tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWaiting for the Locksmith

Waiting for the Locksmith


It was a dumb trick to begin with, and the guy was so drunk he couldn't even remember how it went. Then he couldn't find the key, and the girl and I couldn't get out of the handcuffs. For a while we just tried to ignore each other, but people kept getting tangled up between us. Then somebody started throwing beer. The girl had had enough. She stormed out, dragging me along behind her.

"Get these things off me!" she screamed when we were out on the quad.

I didn't even know who she was.

"Get them off!"

"Listen, I would if I could. We're going to need a bolt cutter or something."

"Call a locksmith!"

"Yeah, that'll only set us back a couple hundred bucks, this time of night."

"Well, then get a bolt cutter." She had calmed down to the point that she was merely shouting.

"Do you know anybody who has a bolt cutter?"

"Just get them off."

"Come on. I think there's one in the machine shop."

We were both wet from the beer, and it was cold as hell. The entrance to the Engineering Building was locked. I dragged her around to the back. The windows were dark.

"What are we going to do?" She had brown hair, an ordinary face, a so-so body.

"We've got to get out of the cold. Look, I live in Brenner, right over there. Maybe somebody there has a bolt cutter."

"Oh no you don't. I'm not going to your dorm."

"Well, then, what do you suggest."

"We'll go to my dorm."

"Where's that?"


It was an all girls dorm, and it was way across campus. "Nobody's going to have a bolt cutter there."

"We'll wait until tomorrow and call the locksmith."

It sounded like a pretty lame plan to me, but at least it was a plan. I tried to set a brisk pace, but she couldn't keep up. The handcuffs made it almost like we were holding hands.

"I'm not even allowed in Chavez this time of night, am I?"

"Just keep quiet."

We went in the side door and up two flights of stairs. At least we were indoors, out of the wind. She peeked down the corridor, then hustled us down to her room. She unlocked the door and hustled us inside.

Another girl was sleeping on the lower bunk. She rubbed her eyes. She had short, curly blonde hair. "Carly?" she asked. It took her a second to register what she was seeing. A boy . . . handcuffs . . .

"Are you guys . . .?"

"We're not anything," said Carly. "We were just standing next to each other."

The roommate was sitting up in bed now. She was not bad looking. I'd seen her around. "What happened?"

"We have to wait until the locksmith opens up."

The roommate didn't quite get it. She got out of bed. She was wearing plain white panties and a silky lingerie top.

"Hi, I'm Mindy." She had a really sweet smile.

"Unless you know somebody who has a bolt cutter," continued Carly.

"Hector," I said. Mindy was cute as a button, actually. Her nipples were poking against her silky top.

"I've got to get out of this blouse though," said Carly. It reeked of beer. We both reeked of beer.

Mindy was aware that I was looking at her nipples. She casually reached down and picked up a pair of sweat pants from the floor.

Carly had unbuttoned her blouse, but she couldn't get it all the way off because of the handcuffs.

"Hold on," said Mindy. She put on the sweat pants, then rooted for something in the desk drawer. She finally found a little metal hook with a plastic handle. She had Carly sit on the bottom bunk. She crossed behind me and sat down beside her. She used the hook to cut the threads of the blouse up the seam and along the sleeve. Then she just lifted the blouse away. It was a pretty neat trick.

Carly was wearing a blue bra. It looked more like a sports top than a bra.

"You guys smell like a brewery," said Mindy. "You need to get out of those clothes and take a shower."

"And just how are we going to do that?" asked Carly.

"You're bra strap will just unhitch," said Mindy. She turned and scrutinized my tee shirt. "We'll have to rip your shirt, though, I'm afraid."

"No, I mean how are we going to take a shower?"

"No one will be up at this hour. I'll keep guard."

"No, I mean what will we wear after?"

"Oh. Let's see. A halter top." She turned to me again. "We can find you some sweat pants, but I don't know what we're going to do about your top."

Mindy collected the clothes and towels. She had a way of getting things done. She took a peek out the door, then motioned for us to come.

The bathroom was down the hall and around the corner. There was a line of stalls across from a line of sinks.

"I've got to pee," said Carly.

"Do it in the shower," said Mindy.

"No," said Carly.

I stood just outside the stall and she took my arm in with her. Mindy kept me company.

"So what happened?"

"A dumb party trick. The guy couldn't find the key."

"What are you going to do?"

"We'll be able to drill them off tomorrow morning when the machine shop opens."

"You're going to spend the night here?"

"I guess."

She was excited. Her nipples were still poking against her lingerie top. I was still looking. She was still letting me.

Then I could feel my hand being jerked around. Carly was finishing up. My hand had been in there with her the whole time.

"I'm afraid I've got to pee too," I said. That was harder to work out. I ended up standing with my right arm raised up behind me so that the handcuffs could go over the door. I had to unbutton, unzip, take my dick out, aim, pee, shake, put my dick back, re-zip, and re-button using only my left hand.

The showers were in the adjoining room. Each shower had its own curtain.

"Who should go first?" asked Carly.

"I thought you were going together," said Mindy.

Carly looked at her as if she were crazy.

"Seriously. Wouldn't it be easier that way?"

Carly redoubled her look.

"You go first," I said.

Mindy put her bundle down on the floor. Carly drew the curtain closed, then she and Mindy stepped around it, dragging my arm with them. My wrist was pulled here and there. Finally Mindy stepped back around the curtain carrying Carly's wet clothes. The water turned on.

"So, you like living in Chavez?" I asked.

"It's all right."

"Not that many boys ever manage to set foot inside this place, what I hear."

"If the guard dogs don't get them, Sister Sylvester generally does."

"What does she generally do with them?"

"Depends on where she finds them."

"In the shower, say."

"Ooh, I wouldn't want to be that poor fellow!"

Carly was taking her time. My arm kept getting yanked into and out of the spray. She just did whatever she needed to do without even considering that she had an extra hand attached. I was probably feeling her up without either of us even noticing. She finally finished. Mindy took her a towel and some dry clothes. My arm got another workout. Then Carly came out in sweat pants and a halter top with a towel around her hair.

Then it was my turn. Mindy had brought her hook. She took my shirt in both hands and ripped it cleanly up to the sleeve. Just like that. Then she left me to take my shower.

I unfastened with my left hand again because I didn't want to be dragging Carly's hand all over my crotch. My jeans were pretty tight. I had trouble pulling them off one handed. Mindy came around to see what was the problem. I let her help me pull the jeans off. Now I was down to my briefs, and I was starting to get a hard on.

"I guess you can take it from here," she said.

Naked in the girls' shower! Two girls right on the other side of the curtain! Sister Sly no doubt already hard on my trail! I took the quickest shower ever. Mindy's arm reached around the curtain with a towel. I toweled off my chest and legs and dried my balls, all the while trying to keep my handcuffed arm limp. Mindy's arm handed around a pair of sweat pants. My dick was pretty stiff. If I angled it up toward the waistband it was pretty obvious. If I angled it down toward the leg it was less obvious, as long as I stood a little crooked.

I stepped around the curtain. Mindy spotted my dick right off. Out of the corner of her eye. She took my towel and underpants.

"God, I'm tired," said Carly. We were all tired.

We went back to the room, with Mindy again scouting the way.

"I guess you guys will have to sleep together," said Mindy. "Better just sleep in my bunk."

Carly was too tired to suggest any other arrangement. Mindy straightened the sheets. Then she took off her sweat pants and climbed up to the top bunk, making sure I saw her cute butt.

I had to get in first and scoot over to the wall. I could smell Mindy's scent on the pillow. Then Carly lay down. The bed was too narrow for two people. We could have turned on our sides, but we would have had to face each other. It was better on our backs shoulder to shoulder. Like two stiffs in the morgue.

I could smell Mindy's scent on the sheets. She climbed back down and adjusted the blanket over us. "Good night," she said, as if tucking in little children. Then she turned out the light and climbed back up.

Carly started snoring, softly. I couldn't tell if Mindy was awake or not, but even in the dark I could pinpoint the exact spot above me where she was lying.

I finally managed to get a little sleep. When the sun came up I stared at the mattress springs. After a while they began to groan and undulate and Mindy climbed down. She didn't bother to put any pants on, just puttered about in her panties and silken top. I guess I was part of the family now.

She was bright and chipper. "What time does the machine shop open?" she asked me over Carly's dead body.


"Only seven thirty now," she said. "We can go to breakfast."

"Soon as Carly wakes up." Actually, Carly was already awake, just ignoring us.

"How was the party? Other than the handcuff tricks, I mean."

"The handcuffs tricks were the highlight of the evening. Everything else was either people stepping on each other or people throwing beer at each other."

"Sounds charming."

"How about you? What did you do last night?"

"Nothing much. Someone left a pair of straggling orphans on my doorstep. I had to bathe them and put them to bed. You know, the usual."

"I hope they weren't too much trouble."

"The little orphan boy was kind of cute."

Carly had now resigned herself to getting up. We maneuvered ourselves out of bed. I didn't want to go out bare chested, so Mindy rooted around to see what she could come up with. First she had me try on a sweatshirt. I could get my head and left arm through, but if pulled it down over my right shoulder it trapped Carly's hand too close to my side. If I didn't pull it down it left my chest half naked.

"I've got an idea," said Mindy. She brought out a roll of brightly colored fabric. She unrolled it around my stomach, then up over one shoulder, bandolier style, then over the other. She got a pair of scissors.

"Hey," I said. "Don't cut your material on my account."

"It's OK. It's a big piece." She put some pins in her mouth and walked around me pinning here and tucking there. She was still in her panties. All this wanton domesticity was giving me a major hard on, and there wasn't much I could do to hide it. She made a point of accidentally grazing it with her hip every time she bustled by.

"Can we go now?" asked Carly.

Mindy put on some jeans and a blouse and got a wrap for Carly. My shoes were still wet, but I was presentable.

Carly insisted we each take our own tray in the dining hall. We looked kind of silly shuffling along with them to the table. But once we were seated, it was hard to tell we were handcuffed together. Carly ate with her right hand. I pretended to be left handed. Mindy pretended to be left handed too. Carly didn't notice.

After breakfast we headed for the Engineering building.

"I thought we were going to the locksmith," said Carly.

Neither girl had ever been in the shop before. They hadn't even known it existed. Mindy walked around, fascinated by the tools and the machinery. "What's this for?" she asked. "What does this do?"

I had them put on safety goggles. Mindy slipped into a lab coat as well, leaving it seductively unbuttoned up the front. "Do we get hard hats?" she asked.

"I thought we just needed a bolt cutter," said Carly.

"This will be better," I said, loosening the chuck of the drill press.

"Show me," said Mindy. So I showed her how to tighten the bit. I couldn't figure out how to get the handcuff to lie flat on the table with my hand in it. Mindy found a block of wood we could use. We lowered the table and were able to get the rim of the handcuff to lie flat on the block and clamp them both down.

"OK," I said. She flipped the switch and the motor whirred to life. The drill chewed its way through the rivet. She switched the motor back off. The two jaws of the handcuff swung open and my hand was free. "Can I try?" asked Mindy, excitedly. We clamped Carly's handcuff and checked the drill's line of travel. I stood behind Mindy with one arm around her so I could rest my hand on top of her hand on the capstan wheel, and the other arm around her so I could hold on tightly to Carly's wrist. "OK?" she asked. The machine whirred back to life. I guided her hand. The drill bit into the rivet, sending silver curls of metal spiraling out.


"God, I'm glad that's over," said Carly in front of the Engineering building.

"Well, thanks for a lovely evening," I replied.

"I'll wash your jeans," said Mindy, "if you want to come by sometime and pick them up."

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Came here from the Feedback Forum - what a wonderful, crisp little tale, great dialogue, a silly but believable premise (having spent years in a campus college myself, this is totally believable).more...

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