tagIncest/TabooWaiting for Paradise

Waiting for Paradise


Looking back on my life, I don't think I could have had a better one. I grew up on a small tropical island in the Bahamas - my loving parents the inheritors of a vast fortune - and spent my younger years being home schooled with my older brother Dean and traveling all over the world.

My parents were young and athletic, mom having been only twenty when she had me, and as such were full of energy and enthusiasm for life. They are also very liberal when it came to nudity, and growing up there would be weeks that none of us would wear a shred of clothing, freely displaying our tanned and toned bodies in the hot tropical sun.

Not surprisingly my mom and dad loved sex, and though they were never overt about it when we were younger, it wasn't that rare for Dean or I to walk in on them. I still remember the first time I came into the living room to find them doggie-style on the floor, dad's hard cock plunging into my mom's soaking pussy, her beautiful full breasts and long raven hair swaying in time with his thrusts. As soon as they spotted me they merely smiled, and without batting an eye asked for some privacy -- so I grew up thinking of sex as something completely natural, fun and loving.

Occasionally I'd even join my brother, spying on my parents as mom sucked dad's cock by the pool, or dad oiled up his cock and slid it into mom's ass, fucking her beautiful tight tush on the beach. On such occasions it wasn't a big deal to see Dean hard, and I had to admit I got more than a little wet watching my parents' antics. It wasn't until I turned sixteen, however, that I finally gained a true understanding of my mom and dad and the story behind our ideal family.

One night after dinner my parents called my brother and I to the beach for a talk. Dad lit a small fire, and we sat around it as the stars came out.

"Kids, there's something very important we want to talk to you about tonight," mom started, her sensuous naked form bathed in the light of the fire. "At first it may shock you... perhaps even disgust you... but I think once you get used to the idea you'll see it as something wonderful."

Dean and I looked at each other, perplexed. "What is it, mom?" my brother asked.

Mom hesitated, then taking a deep breath said the words that were to change my life. "Kids, you father and I... we're siblings."

It took a few seconds for the meaning to sink in.

"You mean, you're brother and sister?" I asked, my eyes wide.

Dad nodded. "Your mom and I grew up much like you two, very close and loving. And when we were about your age..."

"...your grandparents gave us the same talk we're giving you now," finished mom.

"They were brother and sister, too?" gasped Dean.

Mom nodded. "And so were their parents. Our family has been practicing incest for three generations now. You could say we're a very close family."

"But what about Aunt Karen and uncle Kent?" I asked, my mind reeling from the revelation. I knew that my aunt and uncle were swingers, but I had no idea just how kinky their relationship really was.

Dad smiled gently. "They're our younger brother and sister. As you know they decided not to have children, but nevertheless they kept with the family tradition."

For a moment Dean and I were silent.

"So... did you have sex with them too?" my brother asked.

Mom nodded. "Oh yes. Plenty of times. And with our parents too. When all of us were old enough we enjoyed many wonderful times together. We're a very special family, and now that you're eighteen, Dean, we wanted to give you the option of continuing the line, as it were."

Dad turned to me, and I couldn't help but notice how hard his cock had become. "For you Leona, sex will have to wait a couple of years. It's a family rule that you can't participate until you're eighteen. But we wanted to include you in this discussion because if Dean is interested... well, you might find us enjoying each other from time to time."

"You mean I can fuck mom?" Dean blurted out. His cock was now hard too, and it didn't take a detective to figure out just how much the whole concept was affecting him.

"And me too," Dad grinned. "We're a bisexual family, so nobody gets left out of the fun once they're of age."

My brother nodded dumbly, and letting out a giggle mom got up and moved to his side. "I've spotted you and your sister spying on us from time to time," she laughed. "And sometimes I noticed you watching us on your own, jerking off as you watched your dad fuck me. How about letting us give you some relief? I bet you've fantasized about joining in lots of times."

Dean nodded, and before I knew what was happening there were my parents before him, my mom taking his rock hard cock in her mouth as my dad leaned down and lapped at his balls. I watched mesmerized as the two of them shared my brother's cock, sucking and licking as he moaned and bucked, thrusting his cock deeper into our mom's willing throat.

Despite my shock I could feel my pussy moistening, my heart pounding as I watched mom bob on her son's cock, my father expertly raising Dean's leg so that his tongue could slide over my brother's asshole. Dean gasped, his eyes rolling back in pleasure, then with a deep moan he spurted his load of hot sticky cum into my mother's eager mouth. She smiled, winked at me, then kissed my father deeply, sharing Dean's sperm with him.

The next two years were hell for me. It seemed every day my family was at it, and now that their secret was out they didn't seem to go to any pains to hide their sexual escapades from me. Soon not a week would pass without me walking in on them.

Sometimes it would be Dean with our mom, pinning her against the side of the house as he pumped his hard cock in her tight pussy, thrusting harder and harder till he filled her with his seed. Sometimes it would be him with our dad, whimpering with pleasure as he leaned over the kitchen table, dad fucking him slowly up the ass. Sometimes it would be all three of them, dad fucking mom's beautiful mouth as Dean buried his hardness in her, the three of them moaning and grunting like sex-crazed animals.

At first I merely escaped to my room, rubbing myself to orgasm as I listened to the sounds of my family fucking on the floor below. But as the months past I grew more brazen, till at last I would sit across the room from them, fucking myself with the dildo my mom bought for me as I watched them lick and suck and thrust their was to ecstasy.

Then, just two months before my eighteenth birthday, I was once again summoned before the fire. This time the three of them had something to tell me.

"Mom's pregnant," said Dean happily, hugging our mom affectionately as he shared the news.

"Pregnant?" I replied, taken completely by surprise. "Don't you use birth control?"

Mom laughed. "No silly. You see, the women in our family aren't extremely fertile. It usually takes years of constant sex to get pregnant, and the older we get, the harder it is. I'm just delighted to have another wonderful child."

"Whose is it? Dad's or Dean's?"

Dad shrugged. "It doesn't matter sweetheart. The important thing is that our family is going to have a new member, and that we'll all look after the baby together."

I don't know what got into me at that moment, but suddenly I felt so angry inside. Here it had been almost two years of me being excluded from the family's sessions, and now I was expected to help bring up the results of all the fun I missed.

"It's not fair!" I said, pouting. "Mom gets another baby and I'm still a damn virgin! When do I get to join in?"

Dad gave me a soothing smile. "In just two months sweetheart you'll be old enough..."

"I don't care if I'm old enough," I snapped. I want you and Dean to fuck me now! I want to have my chance to suck your cocks and lick mom's pussy and take a nice hard cock up my ass! I'm sick of playing with myself while you three fuck yourselves silly almost every night!"

My outburst took them all aback, but mom and dad quickly regained their composure. "I'm sorry honey, but the rules are the rules," said mom. "That said, two months will pass soon enough, and believe me we have something very special planned for you."

"What?" I asked, mollified slightly by my curiosity.

"Your aunt and uncle and grandparents are coming to the island for the occasion. All of them are eager to see you again, and you can bet every single one of them is going to want to sample that tight young pussy of yours. Come your eighteenth birthday you're going to have all the sex you want, believe me."

"An orgy?" I asked my mom, my mouth agape.

"In your honor," she grinned. "Not every girl in our family gets that. Only the ones that have to wait like you have. It's your reward for being so good all this time."

A smile spread across my face at the thought of it, and a moment later we were all in a family hug, Two months seemed like an eternity, but all my wildest fantasies were about to come true.

Right then and there I determined to fuck every single member of my amazing family, and I knew exactly who I wanted first.

To be continued...

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Oh Trish, How could you possibly leave us hanging like that after such a wonderful story...

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