tagIncest/TabooWagging Her Tail

Wagging Her Tail


Our family has always been very close. My Sister and I were the best of friends growing up. We were almost as close with the next door neighbors as we were with each other; even taking our summer vacations with them.

When I was a Senior in high school it was my sister, Mindy, who convinced me and Dina, the girl next door, to go to the prom together. I would find out years later that Dina, like myself, wasn't to keen on the idea of going with me. After all, we had been friends since we were in diapers and didn't have romantic thoughts about one another. Dina was probably the only girl in school that I had not fantasized about.

My sister must have known something. By the end of the evening Dina and I saw each other in a whole new light and were beginning to fall in love. It was also the night we both lost our virginity. It was too scary so we broke up after a couple of months and played the field experimenting with and fucking other people. But, by the time July was over we were back together forever and got married the next summer.

After the wedding we moved into a cozy little student duplex just off campus. When we weren't studying we were fucking like rabbits. I could not resist Dina's long coal black hair and serene blue eyes. To fully appreciate her she stood five and a half feet tall and weighed, so she told me, 130 pounds having boobs that were the size of cantaloupes (no bullshit) and a medium sized ass on top of the longest legs you can imagine. To me she was an erotic dream come to life.

Meanwhile, my younger sister started school at the same university the fall after I got married. First year students were required to live in the dormitories on campus. As a result, Mindy was a frequent visitor to our humble home to get away from all of the silliness. I must say that she was a good guest as she could always tell when Dina and I wanted to study or be alone. It wasn't until the two girls were sun bathing together late that September that I appreciated my own sister's good looks.

Mindy was laying out in a revealing blue bikini. Sizing her up I concluded her breasts were just a bit smaller than my wife's, maybe the size of grapefruits, but her ass might actually be just a tiny bit bigger than Dina's. Like Dina she had super long legs but her hair was medium brown and came to her shoulders and she had the deepest green eyes I have ever seen. The scene aroused me so much that I had to send Mindy back to the dorm so I could get relief.

Before my sister was half way down the block I had Dina's red bikini ripped off of her and we were fucking on our living room floor. It was a great life experiencing college with two of my favorite people in the whole world. It did not hurt that Mindy and Dina were among the prettiest girls in school.

It is the little things that can change one's life the most. This was certainly true that fall. One afternoon I came home from my late class, an uninspiring Sociology class. As usual I parked my bike in the garage and came in through the kitchen door. Our only phone was on the breakfast bar in the kitchen and back then there was no such thing as cordless phones. So, often times, we would stand at the breakfast bar talking on the phone. As I came in I saw Dina leaning with her elbows on the counter talking with someone on the phone.

Actually, all I really saw was the phone in her hand and her beautiful ass covered by a pair of sweat pants. Putting my books down on the counter I walked toward that beautiful sight. Because she had bent down to lean on her elbows her ass was sticking straight out almost asking for trouble. I fell to the floor behind her as she laughed at something being said to her on the phone.

Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand I buried my face in her ass. She wriggled trying to get away and tried to slap my head away from her ass. But, I would have nothing of it as I reached for the spandex waistband and pulled the pants right off of her rump revealing her white cotton briefs. I was kissing all over her panty clad ass while rubbing the front side of her crotch as she put her hand to the receiver and whispered, "No Joe, I am trying to talk with Mindy, now leave my body alone until I am off."

"Go ahead and talk with my sister while I make love to you. Just don't let Mindy know what I am doing," I calmly replied as I peeled her panties down her thighs. Then standing back up I marveled at her ass as I shed my clothing.

Scrambling back to the floor I hurriedly finished taking off her panties and sweat pants along with her shoes and booties. Sticking one hand between her thighs I began lightly teasing the clit as I pulled her hips further from the counter causing her ass cheeks to part revealing her sexy crack and cunt. I just stared for a moment at her wet red pussy lips that seemed to be inviting me to them. My finger continued frigging her clit as my other hand stroked Dina's backside seductively.

Beginning at the top of her crack I planted kisses all of the way down. As soon as I reached her pert little asshole I jabbed my tongue hard in to it. This caused her to grunt and she put her hand over the receiver telling me "Oh god let me get Mindy off of here and then you can finish me off."

"No way, you're not hanging up until you cum while I fuck you sweetheart!" I continued my rear assault reaching her hot twat sticking my tongue as deep as I could get it. Dina was now sounding out of breath as she tried to carry on a conversation with her sister in law. She was using a lot of one word responses which was not like her at all.

"No, Mindy everything is fine, oh god shit, I am just reaching down into the back of the cabinet for a pot, shit," she suddenly told Mindy trying to cover up her excitement. Her sweetness was now flowing freely from her pussy. Knowing that these two ladies would surely not talk all evening I tore myself away from Dina's sexy pussy and ass.

"Oh god, Dina, I have to fuck you now; fuck yes, see if you can keep talking to your sister in law," I told her as I stood up behind her. Reaching under her blouse I unfastened her bra and pushed it and her sweat shirt off over her head. Positioning my dick at her vaginal opening I slowly began pushing it into her warmth.

She gasped loudly as my cock invaded her deeper and deeper. Soon I was pumping in and out of her and she had her hand over the receiver as she moaned louder and louder. One of my hands was frigging on her clit as the other played with her big orbs. From time to time she would remove her hand from the receiver and give Mindy a quick response generally simply agreeing with whatever Mindy had said.

My wife was approaching orgasm as her cunt muscles were gripping my tool harder and harder. Letting out a loud roar I splashed my jism deep into her love canal as she told me that she was Cumming. As I fell out of her she said, "Mindy, you take care and we will talk tomorrow."

With that, Dina hung up the phone and she gave me a beautiful kiss and then cooked dinner. Later, she told me how sexy the experience had been but I shouldn't try it again as it was too damn risky. I laughed at her concerns.

It was about a week later as I walked in from the same sociology class and there she was again talking to my sister leaning over the counter wearing a short white skirt. I could swear that she wagged her tail at me as I entered the kitchen. As I walked toward her I unzipped my fly and pulled out my already rock hard cock. Nonchalantly I lifted up her skirt to her waist getting a good look at her silky blue panties.

Positioning my cock between her silky cheeks I reached around her and latched on to her boobs while I began slowly fucking her ass crack. As she pushed her ass against my prick she spoke into the receiver, "Mindy, remember last week when you said I sounded funny on the phone and wasn't making a lot of sense? Well, it was all your brother's fault."

I couldn't believe it Dina was about to tell my sister about being fucked by me while she was on the phone. I interrupted Dina, "Dina, don't tell your sister about that; somehow, it isn't right."

"Joe, you had your fun last week now it's my turn."

"But, what will Mindy think of us?" Even as I asked this I knew it was no use as Dina would do whatever turned her on. She just simply shrugged her shoulders and ground her rear against me. My cock seemed to be getting buried deeper and deeper in her crack.

Smiling at me she turned her attention to my sister, "Well, I sounded odd because Joe came up behind me and pulled down my clothes, kissed my ass, and then fucked me all while we were talking. I have to admit it was very sexy. And do you know what, he is at it again. That is right he is fucking my crack right now through my panties!"

Dina had both turned me on and embarrassed me so as my face turned red I asked her, "Oh Dina, why did you have to go and tell Mindy for?"

"Oh Joe, don't worry about it. Mindy says it is the hottest thing she has heard in a long time and wants us to continue with me giving her the play by play." Now, I was shocked as my sister wanted to hear me fuck my wife and even hear all of the details. I have to confess it turned me on more than it embarrassed me

With all of my self control now just a memory I said, "if that is what you horny ladies want go for it."

Dina turned back to Mindy and gave her the description," Oh god, his dick feels so good back there. Now, he is pulling down my skirt and panties letting them fall to the floor. Now, he is walking around in front of me and is doing a little dance. Oh my god, he is doing a striptease. This is funny, you should see this!"

As I get down to my underwear she continues, "Joe is sliding his briefs off and his nine inches of cock meat is as hard as I have ever seen it. God, his prick looks good enough to eat. I think he is horny as there go my blouse and bra across the room! Mindy, have you heard enough or do you want us to continue while you listen?"

Sliding around my wife back to her rump I asked, "Well, is she staying on the phone."

I knelt on the floor behind her ass as she answered, "Mindy says that there is no way in hell she will hang up now as she has stripped and is fingering herself and playing with her boobs."

Now with a frenzy I pulled her butt cheeks apart as I placed kisses all over her ass, "Oh my god, this is unbelievable, you ought to tell her what I am doing now."

As my wife wagged her tail in my face she told my sister, "Oh Mindy this will really turn you on. Joe is licking me all over my ass. Oh my, he is running his fingers through my pussy hair and along the sides of my cunt as his mouth goes deeper and deeper into my ass crack. Oh God, his hot tongue feels so good running up and down my ass crevice. A shudder just went up my spine."

She continued, "Joe has found my clit and is playing with it between his finger and thumb. I feel like I could explode! Oh fuck, come on, Joe, eat my pussy. That's right fucker get all of my honey, yes, lick me deeper. Fuck Mindy you should feel your damn brother's tongue it is fucking unbelievable."

Pulling my face out of Dina's swampy depths I asked as I started to stand up, "Dina, ask my Sister what she is doing while she listens in on us."

As I stand behind her fingering her asshole and cunt she asks Mindy my question and answers me, "She wants to know what the fuck you think she is doing? She is yanking and twisting on her boobs as she plays with her cunt furiously. She has made a huge wet spot on her chair. Oh Mindy, his cock is back at my ass. It looks harder than I have ever seen it. He is rubbing it up and down my crack and pussy; oh fuck quit teasing me and fuck me, Joe."

In one mighty thrust I jab my prick deep into my wife as Dina continues the play by play for my sister, "Oh my fucking God, he just plunged his cock meat all the way into my twat! Oh, it feels so huge going in and out. Oh yes, you fucking bastard, come on and fuck me harder. Oh God, oh shit, oh damn come on and make me cum you mother fucker. Oh my God, yes, I am fucking cumming, oh yes, oh hell yes!!!!"

As Dina said screamed out into the phone I filled her cunt with a large load of sticky white spunk. Barely speaking she told Mindy that they would talk later, then turned around and gave me a passionate kiss. We discussed whether she would ever be able to talk on the phone again. We grabbed sandwiches for dinner and then went to bed and fooled around the rest of the evening. As I fell asleep I wondered what my sister thought of listening in on her brother getting one of the best fucks of his life.

After a couple of days I put the incident behind me knowing if I didn't I wouldn't be able to look at my sister with a straight face. After all, she had played with herself and cum while listening to her only brother get fucked. We saw each other a couple of times and it was as if nothing had changed. But, about a week later the three of us had a date to go to the movies together.

Mindy came over to our house so that we could grab a quick bite together. Dina had made a casserole which we devoured in record time. Then we had a difficult hurdle to overcome as we had to decide what movie to watch. Mindy volunteered to call the theater and listen to the recording of what was playing. Dina and I had seats in the living room while Mindy went to the kitchen.

It wasn't a great distance from the breakfast bar to the living room but Dina and I were having trouble hearing my sister repeat the show titles and times. It was getting a bit frustrating. Finally, Dina suggested, "Mindy, why don't you call back and Joe can come in and listen with you?"

Mindy hung up the phone and quickly picked it back up while waiting for me to travel the short distance. She looked at me funny when I walked right past her. Then she realized that I went to the other side of the kitchen to put up my glass. Turning around I was confronted by the same sight that my wife had provided me a couple of times as now my sister was leaning over the counter with the phone in hand waiting for me to join her.

A bulge quickly formed in my trousers as I just couldn't prevent it from happening. Clueless, I thought, Mindy motioned for me to come over. She dialed 555-SHOW and held out the receiver for me to listen. The bar was small enough that I couldn't stand beside her and if I stood on the end of the counter the cord wouldn't reach. So, I wedged myself diagonally beside her big hips. We leaned in together with our right ears to the phone to listen causing my crotch to push against her butt cheek. I wasn't really listening as her perfume was intoxicating and my cock was betraying me growing quickly hard as a pole. I told myself I should pull away.

But, mindlessly my hand fell onto her waist. At the same time she turned her body so that her ass was more flush against my manhood. I began to turn to pull away but instead found that all I had accomplished by turning a few inches to the left was to land my cock in her soft ass crack. Out of reflex, my sister moved her ass as she was startled by my invading prick. Now only thinking with my dick I let go of the phone and placed both hands firmly on her hips and began pumping her crack with my erection through our clothing.

She was doing her best to call out the names of the films at our Multiplex but was having trouble concentrating on the task. Mindy's ass was now actively responding to my rhythmic movements in the valley of her butt. Dina couldn't hear what movies Mindy was calling out so she yelled out, "You guys ok in there."

"Oh yes, honey, we are doing just fine. Mindy is having trouble keeping her ear to the receiver," I responded. Mindy turned her head around and broadly smiled at me as she shoved her ass harder against my prick. All rational thoughts evaporated from our heads as I unfastened her pants and pulled them and her undies off of her ass letting them fall to the floor as Mindy hung up the phone.

With one hand exploring my sister's ass I hurriedly dropped my pants to my knees. Mindy had pushed her ass out far enough that I was now treated to a perfect view of her glistening hot pink pussy. That was all it took for me to grab my member in my hand and push it to my siblings opening. With one thrust I bury my nine inches into Mindy's twat as she let out a small squeal.

As I pumped away my hands busily worked on removing her shirt and bra. We had both forgotten about my wife, Dina, only a few feet away as Mindy helped shove the clothing aside. My thrusts were met by my sister's counter thrusts, as I caressed her silky smooth back and ass. With each inward thrust her pussy seemed to grab my cock as if putting it into a vice, releasing me each time as I pulled back.

"So, this is what you two are up to? I am disappointed in both of you as you could have let me know what you were doing in here so I could have joined in sooner. Now, Joe slide your sister this way so that her boobs are hanging away from the counter so that I can have a bit of fun." Dina said after walking the few steps from the living room.

I thrust my cock as deep as it would go into Mindy's cunt and gingerly scooted her upper body to the edge of the breakfast bar until her breasts were hanging in the air so that all that remained actually on the bar was her waist and her right elbow. Meanwhile, Dina was throwing her clothes off as if possessed. With my eyes fixed on my wife's nude body I resumed furiously pounding my own sister's cunt.

Seeing me ogle her Dina seductively played with her tits. She caressed and squeezed them and then pinched her nipples for about a minute. Having given me enough of a show she strolled over to Mindy and leaned down and planted a passionate kiss on her lips which Mindy eagerly returned. Rising up slightly she rubbed her boobs in Mindy's face.

Feverishly Mindy licked all over the surface of Dina's melons before Dina dropped to her knees. Positioning herself underneath her sister-in-law's chest that was hanging off of the counter Dina went to work. She attached her mouth to one of the dangling tits like a calf sucking milk from her mother's utter as one hand squeezed on the other tit. Meanwhile, her other hand found Mindy's crotch and toyed with her clit and grabbed my nuts when she could catch them and gave them a hard squeeze. For her part Mindy caressed whatever part of Dina she could reach as she called out, "Damn it, Joe, fuck me, and fuck your damn sister. We should have done this a long time ago! Dina suck them damn titties, I always love how you suck my fucking titties."

I was already about over the edge so hollered, "Ok, my sister slut do you want me to cum in your fucking cunt?"

"Oh God, Dina, please can I let your husband's hot cum in my pussy; I am on fire down there; please I need his hot stuff," Mindy pleaded.

"Fuck yes, Joe, let your slut of a sister have it fill up that hungry snatch with your god damn cum," my wife answered. Holding tightly onto my sister's ass for balance I felt the contraction in my balls and let out a roar. Then with one hard push my spunk erupted deep inside of her honey pot.

"Oh god, Sis, that was fantastic, you were fucking great," I exclaimed.

"Oh shit yes, but we aren't done yet are we? Let's go back to the bedroom and see if we can think of more things to do; how about it," my sister asked breathlessly. Pulling my semi-erect penis out of my sister's cunt I sighed deeply. Then taking a couple of steps forward I helped her and Dina stand up and we raced for the bedroom.

The girls both beat me there and were already in a hard embrace when I got there with their hands busily working on each others asses. Not sure of what to do I got down on my hands and knees and scooted over to my wife's ass. I have always loved eating out Dina's ass so in a matter of seconds my tongue found her puckering hole. She pushed her ass back to meet my lips and I was in heaven.

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