tagRomanceWake Up Call

Wake Up Call


It is about 7am and the sun is just coming up. I roll over and see the sun through a crack in the curtain, you are sleeping soundly. It has been a long night. It seems like we have only been a sleep for short time, but I am feeling refreshed. I roll back over to look at you. Your head is resting on your arm and your hand is behind my head.

I can feel you start to budge. You let out a little moan and start to rub the top of my hair with your fingers. I snuggle up to you and kiss you on the cheek ever so softly. You give me another little moan. I can tell you are not ready to open your eyes. So I take my arm and reach across you and start to rub you back. You lips start to curve upward in a smile. But your eyes are still glued shut.

I lay there for a while rubbing your back. Then I run my hand over your shoulder to your chest. You are enjoying me playing with your chest hair. I am running my fingers over your chest. Circling one nipple and then heading to the other.

You groan this time and slide on over to your back exposing your front side to me. You are starting to get hard. I can see your big cock starting to swell just from touching you.

I then run my fingers up and down your chest and then back up to your lips. I run my fingers over your lips and then reach over and kiss you. I am on my hands and knees leaning over you.

I feel you hand slide up my right leg. You stop just below my butt cheek. I start to kiss you on the neck and shoulder. By now you are fully erect and I can tell you are awake but still not willing to open your eyes.

So I start to kiss down your chest till I come to your left nipple. My breasts are slowly rubbing across your stomach. I take you nipple in my mouth and suck on it for a minute letting it get hard. Then I take my teeth and bite it, but not to hard. I can feel you push your shoulders back into the bed. I love getting to turn you on.

While I am playing with your nipple I take my left hand and slide it down your stomach stopping just above the base of your cock. I start to rub slowly the smooth skin right there. I can feel you moving your hips toward my hand hoping that I will grab that big cock with my hand and rub it.

Instead I start to kiss down your stomach till I get to that smooth patch of skin. Your cock hits the bottom of my chin. Making you want me more. I take my tongue and run in down around the base of your big thick cock but not quite touching it. I kiss and suck on the area between your leg and balls. I then take my tongue running it over your balls.

I lick them like they are candy. As I lick them I take the side of my face and push them up as I kiss and lick the spot right under them. As I come back up. I take one of your balls into my mouth and play with it for a moment, all the time playing with the base of your cock with my right hand. I then drag my tongue up the shaft of your hot hard throbbing cock.

You have pre-cum at the very tip of it. I am thoroughly arousing you this morning. You are playing with my hair as I start to slide your cock in and out of my mouth. First just the head, then a little more until I have the head at the back of my throat and the shaft is resting on my tongue.

I think I can push it in a little further, but I want to tease you a little more. Your head is swelling more and your balls are getting bigger. I can tell by the tightness that you enjoying what I am doing to you. So I start to take your cock in and out, in and out of my mouth. As I can taste more of your pre-cum I slide him out of my mouth and run my tongue around the head.

I then start to crawl back up over you. I move one leg first on the right side of you, laying my pelvic bone against your hard thick cock as I slide across your body. As I slid over you I let your hard cock rest in my hair for a minute before continuing to move across your body. Feeling my wet clit pulse against your hard cock as I rested there got my juices flowing quickly in anticipation of that big cock inside of me.

I reach down and kiss your nipple. Then I start to move my left leg up over your other hip. But not quite letting my pussy come all the way up. I lay my hot swollen lips on your big cock. I can feel the vein on your shaft pulsing with eagerness to be in me. You are running your hands up and over my back. As I move a little more forward you grab my breast and stick it in your mouth and suck on it. You try to buck your hips up so you can reach my pussy with your dick but I don't let you. I want you to really want it. So I start to move even further up on you.

I am now sitting across your chest. You can feel my wet pussy and the smell is driving you mad. You have desired for me to do this to you and I want this to be memorable for both of us. It has been so long since we were able to be together, just the two of us. You slide your arms underneath me and pull me forward.

I grab the head board and sit up just enough that you can lick my clit.

Oh how your tongue feels so good on my clit. You slowly slide your tongue down further. You start to circle the opening of my pussy. You can taste me now. Oh that is what you where longing for.

I let go with my hand on the head board and reach back and start to play with your big hard cock. You are so wet yourself. Your tongue is now moving in and out of my pussy.

In and out of that hot pussy, your tongue slides. You can't decide what you like better you keep moving between my clit and my pussy and occasionally down to my asshole. Your tongue feels so good I am close to Cumming all over that beautiful tongue. You then grab hold of it and suck hard.

"Oh yes!"

"That is it. That feels good."

But I pull back before you make me go over the edge. That is not what I want this morning. I start to move back down you kissing you gently as I go. You can feel the heat as I get closer and closer to your cock. It is so swollen and so hard. I put my pussy lips right on your cock, and let the head just tease it. Oh it won't take long this morning for me to cum. I slide back just a little more to feel the head of your cock make its way inside me. I gasp as the thickness spreads my lips for the first time this morning. I slide down with great pleasure. I moan from the ecstasy of just being on your hard cock.

I lean down in your ear and whisper, "Make me cum on your cock."

You begin thrusting your cock in and out of me. I am in sync with you. You are pulling in and out, Deeper and harder your cock is going. I can feel you getting even harder.

"Oh that is it!"

I know I am going to make you cum.



"OHH CCCUUMMMM FOR MEEE NOWW! I NEED YOU TOO" I say to you, as your cock slams into my tight pussy.

And you explode. I can feel you bursting your hot load of cum inside me. It makes my orgasm take on a new level. I can feel my pussy gripping harder and harder on your cock as I am pushing down harder and harder trying to get every inch of you inside me. I am feeling so full. I love your big hard cock. My pussy starts to finally calm down. I fall against your chest and try to catch my breath. You are breathing hard too. You reach up and kiss me on the ear and whisper

"I love you."

I lean back up. Kiss you hard and tell you

"I love you too."

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