tagErotic PoetryWaiting for Daddy

Waiting for Daddy


Oh my heart.
My little one.
My only one.
I'm in your dreams.
A stream, of images,
That ride within your heart.
Glides within your body.
You tremble,
With the memory.

Shaved and bathed,
Silky smooth.
You wait for me.
Your loins ache,

In sweet anticipation.
A slave that craves,
My knowing touch.
Your moist fire,
A desire.
Begs in sweet frustration.

My voice,
Your Master.
Its timbre.
The music,
You dance to.
Moves you,
Within my embrace.
Your submission,
Your joy.
My due.
Even as I honor you.

You prepare our bed.
With silk rope, and leather.
Candles, and fine wine.
With the sweet pain of metal.
And the whip.
Glove soft,
Within your Daddy's,
Artful hands.
Your body at my command.
Will dream my dream.

Soft footfalls,
The smile,
That warms you,
From lips,
To lips.
I am with you now,
And for always.
And I will come in.

For my Kyle....written by: Robert Bo Golden AKA HerHeartsMastr/LovngStrength

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