tagIncest/TabooWake Up Call

Wake Up Call


"Jesus Christ Tammy what the fuck?"

My older sister Tammy had just jumped on me in my bed waking me up. She was 25 but acted ten most of the time when we were alone. I had turned 20 a few weeks before and was going to college close enough to Tammy's place that she insisted I move in with her. Mom and dad were glad to be saving a little money and they thought that Tammy could use my level headed thinking.

'Wake up Adam. I'm bored."

I looked at the clock beside my bed and groaned. It was only 8:30 and I had been up until 4am studying. Tammy moved her body over mine on the bed and grabbed my wrists. She leaned forward and began to lick my face. I always hated when she did that when we were kids. I began to buck my hips to push her off me. Suddenly Tammy gave a jump and pulled her face away from mine. She got a devilish look on her face. I looked from her face to her chest for a fraction of a second. She was still dressed in her night clothes which consisted of a spaghetti strap t shirt and a pair of boy shorts underwear.

Suddenly Tammy was leaning in and I thought she was going to lick me again. My hips shot up again and Tammy ground down against me. Now I knew what had caught her attention. I had morning wood and when I bucked against her she felt it hit her. She locked her lips to mine and began to kiss me. She kept trying to push her tongue into my mouth and I was slowly losing my resolve.

Tammy was a gorgeous girl. I had always lusted after her from the time I hit puberty. When she went away to college it eased up because I didn't see her every day. Now that we were living together again she was my main masturbatory fantasy.

Tammy was grinding her pussy against my cock as it strained against my boxers. There were three layers of cotton between our bare skin at the moment but I could feel some dampness soaking through my sheet as she moved. Tammy began to moan and I opened my lips and let her tongue invade my mouth.

Tammy's grip on my arms loosened and instead of pushing her off I slid my hands under her shirt, I found her breasts and a second later her nipples. I began to stroke and lightly pinch her nipples while our tongues twined together and her hips ground against my hard on.

The wet spot on my sheets was growing. I began to peel Tammy's t shirt up and she broke the kiss long enough to shed it and then she dove in again. This time I was ready for her and thrust my tongue inside her mouth.

I kept playing with her tits as we kissed. I took my right hand and slid it slowly down her belly until I found the top of her panties. She let me roll her over to her back as I began to stroke her clit through her panties. I pulled my hand above the waistband before plunging my hand under and finding her gash with my middle finger.

"Suck my nipples Adam."

I moved down and sucked her left nipple into my mouth I flicked the pebble like nub a few times with my tongue before nipping it between my teeth and pulling away gently. Tammy pushed her hips against my finger as I inserted into her pussy.

I threw the sheet off my body and pulled my boxers down. Tammy began to drool at the sight of my throbbing member, She gripped it tight in her hand and began to stroke it slowly.

"If you do that too much longer I'll cum all over the bed." I warned her.

She released my cock long enough to strip her sodden panties and then she had me in hand just a millisecond before she had me in her mouth. There was no slow encapsulation, Tammy swallowed my member whole. I felt the head bump against her soft palate just before her throat opened and accepted it. She had both hands on my hips and was directing me fuck her face.

I was in heaven as Tammy licked and sucked my cock with the head going into her throat every three or four strokes. I was on the edge of blowing my load.

"I'm going to cum Tammy."

She just kept sucking away like I hadn't said a thing. My balls started to tingle and my cock got thicker. Tammy held my cock in her throat as the first jet of cum shot out. Then she pulled back keeping a tight seal with her lips as I kept pumping jet after jet of cum into her mouth. I could feel Tammy swallowing while I came. When I was totally spent Tammy sucked even harder as she milked the last drops of cum out of my shaft.

Before she could say a word I grabbed her hips and flipped her to her back just before diving in to lick her pussy. I lifted her hips with my hands to give me better access to the whole slit. My tongue was moving up and down and in and out. I found her clit and began to focus all my teasing there as I worked my left hand free so I could plunge my fingers inside her. Tammy was moaning nonstop as I worked my magic with my tongue. Suddenly my hearing went dead as she clamped her thighs to my head and Tammy's whole body went rigid as she had her first orgasm of the morning.

I stopped everything until she relaxed her hold on my head. Once I could move I slid up her body and kissed her mouth hungrily, Tammy reached down and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and I thrust inside in one fast push.

"Not so rough big guy. Just hold still for now."

I just nodded and went in for another kiss. Gradually Tammy began to roll her hips. I took my cue and began to thrust in and out matching her rhythm. I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and Tammy cried out my name as she had another small orgasm. I could feel her pussy convulsing on my cock as I thrust inside. Because I had cum in her mouth I was going to last a lot longer.

Tammy began to urge me faster and faster and soon I was pounding away as fast as I could while she rolled her hips from side to side. Tammy began to cum harder than she had the first two times. It was hard for me to keep my speed with her pussy grabbing at my cock. I slowed my pace until she came down a little from her orgasm. Once again Tammy was crying out for me to pound her fast. I was drilling her into the mattress when suddenly I felt my balls tingling again. As my cock thickened Tammy wrapped her legs around my hips and refused to let me pull out. Just as I blew my load Tammy came a fourth time and we kissed as my seed dumped into her thirsty cunt.

We laid there still coupled until my cock softened and slid softly out followed by a stream of my cum. Tammy and I were touching each other all over exploring with our hands. Neither one of us wanted to be the first one out of the bed.

"I need to wake you up like this more often. That was fun."

"I could get used to it. But I think going to sleep like that once in a while would be fun too."

"If we fuck that much I'm going to need to go on the pill."

Of course it was too late for that. One of my little swimmers had already found one of her eggs.

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