tagBDSMWake Up Surprise

Wake Up Surprise


Our time together had finally come and so had we, may times. You were taking a short catnap after our latest round of love making. I am lying beside you watching you sleep. Your smile had hypnotized me many times already during the evening, but the slight grin on your face as you slept was the most special of them all because I knew you were dreaming of me.

As you slept with your arms outstretch, a sly smile crossed my face. Maybe now was the time to introduce you to a more basic pleasure. I slowly rolled out of bed so I wouldn't wake you and found my suitcase on the floor. I found the small plastic bag tucked into the inside pocket and removed a pair of fur-covered handcuffs. I could not resist the temptation and rubbed them across my naked chest. I could tell by my response that they would not hurt you.

You were sleeping soundly as I moved your right wrist into one of the cuffs. A small sound and it was firm around your wrist. Your arm was already over your head so it was easy to loop the cuffs around one of the wooden posts that made up the headboard. I slipped my fingers into your left hand and felt the involuntary squeeze of a sleeping lover. I slowly moved it upward to the other cuff and with a quick click the deed was done. I sat up slowly to look at you, sleeping soundly with your arms extended over your head ... your wrists restrained yet calm.

I moved up beside you and starting planting small kisses on your forehead, trying to wake you gently. Your lips puckered, begging for attention as I kissed the end of your nose. A small motion and my lips were gently pressing yours. My tongue ran softly over them as your lips parted and allowed me to enter your mouth. The tips of our tongue lightly played with each other as your eyes wearily opened and looked into mine.

You made a motion like you wanted to caress my face and that is when you discovered that you could not move your arms.

A look of panic from years past crossed your face but I whispered into your ear, "Stef, don't worry. You know I would never hurt you honey. Just relax and enjoy what is about to happen. I love you."

Your arms quit moving and you laid your head back on the pillow.

"Oh Alex", was all that came from your lips before I kissed them with passion.

As I separated from your lips, my tongue started its journey. The tip of my tongue traced a line down your chin and along the front of your neck. I licked up and down a few times before sliding lover and coming to rest in your cleavage. I left small kisses down your valley before moving to your left breast. My tongue licked the underside of your nipple then traced a small circle around its edge. As you squirmed beneath me, my circles widened. With each compete circle, I would stop and suck the hard nipple into my mouth before continuing. You moans told me to keep going.

"Oh Alex my love," you said quietly. "That feels wonderful ... I can feel it down in my toes." With your nipple still between my lips, my eyes rose to meet yours. Although you could not see my lips, you could see the smile in my eyes.

Although I had not touched it yet, your right nipple was already hard and excited and begging for similar attention. Being a gentleman, I had to oblige as I moved my mouth to your other nipple. When I sucked it into my mouth, you trembled. When I tugged it upward between my lips, you moaned loudly. When I lightly nibbled on it, you came, pulling your knees toward your chest and calling my name loudly as your legs shook beside me. I looked between your legs where I had not touched you and could see a small pool of your juices on the sheet.

"Oh my God, honey," you said passionately as your orgasm subsided. I removed my lips and moved up to your face, smiling widely. I reached toward your lips but stopped millimeters away. You reached up to kiss me but I moved away slightly. You reached again but I would never quite let you reach me.

"That is only the beginning Stef. Just lay back honey. I am going to show you the pleasures you have been denied your whole life." You lay back with a pout and closed your eyes as you felt my hands slide down to your breasts, squeezing them gently then massaging them tenderly. Your eyes closed as you surrendered to me.

Your wrists still restrained and your body satisfied, you rested comfortably on the sheets. My hands massaged your breasts... soft, gentle squeezes followed by light flicks of my tongue on the underside of your nipples. You hips started to wiggle as your breathing increased.

While my hands continued to squeeze you, you felt my body slide down your side as my tongue traced long tracks of saliva from your cleavage to your belly. You could feel the tip of my tongue tease your belly button lightly, followed by kisses spreading across your stomach and out to your hips. I had shifted so that my shoulders were now between you thighs, which you had opened invitingly for me. As I moved, my kisses moved so they were now running down the inside of your thigh.

I could feel the change in the tension of your leg muscles as they tightened. I knew you were enjoying this and what you wanted me to do next but I was going to take full advantage of the situation at hand. You felt my hands slide down your right calf and raise your leg up to my face. You felt the soft kisses being planted the underside of each toe. You felt the warmth as I wrapped my lips around your big toe and slid it into my mouth, sucking forcefully on it. The unexpectedness of this took you by surprise as you tried to pull your toe from my mouth. I grasped your foot and held tightly as I continued my task. I was enjoying your discomfort.

"God, that feels good," you gasped "but really weird." You looked up to see me smiling at you.

I finally freed your toe and started tracing lines of kisses along your instep and up the side of your ankle. My hands gently pushed on your thigh and you spread your legs slightly. My kisses continued up the inside of your thigh but just as they reached your groin, I lifted them from your skin. As I moved my head to your other leg, I blew softly across your mound, letting you feel the warmth of my breath on your love. You raised your hips to try to make contact with my mouth but I had already moved on, kissing the inside of your other thigh and running my tongue in lives from your knee to your groin...always stopping just short of you pussy. I could smell your desire as I approached you. Your soft moans told me what you wanted... but then I already knew that.

You felt my weight shift again as I settled between you and moved forward to place your legs over my shoulders. My tongue slipped from my mouth and found that soft spot where your legs join your hips. I licked you slowly and lightly, making you giggle... first on one side and then the other... still avoiding the place your eyes told me you desperately wanted me to go. It was the sound of your voice... soft, pleading. That convinced me now was finally the time.

"Please, Alex, please ...," as your voice trailed to a whisper.

The first feel of my lips on your pussy made you almost hiss the word "YESSSSS!"

Your hips rose quickly to meet my mouth as I locked my lips on yours. The suction I created allowed me to pull your outer lips away from your body... lightly stretching them away from your body. I pressed my face back into you, moving your hips back on the bed and used my tongue to pry your lips apart. My hands moved up to hold them aside as my fingers lightly tickled the inner surfaces... already dripping with your juices. It was easy for me to find your clit, swollen and at attention for me. Gentle licks along the underside made you squirm. The small circles traced around it made your hips raise and lower and you tried to hump my tongue. But it was when I locked my lips on your clit and sucked it into my mouth that you came...literally squirting your juices into my mouth. With your hands restrained, you wrapped your legs around my head... not willing to let me move away until I had finished what I started with you. I could feel your pussy lips opening and closing and could feel your stomach muscles tightening.

"Oh my God, Alex...................... Oh my God!"

You were cumming like I hoped you would when we were together .. strongly and without abandon.

Your legs finally relaxed and I was able to move away. You could only see my eyes peering over you stomach at you but knew that I was smiling. Your mouth returned a weak smile my way as your eyes closed again. I could feel the gentle kisses on your mound, your stomach , between your breasts and on your neck as I worked my body upward so my weight was on top of you. A soft kiss on the chin and you then felt my lips on yours, passionately exploring your mouth with my tongue. You realized the taste on my lips was yours as I shared your lovely flavor.

I moved to lay beside you as you turned your head to face me. Your eyes betrayed a mixture of pleasure, exhaustion and frustration. You wanted to hold me but your hands still could not reach out. You noticed my sly smile and knew there was more to come.

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