having his cock in her tight young cunt was where he was supposed to be.

"Fuck..." He cried as she reached down to play with his balls.

"Eeee...mmmnnn...." Elana squealed as she clenched down on the shaft inside her. Climaxing wildly, literally jerking and arching as she climaxed, wantonly playing with her engorged clit to take her over the edge. Sam was pleased he'd made the younger woman cum first but now all he could think about was shooting his seed inside her fertile belly.

"I'm gonna cum..." He growled through gritted teeth, grabbing her waist and thrusting into her.

"Mmmmm....yeah...make me pregnant ....daddy..."

Sam smiled and pulled her down to kiss him, to steal his breath as he groaned and grunted, balls-deep inside her, her mound slamming down on him as he shot jet after jet of his salty white jism into her cunt.




"I'm hungry, daddy." Rachel said as her father entered the room in a pair of jeans, bare foot and bare-chested. She liked the fact that he hardly ever seemed to go to work anymore and make her stay with the babysitter. These were the best holidays ever and she wasn't looking forward to starting big school soon.

Sam stroked his daughter's hair and lifted her on to a kitchen stool. "How about you carry on colouring in and I fix you a sandwich?

"Are you and Miss Grey playing upstairs again?"

Sam stopped for a moment, a vestige of conscience at the back of his mind but he easily dismissed it. "You could say that, sweetie. You still okay down here?"

Rachel nodded happily. Miss Grey was much nicer than mommy and she was glad daddy was friends with her again. "When I grow up I want to be just like Miss Grey." She informed her father.

Sam smiled as he put a loving kiss atop his daughter's head. "Maybe when you're much older." He replied with a little laugh.


Sam returned upstairs and found his marital bed empty, just the tangled bed sheets, rope and blindfold but no filthy little slut. He heard the sound of the shower and walked over to the door.

He watched as she soaped up her nubile body, lathing up her pert tits and tanned skin. They'd fucked pretty good but he felt his cock stirring in his pants again as he spied on her enjoying the hot water cascading over her face.

Dropping his jeans to the floor he entered the shower behind her.

"Rachel okay?" She asked, tilting her head as she felt him wrapped his arms around her waist.

"As good as gold." He replied, taking the sponge and softly directing it between her legs.

"Mmmm..." She moaned at his touch, the apple blossom fragrance and the steam all arousing her.

"Looks like you missed a spot..." Sam said softly as he knelt behind her and stroked her ass checks, parting them with his hands to get a look at the tight little hole. Gritting his teeth he spanked her hard, enough to leave a red mark.

She bit her lip to stop herself crying out and he did it again. He liked that she didn't ask him to stop. She never asked him to stop. Causing her pain sent an illicit thrill through him, satisfying some part of him he'd never known had existed. Elana had helped him explore his dark side, encouraged him to revel in it. Together they had done things he'd never even dreamed of.

He spanked her again, hard enough to make her squeal really loudly.

"I'm sorry." He sighed as he leant down and planted a few conciliatory kisses on her red behind. He got a little carried away and buried his face between her cheeks.

"Oh God..." Elana moaned as he pushed his tongue into her sphincter, licking it and getting it nice and wet. Elana groaned, leaning against the ceramic tiles as he rimmed her. Then, after the cooling sensation, there was the pleasant burning as he worked his cock inside, slowly but firmly pushing his way into her. She'd introduced him to anal sex one night in his office. He'd phoned Billie to tell her he was going to be home late as she was bent over his desk. Now he couldn't get enough.

"It's so dirty. Having a married man's cock in my ass. I love it...."Elana groaned, rocking backing and forth as Sam moved his hips to fuck her.

"Jesus...you have no idea...how good that feels." Sam sighed. Her pussy was tight but her ass was tighter. He used to think it was wrong, that guys shouldn't think about it but deep down he'd always imagined it.

Elana started to massage her pussy because the pounding she was getting was driving her so close now. She wildly threw back her head and watched Sam over her shoulder, rutting away behind her, his thick chest fur matted with the water and they were both panting pretty hard.

She was close now. She was flicking her clit almost uncomfortably hard, desperate to get off. Pretty soon it was the new term. She'd find a new guy, another faithful dad to seduce but Sam would be okay; he had Wendy to satisfy his depraved new appetites.

They came simultaneously, the feeling of his cum in her back door enough to leave her weak at the knees as her climax exploded through her, the jets of hot water and fireworks leaving her gasping.


Billie walked in to her house and heard laughter coming from the den. She identified her husband's laugh and her daughter's but was surprised to hear a woman too.

"Hello?" She called out as she went into the room.

"Hi, darling," Sam said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "You're home early."

"Yeah..." Billie answered as she saw her daughter sat on Elana's lap. For a split second it felt to her that the three of them were a happy family and that she was the interloper. Immediately she shook the thought from her head. She was being silly.

"I thought you didn't want her coming round?" She whispered to her husband.

"I changed my mind. You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not." She smiled wanly. If she'd have been married to someone else she might have been worried but Sam was a good guy. Still, she smiled, letting herself indulge with a little uncharitable thought towards Elana. 'At least she's starting to look a little bit fat.'

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