tagInterracial LoveWaiting for the Coed

Waiting for the Coed


I met this girl, a half-Vietnamese beauty, while she was still a senior in high school, at a volleyball camp. She was a volleyball star and was tall and sexy. We hit it off at the camp, talking for awhile, and we promised to keep in touch. Over the next year or so we kept in email contact, doing a lot of IM'ing when I could, and just staying on that line between flirting and outright internet sex (we did have a couple of IM'ing sessions when she wrote descriptions of what she would do to me the next time we were together while I jacked off in my office or at home at my basement den, and once she did a sexy dance for me on her video cam, but that was the farthest we went). She'd also send me sexy pictures on email, and I'd egg her on. She was definitely interested in me, I knew, but she was still living at home and there was no way we were going to be able to get together while she was in high school, so I just bided my time.

I spent a lot of time masturbating to her photos, especially the official photo I had from the volleyball camp--the one that had her email written on the back! She had a couple of blogs and a Myspace page and every once in a while she would slip in a risque note to me in her blog, or post a racy photo... I must have jacked off a hundred times thinking about doing her.

Over the months, we had gotten more and more explicit in our online exchanges. On my birthday, she sent to my office address a pair of lacy underwear she said she had worn all day--she also said she had rubbed herself until they were soaked, and as soon as I opened the ziplock bag she had sent them in, I could smell her pungent pussy. We did a late night online masturbation session that night, and I came three times, filling a pile of Kleenexes by my computer and rubbing my cock so raw that I flinched every time I moved the next day!!

When she went off to college this September, I knew I had to go see her! I had to arrange a work visit carefully, but fortunately over the last half year I had been anticipating this and so I could go on a series of campus visits that included her school. I visited her one weekend about halfway through her semester, booking a motel room off-campus and meeting her at her student residence. We went out to dinner in the town, with the plan that we would go party at a club the students all went to, and then go back to her dorm to hang out (my plan was that we would never make it back to campus and we'd end up at the motel).

At the club, I made sure to feed her drinks all night, so she was pretty giggly and tipsy by the time we got back to her room. She explained that her roommate was away that weekend visiting her parents, so she offered for me to stay in her bed while she slept in her roommate's bed across the room. I immediately agreed, knowing there was no way we were going to sleep apart! We had a few more drinks in her room, and then she went out into the hallway bathroom to get ready for bed. It was a girls only floor, so I had to stay in the room until everybody went to bed and then sneak downstairs to the boy's floor to use the bathroom (no taking a leak until later!). I was glad I didn't have that much to drink (I wanted to be sharp for the night's activities). After a few minutes, she came back with a robe on, giving me a big smile and then asking me if I wanted her to take it off. I nodded, my throat dry with anticipation. When she opened the robe, I immediately got a hard on. She was wearing red lingerie (!) I said I wanted a picture of her to save the moment and she gave me the sexiest pose with coy bedroom eyes that made my cock twitch. Heaven!

We started making out and eventually, after I had finger fucked her until she was sloppy and wet, she was ready to be fucked. Not before I got a chance to taste her nice tangy pussy, however. I bent her over and licked her from behind--I swear she actually tasted sweet, a nice clean flavor and scent. Mmm mmm.

After sucking on her juicy lips and tonguing her until she was squirming, I got down to business! In a flash, I'd taken my clothes off and she was fucking me like a pro.

She had long gazelle legs that just seemed to go forever, and she loved to ride me, straddling me and bumping her tight ass up and down on my cock until it was shiny and slick. She spent most of the night on top, and I was happy to let her, just lying back and feeling her tight cunt milk my cock. I just couldn't get over her eighteen year old breasts--nothing else in the world is as firm and supple as teenage tit. And she had these spongy puffy nipples! I just loved suckling on them as I pounded into her...

I had my phone in one hand as I lay there, taking a shot every once in a while. She didn't seem to mind at all that I was taking photos. In fact, she seemed to deliberately pose in sexy ways, as if she was pretending to be a porn star. I couldn't believe how slutty she was!

I tried to hold off from coming as long as I could, but when she had her second orgasm while riding me, the clenching of her cunt was just too much, and I started to groan that I was going to come. She grabbed her own breasts, one in each hand, and started to squeeze and pinch her nipples as she convulsed, and the sight of her coming sent my hips arching upwards and I shot again and again inside her. As I softened inside her she collapsed down on my chest and whispered that she had been waiting all year for that.

I felt young again, as if I had drunk from the fountain of youth. Within twenty minutes, I was hard again just from lying next to her and smelling the scent of her musky young pussy. We fucked all night until the dawn, until we were both so sore we could barely stumble to breakfast...

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